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Stage II/III Rectal Cancer Patients Benefit from Extremely Early Initiation of Postoperative Adjuvant Chemotherapy: A Retrospective Study  [PDF]
Liuniu Xiao, Li Zhu, Yingming Chen, Zhenlin Hou, Lingwei Jia, Junbo Hu, Yongdong Feng
Journal of Cancer Therapy (JCT) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/jct.2019.101004
Abstract: Background: For Stage II/III rectal cancer patients, curative resection is the primary treatment, prescribing of postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy (PAC) is regarded as a standard therapy. The interval between surgery and the initiation of PAC is usually within 8 weeks. However, the optimal cut-off is still controversial. This study aimed to explore the impact of extremely early initiation of PAC for II/III rectal cancer. Methods: Patients with Stage II/III rectal cancer treated from January 2013 to December 2015 were retrospectively collected at the Department of Tongji Hospital. According to the starting point of PAC, patients were categorized into two groups: extremely early group (The interval of PAC ≤ 2 weeks) and normal group (The interval of PAC within 3 - 5 weeks). For the sake of evaluating the effectiveness of different intervals, Overall Survival rate (OS), Progress-Free Survival rate (PFS) and Recurrence or Metastasis Rate (RMR) were analyzed, as well as the Quality of Life Score. To estimate the safety of the extremely early PAC, we evaluated the first post chemotherapy adverse reactions and defecation ability, and analyzed the variance laboratory indexes around the first postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy. Results: A total of 267 patients were included in this study. Compared to normal group (192 cases), extremely early group (75 cases) of patients attained a better tendency of OS and PFS, although there were no significant statistical differences (OS: P = 0.0930; PFS: P = 0.1058). However, the RMR was significant lower (P = 0.0452) and the Quality of Life Score was significantly higher (P = 0.0090) in extremely early group. Multivariate analysis also showed that extremely early group had better defecation ability (P = 0.0149) and less side reactions of post
A Self-Similar Call Admission Control Algorithm in WiMAX  [PDF]
Yongdong Hu, Guoxin Wu
Int'l J. of Communications, Network and System Sciences (IJCNS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ijcns.2016.95016

Modelling WiMAX network traffic based on the self-similarity character is better than the traditional model based on the Poisson process, because the former can provide more accurate calculation for effective bandwidth. In this paper we propose a WiMAX network traffic model based on M/Pareto model to describe its self-similarity character. Then we deduce the average transmission rate and the variance coefficient for the FBM traffic model by the M/Pareto model, and get the Hurst parameter of the FBM traffic model by statistical analysis method. By the FBM traffic model we get a formula for calculating the effective bandwidth. Accordingly, we propose a modified self-similar call admission control algorithm (SS-CAC). SS-CAC can avoid measuring the parameter values of FBM traffic flow to do call admission control. Simulation results show that SS-CAC greatly reduces the call blocking rate and improves the bandwidth utilization.

The dynamics variation of soil moisture of shelterbelts along the Tarim Desert Highway
YongDong Wang,XinWen Xu,JiaQiang Lei,ShengYu Li,ZhiBin Zhou,Qing Chang,LuHai Wang,Feng Gu,YongZhi Qiu,Bo Xu
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2008, DOI: 10.1007/s11434-008-6011-6
Abstract: We studied the variation of soil moisture as well as its regularity over the irrigation cycle at shelterbelts along the Tarim Desert Highway at different site types and different planting years. The results show that: (1) There is an obvious temporal variation of soil moisture within a typical irrigation period in shelterbelts along the Tarim Desert Highway, and the soil water storage varied linearly with the number of days after irrigation. Along the direction perpendicular to the soil top, the soil profile can be divided into four layers and each shows different dynamics of soil moisture variation, including the quickly changing layer (0–20 cm), the active layer (20–60 cm), the weakly layer (60–100 cm), and the regulated layer (under 100 cm). (2) Both the soil moisture and soil water content decreased gradually with the number of planting year, while the soil water deficit increased. It indicates that shelterbelts along the Tarim Desert Highway can retain the water accumulated from previous years. (3) The soil water storage of harden sand is the maximum among all types of sites. Specifically, it is about 1.58 times higher than that of longitudinal dune, 1.15 times higher than clay, and 1.43 times higher than flat sand. Its soil water deficit was over 900 mm.
Novel rate distortion optimization strategy based on perceptual properties of texture and luminance

