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Feeding Deterrence of Common Spices against Helicoverpa armigera Larvae  [PDF]
Weizheng Li, Jingjing Hu, Jing Yang, Guohui Yuan, Xianru Guo, Meihao Luo
Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology (ABB) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/abb.2014.513117
Abstract: Edible spices with strong smells or heavy tastes may be a promising resource of feeding deterrents. We compared the feeding deterrence of the ethanol extracts of 21 common spices against the larvae of a generalist pest species, Helicoverpa armigera, using a multiple-choice leaf disc bioassay. The results show that Zanthoxylum bungeanum extract (as a reference) always evoked significant feeding deterrence, while Piper nigrum (both black pepper and white pepper), Piper longum, and Angelica dahurica evoked the strongest and equivalent feeding deterrence. The potent feeding deterrent activity of Piper species may be a common characteristic at genus level.
Innate Preferences for Radial Gradient Pattern Cues in the Cotton Bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera  [PDF]
Qianwen Luo, Pu Hu, Hongfei Zhang, Gaoping Wang, Xianru Guo, Guohui Yuan, Weizheng Li
Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology (ABB) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/abb.2018.910037
Abstract: Information is lacking regarding the visual cues used by Helicoverpa armigera moths during nectar feeding. Here, we investigated the preference for radial gradient patterns in H. armigera moths. The results indicated that both sexes shared a preference to plain flower models of blue and cyan. The radial gradient pattern (cyan as nectar guide color and blue as petal color) was more attractive than its component plain colors (cyan or blue), especially in male moths. Number of corolla petals did not influence the attractiveness of the cyan-blue pattern. The addition of a tertiary floral attractant to white-blue or cyan-blue radial gradient patterns could dramatically enhance the attractiveness of visual cues in males rather than females, suggesting that males gave a higher weight in olfactory modality than females gave, while females gave a higher weight in vision modality than males gave. All together, we found an optimal combination of floral cues in H. armigera sexes as follows: A tertiary floral attractant (2 μL dose of phenylacetaldehyde, benzyl acetate, and salicylaldehyde mixed in 26:15:2) added to white-blue radial gradient flower model (3 cm in diameter). To our knowledge, this is the first time that rose curve and radial gradient tools were used to simulate floral pattern in the studies of flower-visiting insects.
Chemical components of volatiles from withered black poplar leaves with different physiological age

GUO Xianru,YUAN Guohui,JIANG Jinwei,LUO Meihao,MA Jisheng,

应用生态学报 , 2005,
Abstract: By the methods of steam distillation and GC-MS,this paper analyzed the chemical components of the volatiles from withered black poplar leaves.The main components of the volatiles from young leaves were(Z)-3-hexenol(44.81%),4-methyl-1-pentanol(21.85%)and 2-hydroxy-benzaldehyde(15.19%),those from matured leaves were(Z)-3-hexenol(28.71%)and 2-hydroxy-benzaldehyde(10.35%),while in the volatiles from senescent leaves,the main components were 2-hydroxy-benzaldehyde(28.81%)and benzyl alcohol(15.06%).The(Z)-3-hexenol content in the volatiles was evidently decreased with increasing leaf age,while the species and contents of aromatic compounds were in adverse.
Effects of DIMBOA stress on oxidation reduction system of the Asian corn borer, Ostrinia furnacalis (Guenée) (Lepidoptera: Crambidae)

