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NQO1 Pro187Ser Polymorphism Confers to the Susceptibility of Prostate Cancer  [PDF]
Xiaofei Zhang, Wei Jiao, Wenhua Zhang
Open Journal of Urology (OJU) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/oju.2015.512038
Abstract: Increasing epidemiological studies were recently performed to assess the relationship of NAD(P)H: quinine oxidoreductase 1 (NQO1) Pro187Ser polymorphism and the risk of prostate cancer (PCa) to yield inconsistent results. In this study, we aimed to generate large-scale evidence on whether NQO1 Pro187Ser polymorphism conferred to the susceptibility of PCa. The database of PubMed was comprehensively reviewed until September 12th, 2013, without any linguistic limitation. Meta-analysis was complied in the codominant, dominant, recessive and allele models by either fixed or random effect models. Odds ratios (OR) and 95% confidence intervals (95%CI) were calculated to evaluate the strength of the association between the two. Finally, six eligible studies with 717 cases and 1764 controls were included. In overall analyses, significant associations were found in the dominant (OR = 1.26, 95%CI = 1.04 - 1.52, P = 0.02), allele (OR = 1.20, 95%CI = 1.03 - 1.40, P = 0.02) and the heterozygous codominant (OR = 1.24, 95%CI = 1.02 - 1.52, P = 0.03) models. Also, significant results were found in the stratified analyses by Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (HWE). Still, subgroup analysis showed an increased risk of PCa in Asian rather than Caucasian population. Besides, NQO Pro187Ser polymorphism correlated with a heightened risk of PCa in the hospital-based studies. Our study indicated that NQO1 functional Pro187Ser polymorphism could be a potentially genetic biomarker for the risk of PCa, especially in Asian population.
Hu Wenhua,Zhang Zhe
Academic Research International , 2013,
Abstract: Adaptation to the new environment is critical for international students’ successful engagement with their learning at university. Identifying factors that influence their adaptation will be of great significance to help improve their adjustment. This paper critically reviews previous literature that investigated issues that hinder international undergraduate students’ adaptation at university. The literature search was carried out across four databases, i.e. Education Resources Information Centre (ERIC), British Education Index (BEI), Australian Education Index (AEI) and Scopus, by drawing on techniques adopted in both systematic literature review and naturalistic literature review. The problems identified in the literature are categorized into five groups: personal psychological issues, academic issues, socio-cultural issues, general living issues and English language proficiency, among which English language proficiency, financial problem, academic progress and homesickness seem to face most international students, though there has not been a consensus yet among researchers about the magnitude of these problems.
The Rice Diacylglycerol Kinase Family: Functional Analysis Using Transient RNA Interference
Hongliang Ge,Wenhua Zhang
Frontiers in Plant Science , 2012, DOI: 10.3389/fpls.2012.00060
Abstract: Diacylglycerol kinase (DGK) is a pivotal enzyme that phosphorylates diacylglycerol (DAG) to form phosphatidic acid (PA). The production of PA from phospholipase D (PLD) and the coupled phospholipase C/DGK route is an important signaling process in animal and plant cells. In this study, we report a genomic analysis of eight putative rice DGKs encoded by a gene family (OsDGKs) grouped into three clusters. To further investigate the functions of the OsDGKs, a double-stranded RNA (dsRNA)-induced RNA silencing method was established. Introduction of in vitro-synthesized dsRNAs corresponding to a unique or conserved region of OsDGKs into rice protoplasts abolished or diminished the expression of individual or multiple OsDGK genes. Suppressing the expression of OsDGKs resulted in a distinct depletion of the transcripts of the defense gene OsNPR1 and the salt-responsive gene OsCIPK15. Our primary results suggest that OsDGKs are involved in the signaling of stress responses.
