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Role of VEGF Receptors in Normal and Psoriatic Human Keratinocytes: Evidence from Irradiation with Different UV Sources
Jian-Wei Zhu, Xian-Jie Wu, Zhong-Fa Lu, Dan Luo, Sui-Qing Cai, Min Zheng
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0055463
Abstract: Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) promotes angiogenesis and plays important roles both in physiological and pathological conditions. VEGF receptors (VEGFRs) are high-affinity receptors for VEGF and are originally considered specific to endothelial cells. We previously reported that VEGFRs were also constitutively expressed in normal human keratinocytes and overexpressed in psoriatic epidermis. In addition, UVB can activate VEGFRs in normal keratinocytes, and the activated VEGFR-2 signaling is involved in the pro-survival mechanism. Here, we show that VEGFRs were also upregulated and activated by UVA in normal human keratinocytes via PKC, and interestingly, both the activated VEGFR-1 and VEGFR-2 protected against UVA-induced cell death. As VEGFRs were over-expressed in psoriatic epidermis, we further investigated whether narrowband UVB (NB-UVB) phototherapy or topical halomethasone monohydrate 0.05% cream could affect their expression. Surprisingly, the over-expressed VEGFRs in psoriatic epidermis were significantly attenuated by both treatments. During NB-UVB therapy, VEGFRs declined first in the basal, and then gradually in the upper psoriatic epidermis. VEGFRs were activated in psoriatic epidermis, their activation was enhanced by NB-UVB, but turned undetectable after whole therapy. This process was quite different from that by halomethasone, in which VEGFRs and phospho-VEGFRs decreased in a gradual, homogeneous manner. Our findings further suggest that UV-induced activation of VEGFRs serves as a pro-survival signal for keratinocytes. In addition, VEGFRs may be involved in the pathological process of psoriasis, and UV phototherapy is effective for psoriasis by directly modulating the expression of VEGFRs.
Indicator System and Comprehensive Appraisal for Petroleum Security

HE Xian-jie,WU Chu-guo,LIU Zeng-jie,SHENG Chang-ming,HU Xiao-ping,

自然资源学报 , 2006,
Abstract: 为科学评价我国石油安全的程度,从国内资源禀赋、国内生产能力、国际市场可得性和国家应急保障能力等4个方面,设计了石油安全评价指标体系。采用德尔菲法、主成分分析法,选取储采比、储量替代率、石油消费对外依存度、石油进口集中度、国际原油价格和国内石油储备水平等6个个指标,构成一个新的综合指标:石油安全度,用其对我国石油安全形势进行定量评价。将石油安全度的安全警戒划分为五级:Ⅰ级1-0.8,基本安全;Ⅱ级0.8—0.6,弱安全;Ⅲ级0.6—0.4,不安全;Ⅳ级0.4-0.2,很不安全;Ⅴ级0.2以下,严重不安全。1993—2004年,我国石油安全度为0.54-0.75,处于弱安全到不安全之间。
Dynamic Pax6 expression during the neurogenic cell cycle influences proliferation and cell fate choices of retinal progenitors
Yi-Wen Hsieh, Xian-Jie Yang
Neural Development , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1749-8104-4-32
Abstract: We provide evidence that during the preneurogenic to neurogenic transition, Pax6 protein levels in proliferating progenitor cells are down-regulated. Neurogenic retinal progenitors retain a relatively low level of Pax6 protein, whereas postmitotic neurons either elevate or extinguish Pax6 expression in a cell type-specific manner. Cell imaging and cell cycle analyses show that neurogenic progenitors in the S phase of the cell cycle contain low levels of Pax6 protein, whereas a subset of progenitors exhibits divergent levels of Pax6 protein upon entering the G2 phase of the cell cycle. We also show that M phase cells contain varied levels of Pax6, and some correlate with the onset of early neuronal marker expression, forecasting cell cycle exit and cell fate commitment. Furthermore, either elevating or knocking down Pax6 attenuates cell proliferation and results in increased cell death. Reducing Pax6 decreases retinal ganglion cell genesis and enhances cone photoreceptor and amacrine interneuron production, whereas elevating Pax6 suppresses cone photoreceptor and amacrine cell fates.These studies demonstrate for the first time quantitative changes in Pax6 protein expression during the preneurogenic to neurogenic transition and during the neurogenic cell cycle. The results indicate that Pax6 protein levels are stringently controlled in proliferating progenitors. Maintaining a relatively low Pax6 protein level is necessary for S phase re-entry, whereas rapid accumulation or reduction of Pax6 protein during the G2/M phase of the cell cycle may be required for specific neuronal fates. These findings thus provide novel insights on the dynamic regulation of Pax6 protein among neurogenic progenitors and the temporal frame of neuronal fate determination.The Pax6 gene encodes an evolutionarily conserved paired homeobox protein critically involved in eye development and retinogenesis [1-5]. In both Drosophila and vertebrates, ectopic expression of Pax6 induces ectopic eyes or


