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Prevalência, classifica??o e características do refluxo cecoileal diagnosticado pelo enema opaco
Machado, Wellington Monteiro;Morceli, José;
Radiologia Brasileira , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-39842006000200007
Abstract: objective: retrospectively determining the coloileal reflux prevalence at the barium enema examination, characterizing its distribution by sex and age range and classifying it according to the intensity degree. materials and methods: 715 barium enemas were reviewed, being 268 of male patients and 447 of female patients, with average age of 54 years. results: of the 715 enemas performed, 46.5% showed coloileal reflux, classified as mild (45%), moderate (37.5%) and severe (17.5%). coloileal reflux was present in 48.3% of female and in 43.6% of male patients. the coloileal reflux distribution by age range was 46.1% in individuals less than 21 years, 42.1% in individuals between 21-40, 49.8% in individuals between 41-60 and 44.7% in people more than 60 years old. conclusion: coloileal reflux was a common finding, with 25% of them being classified as moderate or severe. apparently, there is not a clear relationship between its occurrence and gender or age. the etiopathogenesis and consequences of the coloileal reflux remain still poorly known. some studies suggest that the compromising of ileocecal junction components, like ligaments, could favor the coloileal reflux occurrence. among the probable consequences, we could mention contamination and ileal motility disorders resulting from the material refluxed from cecum into the ileum.
The small bowel flora in individuals with cecoileal reflux
Machado, Wellington Monteiro;Miranda, José Ricardo Arruda;Morceli, José;Padovani, Carlos Roberto;
Arquivos de Gastroenterologia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-28032008000300009
Abstract: background: the observation of cecoileal reflux to barium enema is not rare; however, its causes and consequences have not been widely investigated. considering that ileocecal junction exerts a function as barrier to invasion of bacteria from colon to small bowel, it seems interesting to study the intestinal microflora in subjects carrying cecoileal reflux. aims: this study aims at evaluating the ileal flora in individuals with cecoileal reflux. methods: a group of 36 subjects comprising 30 females and 6 males with a mean age of 54 years was assessed. twenty-five individuals with cecoileal reflux and 11 without cecoileal reflux were submitted to small intestine contamination evaluation through the breath test with lactulose-h2 and measurement of the orocecal transit time by means of alternate current biosusceptometry. small intestine bacterial overgrowth was characterized by orocecal transit time-h2 shortening. results: comparison of basal h2, orocecal transit time-h2 and orocecal transit time-alternate current biosusceptometry measurements did not statistically differ between the groups with and without cecoileal reflux. orocecal transit time-h2 was significantly smaller than orocecal transit time-alternate current biosusceptometry, particularly in individuals with cecoileal reflux. a significant correlation between the two methods was observed only in relation to control, not existing in relation to cecoileal reflux group. conclusions: smaller orocecal transit time-h2 and the loss of correlation with orocecal transit time-alternate current biosusceptometry observed in the individuals with cecoileal reflux suggest a differentiated behavior for such group relative to control, which could be associated with small intestine bacterial overgrowth.
Avalia??o da eficácia e do grau de ades?o ao uso prolongado de fibra dietética no tratamento da constipa??o intestinal funcional
Machado, Wellington Monteiro;Capelari, Sílvia Maria;
Revista de Nutri??o , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-52732010000200006
Abstract: objective: the objective of this study was to evaluate the adherence to and efficacy of dietary fiber in the treatment of functional constipation. methods: this is a longitudinal clinical study involving 59 subjects, 54 women and 5 men, aged 18 to 74 years, mean age of 46 years, with functional constipation. once the bowel movements became regular with the use of dietary fiber, subjects were instructed to maintain the fiber-rich diet for four months in order to determine if the efficacy continued over time and the degree of adherence to its use. the association between adherence and efficacy was investigated by the fisher's exact test. results: although nine individuals abandoned the study, 50 returned. from these, 32 sustained normal bowel movements and 18 had recurrence of the constipation. in the first group, 16 continued consuming the same amount of fiber, four increased, nine reduced and three stopped taking it. in the group with recurrence, three maintained the same amount of fiber, one increased, three reduced and eleven stopped taking it. there was a significant statistical association between adherence and efficacy (p=0.008). conclusion: the long-term efficacy of dietary fiber for the treatment of constipation was moderate (64%) and treatment drop-out rate was high (52%). these results suggest the need of new strategies that promote greater fidelity to fiber therapy, thereby improving the efficacy of constipation treatment.
