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Inhibition of glutamate dehydrogenase and insulin secretion by KHG26377 does not involve ADP-ribosylation by SIRT4 or deacetylation by SIRT3
Eun-A Kim1,#, Seung-Ju Yang2,#, Soo Young Choi3, Woo Je Lee4,* & Sung-Woo Cho1,*
BMB Reports , 2012,
Abstract: We investigated the mechanisms involved in KHG26377 regulationof glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH) activity, focusing onthe roles of SIRT4 and SIRT3. Intraperitoneal injection of micewith KHG26377 reduced GDH activity with concomitant repressionof glucose-induced insulin secretion. Consistent withtheir known functions, SIRT4 ribosylated GDH and reduced itsactivity, and SIRT3 deacetylated GDH, increasing its activity.However, KHG26377 did not affect SIRT4-mediated ADP-ribosylation/inhibition or SIRT3-mediated deacetylation/activationof GDH. KHG26377 had no effect on SIRT4 protein levels,and did not alter total GDH, acetylated GDH, or SIRT3 proteinlevels in pancreatic mitochondrial lysates. These results suggestthat the mechanism by which KHG26377 inhibits GDHactivity and insulin secretion does not involve ADP-ribosylationof GDH by SIRT4 or deacetylation of GDH by SIRT3.
Production of taxadiene from cultured ginseng roots transformed with taxadiene synthase gene
Mijeong Cha1, Sang Hee Shim1, Sung Hong Kim2, Ok Tae Kim3, Se-Weon Lee4, Suk-Yoon Kwon5 & Kwang-Hyun Baek1,*
BMB Reports , 2012,
Abstract: Paclitaxel is produced by various species of yew trees and hasbeen extensively used to treat tumors. In our research, ataxadiene synthase (TS) gene from Taxus brevifolia was used totransform the roots of cultured ginseng (Panax ginseng C.A.Meyer) to produce taxadiene, the unique skeletal precursor totaxol. The TS gene was successfully introduced into theginseng genome, and the de novo formation of taxadiene wasidentified by mass spectroscopy profiling. Without any changein phenotypes or growth difference in a TS-transgenic ginsengline, the transgenic TSS3-2 line accumulated 9.1 μg taxadieneper gram of dry weight. In response to the treatment of methyljasmonate for 3 or 6 days, the accumulation was 14.6 and15.9 μg per g of dry weight, respectively. This is the first reportof the production of taxadiene by engineering ginseng rootswith a taxadiene synthase gene.
Synergistic inhibition of mesothelioma cell growth by the combination of clofarabine and resveratrol involves Nrf2 downregulation
Yoon-Jin Lee1,2, Jae-Hyuk Im3, David M. Lee4, Ji-Sung Park3, Seong Youn Won2, Moon-Kyun Cho2, Hae-Seon Nam2, Yong-Jin Lee1 & Sang-Han Lee1,3,*
BMB Reports , 2012,
Abstract: We previously reported that MSTO-211H cells have a highercapacity to regulate Nrf2 activation in response to changes inthe cellular redox environment. To further characterize itsbiological significance, the response of Nrf2, a transcriptionfactor that regulates ARE-containing genes, on the synergisticcytotoxic effect of clofarabine and resveratrol was investigatedin mesothelioma cells. The combination treatment showed amarked growth-inhibitory effect, which was accompanied bysuppression of Nrf2 activation and decreased expression ofheme oxygenase-1 (HO-1). While transient overexpression ofNrf2 conferred protection against the cytotoxicity caused bytheir combination, knockdown of Nrf2 expression using siRNAenhanced their cytotoxic effect. Pretreatment with Ly294002, aPI3K inhibitor, augmented the decrease in HO-1 level by theircombination, whereas no obvious changes were observed inNrf2 levels. Altogether, these results suggest that the synergisticcytotoxic effect of clofarabine and resveratrol was mediated, atleast in part, through suppression of Nrf2 signaling.
