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The Effect of Notch Filter on RFI Suppression  [PDF]
Wenge CHANG, Jianyang LI, Xiangyang LI
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) , 2009, DOI: 10.4236/wsn.2009.13026
Abstract: Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) suppression is an important technique in the ultra-wideband synthetic aperture radar (UWB SAR). In this paper, we mainly analyze the performance of a notch filter for RFI sup-pression. The theoretical output from notch filter is presented based on RFI signal’s narrowband property. The research conclusion shows that the notch filter has significant effect on sidelobes of the system response, which might be considered to be false targets, however it has little effect on the resolution of the system re-sponse. The theoretical result is verified by simulation and experimental data processing both in one dimen-sion (range dimension) and in two dimensions (range and azimuth dimension).
The optimal manufacturer’s reserve investment and government’s subsidy policy in emergency preparedness
Zili Zhang and Xiangyang Li
Journal of Inequalities and Applications , 2013, DOI: 10.1186/1029-242X-2013-62
Abstract: Emergency supplies are of great importance when coping with a disaster. The stockpiling and production of emergency supplies should depend on private manufacturers in some cases, and the government will offer the manufacturer a subsidy to encourage its investment on extra reserves. This study investigates the manufacturer’s optimal decision on reserve investment and the government’s optimal subsidy policy based on mathematical models. The results indicate that to gain maximum benefit, the manufacturer should allocate its funds on both physical material reserve and production capacity reserve according to the government’s subsidy policy, while the government should take note of the relation between subsidy policy and subsidy period to ensure the manufacturer’s provision level of emergency supplies.
Effects of FDI on China Based on the Fuzzy Mathematics
Xiangyang Zhang,Xin Li
International Journal of Business and Management , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/ijbm.v3n5p69
Abstract: The international direct investment theory is one of domains which develop quickly in the international economics after the Second World War. Comparing with that obviously, the research of influencing factors about FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) develops very slowly. For a long time, FDI was thought to exert very important function to the economical increase of the host country, but in recent years, some negative influences occur. Base on some scholars’ theoretical analysis, in this article, we utilize the method of fuzzy mathematics to comprehensively analyze the influencing factors of FDI on the host country, and translate the result into the data which can be directly compared to directly evaluate FDI.
Kato's inequality and Liouville theorems on locally finite graphs
Li Ma,Xiangyang Wang
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: In this paper we study the Kato' inequality on locally finite graph. We also study the application of Kato inequality to Ginzburg-Landau equations on such graphs. Interesting properties of Schrodinger equation and a Liouville type theorem are also derived.
Efficient Construction of Spanners in $d$-Dimensions
Sanjiv Kapoor,XiangYang Li
Computer Science , 2013,
Abstract: In this paper we consider the problem of efficiently constructing $k$-vertex fault-tolerant geometric $t$-spanners in $\dspace$ (for $k \ge 0$ and $t >1$). Vertex fault-tolerant spanners were introduced by Levcopoulus et. al in 1998. For $k=0$, we present an $O(n \log n)$ method using the algebraic computation tree model to find a $t$-spanner with degree bound O(1) and weight $O(\weight(MST))$. This resolves an open problem. For $k \ge 1$, we present an efficient method that, given $n$ points in $\dspace$, constructs $k$-vertex fault-tolerant $t$-spanners with the maximum degree bound O(k) and weight bound $O(k^2 \weight(MST))$ in time $O(n \log n)$. Our method achieves the best possible bounds on degree, total edge length, and the time complexity, and solves the open problem of efficient construction of (fault-tolerant) $t$-spanners in $\dspace$ in time $O(n \log n)$.
Study on Quality Traits for Steamed Bread Made from 25 Representative Wheat Varieties in Shandong Province  [PDF]
Juan Liu, Jichun Tian, Peng Wu, Xiangyang Li, Chao Li
Agricultural Sciences (AS) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/as.2019.104039
Abstract: In order to study steamed bread quality traits and explore good wheat cultivars, 25 wheat cultivars grown in Shandong province were used through one-process fermentation procedure to examine the variability of steamed bread quality traits and the correlation between quality and score. The results showed that all the steamed bread quality traits expressed large variable coefficient except volume, L* value, l* value and cohesiveness traits, which suggested that the genetic diversity made from wheat in Shandong province was large. The average comprehensive score of the steamed bread was 76.8 for the tested 25 varieties, and ten varieties reached the good steamed bread level, which were Liangxing 99, Luyuan 205, Jimai 22, Jinan 17, Tainong 19, Wennong 17, Huaiyin 84137, and Huaimai 8. The main quality factors affecting the steamed bread score were volume, L* value, A* value, hardness, chewiness, and adhesiveness. Among these factors, the adhesiveness has a significantly positive correlation with the hardness and cohesive, and the volume has a significantly positive correlation with the A* value. The volume, L* value has a significantly positive correlation with score, A* value, hardness and chewiness, and gumminess has a significantly negative correlation with the score. There was no correlation between the score and other traits. The results will benefit the understanding of steamed bread quality in wheat cultivated in Shandong.