毛培,王甜甜,宋鹏飞,郭线茹,原国辉,罗梅浩,Mao Pei,Wang Tiantian,Song Pengfei,Guo Xianru,Yuan Guohui,Luo Meihao
- , 2015, DOI: 10.13802/j.cnki.zwbhxb.2015.04.016
Abstract: 为探明丁布胁迫对亚洲玉米螟氧化还原系统的影响,采用酶活力测定方法和实时荧光定量PCR技术,研究了取食丁布含量差异显著的3个玉米品种登海662、浚单20和隆玉602叶片及模拟其叶片丁布含量的人工饲料后,玉米螟3龄幼虫氧化还原系统主要酶活性和谷氧还蛋白(Grx)mRNA转录表达的变化。结果显示:取食3个玉米品种叶片24 h后,亚洲玉米螟幼虫过氧化物酶和超氧化物歧化酶活性均显著高于对照,且在3个品种处理间差异显著,由大到小依次为登海662(118.30 U/mg和182.19 U/mg)、浚单20(107.13 U/mg和90.02 U/mg)和隆玉602(77.54 U/mg和93.59 U/mg)。取食浚单20可显著促进幼虫脂肪体Grx的表达,取食登海662可显著促进其中肠Grx的表达;取食模拟登海662叶片丁布含量的人工饲料12 h后,幼虫脂肪体中Grx表达量高于对应玉米叶片饲喂处理,而中肠部位则低于对应玉米叶片饲喂处理;取食模拟浚单20的结果与模拟登海662相反。表明亚洲玉米螟氧化还原系统在防御丁布胁迫过程中发挥着重要作用。
To investigate the effect of DIMBOA stress on oxidation reduction system of the Asian corn borer, Ostrinia furnacalis (Guenée), the changes of main enzyme activities in oxidation reduction system and Grx transcript of third instar O. furnacalis larvae were analyzed by enzyme activity analysis and real-time PCR methods. O. furnacalis larvae were fed with the leaves of three maize varieties (Denghai 662, Xundan 20 and Longyu 602) with different DIMBOA contents and corresponding artificial diets containing the same DIMBOA contents as in the three maize varieties. The results revealed that superoxide dismutase (SOD) and peroxidase (POD) activities were significantly different among three treatments 24 h after feeding. The highest activity was observed in the larvae fed with Denghai 662 (POD: 118.30 U/mg and SOD: 182.19 U/mg), followed by larvae fed with Xundan 20 (POD: 107.13 U/mg and SOD: 90.02 U/mg) and Longyu 602 (POD: 77.54 U/mg and SOD: 93.59 U/mg). Grx transcript in fat bodies of larvae fed with Xundan 20 and in midgut of larvae fed with Longyu 602 increased significantly. Grx transcript in fat bodies of larvae fed with artificial diets containing the same DIMBOA as in Denghai 662 leaves was significantly higher 12 h after feeding; however, it began to decrease in midgut, and reversed results were found in the treatments with artificial diets containing the same DIMBOA as in Xundan 20 leaves. Altogether, these results indicated that the oxidation reduction system of O. furnacalis plays an important role in defending DIMBOA stress.

Sun Xianru,Zhou Zuozhen,

岩石学报 , 1994,
Abstract: 大别山北部红刚玉矿产在太古代大别山群黑云角门外长片麻岩以及超基性岩中。赋存红刚玉的刚玉黑云二长片麻岩的原始岩石为富铝泥质岩,在角门岩相变质条件下,通过两种脱硅方式,即变质分异作用和超基性岩侵位,形成刚玉黑云二长片麻岩。它们形成的温压条件:T=500℃~700℃,P=0.4~0.7GPa。刚玉形成的可能的化学机制是白云母在缺硅条件下的分解。
Quantum Monte Carlo calculated potential energy curve for the helium dimer
Xuebin Wu,Xianru Hu,Chenlei Du,Yunchuan Dai,Shibin Chu,Leibo Hu,Jianbo Deng,Yuanping Feng
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1063/1.3432250
Abstract: We report results of both Diffusion Quantum Monte Carlo(DMC) method and Reptation Quantum Monte Carlo(RMC) method on the potential energy curve of the helium dimer. We show that it is possible to obtain a highly accurate description of the helium dimer. An improved stochastic reconfiguration technique is employed to optimize the many-body wave function, which is the starting point for highly accurate simulations based on the Diffusion Quantum Monte Carlo(DMC) and Reptation Quantum Monte Carlo (RMC) methods. We find that the results of these methods are in excellent agreement with the best theoretical results at short range, especially recently developed Reptation Quantum Monte Carlo(RMC) method, yield practically accurate results with reduced statistical error, which gives very excellent agreement across the whole potential. For the equilibrium internuclear distance of 5.6 bohr, the calculated electronic energy with Reptation Quantum Monte Carlo(RMC) method is 5.807483599$\pm$0.000000015 hartrees and the corresponding well depth is -11.003$\pm$0.005 K.
Petrogenesis and the evolution of garnet-pyroxene granulite from the northern Dabie Mountain, Anhui

