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A survey of odonate assemblages associated with selected wetland localities in southern Sri Lanka
Chandana, E.P.S.,Rajapaksha, A.C.D.,Samarasekara, W.G.K.H.
Asian Journal of Conservation Biology , 2012,
Abstract: The dragonflies and damselflies are a major insect group (Class Insecta; Order Odonata) associated with water courses. Odonate assemblages with reference to their habitat characters have not been widely studied in Sri Lanka. We have investigated odonate assemblages for a period of three months in selected localities in southern Sri Lanka with reference to the habitat characters. Bundala and Embillakala lagoons in Bundala National Park (A Ramsar wetland in Sri Lanka), “Kirala Kele” Eco-tourism Zone-Matara, Bandaththara marshland system-Matara, “Kirala Kele” Biological Garden-Ambalanthota and Kosgahadola stream which belongs to Mulatiyana Rain forest reserve were selected as study sites since these sites are important in conservation of biodiversity. A total of 28 species were identified during the study period. Our data reveals odonate assemblages specific to the studied habitats such as bushlands, marshlands, lagoons, flowing water bodies, stagnant water bodies and vegetation type (wet zone and dry zone). These data will be useful in future studies and conservation of biodiversity in the studied habitats.
W.G. Campbell,K.V. Venkatachalam
The Scientific World Journal , 2002, DOI: 10.1100/tsw.2002.8
DAG defect in Murrah buffalo bulls in Brazil
H.F.L. Ribeiro,W.G. Vale
Italian Journal of Animal Science , 2010, DOI: 10.4081/ijas.2007.s2.667
Abstract: Dag defect sperms have an abnormal tail coiled morphology are totally or almost totally immotile and have severe abnormalities on the fibers in the axial filament. This defect in bovine was shown to be due an autosomal recessive gene. In the present study 23 buffalo bulls age 18-34 months examined for BSE (Breeding Soundness Examination) showed sperm motility varied between 0 to 70% accomplished with 10 a 65% of sperm pathology with or not a predominance of strong coiled tails with or without persistence of droplet. In Brazil Murrah breed have had only eight female PO (pure of origin - India) gave origin of the herd and not more than four males where also imported from India, although in the last two decades some quantity of frozen semen were introduced in the country imported from India. As in the other domestic species inbreed seems to be the main cause of this abnormalities in different breeds. The knowledge and further study of such abnormalities is the only way to overcome a problem that if not controlled will tend to spread out without control causing in the future more problem for development of some herds.
Suplementasi Fitase, Seng dan Tembaga dalam Ransum Sebagai Stimulan Pertumbuhan Ayam Broiler
H. Setiyatwan,W.G. Piliang,D.T.H. Sihombing,W. Manalu
Media Peternakan , 2007,
Abstract: Zinc and Cu have important roles in growth and immune system, but their bioavailability are low due to the phytic acid content in poultry diet. This experiment was conducted in order to obtain the best combination of phytase, Zn, and Cu as growth stimulants for broiler fed diet containing phytic acid. Two hundred eighty eight Day Old Chicks unsexed were allocated into nine treatment diets with four replications (eight chicks in each replicate). The birds were raised up to 42 days old. Combination of the treatment diets were: R1 (positive control), R2 (negative control), R3 (R2 + 132.70 ppm ZnO), R4 (R2 + 286.16 ppm CuSO4), R5 (R2 + 132.70 ppm ZnO + 286.16 ppm CuSO4), R6 (R2 + phytase 1000 FTU/kg), R7 (R2 + phytase 1000 FTU/kg + 132.70 ppm ZnO), R8 (R2 + phytase 1000 FTU/kg + 286.16 ppm CuSO4 ), R9 (R2 + phytase 1000 FTU/kg + 132.70 ppm ZnO + 286.16 ppm CuSO4). The results of this research indicated that the phytase supplementation (1000 FTU/kg), ZnO (132.70 ppm), and CuSO4 (286.16 ppm) in poultry diet 1) improved the body weight and feed conversion, but did not significantly influence the feed consumption, 2) increased serum Zn, and 3) increased the alkalin and phosphatase activity.
Luminescent Solar Concentrators – a low cost photovoltaics alternative
van Sark W.G.J.H.M.
