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A Pedagogical approach of schistosomiasis an experience in health education in Minas Gerais, Brazil
Massara, Cristiano Lara;Schall, Virgínia Torres;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02762004000900021
Abstract: the experience described here is part of an extensive program that aims to stimulate schools to develop health integrated projects from theme generators, i.e., themes that have a meaning for the community. it was developed in jaboticatubas, a town in the metropolitan region of belo horizonte, capital of the state of minas gerais, brazil, and the focus was schistosomiasis. the selection was based on the expressive and historical prevalence of this disease in the county, which has been known as the "capital of schistosomiasis", in a national press release since the 1960's. schistosomiasis is also a theme pointed out by teachers as requiring more information and methodologies to work with their students, most of them living in areas of high risk of transmission. in addition, during the last years, this disease has been transmitted silently through an increasing rural tourism in that region, requiring integrated and effective control actions. the developed strategy included four schools, whose teachers, students, and families took part in the process. it emphasizes in a critical pedagogy approach, which focuses on health issues as themes that may mobilize the school community and awake the population to a work which integrates environment, health, and citizenship. the results demonstrate that teachers and students not only acquired new knowledge and methodological skills, but also gained confidence in their ability to improve their health conditions. thus, the project promotes a critical education that can result a more permanent effect on the control of schistosomiasis as well as other benefits for the schools and for the population.
Representa??es sociais de cuidadores principais de pacientes com demência
Rizzo, Daniela Chiari;Schall, Virgínia Torres;
Revista de Psiquiatria do Rio Grande do Sul , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-81082008000100010
Abstract: introduction: depressive symptoms and dementia are the most prevalent mental problems among the elderly. the quality of life of patients suffering from these disorders depends mostly on their caretakers. therefore, it is of paramount importance to conduct research studies describing the caretaker's perceptions, interpretations and actions in relation to different types of dementia disorders, coping strategies developed associated with different actors and mobilization of cultural references connected to the experience of dementia. method: in the present study, based on the theory of social representations, 15 caretakers were interviewed, focusing on their experiences and feelings about this disorder and their coping strategies. results: content analysis indicated that decreased instrumental activities were the first signs alerting caretakers about their relative's problem. at the same time as caretakers consider life events, organicity and heredity to explain their relative's problem, they also raise other aspects, which are intimately associated with the sociocultural context, influencing the actions taken regarding the dementia syndrome. conclusion: this is essential information to plan interventions and public policies adapted to the characteristics of that population.
A contribui??o de um museu de ciências na forma??o de concep??es sobre saúde de jovens visitantes
Rocha, Vania;Schall, Virgínia Torres;Lemos, Evelyse dos Santos;
Interface - Comunica??o, Saúde, Educa??o , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-32832010000100015
Abstract: educational research indicates the importance of developing educational activities starting from the realities and previous knowledge of the public involved. based on this principle, we conducted an investigation at the museum of life (oswaldo cruz foundation, rio de janeiro), with the aim of better understanding about how visiting the museum influences the formation of healthcare concepts. fifty-six public high school students who had participated in the science and society project developed at the museum took part in this survey. the qualitative methodology included the following strategies: application of 56 questionnaires and interviews with 18 of these subjects, before the visit; interviews with 14 students after the visit and with 12 students one year later. the results indicated that the educational activities contributed towards establishing relationships between the main topics covered (history, science, technology, environment and health), thereby expanding the young participants' notions about healthcare.
A estética do grotesco e a produ??o audiovisual para a educa??o em saúde: segrega??o ou empatia? O caso das leishmanioses no Brasil
Pimenta, Denise Nacif;Leandro, Anita;Schall, Virgínia Torres;
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-311X2007000500018
Abstract: in order to understand audiovisual production on health and disease and the pedagogical effects of health education mediated by educational videos, this article analyzes the audiovisual production on leishmaniasis in brazil. fourteen educational videos showed the hegemony of tv aesthetics, particularly a journalistic paradigm with constant use of voice-over, inducing the fixation of meanings. rather than stimulating critical reflection on the social circumstances of leishmaniasis, the videos' discourse and images promote a banal, non-critical, stigmatized representation of the disease. individuals with the disease are subjected to visual exposure rather than being involved critically and sensitively as protagonists in prevention and treatment. the article thus presents approaches based on studies of visual and health anthropology, arguing in favor of an innovative approach to the production and utilization of educational videos in health education, mediated through audiovisuals. health education should respect and engage in dialogue with various cultures, subjectivity, and citizenship, developing an audiovisual aesthetics (in terms of narrative and image) that fosters an educational praxis in the field of collective health.
Ciências possíveis em Machado de Assis: teatro e ciência na educa??o científica
Gardair, Thelma Lopes Carlos;Schall, Virgínia Torres;
Ciência & Educa??o (Bauru) , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-73132009000300015
Abstract: this paper investigates how the relationship between art and science can be productive in science education, from an activity developed in "science on scene", a visitor area of the museum of life, oswaldo cruz foundation, rio de janeiro, brazil. the activity consists of the presentation of the play "lessons of botany", by machado de assis, followed by debate and the playing of a cd-rom. in this paper the first semester of the 2007 season was analyzed, including 1.827 spectators. the 171 questions elaborated during the debates carried through after thirty performances, had been registered in writing and interpreted on the basis of "content analysis". examination of the data stimulates the discussion about the interface between the processes of artistic creation and scientific education. this discussion is based within a freire critical perspective of education, and is seen as a dialogic space, a place of permanent creation/recreation of life.
