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Somatosensory aura in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy: semiologic characteristics, MRI findings and differential diagnosis with parietal lobe epilepsy
Rahal, Márcio Andriani;Araújo Filho, Gerardo Maria de;Caboclo, Luís Otávio Sales Ferreira;Rosa, Vivianne Pellegrino;Centeno, Ricardo da Silva;Carrete Jr, Henrique;Garzon, Eliana;Sakamoto, Américo Ceiki;Yacubian, Elza Márcia Targas;
Journal of Epilepsy and Clinical Neurophysiology , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1676-26492006000500008
Abstract: introduction: somatosensory auras (ssas) are more usually described in patients with parietal lobe epilepsy (ple), producing more commonly a localized cutaneous tingling sensation, involving hands and fingers followed by tonic or clonic focal seizures. these usually originate in the contralateral hemisphere. etiology includes dysplasias, tumours, ischemic or postencephalitic gliosis. however, other focal epilepsies, such as frontal and temporal, may also originate ssas. although this type of aura is reported as rare in patients with mesial temporal lobe epilepsy (mtle), this association has not been systematically studied. objectives: the aim of this article was to describe the cases of four patients with refractory mtle and ssas, reporting their clinical characteristics and mri findings. we discuss the localizing and lateralizing value of ssas, particularly in the context of mtle. methods and results: four patients with refractory mtle and ssas followed-up in the outpatient's clinic at the epilepsy section, universidade federal de s?o paulo, were submitted to presurgical evaluation and corticoamygdalohippocampectomy. mri in all cases showed unilateral mesial temporal sclerosis (mts). regarding seizure semiology, tingling sensation involving the upper extremity was the most prevalent symptom. three of the four patients had ssas contralateral to the mts. following the ssas all patients most of the time presented other symptoms such as autonomic or psychic auras evolving to psychomotor seizures. after surgical treatment, two of the patients presented infrequent auras, and two were rendered seizure-free. conclusion: although rare, ssas can be present in mtle. the characteristics of autonomic or psychic auras, psychomotor seizures, neuropsychological deficits, and typical neurophysiologic and mri findings may help differentiate patients with mtle from those with ple.
Transtornos psiquiátricos na epilepsia: uma proposta de classifica??o elaborada pela comiss?o de neuropsiquiatria da ILAE
Araújo Filho, Gerardo Maria de;Rosa, Vivianne Pellegrino;Yacubian, Elza Márcia Targas;
Journal of Epilepsy and Clinical Neurophysiology , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1676-26492008000300008
Abstract: introduction: the relationship between psychiatric disorders (pd) and epilepsy is among the most frequent and important aspects of epileptology. pd are present in all epileptic syndromes and contribute to increase the difficulties in treating these patients. objective: we reviewed the classifications for the pd in epilepsy and highlighted the proposal by the ilae commission on neuropsychiatry. conclusion: the classification proposal by the ilae attempted to separate disorders comorbid with epilepsy and those that reflect ongoing epileptiform activity from epilepsy-specific disorders and are based on clinical and descriptive symptoms rather than in etiological classification. it also presents clear and operational criteria that could be of greater utility for future studies of pd in epilepsy.
A General Closed Form Approximation Pricing Formula for Basket and Multi-Asset Spread Options  [PDF]
Tommaso Pellegrino
Journal of Mathematical Finance (JMF) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jmf.2016.65063
Abstract: The aims of this paper are twofold. Firstly, we present an approximating formula for pricing basket and multi-asset spread options, which genuinely extends Caldana and Fusai’s (2013) two-asset spread options formula. Secondly, under the lognormal setting, we show that our formula becomes a Black and Scholes type formula, extending Bjerksund and Stensland’s (2011). Numerical experiments and comparison with Monte Carlo simulations and other methods available in the literature are discussed. The main contribution of this paper is to provide practitioners with a pricing formula, which can be used for pricing basket and multi-asset spread options, even under a non-Gaussian framework.
Prevalence of psychiatric disorders in patients with mesial temporal sclerosis
Araújo Filho, Gerardo Maria de;Rosa, Vivianne Pellegrino;Caboclo, Luís Otávio Sales Ferreira;Sakamoto, Américo Ceiki;Yacubian, Elza Márcia Targas;
Journal of Epilepsy and Clinical Neurophysiology , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1676-26492007000100004
Abstract: objective: behavioral changes in patients with epilepsy can range from depression, anxiety to psychosis and personality traits. we evaluated the frequency of psychiatric disorders (pd) in a homogenous series of patients with refractory temporal lobe epilepsy (tle) related to mesial temporal sclerosis (mts) aiming at determining the frequency of pd and possible correlations to clinical variables and to laterality of mts. methods: data from 106 refractory tle patients were reviewed. psychiatric evaluation was based on dsm-iv criteria. statistical analysis was performed through the chi-square (c2), student's t test and fisher's exact test. p value considered significant was < 0.05. results: pd were found in 65 patients (61.3%). among them, mood disorders were the most frequent (32 patients; 30%), followed by interictal (15 patients; 14%) and postictal (10 patients; 9.4%) psychosis. postictal and interictal psychosis were significantly associated with left side mts (p < 0.05), while pd in general and mood disorders were not associated to any side. conclusion: there was a high prevalence of pd in patients with refractory tle associated to mts. the most common were mood and psychotic disorders. psychosis was significantly associated to left side. these findings are concordant with data in literature, confirming the existence of anatomic alterations, and also a possible left laterality effect in the mesial temporal lobe structures in patients with epileptic psychosis.
