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Wang Wenliang,

力学学报 , 1995,
Abstract: A new method for analyzing the sensitivity of dicrete structures has been demonstrated.The algorithm of eigen-derivatives is accurate,and only involves the degen- erate modes to be differentiated.
Discovery of eclogite inclusions and its geological significance in early Jurassic intrusive complex in Xuzhounorthern Anhui, eastern China
Wenliang Xu,Dongyan Wang,Xiaochun Liu,Qinghai Wang,Jingqian Lin
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2002, DOI: 10.1007/BF02907612
Abstract: The early Jurassic intrusive complex is chiefly made of monzodioritic porphyry in northern Anhui and northern Jiangsu, which emplaced in 191 Ma. The intrusive complexes contain a lot of eclogite inclusions which belong to eclogite and garnet-pyroxenite. The inclusions had undergone eclogite facies high-pressure metamorphism and amphibolite facies retrogressive metamorphism. The garnets in eclogite inclusions are mainly almandine varieties and clinopyroxenes are omphacite and augite. The mineral assemblage andP-T estimation results show thatP-T conditions of eclogite facies metamorphism and amphibolite facies retrogressive metamorphism are over 1.2–1.5 GPa, 709–861°C and 0.7–1.03 GPa, 666–738°C, respectively. The discovery of the high-pressure xenoliths not only is of important significance to understand the composition and structure of deep crust in southern edge of North China Platform, but also can be of important influence on realizing the subduction-collision-exhumation evolutional process of the Dabie-Sulu ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) metamorphic belt.
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi alter the response of growth and nutrient uptake of snap bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) to O3
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi alter the response of growth and nutrient uptake of snap bean(Phaseolus vulgaris L.) to O_3

Shuguang Wang,Zhaozhong Feng,Xiaoke Wang,Wenliang Gong,
Shuguang Wang
,Zhaozhong Feng,Xiaoke Wang,Wenliang Gong

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2011,
Abstract: The effects of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) Glomus mosseae on the responses to elevated O3 in growth and nutrition of snap bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L. cv Guangzhouyuan) were investigated. Exposure was conducted in growth chambers by using three O3 concentrations (20 (CF), 80 (CFO1) and 120 nL/L (CFO2); 8 hr/day for 75 days). Results showed that elevated O3 slightly impacted overall mycorrhizal colonization, but significantly decreased the proportional frequency of hypha and increased the proportional frequency of spores and vesicles, suggesting that O3 had significant effects on mycorrhizal structure. Elevated O3 significantly decreased yield, dry mass and nutrient contents (N, P, K, Ca and Mg) in both non-mycorrhizal and mycorrhizal plants. However, significant interactive effects were found in most variables due to that the reduction by O3 in the mycorrhizal plants was less than that in the non-mycorrhizal plants. Additionally, AMF increased the concentrations of N, P, Ca, and Mg in shoot and root. It can be concluded that AMF alleviated detrimental effects of increasing O3 on host plant through improving plant nutrition and growth.
Automatic Modification of Local Drilling Holes via Double Pre-Assembly Holes  [PDF]
Qiubai Yan, Wenliang Chen
World Journal of Engineering and Technology (WJET) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/wjet.2015.33C028

Manufacturing accuracy, especially position accuracy of fastener holes, directly affects service life and security of aircraft. The traditional modification has poor robustness, while the modification based on laser tracker costs too much. To improve the relative position accuracy of aircraft assembly drilling, and ensure the hole-edge distance requirement, a method was presented to modify the coordinates of drilling holes. Based on online inspecting two positions of pre-assembly holes and their theoretical coordinates, the spatial coordinate transformation matrix of modification could be calculated. Thus the straight drilling holes could be modified. The method improves relative position accuracy of drilling on simple structure effectively. And it reduces the requirement of absolute position accuracy and the cost of position modification. And the process technician also can use this method to decide the position accuracy of different pre-assembly holes based on the accuracy requirement of assembly holes.