EPJ Web of Conferences , 2012, DOI: 10.1051/epjconf/20123302003
Abstract: Luminescent solar concentrators (LSCs) are being developed as a potentially low cost-per-Wp photovoltaic device, suited for applications especially in the built environment. LSCs generally consist of transparent polymer sheets doped with luminescent species, either organic dye molecules or semiconductor nanocrystals. Direct and diffuse incident sunlight is absorbed by the luminescent species and emitted at redshifted wavelengths with high quantum efficiency. Optimum design ensures that a large fraction of emitted light is trapped in the sheet, which travels to the edges where it can be collected by one or more mono- or bifacial solar cells, with minimum losses due to absorption in the sheet and re-absorption by the luminescent species. Today’s record efficieny is 7%, however, 10-15% is within reach. Optimized luminescent solar concentrators potentially offer lower cost per unit of power compared to conventional solar cells. Moreover, LSCs have an increased conversion efficiency for overcast and cloudy sky conditions, having a large fraction of diffuse irradiation, which is blueshifted compared to clear sky conditions. As diffuse irradiation conditions are omnipresent throughout mid- and northern-European countries, annual performance of LSCs is expected to be better in terms of kWh/Wp compared to conventional PV.
Sosiologiese ori ntering
W.G. Pretorius
Koers : Bulletin for Christian Scholarship , 1969, DOI: 10.4102/koers.v37i1.1291
Abstract: Hoe kan die sosiologiese eise van die moderne tyd deur die Calvinistiese filosofie en praktyk van die opvoeding benader word?
O. Westers, Welsprekende burgers. Rederijkers in de negentiende eeuw
W.G. Ruberg
BMGN : Low Countries Historical Review , 2004,
Estimating Surface Temperature from Satellite Data
Z.H. Maik,W.G. Bastiaansseen,Ir. A.M. van Lieshout,N.A. Mughal
Journal of Applied Sciences , 2004,
Abstract: During last two decades, the extensive requirement of surface temperature (Ts) for environment studies and management of activities of the earth s resources has made the remote sensing an important academic topic. The availability of channels 4 and 5 of Advance Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) and Thematic Mapper TM 6, made possible for the retrieval of surface temperature (Ts) from satellite data. Various algorithms based on different local conditions do exist to estimate surface Temperature (Ts) from satellite data. The split window technique is used to estimate surface temperature (Ts) from channel 4 and 5 of NOAA-AVHRR, for Sindh Province, Pakistan. The slicing method is used to distinguish research area research. The low temperature is observed for water bodies and high temperature values for bare soil, desert and mountain areas. The results of Surface Temperature (Ts) are also compared with air temperature (Ta) for same period. The difference between Ts and Ta observed as realistic. The estimation of surface temperature (Ts) from satellite data will certainly help in many environmental studies and management activities of the earth
Plants: An International Scientific Open Access Journal to Publish All Facets of Plants, Their Functions and Interactions with the Environment and Other Living Organisms
W.G. Dilantha Fernando
Plants , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/plants1010001
Abstract: Plants are one of the two major groups of living organisms that are an essential entity to the function of the biosphere. Plants can be found in all known parts of the earth, in all shapes and sizes. They include the green algae, mosses, ferns, vines, grasses, bushes, herbs, flowering plants and trees. Although some plants are parasitic, most produce their own food through photosynthesis. Most plants initiate from a seed. The importance of plants in the food chain dates back to ancient times. The first humans gathered wild plants for food. As settlements developed, food crops were cultivated, leading to selection of high-yielding cultivated varieties to feed the growing populations. Unlike plants, humans and other animals are unable to manufacture their own food. Therefore, they are dependent, directly or indirectly, on plants. Plants are found in natural ecosystems such as rain forests, and also in agricultural areas and urbanized settings. They are an essential part of our daily lives providing food, clean air, and important ecosystem functions. The study of plants and their function could be considered the most complex of interactions. From the time a seed germinates, it goes through a myriad of physiological processes that can be closely studied using modern tools and molecular biological methods. An open access journal such as Plants will give millions of readers access to that information around the?world.
Kenne, denke en openbaring in die (regs -)wetenskap volgens die wsbegeerte van die skeppingsidee.
A. W.G. Raath
Koers : Bulletin for Christian Scholarship , 1986, DOI: 10.4102/koers.v51i1.922
Abstract: In this article the role of knowledge, thought and revelation in (jural-)science, according to the Philosophy of the Idea of Creation, is subjected to a critical analyses. It is concluded that, firstly the so-called method of Wesenschau is used b y all branches of Calvinistic philosophy to reveal the modal kernel of the jural law-sphere . Them ethodological approach of H . J . van Eikem a Hommes clearly illustrates this . Secondly it is concluded that H.G. Stoker awards the correct position to knowledge, thought and revelation in his philosophy. The emphasis on human thought is a legacy of Humanistic theories of know ledge.

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