Sun Xianru,Sun Hao,Du Jianguo,Zhang Yong,Zhang Mianzheng,Lei Nengznong,

岩石学报 , 2000,
Abstract: 石榴辉石麻粒岩主要产在北大别,以团块状,沿铁镁质超基性岩块走势分布。它们的主要矿物成分由石榴石、透辉石、紫苏辉石、斜长石等组成,在石榴石边部分别形成角闪石+斜长石,紫苏辉石+斜长石成成合晶结构。通过矿物温度压力计计算,高峰期变质温度740℃ ̄890℃,压力0.8 ̄1.52GPa;退变质期温度700℃ ̄862℃,压力0.69 ̄0.79GPa,表明石榴辉石麻粒岩PT轨迹为等温降压顺时针轨迹。通过主量元
Fluid inclusions of garnet-pyroxene granulites from the northern Dabie mountain.

SUN XianRu,DU JianGuo,DAI ShengQian,WANG ZhiHai,TANG NanAn,LI YueQin,

岩石学报 , 2003,
Abstract: 大别山北部石榴辉石麻粒岩是一种基性麻粒岩,岩石中富含有大量CO_2、CH_4、H_2S、H_2O流体包裹体,及含子晶多相包裹体。首次在寄主矿物石榴石、透辉石发现有含固相的多相包裹体。经拉曼光谱及电镜分析,固相部分为石榴石,辉石、重晶石和铁的氧化物;气相成分为H_2O、CO、CO_2、H_2S、H_2、CH_4、C_2H_2等,均一温度分别为950℃、975℃。指示着石榴辉石麻粒岩在形成过程中,在还原气氛下曾经发生过局部深熔作用,产生在组成上近于石榴石、辉石的熔体。这种溶体被正在结晶的石榴石,透辉石所捕获。石榴石中早期的含石榴石子晶+CO_2多相包裹体其CO_2密度为0.65~0.626g/cm~3;二相的 CO_2包裹体,CO_2部分的均一温度26~28.2℃,为晚期捕获的低密度CO_2包裹体,密度为0.648~0.688g/cm~3。石英中三相H_2O-CO_2包裹体,Th=331~410℃,CO_2-水合物溶化温度7.3°~8.6℃,是一种低盐度包裹体,CO_2部分均一温度:25.7~28℃,CO_2密度0.65~0.698g/cm~3为早中期捕获的包裹体。整个岩石中未发现高密度CO_2流体包裹体。表明麻粒岩可以形成在低密度CO_2之中。H_2O-NaCl包体均一温度80~475℃,密度0.36~1.026g/cm~3,主要为晚期包裹体,少数高密度H_2O包裹体,为早期捕获的包裹体。通过流体包裹体等容线确立石榴辉石麻粒岩P-T轨迹为
The Effect of Nitrogen Ion Implantation on the Fretting Wear Resistance of 9Crl8Mo Steel

Shi Ji Uu Xianru Li Bingqing Wang Tianmin,

摩擦学学报 , 1990,
Abstract: The fretting wear experiments were made on nitrogen imp-larted samples and unimplanted samples of 9Crl8Mo steel respectively in this in vestigation. SEM was used to observe the topography of the fretted surfaces. AES and micro-region X-ray diffraction were also used to deter" mine the elements distribution and phase construction of the implanted surface tilm and wear track surface. The results have shown that the fret-ting wear resistance of the steel was obviously increased after implanting nitrogen ion, and the fretting wear mechanism was altered. Nitrides were formed in the nitrogen implanted surface film. The precipitation of these nitrides has some contribution to the enhancement of the fretting wear resistance of 9Crl8Mo steel.
The Quasi-Static Approximation of Heat Waves in Anisotropic Thermo-Elastic Media  [PDF]
Shaohua Guo
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/am.2010.15054
Abstract: The equilibrium equations of anisotropic media, coupled to the heat conduction equations, are studied here based on the standard spaces of the physical presentation, in which an new thermo-elastic model based on the second law of thermodynamics is induced. The uncoupled heat wave equation for anisotropic media is deduced. The results show that the equation of heat wave is of the properties of dissipative waves. In final part of this paper, we discuss the propagation behaviour of heat waves for transversely isotropic media.
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