Integra o de Alunos Monitores em Salas de Informática: Uma Avalia o
Tel Amiel,Gustavo Morceli
Revista Brasileira de Informática na Educa??o , 2009,
Abstract: Este artigo avalia o projeto Aluno Monitor (AM) em Bauru – interior de SP, no qual, alunos de escolas públicas tornaram-se monitores nas salas de informática de suas escolas. O projeto AM facilita o pleno funcionamento das salas de informática e o acesso de alunos e professores a computadores e a Internet. Alunos, professores, e administradores envolvidos no projeto responderam questionários e foram entrevistados com objetivo de avaliar percep es quanto ao papel e presen a de um AM na escola. Os resultados da avalia o indicam que as percep es divergem substancialmente, levando a uma complexa rede de intera es e negocia es entre alunos, professores, e administradores enquanto lutam para integrar a tecnologia na educa o.
Dispersal of Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae) in an urban endemic dengue area in the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Honório Nildimar Alves,Silva Wellington da Costa,Leite Paulo José,Gon?alves Jaylei Monteiro
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 2003,
Abstract: Experimental releases of female Aedes (Stegomyia) aegypti and Aedes (Stegomyia) albopictus were performed in August and September 1999, in an urban area of Nova Igua u, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to estimate their flight range in a circular area of 1,600 m where 1,472 ovitraps were set. Releases of 3,055 Ae. aegypti and 2,225 Ae. albopictus females, fed with rubidium (Rb)-marked blood and surgically prevented from subsequent blood-feeding, were separated by 11 days. Rb was detected in ovitrap-collected eggs by atomic emission spectrophotometry. Rb-marked eggs of both species were detected up to 800 m from the release point. Eggs of Ae. albopictus were more numerous and more heterogeneously distributed in the area than those of Ae. aegypti. Eggs positively marked for Rb were found at all borders of the study area, suggesting that egg laying also occurred beyond these limits. Results from this study suggest that females can fly at least 800 m in 6 days and, if infected, potentially spread virus rapidly.
Electromyographic evaluation of mastication and swallowing in elderly individuals with mandibular fixed implant-supported prostheses
Berretin-Felix, Giédre;Nary Filho, Hugo;Padovani, Carlos Roberto;Trindade Junior, Alceu Sergio;Machado, Wellington Monteiro;
Journal of Applied Oral Science , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1678-77572008000200007
Abstract: this study evaluated the effect of implant-supported oral rehabilitation in the mandible on the electromyographic activity during mastication and swallowing in edentulous elderly individuals. fifteen patients aged more than 60 years were evaluated, being 10 females and 5 males. all patients were edentulous, wore removable complete dentures on both dental arches, and had the mandibular dentures replaced by implant-supported prostheses. all patients were submitted to electromyographic evaluation of the masseter, superior orbicularis oris muscles, and the submental muscles, before surgery and 3, 6 and 18 months postoperatively, using foods of different textures. the results obtained at the different periods were analyzed statistically by kruskal-wallis non-parametric test. statistical analysis showed that only the masseter muscle had a significant loss in electromyographic activity (p<0.001), with a tendency of similar response for the submental muscles. moreover, there was an increase in the activity of the orbicularis oris muscle during rubber chewing after treatment, yet without statistically significant difference. mandibular fixed implant-supported prostheses in elderly individuals revealed a decrease in electromyographic amplitude for the masseter muscles during swallowing, which may indicate adaptation to new conditions of stability provided by fixation of the complete denture in the mandibular arch.
Problems Facing Small and Medium Size Contractors in Swaziland  [PDF]
Wellington Didibhuku Thwala, Mpendulo Mvubu
Journal of Service Science and Management (JSSM) , 2009, DOI: 10.4236/jssm.2009.24042
Abstract: The paper explores the problems facing Small and Medium Size Contractors in Swaziland. The construction sector in Swaziland is not only a significant source of direct employment but also a sector which contributes, through its wide range of projects and operations. The paper will also look at the current government initiatives that had been put in place to address the challenges and problems in order to ensure that contractors are successful. There is a high failure rate among small and medium size contractors in Swaziland. These contractors fail for a variety of reasons ranging from lack of adequate capacity to handle the uniqueness, complexity and risks in contracting, lack of effective management, lack of business management, poor record keeping and inadequate technical, financial and contract managerial skills. Drawing on research on small and medium size contractors, the paper used both secondary and primary litera-ture. 100 questionnaires were distributed to different role players in the construction sector in Swaziland. The response rate was eighty seven (87) percent. The paper reveals that the most problems facing small and medium size contractors in Swaziland is lack of access to finance and late payment by government. The paper closes with recommendations and key lessons for the future.
