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China English: Its Distinctive Features
Wei-dong Yang,Wei-ping Dai
Higher Education Studies , 2011, DOI: 10.5539/hes.v1n2p8
Abstract: This paper attempts to expound that China English boasting its own distinctive features on the levels of phonology, words, sentences and discourse has been playing an irreplaceable role in intercultural activities, though still in its infancy and in the process of developing and perfecting itself, and it now makes every effort to move towards international self-assurance and gain its recognition in the English family.
Vocabulary Memorizing Strategies by Chinese University Students
Wei-dong YANG,Wei-ping DAI
International Education Studies , 2012, DOI: 10.5539/ies.v5n1p208
Abstract: The findings of the study indicate that students prefer to engage in the vocabulary learning strategies that would be most appealing to them and that would entail less manipulation of the language. Of the four vocabulary memorizing strategies cited in the study (rote repetition, structural associations, semantic strategies, and mnemonic keyword techniques), students apparently tended to favor the second and the third ones, though rote repetition remains appealing to some of them. Mnemonic devices such as keyword method were rather unpopular to most of the students because they would involve the learners in more active performance of the target language.
A simulation study on the measurement of D0-D0bar mixing parameter y at BES-III
Bin Huang,Yang-Heng Zheng,Wei-dong Li
Physics , 2008, DOI: 10.1088/1674-1137/32/12/002
Abstract: We established a method on measuring the $\dzdzb$ mixing parameter $y$ for BESIII experiment at the BEPCII $e^+e^-$ collider. In this method, the doubly tagged $\psi(3770) \to D^0 \overline{D^0}$ events, with one $D$ decays to CP-eigenstates and the other $D$ decays semileptonically, are used to reconstruct the signals. Since this analysis requires good $e/\pi$ separation, a likelihood approach, which combines the $dE/dx$, time of flight and the electromagnetic shower detectors information, is used for particle identification. We estimate the sensitivity of the measurement of $y$ to be 0.007 based on a $20fb^{-1}$ fully simulated MC sample.
Hepatic focal nodular hyperplasia in children: Imaging features on multi-slice computed tomography
Qing-Yu Liu,Wei-Dong Zhang,Dong-Ming Lai,Ying Ou-yang
World Journal of Gastroenterology , 2012, DOI: 10.3748/wjg.v18.i47.7048
Abstract: AIM: To retrospectively analyze the imaging features of hepatic focal nodular hyperplasia (FNH) in children on dynamic contrast-enhanced multi-slice computed tomography (MSCT) and computed tomography angiography (CTA) images. METHODS: From September 1999 to April 2012, a total of 218 cases of hepatic FNH were confirmed by either surgical resection or biopsy in the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University and the Cancer center of Sun Yat-sen University, including 12 cases (5.5%) of FNH in children (age ≤ 18 years old). All the 12 pediatric patients underwent MSCT. We retrospectively analyzed the imaging features of FNH lesions, including the number, location, size, margin, density of FNH demonstrated on pre-contrast and contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT) scanning, central scar, fibrous septa, pseudocapsule, the morphology of the feeding arteries and the presence of draining vessels (portal vein or hepatic vein). RESULTS: All the 12 pediatric cases of FNH had solitary lesion. The maximum diameter of the lesions was 4.0-12.9 cm, with an average diameter of 5.5 ± 2.5 cm. The majority of the FNH lesions (10/12, 83.3%) had well-defined margins. Central scar (10/12, 83.3%) and fibrous septa (11/12, 91.7%) were commonly found in children with FNH. Central scar was either isodense (n = 7) or hypodense (n = 3) on pre-contrast CT images and showed progressive enhancement in 8 cases in the equilibrium phase. Fibrous septa were linear hypodense areas in the arterial phase and isodense in the portal and equilibrium phases. Pseudocapsule was very rare (1/12, 8.3%) in pediatric FNH. With the exception of central scars and fibrous septa within the lesions, all 12 cases of pediatric FNH were homogenously enhanced on the contrast-enhanced CT images, significantly hyperdense in the arterial phase (12/12, 100.0%), and isodense in the portal venous phase (7/12, 58.3%) and equilibrium phase (11/12, 91.7%). Central feeding arteries inside the tumors were observed on CTA images for all 12 cases of FNH, whereas no neovascularization of malignant tumors was noted. In 9 cases (75.0%), there was a spoke-wheel shaped centrifugal blood supply inside the tumors. The draining hepatic vein was detected in 8 cases of pediatric FNH. However, the draining vessels in the other 4 cases could not be detected. No associated hepatic adenoma or hemangioma was observed in the livers of the 12 pediatric cases. CONCLUSION: The characteristic imaging appearances of MSCT and CTA may reflect the pathological and hemodynamic features of pediatric FNH. Dynamic multi-phase MSCT and
Paddy Eco-characteristics and High Yield Technology in Enshi Mountain Areas
Long-wei Yang,Wei-dong Li,Yan-xia Zhang,Peng-fei Li
Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology , 2013,
Abstract: Owing to the effect of topography, morphology and climate, the paddy ecosystem of Enshi mountain areas has significant mountainous characteristics. The climate of paddy fields shows a law of obvious vertical distribution. What’s more, the paddy ecosystem is complex in soil type, excessive in pests and diseases (especially, blast is distributed widely and its harm is serious), frequent in low temperature damage, low in intensive degree and difficult in tillage management. According to these characters, some technical measures were advanced to gain high yield and stable production of rice in Enshi mountain areas. First, the producer should choose varieties with anti-disease (mainly blast), hardy (cool late and autumn winds) and high-yield and do rational distribution with them. Second, we should take a series of steps to suit the needs of local conditions, including dry raising and thin planting, thrown dry rice nursery, semiarid cropping, rational rotation, scientific control of fertilizer and water and so on. Third, farmers should control diseases and insects comprehensively.
Conservation and utilization of wild relatives of crops

