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Development of Digital-Controlled Measuring Instrument for Hearing  [PDF]
Longcong Chen, Gaiqin Liu, Bin Gao, Ping Chen, Xingliang Xiong
Journal of Signal and Information Processing (JSIP) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jsip.2012.34055
Abstract: A digital-controlled measuring instrument for hearing, which is mainly composed of STC11F16EX, AD9833, ISD400416MS and LM1972, is introduced in this paper. It may output highly accurate and purified sine signal whose frequency and amplitude are controlled by digital data. Specially, the displaying number of decibel is equal to actual number of decibel because that frequency response of earphone is corrected through software of microcontroller. Additionally, touching buttons, which is simple and convenience to use, is selected. Hence this instrument is convenient to measure and teach about hearing specially, research and study on frequency characteristic of human ear and impedance characteristic of human body in medical science.
Development of a Double-Channel Medical Signal Generator Based on STM32 with High Performance  [PDF]
Longcong Chen, Gaiqin Liu, Bin Gao, Ping Chen, Xingliang Xiong
Open Journal of Applied Sciences (OJAppS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojapps.2012.24040
Abstract: An open-ended and multifunctional double-channel signal generator, which based on a 32 bits monolithic integrated microcomputer, highly integrated device and LCD, is introduced in this paper. The instrument is composed of micro-computer STM32F103RD and some integrated chips (IC), which includes programmable waveform generators-AD9833 with highly frequency and phase precision. As a result, this signal generator may output not only double channels accurate sine, square or triangle waveforms with digital-controlled frequency and phase at the same time, but also many kinds of physiological signals that can be modified by USB connection with well open property. Therefore, it is convenient to measure and teach about hearing, research and study on frequency characteristic of human ear and impedance characteristic of human body in medical science. In addition, it is also very easy in experiment and research of college and medical physics for using double channels sine signal to show synthesis of two simple harmonic vibrations under different frequency, phase difference and direction, such as beat pattern and Lissajous figures. Thus it has many merits, such as the small volume, stable property, simple operation, visual display and so on. Consequently, it can be widely used in researching, teaching, debugging and maintaining.
Colorimetric Detection of Lead Ion Based on Gold Nanoparticles and Lead-Stabilized G-Quartet Formation  [PDF]
Ping Chen, Ruiying Zhang, Qifeng Jiang, Xingliang Xiong, Shixiong Deng
Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering (JBiSE) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jbise.2015.87042
Abstract: In this report, we present a method for the detection of Pb2+ based on the different adsorption capacity on the surface of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) between ssDNA (single-stranded DNA) and G-quartet. In the absence of Pb2+, the DNA oligonucleotides probe, which is guanine-rich ssDNA, can be adsorbed on the surface of AuNPs protecting them from aggregation. After adding Pb2+, the DNA oligonucleotides probe can specifically form compact G-quartet, which can induce the aggregation of unmodified AuNPs, especially after adding NaCl aqueous solution. Consequently, the color turns from red to blue. Pb2+ can be detected by colorimetric response of AuNPs; its detection limit can reach 5 μM only observed by naked eyes. Most metal ions have no interferences, and the interference of Cu2+ can be effectively eliminated by adding cysteine. It provides a simple and effective colorimetric sensor for on-site and real time detection of Pb2+.
Liquid Crystal Biosensor Based on Cd2+ Inducing the Bending of PS-Oligo for the Detection of Cadmium  [PDF]
Shixiong Deng, Qifeng Jiang, Tingting Zhang, Xingliang Xiong, Ping Chen
Health (Health) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/health.2015.78116
Abstract: In this study, a novel liquid crystal (LC) biosensor was developed for the highly sensitive and selective detection of Cd2+ based on Cd2+ inducing the bending of PS-oligo. This strategy makes use of the DNA conformational change to enhance the disruption of orientation of LC leading to an amplified optical signal. DNA containing-SH was bound on the glass slide of the LC cell modified with the DMOAP/APTES. The DMOAP can effectively induce the homeotropic alignment of LC. In the presence of Cd2+, Cd2+ can induce DNA to bend and become a 2 nm spherical structure, which can greatly disrupt the orientational arrangement of LC, resulting in the correspond changes of the optical image of LC cell birefringent under the polarizing microscope. When the Cd2+ concentration is low to 0.1 nM, the optical signal of LC biosensor has an obvious change. But in the absence of Cd2+, there is no orientational response of LC and the optical image under the polarizing microscope is still a uniform dark background. Thus, this LC sensing method has a sensitive and clear distinction between positive and negative results and offers a highly sensitive detection of Cd2+ with a low detection limit down to 0.1 nM.
Design and Application of Software for Generating Simulated Signal Data  [PDF]
Longcong Chen, Gaiqin Liu, Bin Gao, Ping Chen, Shixiong Deng, Xingliang Xiong
Journal of Software Engineering and Applications (JSEA) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jsea.2012.510096
Abstract: Simulated signal, produced by digital to analog converter, is important and necessary in many fields, such as electronic experiment, equipment debugging and maintenance, especially, in medical area. In this paper, the design and application of an effective software which may be used to generate simulated signal data by special wave picture obtained by scanner or drawing software are presented. First, we introduce how to realize producing needed data that meet the given conditions including amplitude, samples and resolution by this software. Second, the method and steps of getting the stimulated signal data from wave figure file is given. Third, an example of application about this software to generate simulated physiological signal data is shown. Then, the data are put into use and by digital to analog converter, an idea stimulated signal is produced. Therefore, with full confidence, we could draw a conclusion that it is very convenient and effective to get needed data for digital to analog conversion to generate all kinds simulated signal with a novel method.
Design and application of computer software for collecting color data about urine reagent strips  [PDF]
Longcong Chen, Hongming Tan, Gaiqin Liu, Changyou Chen, Ping Chen, Qifeng Jiang, Bin Gao, Xingliang Xiong
Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering (JBiSE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jbise.2013.68095
Abstract: Urine analysis is one of the most common and useful assay means in clinic for diagnose disease, especially urinary system disease and dry chemistry method is the most convenient, common and low cost about urine analysis. To expediently and efficiently analyze the corresponding relationships between different color data and semi-quantitative results about every urine item with dry chemistry way, in this paper, the design and application of effective software that may be used to collect color data about urine reagent strips are presented. First, we introduce the design procedure of this software. Second, its realization of design is given. Third, several application examples about collecting RGB original data by RS232 interface are shown. Then, RGB original data can be visually displayed by waveforms or curves and the data of cursor position may also be given. From the examples, we could confidently draw a conclusion that it is very convenient and effective to study on the laws of color variation about reagent pieces on reagent strip and it has met our original designed demands.