Nobiletin Prevents Body Weight Gain and Bone Loss in Ovariectomized C57BL/6J Mice  [PDF]
Young-Sil Lee, Midori Asai, Sun-Sil Choi, Takayuki Yonezawa, Toshiaki Teruya, Kazuo Nagai, Je-Tae Woo, Byung-Yoon Cha
Pharmacology & Pharmacy (PP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/pp.2014.510108
Abstract: Obesity and osteoporosis are associated with estrogen deficiency following menopause. Therefore, it is important to prevent and treat both disorders to maintain a healthy life in postmenopausal women. Nobiletin, a polymethoxylated flavone, exhibits various pharmacologic effects, including anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory activities. Therefore, in this study, we examined the effects of nobiletin on obesity, obesity-related metabolic disorders, and bone mass in ovariectomized (OVX) mice. Mice were divided into four groups and underwent sham operation or OVX. OVX mice were treated with 50 or 100 mg/kg nobiletin, or received vehicle alone (0.3% carboxyl methyl cellulose/0.5% dimethyl sulfoxide). Nobiletin decreased body weight gain and white adipose tissue weight in OVX mice. Nobiletin also decreased triglyceride levels, and tended to reduce plasma total cholesterol and glucose levels. Additionally, nobiletin prevented the reduction in bone mineral density of the trabecular region of the femur in OVX mice. Taken together, our results suggest that nobiletin improves adiposity, dyslipidemia, hyperglycemia, and prevents bone loss in OVX mice. Therefore, nobiletin is expected to have beneficial effects for the prevention and improvement of metabolic disorders and osteoporosis in postmenopausal women.
An Equation to Estimate the Concentration of Serum Apolipoprotein B
You-Cheol Hwang, Hong-Yup Ahn, Woo Je Lee, Cheol-Young Park, Sung-Woo Park
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0051607
Abstract: Background Several large prospective studies have demonstrated that apolipoprotein B (apoB) has greater value in predicting cardiovascular risk than any other lipid measurements. Currently, however, serum apoB levels are not routinely measured, because of the additional cost. The aim of this study was to develop an equation to estimate apoB from conventional lipid measurements including total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and triglycerides. Methods Data from a total of 78,127 subjects (47,057 men and 31,070 women), aged 15 to 88 years (mean age 41.8 years) were reviewed to develop an apoB equation. Additional datasets from the same institution and the NHANES obtained in 2007–2008 were used for internal (n = 73,445) and external validation (n = 3,097), respectively. Results We developed an apoB equation based on a linear regression model that contains total cholesterol, triglycerides, and HDL cholesterol as terms (model 1). To more precisely estimate the serum apoB level, we adjusted mode1 1 using a cutoff serum triglyceride value of 270 mg/dl (model 2). Model 2 showed more randomly distributed residuals in patients with diabetes, atherogenic dyslipidemia, and those taking lipid-lowering agents than model 1. The residuals in the development, internal validation, and external validation datasets were also randomly distributed around 0 with no clear trends. Conclusion The new equation we developed to estimate serum apoB concentrations is accurate and can be used in diverse subgroups of patients including those with diabetes, atherogenic dyslipidemia, and those taking lipid-lowering agents.
Roots of Erigeron annuus Attenuate Acute Inflammation as Mediated with the Inhibition of NF-κB-Associated Nitric Oxide and Prostaglandin E2 production
Mi Jeong Jo,Jong Rok Lee,Il Je Cho,Young Woo Kim
Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/297427
Relationship of Spontaneous Retinal Vein Pulsation with Ocular Circulatory Cycle
Mijin Kim, Eun Ji Lee, Je Hyun Seo, Tae-Woo Kim
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0097943
Abstract: Purpose To determine the timing of spontaneous venous pulsation (SVP) relative to the ocular circulatory cycle by using the movie tool of confocal scanning laser ophthalmoloscope. Methods A video recording of the fundus was obtained using a confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscope (Spectralis HRA, Heidelberg Engineering, Heidelberg, Germany) at 8 frames/s in 47 eyes (15 glaucoma patients and 32 glaucoma suspects) with visible pulsation of both the central retinal artery (CRA) and vein (CRV). The timing of the maximum and minimum diameters of the CRA (CRAmax and CRAmin, respectively) and CRV (CRVmax and CRVmin, respectively) was identified during four pulse cycles. The interval between CRVmin and CRAmin, and between CRVmax and CRAmax was expressed as the number of frames and as a percentage of the ocular circulatory cycle. Results The ocular circulatory cycle (from one CRAmax to the next) lasted 7.7±1.0 frames (958.8±127.2 ms, mean±SD), with a mean pulse rate of 62.6 beats/min. The diameter of the CRA was increased for 2.4±0.5 frames (301.9±58.8 ms) and decreased for 5.3±0.9 frames (656.9±113.5 ms). CRVmax occurred 1.0±0.2 frames after CRAmax (equivalent to 13.0% of the ocular circulatory cycle), while CRVmin occurred 1.1±0.4 frames after CRAmin (equivalent to 14.6% of the ocular circulatory cycle). Conclusions During SVP, the diameter of the CRV began to decrease at early diastole, and the reduction persisted until early systole. This finding supports that CRV collapse occurs during ocular diastole.
