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Existence of Positive Solutions for Boundary Value Problem of Nonlinear Fractional q-Difference Equation  [PDF]
Liu Yang
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/am.2013.410195

In this paper, we investigate the existence of positive solutions for a class of nonlinear q-fractional boundary value problem. By using some fixed point theorems on cone, some existence results of positive solutions are obtained.

Research on the Influence Factors of the Policy Tools in NIMBY Conflict Management—A Study Based on 25 Cases in China  [PDF]
Yang Liu
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2018.69011
Abstract: NIMBY conflict is a kind of public crisis incident accompanied by the development of society. This problem stems from the NIMBY syndrome of citizens in the process of constructing NIMBY facilities and the essence of this problem is the uneven distribution of interests. In this paper, the policy tools in the governance process are divided into three categories: government regulation, collaborative governance, and economic incentives and compensation. According to the research on about 20 cases of NIMBY conflict in China, this paper proposes four main influence factors of policy tools for the management of NIMBY conflict: political factors, civic political awareness, market factors and NIMBY facilities.
Entrepreneurship Dynamics under Time Inconsistent Preferences  [PDF]
Yang Liu, Jinqiang Yang
Journal of Mathematical Finance (JMF) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jmf.2015.51004
Abstract: We investigate the implications of time inconsistent preferences on the entrepreneurial decision making. We use a time varying preference model to capture the optimal liquidation choice and investment allocation for the averse risk agent in the incomplete market. Compared to standard entrepreneurial dynamic framework, our model shows that inconsistent preferences may lead to under investment when the entrepreneur faces liquidity constraint and over investment when his liquid wealth is far away from the liquidation boundary. Moreover, the possibility of changing to the future stage has ambiguous influences on the exit decision and optimal investment.
Evolution of the Surface Area of Limestone during Calcination and Sintering  [PDF]
Yang Liu, Yongping Yang
Journal of Power and Energy Engineering (JPEE) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jpee.2015.34009

The calcination reaction of limestone is always companied by sintering of the calcined product. In addition, accelerated sintering rates and a reduced specific surface area are observed in the presence of steam and carbon dioxide. To simulate the change of surface area and the porosity of limestone samples in a simultaneous calcination and sintering process, a combined model based on both a sintering model and a calcination model is established. The calcination model, which predicts calcination conversion as a function of time, is based on the initial properties of the sorbent. The sintering model is according to the German and Munir model in which the main transport mechanism is supposed to be lattice diffusion. In a flow reactor, the surface area value and calcination rate of limestone in the presence of steam and CO2 are also described by the combined model with modified parameters.

