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The Synergistic Effects Study of C-myc and C-erbB-2 in the Carcinogenesis of Gastric Carcinoma  [PDF]
Keqiang Wang, Jiangang Liu, Yanchao Duan, Shengyi Dongye, Jiafeng Wu, Yiren Wang, Zhenzhong Liu, Guoxin Han
Open Journal of Gastroenterology (OJGas) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojgas.2017.712032
Abstract: Objective: To study the significance of c-myc and c-erbB-2 oncogene expression in gastric cancer. Methods: 81 gastric cancer specimens were detected for c-myc and c-erbB-2 oncogene amplification using non-radioactive in situ hybridization method. Results: The amplification rates for c-myc and c-erbB-2 were 67.9% and 50.6% respectively, and there were significant correlation in the amplification of these two genes (χ2 = 7.26, P < 0.01). Conclusions: The amplification of c-myc and c-erbB-2 may play an important role in gastric cancer development, and these two genes may have synergistic effect.
Performance evaluation and chemical property analysis ofRWMA binders with 100% artificial reclaimed asphalt
Chen Jingyun, Wang Weiying, Sun Yiren, Liu Jiayin, Xu Bin
- , 2017, DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-7985.2017.01.015
Abstract: The performance evaluation and chemical property analysis of the recycled warm mix asphalt(RWMA)binders containing 100% artificial reclaimed asphalt(RA)are presented, and the combined effects of different percentages of the rejuvenator and warm mix additive(WMA)additives on RWMA binders are analyzed through laboratory tests. Three types of WMA additives and one commercial rejuvenator named GST were selected to restore the artificial RA. The laboratory performance tests including the penetration test, softening test and rotary viscosity(RV)test were carried out. In addition, the Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy(FTIR)test was performed to explore the chemical property of RWMA binders. The results of the performance tests indicate that the rejuvenator GST has the ability to restore the artificial RA; choosing the optimum content of WMA additives and rejuvenator is the key to restoring 100% artificial RA, since the combined effects of them play an important role in determining the basic laboratory performance of RWMA binders. The FTIR tests show that the process of recycling mainly adjusts the chemical component of aged asphalt and no remarkable change is observed in the FTIR spectra of RWMA binders in terms of chemical functional groups with the introduction of WMA additives.
The Study of Electromagnetic Stress Testing Method on Oil-Gas Pipelines Based on WT  [PDF]
Bin Liu, Wanru Sun, Yiren Lin
Geomaterials (GM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/gm.2014.42006
Abstract: This paper proposes an effective method for early diagnosis (stress concentrating) of the oil-gas pipeline. Based on the principle of electromagnetic induction Faraday, we have designed and realized the nondestructive testing system for stress concentration area of ferromagnetic materials by means of the research of metal materials inverse magnetostrictive effect mechanism. The system changes the influence degree of the stress in ferromagnetic materials’ magnetic conductance to the corresponding voltage array by using discrete wavelet analysis method to process the data, in which not only the measuring accuracy is improved, but also the stress concentration is more directly reflected. The experiments confirm that the electromagnetic stress testing method is feasible and valid.

Zou Wei,Zhang Shiyi,Wang Jianzhong,Wang Jinling,Yang Kaihai,Zhu Yiren,

动物学研究 , 1994,
Abstract: 本文用Spraque-Dawley大鼠为实验动物,从生后一日龄起每日皮下分别注射1次纳洛酮(10,50,100,200μg/100gb.w)、甲硫氨酸脑啡肽(MEK)(20μg/100gb.w),对照组注射等量的生理盐。连续注射14d,观察16日龄幼鼠的吸乳迷津分辨学习(ADL)、30日龄幼鼠的Y迷津明暗分辨学习(BDL)行为与45日龄幼鼠前脑蛋白含量的变化,结果表明,50μg/100gb.w纳洛
Status of ethical awareness based on 88 medical journals in China and combined evaluation