Bisdemethoxycurcumin Induces Apoptosis in Activated Hepatic Stellate Cells via Cannabinoid Receptor 2
Phil Jun Lee,Seung Je Woo,Jun-Goo Jee,Sang Hyun Sung,Hong Pyo Kim
Molecules , 2015, DOI: 10.3390/molecules20011277
Abstract: Activated Hepatic Stellate Cells (HSCs), major fibrogenic cells in the liver, undergo apoptosis when liver injuries cease, which may contribute to the resolution of fibrosis. Bisdemethoxycurcumin (BDMC) is a natural derivative of curcumin with anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer activities. The therapeutic potential of BDMC in hepatic fibrosis has not been studied thus far in the context of the apoptosis in activated HSCs. In the current study, we compared the activities of BDMC and curcumin in the HSC-T6 cell line and demonstrated that BDMC relatively induced a potent apoptosis. BDMC-induced apoptosis was mediated by a combinatory inhibition of cytoprotective proteins, such as Bcl 2 and heme oxygenase-1 and increased generation of reactive oxygen species. Intriguingly, BDMC-induced apoptosis was reversed with co-treatment of sr144528, a cannabinoid receptor (CBR) 2 antagonist, which was confirmed with genetic downregulation of the receptor using siCBR2. Additionally, incubation with BDMC increased the formation of death-induced signaling complex in HSC-T6 cells. Treatment with BDMC significantly diminished total intracellular ATP levels and upregulated ATP inhibitory factor-1. Collectively, the results demonstrate that BDMC induces apoptosis in activated HSCs, but not in hepatocytes, by impairing cellular energetics and causing a downregulation of cytoprotective proteins, likely through a mechanism that involves CBR2.
Mathematical modeling of mechanical vibration assisted conductivity imaging
Habib Ammari,Eunjung Lee,Hyeuknam Kwon,Jin Keun Seo,Eung Je Woo
Physics , 2014,
Abstract: This paper aims at mathematically modeling a new multi-physics conductivity imaging system incorporating mechanical vibrations simultaneously applied to an imaging object together with current injections. We perturb the internal conductivity distribution by applying time-harmonic mechanical vibrations on the boundary. This enhances the effects of any conductivity discontinuity on the induced internal current density distribution. Unlike other conductivity contrast enhancing frameworks, it does not require a prior knowledge of a reference data. In this paper, we provide a mathematical framework for this novel imaging modality. As an application of the vibration-assisted impedance imaging framework, we propose a new breast image reconstruction method in electrical impedance tomography (EIT). As its another application, we investigate a conductivity anomaly detection problem and provide an efficient location search algorithm. We show both analytically and numerically that the applied mechanical vibration increases the data sensitivity to the conductivity contrast and enhances the quality of reconstructed images and anomaly detection results. For numerous applications in impedance imaging, the proposed multi-physics method opens a new difference imaging area called the vibration-difference imaging, which can augment the time-difference and also frequency-difference imaging methods for sensitivity improvements.
Elevated Serum Ferritin Level Is Associated with the Incident Type 2 Diabetes in Healthy Korean Men: A 4 Year Longitudinal Study
Chang Hee Jung, Min Jung Lee, Jenie Yoonoo Hwang, Jung Eun Jang, Jaechan Leem, Joong-Yeol Park, JungBok Lee, Hong-Kyu Kim, Woo Je Lee
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0075250
Abstract: Background Elevated ferritin concentration has been implicated in the etiology of type 2 diabetes. Accumulating evidence, mostly from studies conducted on western populations, has demonstrated a strong association between the elevated ferritin concentrations and incident type 2 diabetes. In Asian populations, however, the longitudinal studies investigating the association of elevated serum ferritin levels and type 2 diabetes are lacking. In present study, we aimed to determine whether elevated serum ferritin levels are related to the incident type 2 diabetes in healthy Korean men. Methodology/Principal Findings This 4 year longitudinal observational study was conducted at the Asan Medical Center, Seoul, Republic of Korea. The study population consisted of 2,029 men without type 2 diabetes who underwent routine health examination in 2007 (baseline) and 2011 (follow-up). Baseline serum ferritin concentrations were measured by chemiluminescent two-site sandwich immunoassay. In multiple-adjusted model, the relative risk (RR) for incident type 2 diabetes was significantly higher in highest compared with the lowest ferritin quartile category, even after adjusting for confounding variables including homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance (RR = 2.17, 95% confidence interval 1.27–3.72, P for trend = 0.013). Conclusions/Significance These results demonstrated that elevated level of serum ferritin at baseline was associated with incident type 2 diabetes in an Asian population.
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