物理学报 , 1976,
Abstract: The switching process of transistor Schmitt circuit was studied in this paper. Concrete analytical expressions of the switching process have been derived. Using these expressions numerical calculations were carried out for two types of commonly used transistor Schmitt circuit. Experiments were carried out to check the theoretical calculations. Experimental results fit the theoretical calculations quite well. From this study, some rules for selection of the transistors and circuit elements were obtained. The results of calculation in this paper may be used to estimate the switching speed of Schmitt eircuit in the early design stage.
A Preliminary Study on Scattering Property of Dust Aerosol in Hexi Corridor

TIAN Lei,ZHANG Wu,SHI Jin-sen,HUANG Jian-ping,SONG Song-tao,DING Xiao-dong,BI Jian-rong,CAO Xian-jie,ZHANG Lei,

高原气象 , 2010,
Abstract: 利用2008年春季中美沙尘暴联合观测试验中张掖观测站的积分浑浊度仪及同期常规气象资料, 分析了有、 无沙尘天气下气溶胶总散射系数(550 nm)及后向散射比的日变化特征, 讨论了一次典型的沙尘暴过程中气溶胶的散射特性。结果表明, 在这两种天气状况下, 总散射系数日变化都呈双峰型, 但峰值大小和出现的时间不同。无沙尘日的气溶胶细粒子所占比例的变化较为明显, 日较差比有沙尘日的大。沙尘暴发生时, 气溶胶总散射系数有明显的突变, 积分浊度仪是对沙尘气溶胶连续监测的有效的工具。
Epidemiological investigation of allergic rhinitis in servicemen of Chinese People’s Armed Police Force stationed at Urumqi
Hong-hong YUE,Xian-jie DONG,Xue-ping MA,Bei-han WANG
Medical Journal of Chinese People's Liberation Army , 2011,
Abstract: Objective To investigate the incidence and clinical features of allergic rhinitis in servicemen of Chinese People’s Armed Police Force stationed at Urumqi,Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.Methods Of 2294 soldiers and officers stationed at Urumqi from Jul.to Aug.2010,2194 were enrolled as subjects of present study,and all of them completed the questionnaires.The incidence of allergic rhinitis was assessed by history analysis,skin fast prick and allergen-specific IgE assay.Results Two hundred and three cases were diagnosed as allergic rhinitis,the overall incidence was 9.3%.The incidence of allergic rhinitis was higher in officers(15.9%) than in soldiers(P < 0.05);seeds of Artemisia was the main allergen.Duration of service was positively correlated with the incidence of allergic rhinitis(r=0.8,P < 0.05).The incidence was also correlated with the place the servicemen stationed,showing a high to low tendency from suburbs(15.8%),forested area(7.9%) to urban area(5.7%,P < 0.05).The incidence was higher in servicemen from other regions(9.4%) than in soldiers of local origin(7.2%,P < 0.05),and was higher in Han nationality(10.5%) than in ethnic minorities(2.1%,P < 0.05).Conclusions The incidence of allergic rhinitis in servicemen of Chinese People’s Armed Police Force stationed at Urumqi is 9.3%,and and the incidence varies with the loeality they station.The severity of allergic rhinitis symptom is positively correlated with the duration of service in Urumqi.
Generating algorithm of principle curvature isolines of free surface based on rectangle mesh tracking

