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Enhanced Specificity of Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction via CdTe Quantum Dots
Liang Gaofeng,Ma Chao,Zhu Yanliang,Li Shuchun
Nanoscale Research Letters , 2011,
Abstract: Nanoparticles were recently reported to be able to improve both efficiency and specificity in polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Here, CdTe QDs were introduced into multi-PCR systems. It was found that an appropriate concentration of CdTe QDs could enhance the performance of multi-PCR by reducing the formation of nonspecific products in the complex system, but an excessive amount of CdTe QDs could suppress the PCR. The effects of QDs on PCR can be reversed by increasing the polymerase concentration or by adding bovine serum albumin (BSA). The mechanisms underlying these effects were also discussed. The results indicated that CdTe QDs could be used to optimize the amplification products of the PCR, especially in the multi-PCR system with different primers annealing temperatures, which is of great significance for molecular diagnosis.
Identification and characterization of SP cells in human lung adenocarcinoma SPC-A1 cells
Yanliang ZHU,Longbang CHEN,Jinghua WANG,Xiaoyuan CHU
Chinese Journal of Lung Cancer , 2008,
Abstract: Background and objective Recently, eloquent studies from some solid tumors have provided proofs that cancers originate from cancer stem cells (CSC). The discovery of CSC has changed our view of carcinogenesis and chemotherapy. The aim of this study is to identify and characterize the CSC population that drives and maintains lung adenocarcinoma growth and metastasis. Methods Side population (SP) cell analysis combined with serum-free media (SFM) were applied to established human lung adenocarcinoma cell lines. Properties of SP cells were evaluated by their proliferative index, colony-forming efficiency and tumorigenic potential. Results Characteristic SP cells could be detected by FACS in lung adenocarcinoma cell lines. And the proportion of SP cells is greatly increased after serum-free culture.SP cells have a greater proliferative index, a higher colony-forming efficiency and a greater ability to form tumor in vivo .Conclusion SP cells exist in human lung adenocarcinoma cell lines and they could be further enriched by preliminary serum-free culture before FACS sorting.
陈洪滨 CHEN Hongbin,朱彦良 ZHU Yanliang
大气科学 , 2012, DOI: 10.3878/j.issn.1006-9895.2011.11064
Abstract: 雷暴是指伴有雷鸣和闪电的强对流性天气系统,它一方面是春末和夏季许多地区主要的降水源,另一方面在全球范围内每年都要造成重大的人员和财产损失,因此是天气学、气象学和大气科学中的重要研究对象。雷暴发生和发展机制与条件的研究,雷暴(潜势)的数值天气预报,雷暴的临近预报预警,都需要多种技术手段获取的观测资料来支撑。过去半个多世纪,国内外大气和气象科学家开展了一系列雷暴探测研究,中尺度地基加密观测网的观测揭示了雷暴单体过境时各种气要素的变化特征,无线电探空观测给出了雷暴发生和发展有利的热力与动力学条件,并发展了一些基于探空资料有预报意义的对流指数,早期的飞机穿云和绕云探测对了解雷暴及其环境的温度和风场结构有很大帮助,地基多普勒天气雷达已成为探测雷暴尤其是超级单体风暴降水及风场演变的有力工具,卫星遥感也在雷暴的监测与研究中发挥越来越大的作用。本文试图对雷暴探测研究方面的进展进行回顾综述,以利今后组织开展雷暴综合观测试验研究,进一步增加对雷暴发生和发展规律的认识,进而提高雷暴的预报预警水平。
Review on the Observation Investigation of Thunderstorms