Novel Antioxidant Peptides Derived from Enzymatic Hydrolysates of Macadamia Protein  [PDF]
Zhiping Han, Wenhua Zhang, Wenqiong Luo, Jihua Li
Journal of Biosciences and Medicines (JBM) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jbm.2016.42002
Abstract: In the present work, macadamia protein was enzymatic hydrolyzed to produce peptides which had abundant antioxidant activities. The relative antioxidant capacity was investigated through some in vitro models such as scavenging activity of DPPH radical, scavenging of ABTS+ radical and evaluation of the total antioxidant capacity assay. Macadamia protein was characterized by methods of DEAE cellulose cation-exchange chromatography and SDS-PAGE. Besides, method of price graph was used to compare the difference and to investigate the connection between the actual and ideal antioxidant value of the hydrolysates, aiming to reduce this difference.
A Meshfree Method for Simulating Myocardial Electrical Activity
Heye Zhang,Huajun Ye,Wenhua Huang
Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/936243
Abstract: An element-free Galerkin method (EFGM) is proposed to simulate the propagation of myocardial electrical activation without explicit mesh constraints using a monodomain model. In our framework the geometry of myocardium is first defined by a meshfree particle representation that is, a sufficient number of sample nodes without explicit connectivities are placed in and inside the surface of myocardium. Fiber orientations and other material properties of myocardium are then attached to sample nodes according to their geometrical locations, and over the meshfree particle representation spatial variation of these properties is approximated using the shape function of EFGM. After the monodomain equations are converted to their Galerkin weak form and solved using EFGM, the propagation of myocardial activation can be simulated over the meshfree particle representation. The derivation of this solution technique is presented along a series of numerical experiments and a solution of monodomain model using a FitzHugh-Nagumo (FHN) membrane model in a canine ventricular model and a human-heart model which is constructed from digitized virtual Chinese dataset. 1. Introduction Myocardial contraction is driven by a sequence of propagating electrical activations throughout the myocardium [1]. Propagation of electrical activations inside the myocardium is a highly complicated process mainly due to the fibrous structure of myocardium, as shown in many experiments [2]. There have been efforts in simulating myocardial electrical activations using computational models with known physical parameters, including the source intensities and locations, material properties, and boundary conditions, because these simulations can help to understand the measurement data, suggest new experiments, and provide insights into the basic mechanism of electrical activity in the heart. A number of computational models have been developed to simulate the macroscopic electrical propagation process [3, 4], such as cellular automata and reaction-diffusion systems. A cellular automaton is a discrete model which usually consists of a regular grid of cells, each in one of a finite number of states. Every cell has the same rule for updating, based on the states in its neighborhood. Because the simplicity of states and superior computational speed resulted from rules, cellular automata have been applied in simulations of myocardial electrical activity in the heart [5, 6], but such simplistic and rule-based approaches cannot always properly capture the shape of transmembrane potentials. A
Characteristics of major minerals in volcanic ash in ice core from Collins ice cap, King George Island, Antarctic
Wenhua Zhang,Jiaqi Liu,Changjiang Wang
Chinese Science Bulletin , 1997, DOI: 10.1007/BF02882498
Characteristics of major minerals in volcanic ash in ice core from Collins ice cap, King George Island, Antarctic

Wenhua Zhang,Jiaqi Liu,Changjiang Wang,

科学通报(英文版) , 1997,
Protein Globule Formation in the Liver Graft during Cold Preservation for Liver Transplantation: Its Clinical and Pathological Significance  [PDF]
Changyin Feng, Tongmei He, Haijian Huang, Lijuan Qu, Yi Jiang, Wenhua Zhang, Zhiyong Zheng
Open Journal of Pathology (OJPathology) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojpathology.2013.33022

In liver transplantation, liver graft ischemia-reperfusion injury occurs mainly due to cold preservation and warm reperfusion. In this research, we study the affection of plasma protein of the donor on liver graft during cold preservation and warm reperfusion. In this study, 34 liver transplantations were performed from 2007 to 2010, and the clinical data were collected retrospectively from the Dongfang Hospital database. 34 specimens were harvested from 34 liver grafts when graft trimming as Group A and 34 specimens harvested from the same 34 liver grafts during liver transplantation surgery but before abdominal closure as B group. All liver tissue specimens were fixed with 40 g/L neutral formalin, embedded in paraffin. Light microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, Periodic Acid-Schiff (PAS) stain and immunohistochemical stain of IgG, IgM, IgA, C3d, C4d, Fib, C1q, and CD61 were used. In this study, we found that eosinophilic bodies emerged in liver lobes during liver transplantation which had not been reported previously in the literature. 1) Protein globules were found exclusively in liver graft specimens. The globules were round or oval with sharp edges, measured approximately 1.59 to 9.41 μm in diameter, and were scattered in the liver sinusoids or space of Disse or hepatocyte cytoplasm, were stained with IgG, IgM, IgA, Fib, C3d by immunohistochemical staining; 2) There was no statistical significant difference of protein globules number between A group and B group (P > 0.05); 3) IRI score of B group was not correlated with protein globules number (P > 0.05). Protein globules contain plasma composition, and may form during cold preservation.