Yu Like,Dai Feng,Zhang Yongdong,Lin Shouxun,

中国图象图形学报 , 2012,
Abstract: RDO (rate-distortion optimization) plays an important role in video coding systems and has a great effect on coding efficiency.The most widely used RDO strategy uses MSE or other similar metrics for distortion modeling,which is not a good metric for subjective evaluation.In order to improve the perceptual quality,a novel perceptual distortion model is firstly proposed which takes the perceptual properties of texture and luminance into consideration.Based on the perceptual distortion model,a TL-RDO (texture and luminance based RDO) strategy is proposed which adjusts the Lagrangian multiplier dynamically according to visual perception.The simulation result shows that TL-RDO gets higher coding efficiency than the famous QP-RDO.Moreover,it has low computational consumption compared to other perceptual RDO strategies,which is suitable for real-time systems.
A Lightweight Buyer-Seller Watermarking Protocol
Yongdong Wu,Hweehua Pang
Advances in Multimedia , 2008, DOI: 10.1155/2008/905065
Abstract: The buyer-seller watermarking protocol enables a seller to successfully identify a traitor from a pirated copy, while preventing the seller from framing an innocent buyer. Based on finite field theory and the homomorphic property of public key cryptosystems such as RSA, several buyer-seller watermarking protocols (N. Memon and P. W. Wong (2001) and C.-L. Lei et al. (2004)) have been proposed previously. However, those protocols require not only large computational power but also substantial network bandwidth. In this paper, we introduce a new buyer-seller protocol that overcomes those weaknesses by managing the watermarks. Compared with the earlier protocols, ours is times faster in terms of computation, where is the number of watermark elements, while incurring only (1/) times communication overhead given the finite field parameter . In addition, the quality of the watermarked image generated with our method is better, using the same watermark strength.
Characterizations of Tight Frame Wavelets with Special Dilation Matrices
Huang Yongdong,Zhu Fengjuan
Mathematical Problems in Engineering , 2010, DOI: 10.1155/2010/128294
Abstract: We study all generalized low-pass filters and tight frame wavelets with special dilation matrix (M-TFW), where M satisfies and generates the checkerboard lattice. Firstly, we study the pseudoscaling function, generalized low-pass filters and multiresolution analysis tight frame wavelets with dilation matrix (MRA M-TFW), and also give some important characterizations about them. Then, we characterize all M-TFW by showing precisely their corresponding dimension functions which are nonnegative integer valued. Finally, we also show that an M-TFW arises from our MRA construction if and only if the dimension of a particular linear space is either zero or one. 1. Introduction Wavelet analysis with its fast algorithms is used in many fields of applied mathematics, such as image or signal analysis and numerical treatment of operator equations (see [1–4]). Moreover, wavelet bases, recently also wavelet frames, are applied to the characterization of the function space [5]. The classical MRA wavelets are probably the most important class of orthonormal wavelets. Many of the better known examples as well as those often used in applications belong to this class. However, Journe's wavelet is not an MRA wavelet. Thus, it was a natural question to find necessary and sufficient conditions for an orthonormal wavelet to be an MRA wavelet. An interesting approach to this involves the dimension function. On the other hand, there are useful filters, such as , that do not produce orthonormal basis; nevertheless, they produce systems that have the reconstruction property, as well as many other useful features. It is natural, therefore, to develop a theory involving more general filters that do, indeed, produce systems having these properties. A natural setting for such a theory is provided by frames [1]. Several authors have considered this problem and have shown how more general filters produce such frames. A successful development of these ideas is provided by the papers [6, 7]. These results, however, do involve certain restrictions and technical assumptions such as semiorthogonality. In particular, they exclude the use of the filter we described above. A related approach can be found in [8]. Note that the design of tight wavelet frames is still a challenging problem and a number of references have dealt with this subject (see [3–25]). In [20, 21], authors successfully developed a theory of univariate tight frame wavelets and MRA tight frame wavelets. In [24], authors revealed the deep and rich structure of the set of dyadic tight frame wavelets. In [9, 10, 25], authors
On the existence of solution of a two-point boundary value problem in a cylindrical floating zone
Shi Yongdong,Du Liangsheng
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2001, DOI: 10.1155/s0161171201003192
Abstract: Existence of one solution for a two-point boundary value problem with a positive parameter Q arising in the study of surface-tension-induced flows of a liquid metal or semiconductor is studied. On the basis of the upper-lower solution method and Schauder's fixed point theorem, it is proved that the problem admits a solution when 0≤Q≤12.683. This improves a recent result where 0≤Q<1.
Oligocarpia kepingensis sp. nov. from the Lower Permian of the northern Tarim Basin, Xinjiang and itsin situ spores
Yongdong Wang,Xiuyuan Wu
Chinese Science Bulletin , 1999, DOI: 10.1007/BF02884728
Abstract: A Palaeozoic gleicheniaceous fernOligocarpia kepingensis sp. nov. is described from the Lower Permian of the northern Tarim Basin, Xinjiang, China. The material comprises fertile organs including sori, sporangia, spores and associated sterile leaf of theSphenopteris type. The sori are circular and 0.6–0.8 mm in diameter, and each sorus consists of 4–6 oval sporangia without an indusium. A transverse annulus completely encircles the sporangium. Each sporangium produces probably 256 trilete spores resembling the dispersed genusLeiotriletes. Comparisons are made betweenO. kepingensis and other species ofOligocarpia in the soral organization and spores. It is reasonable to includeOligocarpia in Gleicheniaceae based on its similarities of fertile character to the extant gleicheniaceous members.
Fertile organs andin situ spores of a matoniaceous fern from the Lower Jurassic of West Hubei
Yongdong Wang,Shengwu Mei
Chinese Science Bulletin , 1999, DOI: 10.1007/BF02885857
Abstract: Fossil matoniaceous plants represented byPhlebopteris have been formerly described and illustrated from the Mesozoic of China mainly based on vegetative leaves, and no information is provided on the fine structure of fertile organs. Recent reinvestigation of the Hsiangchi Flora from the Lower Jurassic of West Hubei, China, obtained a rich collection of well preservedPhlebopteris specimens (both sterile and fertile). Studies onPhlebopteris polypodioides Brongniart using LM and SEM reveal not only the structures of sori and sporangia, but also the details ofin situ spores. Comparisons have been made between thein situ spores and other related fossil and extant matoniaceous spores, as well as the dispersed genera.
On equivariant quantum Schubert calculus for G/P
Yongdong Huang,Changzheng Li
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: We show a Z^2-filtered algebraic structure and a "quantum to classical" principle on the torus-equivariant quantum cohomology of a complete flag variety of general Lie type, generalizing earlier works of Leung and the second author. We also provide various applications on equivariant quantum Schubert calculus, including an equivariant quantum Pieri rule for any partial flag variety of Lie type A.
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