Determination of polychlorinated biphenyls in seawater using headspace solid-phase microextraction coupled with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry with the aid of experimental design
Song, Xingliang;Li, Jinhua;Chen, Lingxin;Cai, Zongwei;Liao, Chunyang;Peng, Hailong;Xiong, Hua;
Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-50532012000100019
Abstract: a simple and reliable pretreatment approach in gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (gc-ms) was developed for concurrent clean-up of seawater and the concentration of lipophilic polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs) with 1-8 chlorine atoms based on the combination of kmno4 oxidation with headspace sampling and solid-phase microextraction (spme). factors affecting the extraction process were studied using a multivariable approach. under optimum conditions such as pdms 7 μm of fiber, 78 oc of extraction temperature, 33 min of extraction time, 8 ml of volume, the limits of detection ranged from 0.3 to 7.5 ng l-1 and precisions were between 3.9 and 9.9% at spiked 0.05 μg l-1 pcbs. humic acids in seawater exhibited remarkably negative effects; recoveries of pcbs were significantly improved, especially for more lipophilic cb171 and cb201 from 35% and 49% to 78% and 89%, respectively, after kmno4 pretreating seawater samples at ph 6. the developed method was demonstrated to be simple, rapid, reliable and applicable for determining different pcbs in seawater containing large amounts of humic substances.
An Analysis of Conceptual Metaphor in Western Commercial Advertisements
Xianrong Zhang,Xingliang Gao
Asian Social Science , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/ass.v5n12p97
Abstract: This thesis makes a deep analysis of conceptual metaphor in western commercial advertisements and aims to deepen the understanding of the nature and manifestations of metaphor, to make it clear how conceptual metaphor works effectively in advertising for the purpose of persuading the audience into buying the products advertised, and to help Chinese advertisers realize the important roles of conceptual metaphors in advertising designs and originalities.

Wu Xingliang,

生态学报 , 1998,
Abstract: 研究了贵州宽阔水自然保护区大型真菌及其生态特征。林区的大型真菌基本特点是:(1)在不同的森林类型中,大型真菌的组成不同;(2)在不同的森林类型中,大型真菌的种类随海拔上升而减少;(3)土生真菌和菌根真菌多,木生真菌次之,寄生真菌和粪生直菌少。
Estimation of Evapotranspiration from Faber Fir Forest Ecosystem in the Eastern Tibetan Plateau of China Using SHAW Model  [PDF]
Zhifang Yin, Hua Ouyang, Xingliang Xu, Caiping Zhou, Feng Zhang, Bin Shao
Journal of Water Resource and Protection (JWARP) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jwarp.2010.22017
Abstract: Understanding the hydrological processes of forest ecosystems in Tibetan Plateau is crucial for protecting water resources and the environment, especially considering that evapotranspiration is the most dominant hydrologic process in most forest systems. SHAW, as a physically based, hydrological model, provides a useful tool for understanding and analyzing evapotranspiration processes. Using the measured data of a faber fir forest ecosystem in eastern Tibetan Plateau, this paper assessed the model performance in simulating evapotranspiration and variability and transferability of the model parameters. Comparison of the simulated results by SHAW to the measured data showed that SHAW performed satisfactorily. Based on analyzing the simulated results by the calibrated and validated SHAW, some ET characteristics of faber fir forest ecosys-tem in the eastern Tibetan Plateau were found: 1) Daily plant transpiration is low, and daily ET mainly comes from surface evaporation including canopy, litter and soil evaporation. Peak ET rate was approxi-mately 4mm/day, occurring around late July. 2) Solar radiation is the most important factor accounting for daily ET variation, while air temperature is the secondary, wind speed and air relative humidity are minor and soil water storage is the least important among all the related factors. 3) The ratio of annual ET to pre-cipitation for the faber fir forest ecosystem in eastern Tibetan Plateau is low (18%) compared with the other forest ecosystems owing to high-elevation, high atmospheric humidity and low annual temperature.
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