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Optimization Model of Base Stock Level under Inventory-level dependent ARMA(1,1) Demand
基于库存水平的ARMA(1 ,1) 需求条件下目标库存水平优化方法

WANG Chuan-xu,

系统工程理论与实践 , 2005,
Abstract: Based on a first order autoregressive and moving average(i.e.ARMA(1,1)),inventory-level-dependent demand,the optimization model of the base-stock level in periodic review strategy is developed.An algorithm is presented to find the solution to this model.At last,a numerical example is given to verify the availability of this model,as well as to examine the impacts of demand parameters,degree of demand dependence on the inventory and replenishment lead time on the base stock level.It can be shown from analysis that the base stock level is increasing in replenishment lead time and demand autocorrelation degree,the increasing rate of base stock level is increasing in demand autocorrelation degree.It can also be shown that,when the demand is a posynomial function of the inventory level,the base stock level is increasing in the level of demand dependence on the inventory and the increase rate in the base stock level is also increasing in the level of demand dependence on the inventory.At last,it is shown that,when the demand is an exponential function of the inventory level,the base stock level maintains nearly stable as the degree of demand dependence on inventory increases,however,the base stock level presents a slight decline when the level of demand dependence on the inventory is lower.
Analysis on Exclusions and Dependences among Routes in Transportation Network

WANG Chuan-xu,

系统工程理论与实践 , 2004,
Abstract: We study exclusions and dependences among routes in transportation network. Based on the impact of a change in the unit transportation cost for one route on the amount of cargo transportated via another route, combined with linear programming and transportation economics theories, this paper presents a analysis model on exclusions and dependences among routes in transportation network, and draws some meaningful conclusions. Finally, a numerical example is given.
Decision-making in low-carbon supply chain considering altruism preference

, WANG Chuan-xu, XU Lang

- , 2018, DOI: 10.6040/j.issn.1671-9352.0.2017.267
Abstract: 摘要: 为研究供应链成员的利他偏好属性对低碳供应链决策和利润的影响,考虑由单一制造商和单一零售商组成的两级供应链,分别建立了完全自利、零售商具有利他偏好和制造商具有利他偏好下的低碳供应链决策模型,进一步分析了利他偏好和企业社会责任承担效应对利润的影响。结果表明,只有利他偏好系数较小的零售商才会愿意与完全自利型的制造商合作,无论是零售商还是制造商具有利他偏好,制造商均会提高碳减排率和社会责任绩效水平。此外,利他偏好属性可以实现利他效应,但无法实现利他利己的双重效应;而社会责任承担效应对利润的影响取决于利他偏好属性。
Abstract: To analyze the effect of altruism behavior of supply chain members on decision-making and profits of low-carbon supply chain, a two stage supply chain consisting of one manufacturer and one retailer was considered. We developed decision-making models under completely selfish preference, retailers’ altruism and manufacturers’ altruism and analyzed the impacts of altruism preferences and social responsibility effect on profits. It is shown that when the altruistic preferences of retailer is low enough, retailer is willing to cooperate with the selfish manufacturers. Either manufacturers or retailers are altruistic, manufacturers will invest in emission reduction and social responsibility so as to improve the rate of carbon reduction and the level of social responsibility performance. In addition, it can be found that altruism behavior of supply chain members can lead to altruism effect, but can not achieve the dual effects of altruism; and the impact of social responsibility on profits depends on the altruism preference
Video Segmentation of Illuminance Abrupt Variation Based on MOGs and Gradient Information

YUAN Chun-feng,WANG Chuan-xu,ZHANG Xiang-guang,LIU Yun,YUAN Chun-feng,WANG Chuan-xu,ZHANG Xiang-guang,LIU Yun,YUAN Chun-feng,WANG Chuan-xu,ZHANG Xiang-guang,LIU Yun,YUAN Chun-feng,WANG Chuan-xu,ZHANG Xiang-guang,LIU Yun,