HOU Xiang-Yang,GAO Wei-Dong,

生物多样性 , 1999,
Abstract: Wild relatives of crops are very important to ensure sofficient food in the coming century. In thepast thirty years, notable progresses have been made in the research on collection, preservation, identificationand utilization of wild relatives of crops. China is especially rich in wild relatives of crops but they are facingsevere threats.It is very urgent to strengthen researches on genetic diversity, preservation techniques, innovation and utilization.
Quadratic Discriminant Analysis Method Based on Virtual Training Samples

WANG Wei-Dong,YANG Jing-Yu,

自动化学报 , 2008,
Abstract: The"small sample size"(SSS)problem will cause the singularity and instability of the per class covariance matrices.This paper uses perturbing training samples to produce virtual training samples to overcome singularity of the per class covariance matrices.As a consequence,the classifier based on quadratic discriminant analysis(QDA)can be used directly in classification.The proposed QDA overcomes the problem that the parameters of regularized discriminant analysis(RDA)needs optimizing.Our experiments show that the QDA's recognition accuracy is superior to that of RDA if its parameters are optimized.
Tolerance of different varieties of Salix integra to high zinc stress

YANG Wei-Dong,CHEN Yi-Tai,

中国生态农业学报 , 2009,
Abstract: 采用营养液培养实验方法,研究了高浓度Zn对3个杞柳品种"微山湖","大红头"、"一枝笔"生长,耐性及Zn吸收积累的影响.结果表明,Zn对杞柳生长的影响与品种、植物部位以及介质中Zn浓度有关,低Zn(100 μmol·L-1)、高Zn(1 000 μmol·L-1)均不同程度降低了3个杞柳品种的生长参数,低Zn显著减少了"微山湖"、"大红头"的根长及"大红头"根生物量,高Zn显著降低了3个品种株高、根长、生物量等生长参数;3个品种对Zn吸收与积累存在一定差异,地上部Zn含量随介质中Zn浓度升高而降低,根系中Zn含量随Zn浓度升高而增加,Zn在根中含量高于地上部,低Zn时3个品种地上部Zn含量为1477.58~1 583.19 μg·g-1,平均1 530.29 μg·g-1;位移系数(TF)随Zn浓度升高而降低,低Zn时"微山湖"、"一枝笔"位移系数高于"大红头"而接近1;迁移总量随Zn处理浓度增加而降低,3个品种迁移总量为2 332.58~3 871.41 μg,平均3 266.27μg,迁移总量比大于1;耐性指数(TI)随营养液中Zn浓度增加而降低,低Zn时3个品种耐性指数均大于0.5.以上结果表明,高Zn严重干扰了3个杞柳品种的生长,3个品种对低Zn有较强的耐性及积累能力,显示出具有修复≤100 μmol·L-1Zn潜力.
Factors affecting recent spatial changes of the color-TV industry in China

GAO Bo-yang,LIU Wei-dong,

地理研究 , 2008,
Abstract: Industrial location is a result of the interactions between economic, social and physical factors. Since the 1990s, factors affecting industrial spatial distribution in China have changed a lot, that is, the role of traditional factors like natural resources and transportation is decreasing while that of a number of new factors is increasing, such as inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI), agglomeration economy and development of innovation networks. As such, manufacturing activities have experienced turbulent spatial changes in recent years. The color-TV industry, as a major contributor to employment, productivity and output growth in the Chinese electronics industry, is a typical sector with rapid spatial changes in the last two decades. The main purpose of this paper is to explore the factors affecting recent spatial changes of the color-TV industry in China, and to identify its changing dynamics at different stages. Following a brief review on industrial location theory, this paper first summarizes the changing characteristics of the spatial distribution of China's color-TV industry from 1971 to 2005, by using the index of concentration. Then it analyzes major factors affecting the spatial distribution of the industry in three different development stages identified in the first step. The paper finds that, in recent transition from the central planning economy to a market economy and from a closed economy to one integrated more and more into the global economy, major factors affecting the industry's location have changed from government policy and intervention to corporate strategies to cope with intensified market competition and to inflow of foreign direct investment. China has a diverse, complex and rapidly changing economy. The paper offers a case study to understanding recent spatial changes of manufacturing activities in China, which is an area worthy of further study in the China's context.
Coherent spectroscopy of a strongly driven triple quantum dot molecule

Xie Yan,Duan Su-Qing,Chu Wei-Dong,Yang Ning,

中国物理 B , 2010,
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