Emprego da tomografia computadorizada na detec??o de altera??es das adrenais em doentes com tuberculose
Yamashita, Seizo;Machado, Jussara Marcondes;Morceli, José;
Radiologia Brasileira , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-39842004000300006
Abstract: we evaluated the adrenals of individuals without tuberculosis (group 1 - g1) and with tuberculosis (group 2 - g2) using computed tomography. the antero-posterior length, the thickness, and the longitudinal length of the adrenals were compared in g1 and g2. the duration of the disease, the occurrence of morphologic abnormalities in g2, the distribution according to sex, age and skin color were also studied. there was difference in the antero-posterior length and thickness of right adrenal between g1 and g2. a higher prevalence of white skin male individuals was observed in g2. there was no association between duration of the disease and the occurrence of morphologic abnormalities in g2. a higher occurrence of adrenal enlargement was observed in g2. the main computed tomography findings in patients with tuberculosis were enlargement of the adrenal without calcification, enlargement of the adrenal with punctiform calcifications, and residual calcification of the adrenal.
Emprego da tomografia computadorizada na detec o de altera es das adrenais em doentes com tuberculose
Yamashita Seizo,Machado Jussara Marcondes,Morceli José
Radiologia Brasileira , 2004,
Abstract: Neste estudo foram avaliadas, por meio de tomografia computadorizada, as adrenais em indivíduos sem tuberculose (grupo 1 - G1) e com tuberculose (grupo 2 - G2). A dimens o antero-posterior, a espessura e o comprimento das adrenais foram comparados no G1 e no G2. Foram também avaliadas a dura o da doen a com a ocorrência de altera o morfológica no G2, e a distribui o segundo o sexo, a idade e a cor da pele no G1 e no G2. Neste estudo houve diferen a nas dimens es antero-posterior e espessura da adrenal direita entre o G1 e o G2. Observou-se maior ocorrência do sexo masculino e de indivíduos de pele branca no G2. N o houve associa o entre a dura o da doen a e a ocorrência de altera o morfológica no G2. Maior ocorrência da altera o morfológica tipo alargamento foi observada no G2. Os principais achados pela tomografia computadorizada, nos pacientes com tuberculose, foram alargamento da adrenal sem calcifica o, alargamento da adrenal com calcifica o puntiforme e calcifica o de aspecto residual da adrenal.
The interactive effect of phosphorus and nitrogen on "in vitro" spore germination of Glomus etunicatum Becker & Gerdemann, root growth and mycorrhizal colonization
Bressan, Wellington;
Brazilian Journal of Microbiology , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-83822001000400004
Abstract: the effects of p and n amendment and its interactions on spore germination, root growth and colonized root length by glomus etunicatum becker & gerdemann (invam s329) was studied "in vitro" in rit - dna transformed roots of anthylis vulneraria sub sp. sampaiana (kidney vetch). three n media concentrations (5, 10 and 50 mg/l) at p constant level (2 mg/l) and three p media concentrations (2, 10 and 20 mg/l) at n constant level (5 mg/l) were utilized as a treatment. bécard & fortin medium was used as a basal medium for root growth and colonized root length, and water/agar (0.8%) media was the control for spore germination. spore germination of g. etunicatum at low p level was reduced by n addition in relation to the control media, and at low n level addition of p stimulated spore germination. total root length was stimulated by n addtion at low p level, but no significant difference (p£0.05) was observed between 10 and 50 mg/l of n. p addition at low n level media also stimulated total root growth, and a significant difference (p£0.05) was observed among p concentrations. colonized root length by g. etunicatum increased significantly (p£0.05) with p additions at low n levels. under low p level no significant differences was found between 10 and 50 mg/l of n. these results demonstrate that the interaction between p and n affect differently spore germination, root growth and colonized root lenght.
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