Intelligent Gearbox Diagnosis Methods Based on SVM, Wavelet Lifting and RBR
Lixin Gao,Zhiqiang Ren,Wenliang Tang,Huaqing Wang,Peng Chen
Sensors , 2010, DOI: 10.3390/s100504602
Abstract: Given the problems in intelligent gearbox diagnosis methods, it is difficult to obtain the desired information and a large enough sample size to study; therefore, we propose the application of various methods for gearbox fault diagnosis, including wavelet lifting, a support vector machine (SVM) and rule-based reasoning (RBR). In a complex field environment, it is less likely for machines to have the same fault; moreover, the fault features can also vary. Therefore, a SVM could be used for the initial diagnosis. First, gearbox vibration signals were processed with wavelet packet decomposition, and the signal energy coefficients of each frequency band were extracted and used as input feature vectors in SVM for normal and faulty pattern recognition. Second, precision analysis using wavelet lifting could successfully filter out the noisy signals while maintaining the impulse characteristics of the fault; thus effectively extracting the fault frequency of the machine. Lastly, the knowledge base was built based on the field rules summarized by experts to identify the detailed fault type. Results have shown that SVM is a powerful tool to accomplish gearbox fault pattern recognition when the sample size is small, whereas the wavelet lifting scheme can effectively extract fault features, and rule-based reasoning can be used to identify the detailed fault type. Therefore, a method that combines SVM, wavelet lifting and rule-based reasoning ensures effective gearbox fault diagnosis.
Self-organization criticality of debris flow rheology
Yuyi Wang,Chyandeng Jan,Xiaoqing Chen,Wenliang Han
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2003, DOI: 10.1007/BF03184068
Abstract: Based on the viewpoint of stress and strain self-organization criticality of debris flow mass, this paper probes into inter-nonlinear action between different factors in the thixotropic liquefaction system of loose clastic soil on slope to make clastic soil in slope develop naturally towards critical stress status, and slope debris flow finally occurs under trigging by rainstorm. Also according to observation and analysis of self-organization criticality of sediment run-off system of viscous debris flow surges in ravines and power relation between magnitude and frequency of debris flows, this paper expounds similarity of the self-organized structure of debris flow mass. The self-organized critical system is a weak chaotic system. Debris flow occurrences can be predicted accordingly by means of observation at certain time scale and analysis of self-organization criticality of magnitude, frequency and time interval of debris flows.
Discovery of dunite and pyroxenite xenoliths in Mesozoic diorite at Jinling, western Shandong and its significance
Wenliang Xu,Dongyan Wang,Shan Gao,Jingqian Lin
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2003, DOI: 10.1007/BF03183968
Abstract: Abundant deeply-derived xenoliths are discovered in a Mesozoic diorite at Jinling, Zibo, western Shandong, which mainly consist of dunite and pyroxenite. The dunite can be further subdivided into two subtypes. The first type shows tabular texture and high Mg# values (93–94) in olivines. The second type is characterized by the metamorphic-deformation texture superimposed by later metasomatism and relatively low olivine Mg# values (86–87). The mineral chemical data indicate that the former could be derived from ancient lithospheric mantle and the latter could have resulted from silica-rich melt metasomatism. The exsolution texture and the high Mg# value in clinopyroxenes, together with the rather high equilibrium temperature, imply that the pyroxenite xenoliths could be the cumulates of mantle-derived magma in the uppermost mantle or near the crust-mantle boundary in the Mesozoic.
Thickness-shear Frequencies of an Infinite Quartz Plate with Material Property Variation Along the Thickness
Ji Wang,Wenliang Zhang,Dejin Huang,Tingfeng Ma,Jianke Du
Physics , 2014,
Abstract: Properties of the quartz crystal blank of a resonator is assumed homogeneous, uniform, and perfect in design, manufacturing, and applications. As end products, quartz crystal resonators are frequently exposed to gases and liquids which can cause surface damage and internal degradation of blanks under increasingly hostile conditions. The combination of service conditions and manufacturing process including chemical etching and polishing can inevitably modify the surface of quartz crystal blanks with changes of material properties, raising the question of what will happen to vibrations of quartz crystal resonators of thickness-shear type if such modifications to blanks are to be evaluated for sensitive applications. Such questions have been encountered in other materials and structures with property variations either on purpose or as the effect of environmental or natural processes commonly referred to as functionally graded materials, or FGMs. Analyses have been done in applications as part of studies on FGMs in structural as well as in acoustic wave device applications. A procedure based on series solutions has been developed in the evaluation of frequency changes and features in an infinite quartz crystal plate of AT-cut with the symmetric material variation pattern given in a cosine function with the findings that the vibration modes are now closely coupled. These results can be used in the evaluation of surface damage and corrosion of quartz crystal blanks of resonators in sensor applications or development of new structures of resonators.
Study on Quality and Safety Risk Factors of Edible Fungi and Preventive Measures: Take China as an Example  [PDF]
Fengjuan Jia, Yueming Wang, Zhiqing Gong, Wenjia Cui, Yansheng Wang, Wenliang Wang
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1103154
Agricultural product quality and safety are local and international research hotspots. China was the world’s largest producer of edible fungi, but quality and safety problems restricted the sustainable development of this industry, which is the sixth largest class of agricultural products in China. Consumers have become increasingly concerned with the quality and safety of edible fungi because they can be easily contaminated with heavy metals, chemical pesticide residues, chemical additives, and microbes. This study summarized the safety problems of edible fungi to develop control measures for ensuring their quality and safety.
Steamed Wheat Breads with Auricularia polytricha Powder as a Functional Food Product  [PDF]
Fengjuan Jia, Yueming Wang, Zhiqing Gong, Wenjia Cui, Yansheng Wang, Wenliang Wang
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1105598
Auricularia polytricha is a functional food material that contains numerous bioactive health-promoting compounds. This study demonstrates the novel application of A. polytricha powder (APP) in steamed bread production. Moreover, this work aimed to determine the influence of the direct addition of APP on the sensory, textural, physical, and in vitro antioxidant properties of steamed breads. Steamed breads enriched with 5% APP had higher consumer acceptability than those enriched with 2.5%, 5%, 7.5% and 10% APP. In addition, supplementation with APP significantly enhanced the antioxidant activity of steamed breads during digestion in vitro. Our study suggests that A. polytricha is a valuable source of active compounds for steamed wheat breads.
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