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A Study of Social Engineering in Online Frauds  [PDF]
Brandon Atkins, Wilson Huang
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2013.13004
Social engineering is a psychological exploitation which scammers use to skillfully manipulate human weaknesses and carry out emotional attacks on innocent people. This study examined the contents of 100 phishing e-mails and 100 advance-fee-scam e-mails, and evaluated the persuasion techniques exploited by social engineers for their illegal gains. The analyses showed that alert and account verification were the two primary triggers used to raise the attention of phishing e-mail recipients. These phishing e-mails were typically followed by a threatening tone via urgency. In advance-fee e-mails, timing is a lesser concern; potential monetary gain is the main trigger. Business proposals and large unclaimed funds were the two most common incentives used to lure victims. The study revealed that social engineers use statements in positive and negative manners in combination with authoritative and urgent persuasions to influence innocent people on their decisions to respond. Since it is highly unlikely that online fraud will ever be completely eliminated, the most important strategy that can be directed to combat social engineering attacks is to educate the public on potential threats from perpetrators.
The lipid bilayer at the mesoscale: a physical continuum model
Phillip L. Wilson,Huaxiong Huang,Shu Takagi
Physics , 2008,
Abstract: We study a continuum model of the lipid bilayer based on minimizing the free energy of a mixture of water and lipid molecules. This paper extends previous work by Blom & Peletier (2004) in the following ways. (a) It formulates a more physical model of the hydrophobic effect to facilitate connections with microscale simulations. (b) It clarifies the meaning of the model parameters. (c) It outlines a method for determining parameter values so that physically-realistic bilayer density profiles can be obtained, for example for use in macroscale simulations. Points (a)-(c) suggest that the model has potential to robustly connect some micro- and macroscale levels of multiscale blood flow simulations. The mathematical modelling in point (a) is based upon a consideration of the underlying physics of inter-molecular forces. The governing equations thus obtained are minimized by gradient flows via a novel numerical approach; this enables point (b). The numerical results are shown to behave physically in terms of the effect of background concentration, in contrast to the earlier model which is shown here to not display the expected behaviour. A "short-tail" approximation of the lipid molecules also gives an analytical tool which yields critical values of some parameters under certain conditions. Point (c) involves the first quantitative comparison of the numerical data with physical experimental results.
Is the Public Sector Declining as an Occupational Niche for African American Women? An Analysis of Wages in Privileged Employment  [PDF]
George Wilson
Advances in Applied Sociology (AASoci) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/aasoci.2018.85026
Abstract: We maintain that a subtle and hitherto unrecognized form of racial inequality at the privileged occupational level is emerging. “New governance” reform, a rapidly encroaching form of privatization which has altered conditions of work and the status of workers is causing African American women to lose the public sector as the long-standing “occupational niche” in managerial and professional employment. Findings from Integrated Public Use Micro-Series data indicate that—in the context of wages—the new “business logic” characterized most importantly by enhanced managerial discretion, has progressively disadvantaged African American women, relative, White gender counterparts. Specifically, relative parity in wages achieved in the public sector, compared to the private sector in 1996 period progressively eroded across two time points, 2003 and 2010 because of widening racial gaps in the public sector. Further, niche status varies across occupational categories: wage gaps widen more in managerial than in professional positions. We discuss prospects for the public sector to remain an occupational niche for African American women in privileged employment and call for more research on racial stratification in the public sector.
Views and Experience on Patient Engagement in Healthcare Professionals and Patients—How Are They Different?  [PDF]
Eliza L. Y. Wong, Siufai Lui, Annie W. L. Cheung, Carrie H. K. Yam, Nicole F. Huang, Wilson W. S. Tam, Engkiong Yeoh
Open Journal of Nursing (OJN) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojn.2017.76046
Abstract: A patient-centered approach is used to build a therapeutic alliance between patients and the healthcare professionals in care process which should be supported by a good engagement of both parties. The study aimed to explore the gap between healthcare professionals and patients on patient engagement in hospital. It was a cross-sectional survey. 2774 doctors and nurses from Department of Medicine of public hospitals completed the self-administered questionnaire and 1042 patients discharged from corresponding wards completed the telephone interviews. Participants were interviewed using structural questionnaires. The Mann-Whitney test or Pearson’s chi-square test was used to analyze the agreement between health-care professionals and patients on the views and experiences of patient engagement. A difference was considered to be statistically significant when the p-value was <0.05. Although both groups valued the importance of patient engagement, there was a discrepancy on understanding, views and experiences. More healthcare professionals particularly in nursing were concerned about the possible negative impact of the engagement. The majority of healthcare professionals reported that they engaged well with patients, and perceived more difficulties than patients did. The findings highlighted the mutual understanding of patient engagement, involvement and challenges encountered by both groups in Department of Medicine, which was crucial in efforts to provide meaningful patient engagement in regards to jurisdictions, health system, specialty, discipline and background of patients. It provided insight that a collaborative strategy involving both healthcare professional and patients might be an alternative approach to improving patient engagement.