中国图象图形学报 , 2007,
Abstract: In this paper,a novel segmentation algorithm is proposed which is based on MOGs and interframe gradient information.Firstly,a primary foreground segmentation is obtained,where an adaptive MOGs(Mixture of Gaussians) is established for each pixel's luminance;Secondly,luminance and chroma of each pixel change largely due to the abrupt illuminance change,which causes the mismatch between a pixel's luminance and its MOGs,and causes the misclassification of a vast of background pixels as the foreground as well.To adapt to the illuminance sudden variation,an improved method using the interframe gradient information is adopted to correct the initial segmentation.Finally,morphological methods are used to remove shadows and isolated noise pixels.Experimental results on various video sequences show that this method is robust and of high segmentation accuracy.
Empty container reposition optimization with the corporation of the shipping lines

汪传旭, 汪琬, 陈飞燕, 许长延
WANG Chuan-xu
, WANG Wan, CHEN Fei-yan, XU Chang-yan

- , 2015, DOI: 10.6040/j.issn.1671-9352.0.2015.010
Abstract: 摘要: 考虑同一港口内不同船公司之间的合作行为,在港口空箱需求和供给均为模糊随机条件下,空箱租赁不受限,建立船公司合作条件下以港口集装箱物流总成本最小化为目标的多阶段港口空箱保有量优化模型, 最后通过具体算例验证模型的有效性,并对船公司合作与不合作条件下的港口集装箱物流总成本和港口集装箱保有量进行比较分析,分析空箱租赁成本、储存成本、空箱需求波动、需求的模糊程度等参数对船公司的港口集装箱物流总成本和保有量进行分析。
Abstract: With the consideration of fuzzy random empty container demand and supply as well as the corporation of different shipping companies in the same port, and without the limit of empty container lease, a multi-stage port container inventory level optimization model based on the minimization of expected container logistics total cost is developed. A numerical example is given to demonstrated the effectiveness of the proposed model and compare the models with shipping companies corporation and without shipping companies corporation. At last, the impacts of empty container lease cost, holding cost, empty container demand variation and demand fuzzy degree on port logistics cost and container inventory level are analyzed
藤黄酸抗 NK/T 细胞淋巴瘤作用的研究
Effect of gambogic acid on NK/T-cell lymphoma