CHEN Hongbin,ZHU Yanliang,

大气科学 , 2012,
Abstract: 雷暴是指伴有雷鸣和闪电的强对流性天气系统, 它一方面是春末和夏季许多地区主要的降水源, 另一方面在全球范围内每年都要造成重大的人员和财产损失, 因此是天气学、 气象学和大气科学中的重要研究对象。雷暴发生和发展机制与条件的研究, 雷暴 (潜势) 的数值天气预报, 雷暴的临近预报预警, 都需要多种技术手段获取的观测资料来支撑。过去半个多世纪, 国内外大气和气象科学家开展了一系列雷暴探测研究, 中尺度地基加密观测网的观测揭示了雷暴单体过境时各种气要素的变化特征, 无线电探空观测给出了雷暴发生和发展有利的热力与动力学条件, 并发展了一些基于探空资料有预报意义的对流指数, 早期的飞机穿云和绕云探测对了解雷暴及其环境的温度和风场结构有很大帮助, 地基多普勒天气雷达已成为探测雷暴尤其是超级单体风暴降水及风场演变的有力工具, 卫星遥感也在雷暴的监测与研究中发挥越来越大的作用。本文试图对雷暴探测研究方面的进展进行回顾综述, 以利今后组织开展雷暴综合观测试验研究, 进一步增加对雷暴发生和发展规律的认识, 进而提高雷暴的预报预警水平。
Exosomes: Decreased Sensitivity of Lung Cancer A549 Cells to Cisplatin
Xia Xiao, Shaorong Yu, Shuchun Li, Jianzhong Wu, Rong Ma, Haixia Cao, Yanliang Zhu, Jifeng Feng
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0089534
Abstract: Exosomes are small extracellular membrane vesicles of endocytic origin released by many cells that could be found in most body fluids. The main functions of exosomes are cellular communication and cellular waste clean-up. This study was conducted to determine the involvement of exosomes in the regulation of sensitivity of the lung cancer cell line A549 to cisplatin (DDP). When DDP was added to A549 cells, exosomes secretion was strengthened. Addition of the secreted exosomes to other A549 cells increased the resistance of these A549 cells to DDP. Upon exposure of A549 to DDP, the expression levels of several miRNAs and mRNAs reportedly associated with DDP sensitivity changed significantly in exosomes; these changes may mediate the resistance of A549 cells to DDP. Exosomes released by A549 cells during DDP exposure decreased the sensitivity of other A549 cells to DDP, which may be mediated by miRNAs and mRNAs exchange by exosomes via cell-to-cell communication. Although the detailed mechanism of resistance remains unclear, we believed that inhibition of exosomes formation and release might present a novel strategy for lung cancer treatment in the future.
The Application of Bamboo Network Reinforcement Technology on Hydraulic Fill Soft-Soil Foundation Treatment  [PDF]
Man Yuan, Jihui Ding, Yanliang Cao
World Journal of Engineering and Technology (WJET) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/wjet.2014.22007
Abstract: To make a large area of dredger fill silt surface layer form working face and subsequent construction problems, the project conducts the bamboo network reinforcement in the silt surface layer. It makes the surface layer bearing capacity to meet the construction requirement of deep processing. Based on Shantou Municipal Road Embankment Treatment Engineering and the project, the bamboo network reinforcement technology to reinforce the dredger fill super soft soil surface layer is used. The results show that the bearing capacity of hydraulic fill super soft soil surface layer is 32.6 kPa after 3 months treatment. The surface layer bearing capacity after 3 months treatment improved 323% than the early treatment and increased 695% than no processing. The results indicate that the reinforcement effect is outstanding and provide the basis for drafting the dredger fill super soft soil surface layer treatment plan.
SQLmmdb: An Embedded Main Memory Database Management Systemcc
YanLiang Cui,Dechang Pi
Information Technology Journal , 2007,
Abstract: The embedded database system is generally used in the equipments provided with self-control ability and always deals with real time transaction. It is particularly urgent to establish embedded Real Time Database System (RTDBS) with the technique of Main Memory Database (MMDB). In this study, the design strategy of an embedded main memory database SQLmmdb is presented. We propose an improved index structure on the base of T* tree (called T** tree) and design a non-log recovery method which is fit for MMDB. And we also compared SQLmmdb on performance with the embedded DBMS SQLite which is now widely used in many applications. The experiments show that the speed of SQLmmdb is accelerated a lot, at the same time the space occupied by the database files reduced remarkably. SQLmmdb is a high performance main memory DBMS model which is suitable for embedded system.
Single-Named Equity Default Swap Pricing Model
Yanliang Zhang,Zuoling Nie
International Journal of Business and Management , 2009,
Abstract: By comparing Equity Default Swap (EDS) with credit default swap (CDS) and One-touch Put (OTP), we introduce the latest credit derivative product, EDS. We introduce EDS pricing model by use of survival probability, which is derived from the market value of a series of one-touch put via bootstrapping algorithm, and the same value structure characteristic of EDS and CDS.
The method for recalibration of thoron concentration reading of RAD7 and obtaining the thoron exhalation rate from soil surface
Tan Yanliang,Xiao Detao
Nuclear Technology and Radiation Protection , 2013, DOI: 10.2298/ntrp1301092t
Abstract: Thoron exhalation rate can be obtained through the combination of the “accumulation chamber” technique and RAD7. Thoron’s rapid decay causes the intake path and the air flow rate to become important factors in calibration. In field conditions, since the flow rate of the internal pump in RAD7 will change as the voltage of the battery decreases, the big drying tube is more suitable for a long measurement than the small drying tube. We developed the method for recalibration of the thoron concentration reading of RAD7 based on the calibration factor for 222Rn, and obtained the thoron exhalation rate from soil surface near by the Radon Laboratory of the University of South China. This method can be applied to develop and improve instruments for measuring the radon exhalation rate.
Experimental Study of Dynamic Characteristics on Composite Foundation with CFG Long Pile and Rammed Cement-Soil Short Pile  [PDF]
Jihui Ding, Yanliang Cao, Weiyu Wang, Tuo Zhao, Junhui Feng
Open Journal of Civil Engineering (OJCE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojce.2014.41001

Based on the idea of optimization design of pile type, the two kinds of the typical pile type are selected, which containing flexibility pile (e.g. rammed cement-soil pile is for short RCSP), and rigid pile (e.g. cement-flyash-gravel pile is for short CFGP). The three kinds of the composite foundation are designed, which are CFGP, CFG long pile and CFG short pile (for short CFGLP-CFGSP), CFG long-short pile and rammed cement-soil short pile (for short CFGLP-RCSSP). Natural earthquake is simulated by using the engineering blasting; the dynamic characteristics and dynamic response of the composite foundation are studied through field test. CFGLP-RCSSP is closed to linear relation. The bearing capacity of the four composite foundation of the CFGP, CFGLP-CFGSP, and CFGLP-RCSSP in the site are 225 kPa, 179 kPa, and 197 kPa, separately increases 150%, 98.8% and 119% compared to the natural foundation. The vibration main frequency is mainly depended on properties of foundation soil and piles between vibration source and measuring point, pilling load value. Horizontal vibration main frequency greater than the vertical vibration main frequency and the vertical vibration main frequency close to the first-order natural frequency of composite foundation. With the pilling load increasing, the CFGLP-RCSSP pile composite foundation combined frequency decreased. Under the same blast energy, the acceleration peak on the CFG pile composite foundation is less than CFGLP-CFGSP the corresponding values, as the load increases, the peak acceleration gently. CFG pile composite foundation is favorable on seismic. The distribution of peak acceleration is consistent within 4 m from pile top in the CFGLP_RCSSP composite foundation. The maximum of the horizontal acceleration peak along the pile body occurs at a distance of pile top 4 m or the pile top, and that of vertical acceleration peak occurred at a pile top.

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