General maximum likelihood empirical Bayes estimation of normal means
Wenhua Jiang,Cun-Hui Zhang
Statistics , 2009, DOI: 10.1214/08-AOS638
Abstract: We propose a general maximum likelihood empirical Bayes (GMLEB) method for the estimation of a mean vector based on observations with i.i.d. normal errors. We prove that under mild moment conditions on the unknown means, the average mean squared error (MSE) of the GMLEB is within an infinitesimal fraction of the minimum average MSE among all separable estimators which use a single deterministic estimating function on individual observations, provided that the risk is of greater order than $(\log n)^5/n$. We also prove that the GMLEB is uniformly approximately minimax in regular and weak $\ell_p$ balls when the order of the length-normalized norm of the unknown means is between $(\log n)^{\kappa_1}/n^{1/(p\wedge2)}$ and $n/(\log n)^{\kappa_2}$. Simulation experiments demonstrate that the GMLEB outperforms the James--Stein and several state-of-the-art threshold estimators in a wide range of settings without much down side.
Adaptive Threshold Estimation by FDR
Wenhua Jiang,Cun-Hui Zhang
Statistics , 2013,
Abstract: This paper addresses the following simple question about sparsity. For the estimation of an $n$-dimensional mean vector $\boldsymbol{\theta}$ in the Gaussian sequence model, is it possible to find an adaptive optimal threshold estimator in a full range of sparsity levels where nonadaptive optimality can be achieved by threshold estimators? We provide an explicit affirmative answer as follows. Under the squared loss, adaptive minimaxity in strong and weak $\ell_p$ balls with $0\le p<2$ is achieved by a class of smooth threshold estimators with the threshold level of the Benjamini-Hochberg FDR rule or its a certain approximation, provided that the minimax risk is between $n^{-\delta_n}$ and $\delta_n n$ for some $\delta_n\to 0$. For $p=0$, this means adaptive minimaxity in $\ell_0$ balls when $1\le \|\boldsymbol{\theta}\|_0\ll n$. The class of smooth threshold estimators includes the soft and firm threshold estimators but not the hard threshold estimator. The adaptive minimaxity in such a wide range is a delicate problem since the same is not true for the FDR hard threshold estimator at certain threshold and nominal FDR levels. The above adaptive minimaxity of the FDR smooth-threshold estimator is established by proving a stronger notion of adaptive ratio optimality for the soft threshold estimator in the sense that the risk for the FDR threshold level is uniformly within an infinitesimal fraction of the risk for the optimal threshold level for each unknown vector, when the minimum risk of nonadaptive soft threshold estimator is between $n^{-\delta_n}$ and $\delta_n n$. It is an interesting consequence of this adaptive ratio optimality that the FDR smooth-threshold estimator outperforms the sample mean in the common mean model $\theta_i=\mu$ when $|\mu|
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