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The Retentivity of Chaos under Topological Conjugation
Tianxiu Lu,Peiyong Zhu,Xinxing Wu
Mathematical Problems in Engineering , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/817831
Abstract: The definitions of Devaney chaos (DevC), exact Devaney chaos (EDevC), mixing Devaney chaos (MDevC), and weak mixing Devaney chaos (WMDevC) are extended to topological spaces. This paper proves that these chaotic properties are all preserved under topological conjugation. Besides, an example is given to show that the Li-Yorke chaos is not preserved under topological conjugation if the domain is extended to a general metric space. 1. Introduction and Preliminaries The existence of chaotic behavior in deterministic systems has attracted researchers for many years. In engineering applications such as biological engineering, imaging, encryption, and chaos control, chaoticity of a system is an important subject for investigation. The complexity of a topological dynamical system is intensively discussed since the term chaos is introduced by Li and Yorke [1] in 1975. However, the definition of chaos in the sense of Li-Yorke is inconveniently in research of engineering applications. In 1989, Devaney [2] stated another known definition of chaos called “Devaney chaos” today. A map is said to be chaotic in the sense of Devaney (or DevC for short) on a close set if is transitive on , the set of periodic points of is dense in , and has sensitive dependence on initial conditions. In 1992, Banks et al. [3] proved that if is transitive and has dense periodic points, then has sensitive dependence on initial conditions, where is a metric space which has no isolated point. This causes that Devaney chaos is preserved under topological conjugation on general infinite metric spaces. If sensitivity is replaced by some other dynamical properties, such as weakly mixing (WMix), mixing (Mix), or exact, then we obtain stronger notions of chaos comparing with the original one (see [4–7]), which are called Weak Mixing Devaney chaos (WMDevC), Mixing Devaney chaos (MDevC), and Exact Devaney chaos (EDevC), respectively. From [7], on metric spaces, implications immediately follow from their definitions. Since an invertible map may not be topologically exact, then MDevC does not imply EDevC. In [8], Carnnrl gave a dynamical system which is WMix but not Mix on a compact metric space. And an example in [9] is constructed to show that there exists a DevC map that is not WMDevC. Hence, the inverse of (1) is not proper. This paper extends the definitions of DevC, WMDevC, MDevC, and EDevC to topological spaces and proves that topological conjugation preserves these chaotic properties. Moreover, we use an example to show that Li-Yorke chaos is not preserved under topological conjugation on
Leader Group Prototypicality and Employee Well-Being: The Mediate Effect of Group Commitment and the Moderate Effect of Openness  [PDF]
Xinxing Guo
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2016.74061

According to the social identity Theory, leadership group prototypicality have an important effect in employee’s group identity, work attitude and employee well-being. In this article, we explore the mechanism between leadership group prototypicality and employee well-being to understand how leadership group prototypicality works. We had a sample of 336 employees to test our hypothesis in communication carriers in Guangdong. We used the longitudinal survey and collected the data in three different time point. At last, regression method was used to analyze the data. The results showed that: 1) leadership group prototypicality group could predict employee well-being; 2) mediating effect of group commitment was proud between leadership group prototypicality and employee well-being; 3) moderating effects of openness were found upon the relationship between leadership group prototypicality and group commitment. Finally, this study proposed management practice for leadership group prototypicality, and proposed future research prospects.

A study of random walks on wedges
Xinxing Chen
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: In this paper we develop the idea of Lyons and gives a simple criterion for the recurrence and the transience. We also show that a wedge has the infinite collision property if and only if it is a recurrent graph.
Gaussian bounds and Collisions of variable speed random walks on lattices with power law conductances
Xinxing Chen
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: We consider a weighted lattice $Z^d$ with conductance $\mu_e=|e|^{-\alpha}$. We show that the heat kernel of a variable speed random walk on it satisfies a two-sided Gaussian bound by using an intrinsic metric. We also show that when $d=2$ and $\alpha\in (-1,0)$, two independent random walks on such weighted lattice will collide infinite many times while they are transient.
Pointwise upper estimates for transition probability of continuous time random walks on graphs
Xinxing Chen
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: Let $X$ be a continuous time random walk on a weighted graph. Given the on-diagonal upper bounds of transition probabilities at two vertices $x_1$ and $x_2$, we use an adapted metric initiated by Davies, and obtain Gaussian upper estimates for the off-diagonal transition probability $P_{x_1}(X_t=x_2)$.