LI Gao-yang
, JIANG Ji-feng, LIU Chuan-xu, TAO Rong

- , 2017, DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2017.06.005
Abstract: 目的 · 探讨藤黄酸(GA)对NK/T 细胞淋巴瘤(NK/TCL)细胞株SNK-1、SNK-6 和 SNT-8 诱导凋亡的作用及其可能机制。 方法 · 以不同浓度GA 处理SNK-1、SNK-6 和 SNT-8 细胞株24 h,CCK-8 法测定GA 对细胞活力的影响;Annexin V-FITC/PI 流式细 胞术检测细胞凋亡;Western blotting 方法检测凋亡和信号通路相关蛋白及磷酸化的变化。结果 · CCK-8 法检测结果显示GA 对 3 株 细胞活力均有显著抑制作用。流式细胞术检测结果显示,GA 诱导 3 株细胞凋亡。Western blotting 检测结果显示 GA 处理的细胞出现 caspase-3 和 caspase-9 的活化及PARP 的剪切,且Bcl-xl 表达下降。信号通路蛋白STAT3 的磷酸化水平在SNK-1 和 SNT-8 中显著下 调,ERK1/2 的磷酸化水平在 SNK-1 和 SNK-6 中显著下调。结论 · GA 对 NK/TCL 细胞株 SNK-1、SNK-6 和 SNT-8 有显著的诱导凋亡 效应,抗凋亡蛋白 Bcl-xl 以及 JAKs/STATs、MEK/MAPK 信号通路可能参与了这一过程。
: Objective · To identify the effect and potential mechanism of gambogic acid (GA) on natural killer/T-cell lymphoma (NK/TCL) cell lines. Methods · SNK-1, SNK-6 and SNT-8 were incubated with various concentrations of GA for 24 h, and cell viability was detected with CCK-8 assay. Cell apoptosis was examined by Annexin V-FITC/PI staining assay. Levels of proteins regulating cell apoptosis and phosphorylation levels of proteins in key signaling pathways were detected by Western blotting. Results · GA showed a potent effect on reduction of cell viability of NK/TCL cell lines in CCK-8 assay. GA increased the percentages of Annexin V positive cells and induced activation of caspase-3 and caspase-9, cleavage of PARP as well as the reduction of Bcl-xl. GA also inhibited the phosphorylation levels of STAT3 in SNK-1 and SNT-8, and ERK1/2 in SNK-1 and SNK-6 significantly. Conclusion · GA induces cell apoptosis in NK/TCL cell lines SNK-1, SNK-6 and SNT-8. Anti-apoptosis protein Bcl-xl and signaling pathway JAKs/ STATs and MEK/MAPK might be involved in this process
Granular Computing-based Granular Structure Model and its Application in Knowledge Retrieval
Lin Sun,Jiucheng Xu,Chuan Wang,Tianhe Xu
Information Technology Journal , 2012,
Abstract: This study, from the viewpoint of granularity, investigates the extended formulas and the formulation representation of granules and then introduces some operations of granules in rough sets. Within the framework of granular spaces presented, we examine their granular structure model. Moreover, some of their important propositions and properties are derived, the performances of which are shown through two illustrative examples. Furthermore, from the viewpoints of user interests and granular information processing, we develop a conceptual framework of knowledge retrieval based on the granular structure model which enlarges the application areas of granular computing.
catena-Poly[[silver(I)-μ-bis{2-[(E)-phenyldiazenyl]-1H-imidazol-1-yl}methane] trifluoromethanesulfonate]
Tao Wang,Ji-Jun Xu,Chuan-Ming Jin
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2011, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536811035951
Abstract: The title compound, {[Ag(C19H16N8)](CF3SO3)}n, is a coordination polymer with cationic chain motif. The Ag+ cation is coordinated by two unsubstituted imidazolyl N atoms of two independent 2-paBIM ligands [2-paBIM is bis{2-[(E)-phenyldiazenyl]-1H-imidazol-1-yl}methane]. The shortest Ag...Ag separation in a cationic chain is 8.841 (2) and the dihedral angle between two 2-phenyldiazenyl-imidazole planes in the same ligand is 74.7 (3)°. Weak C—H...O interactions are seen in the crystal.
Texture ZnO Thin-Films and their Application as Front Electrode in Solar Cells  [PDF]
Yue-Hui Hu, Yi-Chuan Chen, Hai-Jun Xu, Hao Gao, Wei-Hui Jiang, Fei Hu, Yan-Xiang Wang
Engineering (ENG) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2010.212124
Abstract: In this paper, three kinds of textured ZnO thin-films (the first kind has the textured structure with both columnar and polygon, the second posses pyramid-like textured structure only, and the third has the textured structure with both crater-like and pyramid-like), were prepared by three kinds of methods, and the application of these ZnO thin-films as a front electrode in solar cell was studied, respectively. In the first method with negative bias voltage and appropriate sputtering parameters, the textured structure with columnar and polygon on the surface of ZnO thin-film are both existence for the sample prepared by direct magnetron sputtering. Using as a front electrode in solar cell, the photoelectric conversion efficiency Eff of 7.00% was obtained. The second method is that by sputtering on the ZnO:Al self-supporting substrate, and the distribution of pyramid-like was gained. Moreover, the higher (8.25%) photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cell was got. The last method is that by acid-etching the as-deposited ZnO thin-film which possesses mainly both columnar and polygon structure, and the textured ZnO thin-film with both crater-like and pyramid-like structure was obtained, and the photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cell is 7.10% when using it as front electrode. These results show that the textured ZnO thin-film prepared on self-supporting substrate is more suitable for using as a front electrode in amorphous silicon cells.
Analytical controllability of deterministic scale-free networks and Cayley trees
Ming Xu,Chuan-Yun Xu,Huan Wang,Cong-Zheng Deng,Ke-Fei Cao
Physics , 2014, DOI: 10.1140/epjb/e2015-60230-3
Abstract: According to the exact controllability theory, the controllability is investigated analytically for two typical types of self-similar bipartite networks, i.e., the classic deterministic scale-free networks and Cayley trees. Due to their self-similarity, the analytical results of the exact controllability are obtained, and the minimum sets of driver nodes (drivers) are also identified by elementary transformations on adjacency matrices. For these two types of undirected networks, no matter their links are unweighted or (nonzero) weighted, the controllability of networks and the configuration of drivers remain the same, showing a robustness to the link weights. These results have implications for the control of real networked systems with self-similarity.
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