Réconcilier activité de penser et activité de conna?tre
Chatel, Vivianne;
Sociedade e Estado , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-69922002000200006
Abstract: this article proposes to question the scientist's posture regarding his/her ivory tower and indifferent to things of the world. based on the observation during the twentieth century of the participation (often accomplice) of the scientists to the different undertaking of genocide, it tries to question the disjunction between activity of knowledge and activity of thinking, because of the common foundation to these both activities : the distantiated examination, the epistemological break… should the scientist not, also, become a "guide" of the world, without becoming supplier of conscience, in integrating into the scientific posture the critical abilities, as the principle of statement of possibilities? it shouldn't deny the scientific ideal (like the critical ability, organ-point of the thinking process), but, at the opposite, it should prove its worth again if we do not shut ourselves into laboratories.
Ictal fear: semiologic characteristics and differential diagnosis with interictal anxiety disorders
Rosa, Vivianne Pellegrino;Araújo Filho, Gerardo Maria de;Rahal, Márcio Andriani;Caboclo, Luís Otávio Sales Ferreira;Sakamoto, Américo Ceiki;Yacubian, Elza Márcia T.;
Journal of Epilepsy and Clinical Neurophysiology , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1676-26492006000300008
Abstract: introduction: ictal fear (if) is one of the most frequent emotional auras. it is the sole or predominant manifestation of simple partial seizures or initial expression of a complex partial seizure. it is more often experienced in patients with mesial temporal lobe epilepsy (tle), probably associated with mesial temporal structures, like the amygdala. anxiety disorders are very common psychiatric disorders associated with epilepsy, with a prevalence of 15 to 25%. objectives: to describe three patients with if with refractory mesial tle, also presenting the results of eeg, imaging exams, neuropsychological, quality of life and psychiatric evaluations. methods and results: three case reports of patients with refractory mesial tle and if followed up in the outpatient's clinic at the epilepsy section, universidade federal de s?o paulo, brazil, were submitted to presurgical evaluation and corticoamygdalohippocampectomy. two patients presented ictal scalp-sphenoidal eeg onset on left side. two patients had major depressive disorder in psychiatric evaluation. conclusion: although if is the most frequent ictal psychological symptom, anxiety and mood disorders are very common psychiatric comorbidity in patients with epilepsy. it was concluded that differential diagnosis of interictal anxiety disorders, panic attacks and if can be difficult, and requires careful management.
Aplicación de los números hipercomplejos o cuaterniones en imágenes de color
Mahecha,Vivianne A;
Ingeniería y Desarrollo , 2008,
Abstract: working an image represented in the space of quaternion numbers allows it to be transform as a whole. in this case the image processing becomes more precisely as it is show in this article with an implementation of an edge detection system of a color image.
Aplicación de los números hipercomplejos o cuaterniones en imágenes de color
Vivianne A. Mahecha
Ingeniería y Desarrollo , 2008,
Abstract: Trabajar las imágenes a color en el espacio de los números hipercomplejos o cuaterniones permite que ésta sea transformada como una sola entidad sin dejar a un lado información como la tonalidad y saturación de la imagen. Por lo tanto, al implementar un sistema de detección de bordes en este espacio de cuatro dimensiones, éste resulta ser robusto a cambios de contraste y brillo en la imagen original, ya que se tiene muchas más información acerca de la imagen que la que se manejaba al detectar bordes en una imagen en escala de grises. Por otro lado, al tener el resultado final del sistema de detección de bordes con toda la información exclusiva de una imagen de color, como lo son la saturación y la tonalidad, estos bordes dan información acerca de los colores que los conforman, dando así una herramienta importante en el reconocimiento de patrones.
Algumas considera es sobre a no o de relativo em Categorias 7
Vivianne de Castilho Moreira
DoisPontos , 2010,
Abstract: In Prior Analytics, Aristotle exempts himself from the task of formalizing statements containing multiple quantifiers. Apparently, he believes this kind of statements could be reducible, in a way, to categorical statements. In this paper, I shall examine some passages of Categories 7 which could help us to understand the place Aristotle consecrates to relational predicates, in order to try to shed some light on his reasons for neglecting statements containing multiple quantifiers in the context of his logic.
Os tratamentos especiais no sistema multilateral de comércio: as regras, o poder e os interesses nacionais
Vivianne Ventura Dias
Sequência : Estudos Juridicos e Politicos , 2007,
Abstract: O ensaio busca documentar e contextualizar a evolu o dos tratamentos especiaisno sistema GATT/ OMC (Organiza o Mundial doComércio) às políticas dos países industrializados eàs dos países em desenvolvimento. Historicamente,a busca pelos países em desenvolvimento de umtratamento jurídico adequado às necessidades do seuprocesso de desenvolvimento combinou a esbasicamente defensivas, com rela o à aplica o dasnormas multilaterais e formula es mais positivaspara a redu o de barreiras que afetavam as suasexporta es nos mercados dos paísesindustrializados.The essay aims at providing documentalevidence on the evolution of special treatments toindustrial and developing countries’ policies withinthe GATT/ WTO (World Trade Organization)system, and on the historical context in which thediscussion evolved. Historically, while searchingfor a legal treatment that could be adequate todevelopment process needs, developing countriescombined defensive actions, vis à vis theimplementation of multilateral norms, as well asmore positive attitude concerning the reductionof trade barriers that affected their exports inindustrial countries’ markets.
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