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Fractal and Smoothness Properties of Space-Time Gaussian Models
Yun Xue,Yimin Xiao
Mathematics , 2009,
Abstract: Spatio-temporal models are widely used for inference in statistics and many applied areas. In such contexts interests are often in the fractal nature of the sample surfaces and in the rate of change of the spatial surface at a given location in a given direction. In this paper we apply the theory of Yaglom (1957) to construct a large class of space-time Gaussian models with stationary increments, establish bounds on the prediction errors and determine the smoothness properties and fractal properties of this class of Gaussian models. Our results can be applied directly to analyze the stationary space-time models introduced by Cressie and Huang (1999), Gneiting (2002) and Stein (2005), respectively.
Considerations on Research of Environmental Risk Prevention and Control in “12th Five-Year Plan” Period  [PDF]
Pengli Xue, Xiaofeng Sun, Yun Song, Yanjun Cheng, Dezhi Sun
Computational Water, Energy, and Environmental Engineering (CWEEE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/cweee.2013.22B012
Abstract: Along with the environmental pollution causes complexity and diversity increases ceaselessly, “national environmental protection” Twelfth Five “planning” (hereinafter referred to as “planning”) will be the environmental risk prevention as the “12th Five-Year Plan” one of the important tasks, including advancing environmental risk management in the whole process, key areas the environmental risk prevention measures. The whole process environmental risk management covers a risk source recognition, receptor vulnerability assessment, environmental risk characterization, risk decision and risk assessment of accident loss. This article from the environmental risk source classification, environmental risk classification management, environmental emergency response and environmental risk and insurance environment four aspects put forward the “12th Five-Year Plan” whole process environmental risk management content, to further reduce our country environmental pollution accident risk and policy makers to provide some decision support.
Xue Yun Gong,Lei Zhang
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2011, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536811016254
Abstract: In the title compound, [KGd(C10H2O8)(H2O)2]n, the Gd3+ ion is nine-coordinated by eight O atoms from five individual benzene-1,2,4,5-tetracarboxylate (btec) ligands and one water molecule, and the K+ ion is eight-coordinated by six O atoms from five individual btec ligands and two water molecules. In the crystal, the btec half-molecules are completed by crystallographic inversion symmetry. GdO9 and KO8 polyhedra are connected, forming layers in the ab plane, which are further interconnected by μ8- or μ12-bridging btec ligands, forming a three-dimensional structure.
An Analysis of the Legal Regime of Delisting in China
Zhi-sheng XUE,Yun-yun CUI
Canadian Social Science , 2007,
Abstract: The legal regime of delisting is one of organic constituents of securities legal framework. This article, based on the reviews of delisting development in China, has briefly analyzed the content of delisting legal system: the delisting standard and the delisting procedure, and put forward several suggestions in consummating the delisting legal regime. Key words: delisting, delisting standard, delisting procedure Résumé: Le régime légal de la radiation est un constituant organique du cadre légal des valeurs. Cet article, basé sur la rétrospection du développement de la radiation de Chine, analyse brièvment le contenu du système légal de la radiation : le standard et la procédure, et propose ensuite des suggestions pour perfectionner ce système. Mots-Clés: radiation, standard de la radiation, procédure de la radiation
Jourdain Principle of a Super-Thin Elastic Rod Dynamics

XUE Yun,SHANG Hui-Lin,

中国物理快报 , 2009,
Abstract: A super thin elastic rod is modeled with a background of DNA super coiling structure, and its dynamics is discussed based on the Jourdain variation. The cross section of the rod is taken as the object of this study and two velocity spaces about arc coordinate and the time are obtained respectively. Virtual displacements of the section on the two velocity spaces are defined and can be expressed in terms of Jourdain variation. Jourdain principles of a super thin elastic rod dynamics on arc coordinate and the time velocity space are established, respectively, which show that there are two ways to realize the constraint conditions. If the constitutive relation of the rod is linear, the Jourdain principle takes the Euler-Lagrange form with generalized oordinates. The Kirchhoff equation, Lagrange equation and Appell equation can be derived from the present Jourdain principle. While the rod subjected to a surface constraint, Lagrange equation with undetermined multipliers may be derived.
Research on adaptive genetic algorithm for logisticsdistribution of multiple types goods