CHEN Liwen
, WANG Yiren, LI Lingjiang

- , 2015, DOI: 10.11817/j.issn.1672-7347.2015.09.014
Abstract: 目的:了解我国医学期刊的编辑部伦理意识现状。方法:采用自制问卷调查88家医学期刊编辑部的伦理 意识。通过文献分析、系统分析和两轮专家咨询确定了5个维度:投稿须知、初审阶段、外审阶段、稿件处理阶段、 教育与培训;包括11个指标的评价体系。通过专家打分法确定指标的权重,采用层次分析法、TOPSIS法、秩和比法 对编辑部伦理意识状况进行组合评价。结果:56家(63.6%)期刊在2010年的投稿须知中尚无涉及人的生物医学研究的 伦理学要求。我国88家期刊中编辑部伦理意识为上档的有14家(15.9%),中档有45家(51.1%),下档有29家(33.0%)。 不同主管部门的期刊在投稿须知、外审阶段2个维度的得分上差别有统计学意义(HC分别为10.175和7.305,P<0.05); 不同数据库来源的期刊在投稿须知、初审阶段、外审阶段、稿件处理阶段4个维度的得分上差别有统计学意义(HC 分别为11.951,7.661,6.146,8.085,P<0.05);不同数据库来源期刊的综合评价分档结果有统计学意义(HC=6.109, P<0.05)。3种方法评价结果高度相关。结论:国内医学期刊编辑部对涉及人的医学研究的伦理意识有待提高。综合评 价方法的组合评价较采用单一方法评价,结果更可靠、更贴近实际情况
组成型异染色质等名词定名再议Suggestions on Some Chinese Nomenclatures Involved in Constitutive Heterochromatin
遗传 , 1993,
Abstract: 由全国自然科学名词审定委员会公布的《遗传学名词》(以下简称《名词》)经过许多专家的努力,终于在1990年面世了。这是一项重要的学术工作,为科技交流创造了更好的条件。同时《名词》的前言中也提出,“希望大家在使用过程中继续提出意见,以供今后修订时参考。”本着这
Lactation-Related MicroRNA Expression Profiles of Porcine Breast Milk Exosomes
Yiren Gu,Mingzhou Li,Tao Wang,Yan Liang,Zhijun Zhong,Xiaoyan Wang,Qi Zhou,Lei Chen,Qiulei Lang,Zhiping He,Xiaohui Chen,Jianjun Gong,Xiaolian Gao,Xuewei Li,Xuebin Lv
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0043691
Abstract: Breast milk is the primary source of nutrition for newborns, and is rich in immunological components. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are present in various body fluids and are selectively packaged inside the exosomes, a type of membrane vesicles, secreted by most cell types. These exosomal miRNAs could be actively delivered into recipient cells, and could regulate target gene expression and recipient cell function. Here, we analyzed the lactation-related miRNA expression profiles in porcine milk exosomes across the entire lactation period (newborn to 28 days after birth) by a deep sequencing. We found that immune-related miRNAs are present and enriched in breast milk exosomes (p<10?16, χ2 test) and are generally resistant to relatively harsh conditions. Notably, these exosomal miRNAs are present in higher numbers in the colostrums than in mature milk. It was higher in the serum of colostrum-only fed piglets compared with the mature milk-only fed piglets. These immune-related miRNA-loaded exosomes in breast milk may be transferred into the infant body via the digestive tract. These observations are a prelude to in-depth investigations of the essential roles of breast milk in the development of the infant’s immune system.
MicroRNAome of Porcine Pre- and Postnatal Development
Mingzhou Li,Youlin Xia,Yiren Gu,Kai Zhang,Qiulei Lang,Lei Chen,Jiuqiang Guan,Zonggang Luo,Haosi Chen,Yang Li,Qinghai Li,Xiang Li,An-an Jiang,Surong Shuai,Jinyong Wang,Qi Zhu,Xiaochuan Zhou,Xiaolian Gao,Xuewei Li
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0011541
Abstract: The domestic pig is of enormous agricultural significance and valuable models for many human diseases. Information concerning the pig microRNAome (miRNAome) has been long overdue and elucidation of this information will permit an atlas of microRNA (miRNA) regulation functions and networks to be constructed. Here we performed a comprehensive search for porcine miRNAs on ten small RNA sequencing libraries prepared from a mixture of tissues obtained during the entire pig lifetime, from the fetal period through adulthood. The sequencing results were analyzed using mammalian miRNAs, the precursor hairpins (pre-miRNAs) and the first release of the high-coverage porcine genome assembly (Sscrofa9, April 2009) and the available expressed sequence tag (EST) sequences. Our results extend the repertoire of pig miRNAome to 867 pre-miRNAs (623 with genomic coordinates) encoding for 1,004 miRNAs, of which 777 are unique. We preformed real-time quantitative PCR (q-PCR) experiments for selected 30 miRNAs in 47 tissue-specific samples and found agreement between the sequencing and q-PCR data. This broad survey provides detailed information about multiple variants of mature sequences, precursors, chromosomal organization, development-specific expression, and conservation patterns. Our data mining produced a broad view of the pig miRNAome, consisting of miRNAs and isomiRs and a wealth of information of pig miRNA characteristics. These results are prelude to the advancement in pig biology as well the use of pigs as model organism for human biological and biomedical studies.
An aluminum nitride photoconductor for X-ray detection

