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Kinetics of Synthesis Nanophosphor Eu0.12Y1.78Ca0.10O3―δ
SI Wei, WANG Jing, WANG Xiu-Hui, GAO Hong, ZHAI Yu-Chun
无机材料学报 , 2011, DOI: 10.3724/sp.j.1077.2011.00726
Abstract: The nanophosphor Eu0.12Y1.78Ca0.10O3―δ was synthesized by homogeneous precipitation method under ultrasonic condition. The structures, composition and morphology of the nanophosphor Eu0.12Y1.78Ca0.10O3―δ were characterized by X―ray diffraction(XRD), energy dispersive spectrometre(EDS), inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry(ICP―AES) and transmission electron microscope(TEM). The synthesis kinetics of nanophosphor Eu0.12Y1.78Ca0.10O3―δ was investigated using differential thermal analysis and thermo gravimetric analysis (DTA―TG) at different heating rates in argon. The results show that the Eu0.12Y1.78Ca0.10O3―δ is body―centered― cubic―structured spherical nano―polycrytalline with grain size of 20nm. The precursor of nanophosphor Eu0.12Y1.78Ca0.10O3―δ is Y(OH)3 with hexagonal phase structure. The average apparent activation energy of the three reaction stages of precursor is calculated to be 102.06, 488.00 and 302.74kJ/mol by using the Doyle―Ozawa and Kissinger methods, respectively. The reaction order and frequency factor are determined by Kissinger method. The kinetics equations of each reaction stage is deduced as dα/dt=8.86×108e―12280/T(1―α)1.36; dα/dt=4.05× 1033e―58700/T(1―α)1.32; dα/dt=7.14×1019e―36410/T(1―α)1.27.
Survey on screen calibration for multi-projector tiled display wall

WANG Xiu-hui,LU Hui-juan,LIN Hai,

计算机应用研究 , 2008,
Abstract: Multi-projector tiled display walls made of a set of projectors are the best choice for high performance and low cost large rendering system.In order to create perfect projection screen,it must make efforts to pre-compensate the output images' geometry distortion and color non-uniformity by the different characters of projectors. Based on their studies,the paper gave an overview of the research work done in the field of multi-projector tiled display wall,including existing problems,computation of geometry transform matrix,color model estimation and global color calibration.Finally,discussed existing problems,which need the further study and the further development of multi-projector tiled display wall.
Screen Calibration Techniques for Multi-Projector Tiled Display Wall

WANG Xiu-Hui,HUA Wei,LIN Hai,BAO Hu-Jun,

软件学报 , 2007,
Abstract: Multi-Projector tiled display wall is thought to be an effective technique to tackle the conflict between the increasing demands for super-resolution display and the resolution limitations of a single display equipment,but currently there lack of normal forms and normalized methods to support screen calibration with a high precision and high reliability.This paper tries to solve this problem with a new color calibration scheme.The main problems in screen calibration and the existing solutions are introduced first.Then the screen calibration process and geometry calibration methods are listed.After that,evaluation criterions for screen calibration are discussed,and a generalized color model for projectors color calibration and a visual seamlessness algorithm are presented in detail. Only employing a digital camera,the new scheme can build tiled display walls with high-precision visual seamlessness,which results in higher construction efficiency and lower maintenance cost.The methods have been verified and applied in a variety of tiled display wall,and have shown great theoretical and practical significance for building and maintain tiled display walls.
Comparison of diseases incidence and four fungi abundance between tomato resistant rootstock and cultivar "Maofen" in greenhouse

CHEN Guo-Kang,CAO Zhi-Ping,CHEN Yun-Feng,WANG Xiu-Hui,LI Jian-Qiang,

中国生态农业学报 , 2006,
Abstract: 进行了日光温室番茄抗性砧木(Beaufort SIS-1 ,Lycopersicon lycopersicum×L.hirsutum)嫁接苗(接穗为“毛粉802”)与普通栽培品种“毛粉802”(LycopersicumesculentumMill)的病害发生及其根围4种土栖真菌的数量比较研究。结果表明“毛粉”自根苗的幼苗移栽后死亡率明显高于嫁接苗(P<0.05) ,其主要的致死因子是立枯病(Rhizoctonia solani)、蕨叶病毒病(ToMV)和猝倒病(Pythium aphanidermatum)。番茄收获后期“毛粉”自根苗的根结线虫(Meloidogyne incognita)病情指数达到80.0 ,明显高于嫁接苗15.1的水平(P<0.05) ,且自根苗根围根结线虫2龄幼虫密度明显高于嫁接苗。在番茄收获期采用选择性培养基测定两番茄品种根围的镰刀菌(Fusarium spp.)、木霉菌(Trichodermaspp.)和疫霉菌(Phytophthoraspp.)/腐霉菌(Pythiumspp.)的丰富度,结果表明,除2003年6月和7月镰刀菌数量嫁接苗高于“毛粉”外,嫁接苗根围4种真菌的数量均低于“毛粉”自根苗。因此,该抗性砧木对根结线虫病、立枯病、猝倒病等土传病害具有综合控制作用,可明显抑制根围4种土栖真菌种群数量的增长。
Micromagnetic simulations of the initial spontaneous magnetic states of nanoscale Fe islands on W(110) substrates