LIN Xue-yun,

计算机应用研究 , 2012,
Abstract: This paper did research summaries on the currently common in the optimized controlling algorithm of logistics distribution, and proposed an improved algorithm with concern of reducing the time and space complexity of the algorithm, seeking optimal effects. It established a multi-integer linear programming model for logistics distribution, with the relevant algorithm designed. The improved optimized strategies for logistics distribution of multiple types goods based on adaptive genetic algorithm was system applied to the real logistics distribution, and the results of which get scientifically evaluated. Through the practical application, it shaws the effectiveness and feasibility of the improved algorithm again.
Resonator-assisted entangling gate for singlet-triplet spin qubits in nanowire double quantum dots
Peng Xue,Yun-Feng Xiao
Physics , 2010,
Abstract: We propose a resonator-assisted entangling gate for spin qubits with high fidelity. Each spin qubit corresponds to two electrons in a nanowire double quantum dot, with the singlet and one of the triplets as the logical qubit states. The gate is effected by virtual charge dipole transitions. We include noise in our model to show feasibility of the scheme under current experimental conditions.
Cross-Modality Hashing with Partial Correspondence
Yun Gu,Haoyang Xue,Jie Yang
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: Learning a hashing function for cross-media search is very desirable due to its low storage cost and fast query speed. However, the data crawled from Internet cannot always guarantee good correspondence among different modalities which affects the learning for hashing function. In this paper, we focus on cross-modal hashing with partially corresponded data. The data without full correspondence are made in use to enhance the hashing performance. The experiments on Wiki and NUS-WIDE datasets demonstrates that the proposed method outperforms some state-of-the-art hashing approaches with fewer correspondence information.
MBA: a literature mining system for extracting biomedical abbreviations
Yun Xu, ZhiHao Wang, YiMing Lei, YuZhong Zhao, Yu Xue
BMC Bioinformatics , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2105-10-14
Abstract: A literature mining system MBA was constructed to extract both acronym-type and non-acronym-type abbreviations. An abbreviation-tagged literature corpus, called Medstract gold standard corpus, was used to evaluate the system. MBA achieved a recall of 88% at the precision of 91% on the Medstract gold-standard EVALUATION Corpus.We present a new literature mining system MBA for extracting biomedical abbreviations. Our evaluation demonstrates that the MBA system performs better than the others. It can identify the definition of not only acronym-type abbreviations including a little irregular acronym-type abbreviations (e.g., ), but also non-acronym-type abbreviations (e.g., ).The volume of published biomedical papers is expanding at an increasing rate each year. It is very challenging for biologists to keep up to date with their own field of biomedical research with biomedical knowledge expanding so quickly. Thus, an automatic method for biomedical knowledge text mining is urgently needed [1,2]. In biomedical text mining, one special issue is the exploding use of new abbreviations [3]. It would be a great help for literature retrieval to collect these abbreviations automatically. Furthermore, other text mining tasks could be done more efficiently if all the abbreviations for an entity could be mapped to a single term representing the concept [2]. Generally, an abbreviation is a short form of a word or phrase called "definition" or "long form". Our task is to identify <"short form", "long form"> pairs where there exists a mapping from characters in the short form to characters in the long form [4].Existing approaches fall into four broad categories: rule based, machine learning based, text alignment based, and statistically based. Rule based approaches attempt to use the best recognition rule, and good rules would result in good results. Pustejovsky et al. [4] presented a regular expression algorithm based on hand-built regu
High expression of human clotting factor IX cDNA in myoblasts C2C12 cells and C3H mice
Hongwei Wang,Yun Bao,Daru Lu,Xinfang Qiu,Jinglun Xue
Science China Life Sciences , 1997, DOI: 10.1007/BF02881730
Abstract: Mouse myoblast C2C12 cell was used as target cell for gene transfer study of human clotting factor IX (hFIX) cDNA. In addition to the previously constructed retroviral vectors XLIX, LNCIX and G1NaCIX, G1NaMCIX with hFIX driven by muscle creatine kinase (MCK) enhancer and human cytomegalovirus (CMV) was constructed, based on the retroviral vector G1Na. These four retroviral vectors were used to transduce mouse my-oblasts C2C12. With ELISA assays, it has been found that the expression levels of human clotting factor IX detected in those transduced C2C12 cells are G1NaMCIX> G1NaCIX> LNCIX> XLIX. Mixed colonal cells transduced with GlNaMCIX expressed hFIX protein at the level of 640 ng/106 cell every 24 h. The modified C2C12 cells transduced with G1NaMCIX were implanted into skeletal muscle of the hindlegs of C3H mice; a stable expression of hFIX was detected and lasted for 35 d, with a maximum level of 206 ng/mL plasma. The regulation of hFIX cDNA expression in myoblasts was discussed and it was strongly suggested that a myoblast-mediated gene delivery system had the potential to be optimized as a safe and effective therapeutic modality for hemophilia B.
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