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The Emotion of Awe and Perception of Destination to Influence Tourists’ Satisfaction  [PDF]
Dong Lu, Ye Tian
Open Journal of Business and Management (OJBM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojbm.2015.34040
Abstract: This study aimed to explain tourist satisfaction by using an integrated model that incorporated cognitive and affective perspectives. Questionnaires data were collected from 385 participants in Tibet and the conceptual model was verified by using Structural Equation Modeling. The results showed that, from the cognitive viewpoint, the perception of the natural environment was the key factor to influence tourists’ satisfaction; from the affective viewpoint, both the perception of the natural environment and the perception of the religious atmosphere were the factors to influence tourists’ satisfaction. The perceived value of the destination (cognitive factor) and experience of the emotion of awe (affective factor) also influenced tourists’ satisfaction. Additionally, the findings of this study showed that the emotion of awe was the mediator between the perceived value of the destination and the tourists’ satisfaction. In a summary, this study presented a theoretical framework that was based on the dual perspectives of cognition and affection to expand the existing research and provided a comprehensive and reasonable interpretation of tourists’ satisfaction.
The Experimental Research on the Influence of Materialism and the Emotion of Awe on Life Satisfaction and Products Preference  [PDF]
Ye Tian, Dong Lu
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2015.310020
Abstract: The materialism plays a negative role in people’s life that if people have high materialism, normally they would show low life satisfaction and excessively pursue the material world but neglect the spiritual world. However, the emotion of awe, as a typical kind of positive emotions, can help people to raise their satisfaction in life and also promote people to approach the spiritual world. In this study, we used an experiment to investigate how the emotion of awe can offset against the negative impact from materialism on people. The results of the experiment indicated that if people experienced the awe emotion, no matter how high their materialism level were, they would increase their life satisfaction. And the people with high materialism would turn to prefer to the experience-based products when they acquired the emotion of awe.
An Empirical Investigation of Chinese Online Consumer Ethics  [PDF]
Dong Lu, Ye Tian
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2015.310022
Abstract: In the Chinese online consuming context, this study proposes 12 hypotheses and constructs a conceptual model to investigate the relationship between ethical ideologies and unethical behaviors. The empirical results successfully supported these hypotheses and clearly explained the mechanism that the three aspects of ethical ideologies (Idealism, Relativism and Machiavellianism) influenced four typical online unethical behaviors in varying degree. And this study in the online context makes contribution to the researches with topic of unethical behaviors. Besides, this study also brings managerial suggestions for practice.
Study on the Design of the Digital Control Machine-tool Operating System
Ye Tian
Modern Applied Science , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/mas.v3n10p101
Abstract: The ergonomics is an independent subject developed from the beginning of the 20th century, and it is the frontier applied science which studies the comprehensive performances such as comfort ability, production efficiency and safety under various conditions. In the article, a series of human oriented designs were studied for the software and hardware interfaces of the digital control machine-tool based on the theory of the ergonomics and the human-oriented principle.
Congruent Numbers and Heegner Points
Ye Tian
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: Mohammed Ben Alhocain, in an Arab manuscript of the tenth century, stated that the principal object of the theory of rational right triangles is to find a square which when increased or diminished by a certain number $m$ becomes a square (see Dickson). In modern language, this object is to find a rational point of infinite order on the elliptic curve $my^2=x^3-x$. Heegner constructed (see also Monsky) such rational points in the case that $m$ are primes congruent to 5, 7 modulo 8 or twice primes congruent to 6 modulo 8. We extend Heegner's result to integers $m$ with many prime divisors.
A Study on Customer Prosumption Concept and Its Impact on Enterprise Value Co-Creation  [PDF]
Jiamian Tian, Lei Shen, Ye Chen
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2017.77138
Abstract: Prosumption, which implies that buyers produce products for their own consumption, is becoming a new phenomenon in the context of network sharing economy. With the development of information technology, customers who are accustomed to online shopping are more and more automatically generating prosumption activities. This paper aims to identify customer prosumption characterized as a kind of compound behavior with integration of information production and consumption in digital age. To do so, a bibliometric analysis identifies the articles that other authors cite the most, their citations, and co-citations, thus enabling the definition of networks of authors and journals from the perspectives of the connotation, behavior, and mechanism. The results suggest that customer prosumption is characterized by “rich” while not “scarce”, and enterprises value co-creation is the main form of social activities of customer prosumption. These results also show some gaps in the literature that need further research.
