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Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-29452001000200049
Abstract: this study was accomplished form march, 1999 up to march 2000, in cangas, poconé, mato grosso, brazil. it aimed studying the initial development of hybrid coconut palms (dwarf x tall), by evaluating the characteristics: girth circunference (cc); live number of leaves (nfv); emitted leaves number of (nfe); number of leaflets at leaf 3 (nfof3); leaflets length at leaf 3 (nfof3); leaf 3 length (cf3) and petiole length at leaf 3 (cpf3). the experimental design used was casual blocks with four repetitions and five treatments, each plot had 16 useful plants. the statistical analysis results showed a significant difference for all characteristics. the avg x gbrpf hybrid showed the best "hybrid vigor" with greater cc, nfof3, cfof3 and cf3. on the other hand, the avej x gbrrn hybrid showed the smallest values for these characteristics, although it has expressed best result for nfe and nfv at final evaluations.
Re-Scaling the Socio-Ecological Italian Conflicts: Marginality as Arena of Practices  [PDF]
Alessandro Boldo, Raffaella Freschi
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2014.211022
Abstract: The progressive raising of socio-ecological conflicts in Italy and the ordinary abuse of “emergency regimes” are progressively contributing to the fragmentation of public sphere. In Italy, “territorial public action” has long since abandoned indeed the ability to arrange the goods according to the model of the Nation State and Welfare State: recent cases like ILVA in Taranto, the earthquake in L’Aquila, and the improper management of the “environmental regimes” testifying the growing of regional conflicts around distribution of bads and production of risks. Abusing of emergency regimes is becoming both a structural constraints and a strategy for Italian policies, forcing institutional rationality to set up umbrella concept—sustainable development for instance—, a body of international Law in its own right, but de facto proceed intentionally avoiding implementation processes, broadening space-temporal misfit, favoring negative cascade effects even on democracy spaces. Moreover, the vertical shift of political authority produces an enforcement of functional differentiations reducing the policy efforts for a multisectorial and multistakeholder approach, the occasions of citizenship and inclusion of public policies, enhancing on the opposite “territorial conflict” in collective resistance. The aim is not to test the validity of the best technique to solve territorial conflicts. Rather it is to show the right path of a counter-apparatus and the role of polycentric perspectives and micro-territorial practices enhancing cognitive processes on territorial policies and breaking up the organizational constraints of “emergentism”. Using small case studies stands out the role of marginality as “creative approaches” that increase the governance (and government) effectiveness of public action, turning on the interstices that link different functional domains. Those capabilities are not usual to public action itself, belonging rather to community of practices. We name these “caring practices”, able to foster opportunity to de-structuring consolidated bodies of knowledge and set an unusual interaction processes together with the institutions. These practices do not re-balance the conflicts, but are able to overturn territorial conflicts in a new “codex” of learning opportunities, helping to set up renewed political spaces widening the intensity of citizenship and generating territorial innovation.
Avalia??o da dura??o do desemprego nas regi?es metropolitanas de Salvador e de S?o Paulo
Menezes, Wilson F.;Dedecca, Cláudio S.;
Revista de Economia Contemporanea , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-98482006000100002
Abstract: this article analyzed the unemployment duration of the metropolitan areas of salvador (rms) and s?o paulo (rmsp), in the period between 2000 and 2002. for that, it has been used a sample of 25,477 people in rms and 28,285 people in rmsp, whose information were collected by the employment and unemployment research (ped). the methodologial procedure intends to estimate the unemployment duration by the cross-section data and by cohort groups of unemployed people in the determined time. the goal is to verify the probability of changing from one cohort to another one, as sugested by sider (1985), corak and heisz (1995b) and baker, corak and heisz (1996). the complete duration has been calculated by three ways: backward condition, steady state condition and forward condition. the incidence and the stock of unemployed people have been estimated by gender, race, chief of family, young, ranges of ages and ranges of years of study. it has also been analyzed how the unemployment rate effects on the unemployment duration. the results showed an average duration in steady state of 9.4 months in rms and 8.8 months in rmsp, in contrast with the incomplete duration of 22.3 months in rms and 19.5 months in rmsp.