ZHANG Li,WANG Jun-biao,ZHANG Xian-jie,

计算机应用研究 , 2009,
Abstract: This paper proposed a generation algorithm for principle curvature isolines of free surface based on rectangle mesh tracking method. First, mapped points on the surface and the corresponding curvatures to optimal development plane. Then gained the point sequences of equivalent curvatures by traversing method on the development plane. Partitioned the point sequences to continuing no-cross open or closed isolines. Finally, tested and verified the algorithm with examples of ruled surface, cone-shaped face and free surface, and compared with triangulation linear interpolation method. The results show that the generation algorithm is more efficient and accurate.
Quasi-Lumped Design of UWB BPF Using Suspended Stripline
Xian-Jie Liao;Min-Hua Ho;Wei-Hong Hsu;Wei-Qin Xu;Li-Jing Lin
PIER Letters , 2009, DOI: 10.2528/PIERL09080601
Abstract: We propose a novel UWB bandpass filter (BPF) design using the suspended stripline (SSL). The filter composes of a lowpass and a high-pass circuit, both implemented by SSL structures. A notch response structure might be implemented to the filter by embedding a resonant slotline. The quasi-lumped elements circuit models were developed to analyze these circuits' performance. Experiments were conducted, and good agreements were observed between the measurements and simulations.
Earthquake scaling disagreement and complexity of seismic source

DAI Zhi-yang,LIU Bin,ZHA Xian-jie,LV Yan,ZHENG Xian-jin,ZHANG Hu,YANG Feng-qin,

地球物理学进展 , 2008,
Abstract: 矩震级标度是从地震矩换算过来的,换算关系中地震应力降与剪切模量估算的不准确会对矩震级标度产生影响.本文利用1976年1月~2006年12月发生在东经75°~135°,北纬15°~55°的M≥5地震的矩震级与面波震级,探讨了应力降与剪切模量的比值Δσ/μ在中国及邻区以及在不同震级下的分布特征.中国大陆及邻区的Δσ/μ值分布较分散,不同地区的Δσ/μ值明显不同,且绝大部分值大于矩震级和地震矩换算关系中使用的全球平均值.对于同一地区不同震级的地震,其Δσ/μ值也不一样,震级大,Δσ/μ值通常也大.研究认为剪切模量和地震应力降的估计对矩震级标度的影响不能忽略.
Denitrifying Phosphate Uptake of Biological Phosphorous Removal Granular Sludge in SBR

LIU Xiao-ying,ZHAO Hong-mei,PENG Dang-cong,SUI Xian-jie,

环境科学 , 2008,
Abstract: The denitrification and excessive P removal can be realized by denitrifying phosphate-accumulating organisms (DNPAOs) under low carbon condition. DNPAOs use poly-3-hydroxy- butyrate (PHB) as electron donor, and use nitrate and nitrite as electron acceptor during the denitrifying phosphate uptake. In this study the biological phosphorus removal granular sludge was induced into the denitrifying and phosphate uptake granular sludge under an anaerobic/anoxic/aerobic alternating operation (referred to as an A/A/O) in a sequencing batch reactor (SBR). When the system is stable, the P and N removal ratio is over 90% and 93% respectively; the release phosphorus is 25-33 mg/L at anaerobic stage; 1g NOx-N approximately takes up P 1.3 g at anoxic stage. In the typical cycle the anaerobic maximum specific release phosphorus rate (max. SRPR) is 18.39 mg/(g x h); the anoxic max. specific uptake phosphorus rate (SUPR) and the max. specific denitrification rate (SDNR) is 23.72 mg/(g x h) and 18.19 mg/(g x h) respectively; the aerobic max. SUPR is 17.15 mg/(g x h). The fraction of DNPAOs rises from 14.9% to 80.7%. Compared with the physical-chemical property of the biological phosphorus removal granular sludge, the settling velocity and the specific gravity of the denitrifying phosphate uptake granular sludge is elevated 0.16-0.7 times and 0.0031 respectively.
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