Trace metals in soil, dust, and tree leaves of the urban environment, Guangzhou, China
XiangYang Bi,SiYuan Liang,XiangDong Li
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2013, DOI: 10.1007/s11434-012-5398-2
Abstract: Metals have been constantly introduced to urban environments via various point and non-point sources of pollution, and have contaminated different urban compartments (sample types). However, most research projects have focused on a single environmental compartment to characterize urban metal contamination. In the present study, an integrated sampling program that includes surface soils, different size fractions of soil and road dust (<50 μm, 50–100 μm, 100–250 μm, and 250–1000 μm), tree leaves, and grasses, was conducted in a typical urban area of Guangzhou, China. The aim of the study was to investigate the interrelationships among the metal pollutants in these samples. The concentrations of trace metals varied greatly among different sample types, and their distribution was generally in the following order: road dust > soil dust ≥ surface soils ≈ top soils > grasses ≥ tree leaves. As for the relationships among the trace metals, different combinations were seen among the sample types, indicating different loadings of trace metals in the sampling medium. Significant correlations of metal concentrations were found between tree leaves and the smallest (<50 μm) fraction of road dust, and between soil dust (50–100 μm) and surface soils, suggesting that trace metals in these samples may influence each other.
Genomic Evidence Reveals the Extreme Diversity and Wide Distribution of the Arsenic-Related Genes in Burkholderiales
Xiangyang Li, Linshuang Zhang, Gejiao Wang
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0092236
Abstract: So far, numerous genes have been found to associate with various strategies to resist and transform the toxic metalloid arsenic (here, we denote these genes as “arsenic-related genes”). However, our knowledge of the distribution, redundancies and organization of these genes in bacteria is still limited. In this study, we analyzed the 188 Burkholderiales genomes and found that 95% genomes harbored arsenic-related genes, with an average of 6.6 genes per genome. The results indicated: a) compared to a low frequency of distribution for aio (arsenite oxidase) (12 strains), arr (arsenate respiratory reductase) (1 strain) and arsM (arsenite methytransferase)-like genes (4 strains), the ars (arsenic resistance system)-like genes were identified in 174 strains including 1,051 genes; b) 2/3 ars-like genes were clustered as ars operon and displayed a high diversity of gene organizations (68 forms) which may suggest the rapid movement and evolution for ars-like genes in bacterial genomes; c) the arsenite efflux system was dominant with ACR3 form rather than ArsB in Burkholderiales; d) only a few numbers of arsM and arrAB are found indicating neither As III biomethylation nor AsV respiration is the primary mechanism in Burkholderiales members; (e) the aio-like gene is mostly flanked with ars-like genes and phosphate transport system, implying the close functional relatedness between arsenic and phosphorus metabolisms. On average, the number of arsenic-related genes per genome of strains isolated from arsenic-rich environments is more than four times higher than the strains from other environments. Compared with human, plant and animal pathogens, the environmental strains possess a larger average number of arsenic-related genes, which indicates that habitat is likely a key driver for bacterial arsenic resistance.
Fiber-Optical Sensors: Basics and Applications in Multiphase Reactors
Xiangyang Li,Chao Yang,Shifang Yang,Guozheng Li
Sensors , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/s120912519
Abstract: This work presents a brief introduction on the basics of fiber-optical sensors and an overview focused on the applications to measurements in multiphase reactors. The most commonly principle utilized is laser back scattering, which is also the foundation for almost all current probes used in multiphase reactors. The fiber-optical probe techniques in two-phase reactors are more developed than those in three-phase reactors. There are many studies on the measurement of gas holdup using fiber-optical probes in three-phase fluidized beds, but negative interference of particles on probe function was less studied. The interactions between solids and probe tips were less studied because glass beads etc. were always used as the solid phase. The vision probes may be the most promising for simultaneous measurements of gas dispersion and solids suspension in three-phase reactors. Thus, the following techniques of the fiber-optical probes in multiphase reactors should be developed further: (1) online measuring techniques under nearly industrial operating conditions; (2) corresponding signal data processing techniques; (3) joint application with other measuring techniques.
HHT Fuzzy Wavelet Neural Network to Identify Incipient Cavitations in Cooling pump of Engine
Li-hong Li,Xiangyang Xu,Yanfang Liu,Qianjin Guo
Journal of Computers , 2011, DOI: 10.4304/jcp.6.3.506-513
Abstract: Incipient cavitations identification is very practical and academic significance for cavity research in cooling pump of engine but it is very complicated. In this paper, a Hilbert-Huang transform(HHT) fuzzy wavelet neural network (FWNN) is proposed for incipient cavitations identification. The main incipient cavitations feature was extracted from entrance pressure fluctuation by the HHT. This FWNN uses wavelet basis function as membership function which shape can be adjusted on line so that the networks have better learning and adaptive ability and at the same time combine the wavelet neural network with fuzzy logical theory to deal with complicated nonlinear, uncertain and fuzzy problem. At last the experiment showed that this identification model can provide fast and reliable incipient cavitations
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