Yang Xiu-Hui,

物理学报 , 2008,
Abstract: The initial spontaneous magnetic domains in nanoscale Fe islands on W(110) substrates are studied numerically with micromagnetic simulations. The critical anisotropies separating different domain states for irregular, elliptic and rectangular shape islands are determined precisely. A full phase diagram of magnetic domain states as a function of anisotropy and thickness is obtained, in which there is a wide transition zone separating two domain states from vortex or diamond domains, and the boundaries on two sides of the transition zone are indefinite. The calculated results indicate that the initial spontaneous magnetic domains are determined mainly by anisotropies and thicknesses, and rim shapes have significant influences on vortex and diamond domain configurations. Further study is needed to determine the exact anisotropies of nanoscale Fe islands.
The Breeding and Culture Condition Optimization of a High-biomass,Selenium-enriched Yeast Strain

FAN Xiu-Ying,GUO Xue-Na FU Xiu-Hui HE Xiu-Ping WANG Chang-Lu ZHANG Bo-Run,
范秀英 郭雪娜 傅秀辉 何秀萍
,王昌禄 张博润

生物工程学报 , 2003,
Abstract: The yeast fusant ZFF-28, which is high in biomass production and rich in selenium, was constructed after mutagenesis and protoplasts fusion between yeast strains. The total selenium content of ZFF-28 is 1.8 and 1.0 times higher than that of the parental strains Saccharomyces cerevisiae ZY-67 and Saccharomyces kluyveri SZY-198 respectively. Using single factor tests and a L16(4(3) x 2(1)) orthogonal design, the cultivation conditions was optimized as: 50mL culture in 250mL shake flasks in molasses containing 6% sugar and 60microg/mL Se at 28 degree C for 25h at 220 r/min, with the initial pH adjusted to 6.0 - 6.5. Under the optimized conditions, the biomass (dry weight) reached 8.2g/L and the Se content of the cells reached 2050microg/g, with organic and inorganic Se contents being 91% and 9% respectively.


菌物学报 , 1989,
Abstract: 本文报道了节镰孢(Fusarium merismoides Corda)的四个变种,其中有两个新变种和两个新记录:节镰孢原变种(F.Merismoides Corda var. merismoides),宽孢变种(var. cras-sum Wr.);两个新变种:木菠萝变种(var.Artoaarpi Fu ct Chen,),桃生变种(var. persicicola Chen et Fu,)。对新变种作了汉文及拉丁文描述,并附有形态图及变种的检索表。
Improved ant colony algorithm of path planning for mobile robot

ZHAO Juan-ping,GAO Xian-wen,FU Xiu-hui,LIU Jin-gang,

控制理论与应用 , 2011,
Abstract: 针对蚁群算法易陷入局部最优的缺点,提出了一种复杂静态环境下移动机器人路径规划的改进蚁群优化算法—差分演化混沌蚁群算法.该算法利用差分演化算法进行信息素的更新,同时对可能出现的停滞现象,在信息素更新时加入了混沌扰动因子,算法还采用了一个新的评价函数;从而增强了算法的逃逸能力,避免了路径死锁现象,也提高了最优路径的搜索效率.仿真结果表明:即使在障碍物非常复杂的环境,本算法仍能快速规划出安全的优化路径.效果令人满意.
Network control for robot based on virtual force of evidential theory

LIU Yu-qin,FU Xiu-hui,CAO Jing-xing,

计算机应用研究 , 2009,
Abstract: The remote surveillance and manipulation may be gotten ton of cheap when the network is connected with the robot and its applications are extended. However, the key to complete remote control is to get the true information. The paper fused the distances gathered by six ultrasonic sensors that were given to the spring-damper model to describe the force. The force was mapped to joystick by programming so that it was inverted into a sanction of the manipulating direction. The mobile robot was controlled to run smoothly under the unknown environment by Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback Pro to verify the validity of the force feedfack method.
Effects of virtual reality training on limb movement in children with spastic diplegia cerebral palsy

任凯, 龚晓明, 章荣, 陈修慧,
, GONG Xiao-Ming, ZHANG Rong, CHEN Xiu-Hui

- , 2016, DOI: 10.7499/j.issn.1008-8830.2016.10.011
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