Percep??es e a??es de mulheres em rela??o à preven??o e promo??o da saúde na aten??o básica
Figueira,Taís Rocha; Ferreira,Efigênia Ferreira e; Schall,Virgínia Torres; Modena,Celina Maria;
Revista de Saúde Pública , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-89102009005000081
Abstract: objective: to analyze the perceptions and participation of female basic health unit users with regard to prevention and health promotion. methodological procedures: qualitative study with 20 users of a family health unit in the municipality of belo horizonte, southeastern brazil, in 2007. the interview script included questions about the health-disease process and prevention and health promotion. the content analysis technique was used to analyze the reports. results analysis: the perception of disease prevention was influenced by leavell & clark's theory, which is expressed as actions that avoid the appearance, progression or worsening of disease. health promotion was regarded as a level of prevention and associated with the individual responsibility and the positive concept of health. prevention and health promotion practices were influenced by the positive health concept, the possibility of causing pleasure/displeasure, the way in which they might interfere in daily life, by the concept of will-power and the value attributed to life. conclusions: the discourse about disease prevention and health promotion is marked by traditional concepts. however, the inclusion of the positive health concept, allied to pleasure and will-power, are the main behavior determinants. strategies based on a more comprehensive approach to the health-disease process are needed, thus reflecting the modern principles of health promotion.
Hortênsia de Hollanda: a arte da educa??o em saúde para preven??o e controle das endemias no Brasil
Diniz, Maria Cecília P.;Figueiredo, Betania Gon?alves;Schall, Virgínia Torres;
História, Ciências, Saúde-Manguinhos , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-59702009000200016
Abstract: the article presents the transcription of a class given by brazilian educator hortênsia hurpia de hollanda entitled: "educa??o sanitária na profilaxia das endemias rurais" [sanitary education in the prophylaxis of rural epidemics], in a refresher course on rural epidemics and included in the anais da faculdade fluminense de medicina in december 1956. the annotated publication of the manuscript seeks to prove the pioneering efforts of hollanda, whose work has been seldom investigated, considering the dimension of her role in the area of health education in brazil. sensitivity to social problems, the importance of the population's participation and an experimental attitude are some of the aspects presented in the educator's text, revealing an advanced theoretical grounding for her times and an original and pioneering practice that remains to this day as an ideal to be achieved.
Evaluation of the molluscicidal properties of Euphorbia splendens var. hislopii (n. e. b.) (Euphorbiaceae) - 1: experimental test in a lentic habitat
Mendes, Nelymar Martineli;Baptista, Darcilio Fernandes;Vasconcellos, Maurício Carvalho de;Schall, Virgínia Torres;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 1992, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02761992000100004
Abstract: the latex of euphorbia splendens var. hislopii, at concentrations between 5 to 12 mg/l, kills 100% of the population of biomphalaria glabrata in a lentic habitat, after 24 h. the lyophilized latex, stocked for 18 months, killed only 34.2% of the snails, at the concentration of 5 mg/l, and 96.0% at 12 mg/l. no lethal effect was observed among pomacea haustrum exposed to the same concentrations of the molluscicide.
Evaluation of the ZIG-ZAIDS game: an entertaining educational tool for HIV/Aids prevention
Schall, Virgínia T.;Monteiro, Simone;Rebello, Sandra M.;Torres, Maysa;
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-311X1999000600011
Abstract: this article presents the evaluation process for the zig-zaids game, investigating the material's applicability in formal and informal educational contexts, i.e., how the game has been used by health professionals, parents, and the target population (pre-adolescents, or children over 9 years old). the study involved evaluation questionnaires sent to a list of schools and institutions using the game, plus interviews and visits to places where the game was used as well as tested with groups of students. it also includes an analysis of evaluation previously sent by the authors to people who had requested the game. the results showed that the population's level of information is more relevant than age in relation to the game's impact. another important aspect relates to zig-zaids' applicability to different situations: training of health and teaching professionals; activities with street children; municipal institutions and events, schools, companies, communities, and health care centers. in summary, zig-zaids was found to be an entertaining, creative, and innovative alternative for providing information on aids and sexuality.
Análise do conteúdo das leishmanioses em livros didáticos de ciências e biologia indicados pelo Programa Nacional de Livros Didáticos (2008/2009)
Fran?a, Viviane Helena de;Margonari, Carina;Schall, Virgínia Torres;
Ciência & Educa??o (Bauru) , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-73132011000300007
Abstract: the content related to leishmaniasis in science and biology textbooks indicated by the brazilian didactic book national program - pnld/2008 and pnlem/2009 - was analyzed. the analysis criteria reported to the social commitment, to the relation between health and environment, to the scientific quality, to the correction of concepts and illustrations. seven of the 13 science books indicated by the pnld/2008 and all of the nine pnlem/2009 biology books were analyzed; these were adopted in brazilian public schools from 2008 to 2011. all books presented scientific inaccuracies, decontextualized language and information gaps, making it unfavorable for teachers and students to construct the knowledge and establish relationships with historical, sociocultural and economic issues related to the diseases analyzed. these findings associated with similar data from the literature leads to the proposition that the health issue should be treated separately, being as specific volume, considering its transversality and potential to establish a dialogue for a citizenship education.

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