Toxicity Assessment of Atrazine and Related Triazine Compounds in the Microtox Assay, and Computational Modeling for Their Structure-Activity Relationship
P.B. Tchounwou,B. Wilson,A. Ishaque,R. Ransome,Ming-Ju Huang,Jerzy Leszczynski
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2000, DOI: 10.3390/ijms1040063
Abstract: The triazines are a group of chemically similar herbicides including atrazine, cyanazine, and propazine, primarily used to control broadleaf weeds. About 64 to 80 million lbs of atrazine alone are used each year in the United States, making it one of the two most widely used pesticides in the country. All triazines are somewhat persistent in water and mobile in soil. They are among the most frequently detected pesticides in groundwater. They are considered as possible human carcinogens (Group C) based on an increase in mammary gland tumors in female laboratory animals. In this research, we performed the Microtox Assay to investigate the acute toxicity of a significant number of triazines including atrazine, atraton, ametryne, bladex, prometryne, and propazine, and some of their degradation products including atrazine desethyl, atrazine deisopropyl, and didealkyled triazine. Tests were carried out as described by Azur Environmental [1]. The procedure measured the relative acute toxicity of triazines, producing data for the calculation of triazine concentrations effecting 50% reduction in bioluminescence (EC50s). Quantitative structure-activity relationships (QSAR) were examined based on the molecular properties obtained from quantum mechanical predictions performed for each compound. Toxicity tests yielded EC50 values of 39.87, 273.20, 226.80, 36.96, 81.86, 82.68, 12.74, 11.80, and 78.50 mg/L for atrazine, propazine, prometryne, atraton, atrazine desethyl, atrazine deisopropyl, didealkylated triazine, ametryne, and bladex, respectively; indicating that ametryne was the most toxic chemical while propazine was the least toxic. QSAR evaluation resulted in a coefficient of determination (r2) of 0.86, indicating a good value of toxicity prediction based on the chemical structures/properties of tested triazines.
Evaluation of a Simple in-House Test to Presumptively Differentiate Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex from Nontuberculous Mycobacteria by Detection of p-Nitrobenzoic Acid Metabolites
Guirong Wang, Xia Yu, Qian Liang, Suting Chen, Stuart Wilson, Hairong Huang
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0080877
Abstract: The timely differentiation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTC) and non-tubercular mycobacterium (NTM) species is urgently needed in patient care since the routine laboratory method is time consuming and cumbersome. An easy and cheap method which can successfully distinguish MTC from NTM was established and evaluated. 38 mycobacterial type and reference strains and 65 clinical isolates representing 10 species of mycobacterium were included in this study. Metabolites of p-nitrobenzoic acid (PNB) reduction were identified using liquid chromatography and tandem mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS). A spectrophotometric method was developed to detect these metabolites, which was evaluated on a number of MTC and NTM species. All of the tested NTM species and strains reduced PNB to p-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), while none of the MTC strains showed a similar activity. Spectrophotometric detection of PABA had 100% sensitivity and specificity for MTC and NTM differentiation among the type strains and the clinical isolates tested. PABA was identified as one of the metabolites of PNB reduction. All the tested NTM species metabolized PNB to PABA whereas the MTC members lacked this activity. A simple, specific and cost-effective method based on PABA production was established in order to discriminate MTC from NTM from cultured organisms.
A comparison of three heuristics to choose the variable ordering for CAD
Zongyan Huang,Matthew England,David Wilson,James H. Davenport,Lawrence C. Paulson
Computer Science , 2014, DOI: 10.1145/2733693.2733706
Abstract: Cylindrical algebraic decomposition (CAD) is a key tool for problems in real algebraic geometry and beyond. When using CAD there is often a choice over the variable ordering to use, with some problems infeasible in one ordering but simple in another. Here we discuss a recent experiment comparing three heuristics for making this choice on thousands of examples.
Applying machine learning to the problem of choosing a heuristic to select the variable ordering for cylindrical algebraic decomposition
Zongyan Huang,Matthew England,David Wilson,James H. Davenport,Lawrence C. Paulson,James Bridge
Computer Science , 2014, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-08434-3_8
Abstract: Cylindrical algebraic decomposition(CAD) is a key tool in computational algebraic geometry, particularly for quantifier elimination over real-closed fields. When using CAD, there is often a choice for the ordering placed on the variables. This can be important, with some problems infeasible with one variable ordering but easy with another. Machine learning is the process of fitting a computer model to a complex function based on properties learned from measured data. In this paper we use machine learning (specifically a support vector machine) to select between heuristics for choosing a variable ordering, outperforming each of the separate heuristics.
李步洪?,谢树森?,HUANG Zheng?,WILSON Brian C?
生物化学与生物物理进展 , 2009,
Abstract: 随着光动力学疗法(photodynamictherapy,pdt)基础研究的不断深入和临床应用的广泛开展,如何精确量化光动力剂量,并根据患者的个体差异进行剂量的实时调整和优化已成为亟待解决的挑战性难题,属pdt研究的前沿热点.综述了现有pdt剂量学研究方法及其相应检测技术的研究进展,其中包括:a.测定光通量密度、光敏剂浓度和氧分压;b.测量光敏剂的光漂白速率和光致产物;c.监测pdt前后组织的光生物学响应;d.检测单态氧在1270nm的近红外发光.同时,还分析了这些pdt剂量学方法的优点和局限性.最后,讨论了pdt剂量学研究中所面临的挑战.
A Neural Fuzzy System for Vibration Control in Flexible Structures  [PDF]
Xiaoxu Ji, Wilson Wang
Intelligent Control and Automation (ICA) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ica.2011.23031
Abstract: An adaptive neural fuzzy (NF) controller is developed in this paper for active vibration suppression in flexible structures. A recurrent identification network (RIN) is developed to adaptively identify system dynamics of the plant. A novel recurrent training (RT) technique is suggested to train the RIN so as to optimize nonlinear input-output mapping and to enhance convergence. The effectiveness of the developed controller and the related techniques has been verified experimentally corresponding to different control scenarios. Test results show that the proposed RIN can effectively recognize the time-varying dynamics of the plant. The RT-based hybrid training technique can improve the adaptive capability of the control system to accommodate different system conditions and enhance the training convergence. The developed NF controller is a robust and stable vibration suppression system, and it outperforms other related NF controllers.
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