Optimized combination model and algorithm of parking guidance information configuration
Mei Zhenyu,Tian Ye
EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking , 2011,
Abstract: Operators of parking guidance and information (PGI) systems often have difficulty in providing the best car park availability information to drivers in periods of high demand. A new PGI configuration model based on the optimized combination method was proposed by analyzing of parking choice behavior. This article first describes a parking choice behavioral model incorporating drivers perceptions of waiting times at car parks based on PGI signs. This model was used to predict the influence of PGI signs on the overall performance of the traffic system. Then relationships were developed for estimating the arrival rates at car parks based on driver characteristics, car park attributes as well as the car park availability information displayed on PGI signs. A mathematical program was formulated to determine the optimal display PGI sign configuration to minimize total travel time. A genetic algorithm was used to identify solutions that significantly reduced queue lengths and total travel time compared with existing practices. These procedures were applied to an existing PGI system operating in Deqing Town and Xiuning City. Significant reductions in total travel time of parking vehicles with PGI being configured. This would reduce traffic congestion and lead to various environmental benefits.
Twisted Fermat curves over totally real fields
Adrian Diaconu,Ye Tian
Mathematics , 2007,
Abstract: Let p be a prime number, F a totally real field such that [F(mu_p): F]=2 and [F:Q] is odd. For delta \in F^times, let [delta] denote its class in F^times/F^{times p}. In this paper, we show Main Theorem. There are infinitely many classes [delta]\in F^times/F^{times p} such that the twisted affine Fermat curves W_delta: X^p+Y^p=delta have no F-rational points.
Symmetric Capacity of the Gaussian Interference Channel with an Out-of-Band Relay to within 1.15 Bits
Ye Tian,Aylin Yener
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: This work studies the Gaussian interference channel (IC) with a relay, which transmits and receives in a band that is orthogonal to the IC. The channel associated with the relay is thus an out-of-band relay channel (OBRC). The focus is on a symmetric channel model, in order to assess the fundamental impact of the OBRC on the signal interaction of the IC, in the simplest possible setting. First, the linear deterministic model is investigated and the sum capacity of this channel is established for all possible channel parameters. In particular, it is observed that the impact of OBRC, as its links get stronger, is similar to that of output feedback for the IC. The insights obtained from the deterministic model are then used to design achievable schemes for the Gaussian model. The interference links are classified as extremely strong, very strong, strong, moderate, weak, and very weak. For strong and moderate interference, separate encoding is near optimal. For very strong and extremely strong interference, the interference links provide side information to the destinations, which can help the transmission through the OBRC. For weak or very weak interference, an extension of the Han-Kobayashi scheme for the IC is utilized, where the messages are split into common and private. To achieve higher rates, it is beneficial to further split the common message into two parts, and the OBRC plays an important role in decoding the common message. It is shown that our strategy achieves the symmetric capacity to within 1.14625 bits per channel use with duplexing factor 0.5, and 1.27125 bits per channel use for arbitrary duplexing factors, for all channel parameters. An important observation from the constant gap result is that strong interference can be beneficial with the presence of an OBR.
The Gaussian Interference Relay Channel: Improved Achievable Rates and Sum Rate Upperbounds Using a Potent Relay
Ye Tian,Aylin Yener
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: We consider the Gaussian interference channel with an intermediate relay as a main building block for cooperative interference networks. On the achievability side, we consider compress-and-forward based strategies. Specifically, a generalized compress-and-forward strategy, where the destinations jointly decode the compression indices and the source messages, is shown to improve upon the compress-and-forward strategy which sequentially decodes the compression indices and source messages, and the recently proposed generalized hash-and-forward strategy. We also construct a nested lattice code based compute-and-forward relaying scheme, which outperforms other relaying schemes when the direct link is weak. In this case, it is shown that, with a relay, the interference link can be useful for decoding the source messages. Noting the need for upperbounding the capacity for this channel, we propose a new technique with which the sum rate can be bounded. In particular, the sum capacity is upperbounded by considering the channel when the relay node has abundant power and is named potent for that reason. For the Gaussian interference relay channel with potent relay, we study the strong and the weak interference regimes and establish the sum capacity, which, in turn, serve as upperbounds for the sum capacity of the GIFRC with finite relay power. Numerical results demonstrate that upperbounds are tighter than the cut-set bound, and coincide with known achievable sum rates for many scenarios of interest. Additionally, the degrees of freedom of the GIFRC are shown to be 2 when the relay has large power, achievable using compress-and-forward.
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