Wang Xinjian,Song Hang,Li Zhiming,Jiang Hong,Li Dabing,Miao Guoqing,Chen Yiren,Sun Xiaojuan,

半导体学报 , 2012,
Abstract: An AlN photoconductor for X-ray detection has been fabricated, and its response to X-ray irradiation intensity is studied. The photoconductor has a very low leakage current, less than 0.1 nA at an applied voltage of 100 V in the absence of X-ray irradiation. The photocurrent measurement results clearly reveal that the photocurrent is proportional to the square root of the X-ray irradiation intensity, and under relatively high irradiation the photocurrent can reach values one order of magnitude larger than the dark current when a voltage of 100 V is applied across the AlN photoconductor. By using the ABC model the dependence of the photocurrent on the X-ray irradiation intensity is analyzed, and a reasonable interpretation of the physical mechanism is obtained.
Using mouse models to study function of transcriptional factors in T cell development
Peng Li, Yiren Xiao, Zhixin Liu, Pentao Liu
Cell Regeneration , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/2045-9769-1-8
Abstract: Lab mice are invaluable tools in modern biomedical research because of its short generation time, small size and prolificacy in breeding. A pure genetic background of the inbred mouse strain greatly improves the reproducibility of experiments, as individuals from the same mouse strain are genetically identical. Currently, all the common inbred strains in labs have been inbred for at least 80 generations since their original isolation; thus the genomes of all siblings of the same inbred line are essentially identical [1]. These inbred mouse strains provide good platforms for studying the immune system and modeling human immune disease [2-4]. In thymus, hematopoietic cells undergo several developmental processes to give rise to variety of T subsets which is one of the central players in orchestrating immune responses. Rothenberg and Taku Naito have reviewed a combination of transcription factors, including E2A, GATA3 and TCF1, which are essential to initiate T cell differentiation program [5]. However the key factor of T lineage specification and commitment in vivo is to be understood. Recently, Bcl11b, a transcriptional factor, was identified to be essential for T cell development and for the maintenance of T cell identity [6-8]. Deletion of Bcl11b in T cells can cause these cells to reprogramme into NK cells in mice [6]. Our goal here is to give an introduction on the function of transcriptional factors, especially Bcl11b, in T cell developmentA most breakthrough advantage of using the mouse to study the immune system and to model human disease is the availability of a range of genetic technologies. In 1981, several groups produced transgenic mice by injecting transgenic DNA into mouse pronuclei [9,10]. Importantly, DNA introduced into the mouse genome by this method results in establishment of the transgene in the germ line. This technology offers scientists the opportunities to perform gain-of-function studies for specific genes in the mouse model. Currently, DNA
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