Investment Value Evaluation of Hi-Tech Industry: Based on Multi-Factor Dynamic Model  [PDF]
Chen Liu, Yang Liu
Open Journal of Business and Management (OJBM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojbm.2014.23027
Abstract: By constructing a multi-factor dynamic model based on the theory of the lifecycle with China’s A-share data from 2007 to 2013, we analysis the factors affect the investment value and risk of hi-tech industry and their mechanism of action. After the regression, we can draw conclusions: Firstly, hi-tech industries in China are mostly in the growth stage and maturity stage. Investment value of the industries in the growth stage are mostly influenced by market premium factor, market factor, P/E ratio factor and R & D density factor, while hi-tech industries in maturity stage are mainly affected by the market premium factor, market factor, P/E ratio factor. Secondly, dynamic multi-factor model can measure the investment value of hi-tech industries adequately. The conclusions give a reference for investors on how to make investment plan on the stocks of hi-tech enterprises, and provide some policy recommendations on the way promoting hi-tech enterprises to enhance their core technology as well.
A Study of Independent Director’s Reputation Incentive Mechanism Based on the Principal-Agent Theory  [PDF]
Xiaoning LV, Yang LIU
iBusiness (IB) , 2009, DOI: 10.4236/ib.2009.11006
Abstract: This paper applies principal-agent theory to research into the incentive compatibility problems of the independent directors (IDs). The traditional fixed-pay system could preserve the independence of IDs, however, lacking of in-centives, the performance-related incentive mechanisms have great impact on IDs' independence which is the core of the system. This paper considers reputation incentive mechanism (RIM) as an effective way to solve this dilemma. The results, after our study, show that appropriate RIM can maintain IDs' independence as well as their incentive compati-bility. Furthermore, taking the market-signal theory as reference, this paper sets up a model to introduce another func-tion of RIM, which can help the company to identify the different roles of IDs.
Research on Data Sharing between AutoCAD and MapGIS in Cadastral Database Construction  [PDF]
Jiajia Liu, Yang Cai
Journal of Geographic Information System (JGIS) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jgis.2010.22019
Abstract: In the Second Chinese Country Survey, MAPGIS (Map Geographic Information System) is widely used all over the country in the Cadastral Database Construction. There are plenty original data is saved in the AutoCAD (Auto Computer Aided Design) data format. Therefore it is important to find a way which can exchange and share the data between AutoCAD and MAPGIS effectively and efficiently. In order to use MapGIS cadastral management system building cadastral database, it researched the current transformation methods between data of MapGIS and AutoCAD, including analysis defects of ObjectARX technology, southern CASS conversion interface, DXF file conversion. Combining the characteristics of MAPSUV data and southern CASS data, it found a data conversion method through the DWGdirectX control. This method actually read and wrote files provided by the library of MAPSUV and AutoCAD. This way avoids exchange process which can better transform the southern CASS DWG file containing graphics and attributes information to the SUV. The example which showed how DWG file transformed into SUV file. It improves the effectiveness and efficiency of conversion.
Research on Influence of Manager’s Innovation Preference on Innovation-Decision Making  [PDF]
Chen Tao, Yang Liu
Technology and Investment (TI) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ti.2012.33026
Abstract: It is one of the key factors which cause “innovation dilemma” that managers prefer to support the sustaining innovation project. From the view of the manager’s innovation preference, the main propose of the paper is to study why it happened. The manager’s innovation preference will guide and motivate the staffs how to innovate, therefore it is appropriate to analyze it by using the principal agent theory. Conclusions can be got by establishing and analyzing a multi-task principal-agent model. First of all, the model basically explains why incumbent enterprises prefer adopting sustaining innovation and entrant enterprises are inclined to disruptive innovation project. Secondly, the selection rights of middle managers towards innovation projects determine the strategic direction of enterprises. Manager’s innovation preference is consistent with the innovation types of employees. At last, the paper suggests that incumbent enterprises should indeed establish self-organizations or spin-off organizations to better carry out disruptive business.
Value Distribution of the kth Derivatives of Meromorphic Functions  [PDF]
Pai Yang, Xiaojun Liu
Advances in Pure Mathematics (APM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/apm.2014.41002

In the paper, we take up a new method to prove a result of value distribution of meromorphic functions: let f be a meromorphic function in \"\", and let \"\", where P is a polynomial. Suppose that all zeros of f have multiplicity at least \"\", except possibly finite many, and \"\" as \"\". Then \"\" has infinitely many zeros.

Experimental Study on Ice Slurry Refrigeration System with Pre-Cooling Heat Exchanger  [PDF]
Xukai Yang, Shengchun Liu
Engineering (ENG) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2015.75020
Abstract: In the present study, the ice slurry refrigeration system with pre-cooling heat exchanger (ISSH) is studied experimentally to achieve the system performance, ice crystal formation time and the temperature of ice crystal formation. The operating parameters considered in this paper include the concentration of salt solution, suction pressure, discharge pressure and Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). The result shows that the temperature of critical time of ice crystal formation decreases with the increasing concentration of salt solution and that the ice crystal formation time increases with the increasing concentration of salt solution. In the same concentration of salt solution, the ice crystal formation temperature of ISSH is lower than that of basic ice slurry refrigeration system (BISS), and the ice crystal formation time of ISSH is shorter than that of BISS. On the whole, the EER of ice slurry refrigeration system with pre-cooling heat exchanger is higher than that of basic ice slurry refrigeration system.
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