Comparisons between Chinese and Mongolian Patient Satisfaction  [PDF]
Na Chen, Xinxing Zhou, Yingkui Zhang
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2017.813135
Abstract: This study compared the differences between Chinese and Mongolian patient satisfaction and investigated factors influencing patient satisfaction of the two countries in order to provide suggestions for the establishment and improvement of Mongolia’s health care system. This study involved two questionnaire surveys. Questionnaire Survey I investigated patient satisfaction of the two countries, whereas based on the first survey, Questionnaire Survey II revisited the respondents and investigated the reasons for their dissatisfaction with different aspects of health care service. According to the results of Questionnaire Survey I, Chinese overall patient satisfaction was higher than that of Mongolian. China and Mongolia had their own advantages in different health care service aspects respectively. The factors of consideration, cost of care and quality/competence showed significant influences on Chinese patient satisfaction, whereas the factors of hospitals, payment mechanisms and quality/competence showed significant influences on Mongolian patient satisfaction. According to the results of Questionnaire Survey II, Chinese individuals were more likely to express their dissatisfaction. Chinese individuals’ dissatisfaction focused on the issues of high costs of seeing a doctor, long waiting time and unreasonable procedures, whereas Mongolian individuals’ dissatisfaction focused on the issues of long waiting time, high costs of seeing a doctor and doctors’ poor attitudes. Implications were discussed for the development of Mongolia’s health care system.
MyBASE: a database for genome polymorphism and gene function studies of Mycobacterium
Xinxing Zhu, Suhua Chang, Kechi Fang, Sijia Cui, Jun Liu, Zuowei Wu, Xuping Yu, George F Gao, Huanming Yang, Baoli Zhu, Jing Wang
BMC Microbiology , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2180-9-40
Abstract: We have developed a mycobacterial database (MyBASE) housing genome polymorphism data and gene functions to provide the mycobacterial research community with a useful information resource and analysis platform. Whole genome comparison data produced by our lab and the novel genome polymorphisms identified were deposited into MyBASE. Extensive literature review of genome polymorphism data, mainly large sequence polymorphisms (LSPs), operon predictions and curated annotations of virulence and essentiality of mycobacterial genes are unique features of MyBASE. Large-scale genomic data integration from public resources makes MyBASE a comprehensive data warehouse useful for current research. All data is cross-linked and can be graphically viewed via a toolbox in MyBASE.As an integrated platform focused on the collection of experimental data from our own lab and published literature, MyBASE will facilitate analysis of genome structure and polymorphisms, which will provide insight into genome evolution. Importantly, the database will also facilitate the comparison of virulence factors among various mycobacterial strains. MyBASE is freely accessible via http://mybase.psych.ac.cn webcite.Mycobacteria are notorious for its two species, Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M. tb) and Mycobacterium leprae (M. leprae), the causative agent of tuberculosis (TB) and leprosy, respectively. In addition to M. tb and M. leprae, a number of mycobacterial pathogens also cause human and animal diseases, including Mycobacterium bovis (M. bovis), the causative agent of classical bovine tuberculosis, and Mycobacterium ulcerans (M. ulcerans), which causes Buruli ulcers. The emergence of multi-drug resistant strains of pathogenic mycobacteria has made the development of better vaccines and new drugs and novel control strategies a top priority.The genome of M. tb H37Rv was the first mycobacterial genome to be sequenced and was published in 1998 [1], which was followed by the genome of M. leprae in 2001 [2]
Counter-Imitation the Speaker`s Recognition and the Reconfirmation System Based on GMM
Zhou Ping,Xinxing Jing
Information Technology Journal , 2007,
Abstract: It is the foundation of network and information system to strengthen the security for improving status authentication. The veins of voice recognition has merit of no memory, no lose and easy to operate and so on. It can reconfirm the status of the speaker based on counter-imitation recognition and reconfirmation the system so that it can safeguard the security of information and the order. Counter-imitation the speaker’s reconfirmation system take the policy-making way which identified the speaker applies to the recognition of confirmation stage. The experimental result had proved the validity and the usability of counter-imitates deliberatively the speaker to reconfirm method.
Hierarchical Model and Evaluation Method for Autonomy Levels of Unmanned Platforms
Yibo Li,Xinxing Wang
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology , 2012,
Abstract: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In order to evaluate the autonomy levels of Unmanned Platforms, A new hierarchical model for autonomy levels of unmanned platforms and a new evaluation method are provided. Firstly, human interface, situational awareness, environmental adaptation and decision-making of an unmanned platform are determined as four indicators applied to evaluate the autonomy levels. Secondly, evaluation method is used to quantify the four indicators. Finally, the average of the four indicators is the value on behalf of the autonomy level. The new model has been applied to judge the autonomy level of Global Hawk USA, Red FlagHQ3 UGV and Spartan Scout USV. The results show that the four indicators are comprehensive and visualized, and the evaluation method is simple.
Some sufficient conditions for infinite collisions of simple random walks on a wedge comb
Xinxing Chen,Dayue Chen
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: In this paper, we give some sufficient conditions for the infinite collisions of independent simple random walks on a wedge comb with profile $\{f(n), n\in \ZZ\}$. One interesting result is that if $f(n)$ has a growth order as $n\log n$, then two independent simple random walks on the wedge comb will collide infinitely many times. Another is that if $\{f(n); n\in \ZZ\}$ are given by i.i.d. non-negative random variables with finite mean, then for almost all wedge comb with such profile, three independent simple random walks on it will collide infinitely many times.
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