Luiz Antonio Silva Menezes,Wilson Mozena Leandro
Pesquisa Agropecuária Tropical , 2007, DOI: 10.5216/pat.v34i3.2311
Abstract: Uma premissa para aplica o do sistema plantio direto no cerrado é a produ o de fitomassa para propiciar uma boa cobertura do solo. Foi instalado um experimento de campo, em Latossolo Vermelho Amarelo, em Goiania-GO, para avaliar a produ o de fitomassa de oito culturas de cobertura e dois sistemas e cultivo (dez tratamentos experimentais): feij o-de-porco (Canavalia ensiforme), mucuna rajada (Stizolobium dierrigianum), mucuna cinza (Stizolobium muriens), milheto (Pennicetum typhoides), crotalária (Crotalaria juncea), trigo sarraceno (Fagopyrum esculentum), aveia-preta (Avena strigosa) e braquiária (Brachiaria ruziziensis), e dos sistemas de cultivo mínimo e de plantio direto no mato, tendo as próprias plantas invasoras do local como cobertura. A produ o de fitomassa foi avaliada aos 20, 50, 80 e 90 dias após a emergência das plantas. Aos 180 e 300 dias, foi determinada a fitomassa seca dos resíduos. Aos 80 dias, foram analisados os teores de C, N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S, Cu, Fe, Mn e Zn nessa fitomassa. As maiores produ es de fitomassa total e residual foram obtidas com braquiária e crotalária, que apresentaram melhor potencial de extra o de nutrientes do solo. O trigo sarraceno foi a espécie mais eficiente na extra o de N, K, Ca e micronutrientes, sendo as maiores quantidades de P acumuladas em milheto e braquiária. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Biomassa; leguminosas; adubos verdes. A condition for the application of the no-tillage system in the cerrado is the production of biomass to allow a good covering of the soil. An experiment was carried out in the field, in Oxysoil (Latossolo Vermelho Amarelo), at Goiania, Goiás, Brazil, to assess biomass yield from eight soil covering species and two crop systems (ten experimental treatments): pig bean (Canavalia ensiforme), mucunas (Stizolobium dierrigianum and Stizolobium muriens), millet (Pennisetum typhoides), crotalaria (Crotalaria juncea), buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum), black oats (Avena strigosa) and brachiaria grass (Brachiaria ruziziensis), and the minimum tillage and no-tillage with the weeds as ground cover. The biomass yield was evaluated 20, 50, 80 and 90 days after the emergence of the plants. After 180 and 300 days, dry biomass of crop residues was weigh. After 80 days, C, N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S, Cu, Fe, Mn and Zn levels were analyzed. The largest yields of total and residual biomass were obtained with Brachiaria and Crotalaria juncea, which extracted of nutrients from the soil better. Buckwheat was found to be the most efficient species to extract N, K, Ca and micronutrients, and millet and brachiaria removed
Experiências, conhecimento fenomenal e materialismo
Wilson Mendon?a,Julia Telles Menezes
Principia : an International Journal of Epistemology , 2011,
Abstract: The claim that at least some of our mental states have qualitative, phenomenal features to which we have privileged cognitive access is intuitively plausible. Nevertheless, the claim is considered by many philosophers to be incompatible with a physicalist ontology. Some radical physicalists prefer simply to deny the existence of the qualitative character of our mental states, whereas other physicalists try to reinterpret the knowledge of the phenomenal character of our experience as the acquisition of an ability, i.e., as a sort of know-how in opposition to the acquisition of an information (know-that). The paper presents and examines critically some recent attempts to compatibilize the sui generis nature of phenomenal knowledge with the materialist claim that the content of this sort of knowledge is constituted entirely by physical facts.
A Lossy Compression Technique Enabling Duplication-Aware Sequence Alignment
Valerio Freschi and Alessandro Bogliolo
Evolutionary Bioinformatics , 2012, DOI: 10.4137/EBO.S9131
Abstract: In spite of the recognized importance of tandem duplications in genome evolution, commonly adopted sequence comparison algorithms do not take into account complex mutation events involving more than one residue at the time, since they are not compliant with the underlying assumption of statistical independence of adjacent residues. As a consequence, the presence of tandem repeats in sequences under comparison may impair the biological significance of the resulting alignment. Although solutions have been proposed, repeat-aware sequence alignment is still considered to be an open problem and new efficient and effective methods have been advocated. The present paper describes an alternative lossy compression scheme for genomic sequences which iteratively collapses repeats of increasing length. The resulting approximate representations do not contain tandem duplications, while retaining enough information for making their comparison even more significant than the edit distance between the original sequences. This allows us to exploit traditional alignment algorithms directly on the compressed sequences. Results confirm the validity of the proposed approach for the problem of duplication-aware sequence alignment.
As percep es docentes sobre a dimens o metodológica no processo ensino-aprendizagem
Márcio Freschi
Práxis Educativa , 2008,
Abstract: This article analyses the reports of Science and Maths’ teachers, who were students on a Master’s degree course in Sciences and Mathematics Education. The research aims at identifying the principles which underpin the pedagogic work of the teachers involved in the research. In order to identify these principles, an analysis was made of the texts written by the teachers answering questions related to their pedagogic practices. Among the several conclusions, the paper emphasises that it is necessary to diversify methodological procedures in the classroom, contextualizing the content, and departing from the students’ previous knowledge, aiming to guarantee them the development of more complex knowledge which contributes to the formation of critical citizens.
A Lossy Compression Technique Enabling Duplication-Aware Sequence Alignment
Valerio Freschi,Alessandro Bogliolo
Evolutionary Bioinformatics , 2012,
A Monte Carlo Method for Assessing the Quality of Duplication-Aware Alignment Algorithms
Valerio Freschi,Alessandro Bogliolo
Evolutionary Bioinformatics , 2011,
Diferencia??es regionais de rendimentos do trabalho: uma análise das regi?es metropolitanas
Menezes, Wilson F.;Carrera-Fernandez, José;Dedecca, Cláudio;
Estudos Econ?micos (S?o Paulo) , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-41612005000200002
Abstract: aiming to verify the extent of regional differentials over the labor markets, this paper develops a comparative analyses to measure the main elements of differentiation of labor earnings between the metropolitan regions of s?o paulo (rmsp) and salvador (rms). taking the data from the employment and unemployment research (ped) of these two metropolitan regions, we tried to estimate, through de oaxaca decomposition, the labor income differentials resulting from different distribution of workers' productive attributes, splitting them from the differentials resulting from the regional aspects. trying to eliminate the selectivity bias, we used the heckman's proceduree. the results confirm the existence of an important regional differential of labor income for all group of workers analyzed, in benefit of workers of the mrsp. such differentials of labor earnings result from the synergies associated to a larger economic concentration and conglomeration in the mrsp. besides that, we observed a significant differential of labor earnings for the worker from the mrsp, due to the larger endowment of workers' productive attributes.
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