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The Effect of a Visual Memory Training Program on Chinese Handwriting Performance of Primary School Students with Dyslexia in Hong Kong  [PDF]
Cecilia W. P. Li-Tsang, Agnes S. K. Wong, Linda F. L. Tse, Hebe Y. H. Lam, Viola H. L. Pang, Cathy Y. F. Kwok, Maggie W. S. Lin
Open Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation (OJTR) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojtr.2015.34020
Abstract: This study investigated the effect of a visual memory training program on Chinese handwriting performance among primary school students with dyslexia in Hong Kong. Eight students of Grade 2 to 3 who were diagnosed with dyslexia were recruited. All participants received six sessions of training, which composed of 30-minute computerized game-based visual memory training and 30-minute Chinese character segmentation training. Visual perceptual skills and Chinese handwriting performance were assessed before and after the training, as well as three weeks after training using the Test of Visual Perceptual Skills (3rd edition) (TVPS-3) and the Chinese Handwriting Analysis System (CHAS). In comparing the pre- and post-training results, paired t-tests revealed significant improvements in visual memory skills, as well as handwriting speed, pause time and pen pressure after the training. There was no significant improvement in handwriting accuracy or legibility. The improved visual memory and handwriting performance did not show a significant drop at the follow-up assessments. This study showed promising results on a structured program to improve the Chinese handwriting performance, mainly in speed, of primary school children. The improvements appeared to be well-sustained after the training program. There is a need to further study the long-term effect of the program through a randomized controlled trial study.
Generalizations of entanglement based on coherent states and convex sets
H. Barnum,E. Knill,G. Ortiz,L. Viola
Physics , 2002, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.68.032308
Abstract: Unentangled pure states on a bipartite system are exactly the coherent states with respect to the group of local transformations. What aspects of the study of entanglement are applicable to generalized coherent states? Conversely, what can be learned about entanglement from the well-studied theory of coherent states? With these questions in mind, we characterize unentangled pure states as extremal states when considered as linear functionals on the local Lie algebra. As a result, a relativized notion of purity emerges, showing that there is a close relationship between purity, coherence and (non-)entanglement. To a large extent, these concepts can be defined and studied in the even more general setting of convex cones of states. Based on the idea that entanglement is relative, we suggest considering these notions in the context of partially ordered families of Lie algebras or convex cones, such as those that arise naturally for multipartite systems. The study of entanglement includes notions of local operations and, for information-theoretic purposes, entanglement measures and ways of scaling systems to enable asymptotic developments. We propose ways in which these may be generalized to the Lie-algebraic setting, and to a lesser extent to the convex-cones setting. One of our original motivations for this program is to understand the role of entanglement-like concepts in condensed matter. We discuss how our work provides tools for analyzing the correlations involved in quantum phase transitions and other aspects of condensed-matter systems.
De Novo Designed Proteins from a Library of Artificial Sequences Function in Escherichia Coli and Enable Cell Growth
Michael A. Fisher,Kara L. McKinley,Luke H. Bradley,Sara R. Viola,Michael H. Hecht
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0015364
Abstract: A central challenge of synthetic biology is to enable the growth of living systems using parts that are not derived from nature, but designed and synthesized in the laboratory. As an initial step toward achieving this goal, we probed the ability of a collection of >106 de novo designed proteins to provide biological functions necessary to sustain cell growth. Our collection of proteins was drawn from a combinatorial library of 102-residue sequences, designed by binary patterning of polar and nonpolar residues to fold into stable 4-helix bundles. We probed the capacity of proteins from this library to function in vivo by testing their abilities to rescue 27 different knockout strains of Escherichia coli, each deleted for a conditionally essential gene. Four different strains – ΔserB, ΔgltA, ΔilvA, and Δfes – were rescued by specific sequences from our library. Further experiments demonstrated that a strain simultaneously deleted for all four genes was rescued by co-expression of four novel sequences. Thus, cells deleted for ~0.1% of the E. coli genome (and ~1% of the genes required for growth under nutrient-poor conditions) can be sustained by sequences designed de novo.
Introduction to Quantum Error Correction
E. Knill,R. Laflamme,A. Ashikhmin,H. Barnum,L. Viola,W. H. Zurek
Physics , 2002,
Abstract: In this introduction we motivate and explain the ``decoding'' and ``subsystems'' view of quantum error correction. We explain how quantum noise in QIP can be described and classified, and summarize the requirements that need to be satisfied for fault tolerance. Considering the capabilities of currently available quantum technology, the requirements appear daunting. But the idea of ``subsystems'' shows that these requirements can be met in many different, and often unexpected ways.
Perfil androgénico en mujeres hirsutas: Modificaciones de sus niveles en la fase lútea Androgenic profile in hirsute women: Modifications of the levels in lutheal phase
H.E. Scaglia,A.M. Viola,L. Guevel,L.N. Guerra
Revista Argentina de Endocrinología y Metabolismo , 2007,
Abstract: Introducción: El objetivo de este estudio fue evaluar Los niveles de Testosterona (T), T libre TL, DHEAs y Androstanodiol glucuronidato (A2G) mujeres hirsutas con ciclos menstruales (CM) regulares en la fase folicular (FF) y en una muestra tomada entre -5 a -10 días premenstrual (FL) a los efectos de 1) poder definir bioquímicamente el tipo de hirsutismo y 2) determinar si el aumento de Progesterona modifica los niveles de los andrógenos. Materiales y Métodos: En 65 mujeres hirsutas con CM regulares se determinó en FF los niveles de T, A2G, y DHEAs por RIE y TL calculada por la ecuación de la ley de acción de masas, y en la FL los niveles de P4. En 28 de las 65 pacientes, en la FL se repitió el perfil androgénico Resultados: Los niveles de T correlacionaron, en todos los casos, con los de TL. En 51 de las pacientes los niveles de P4 fueron ovulatorios, 25 de las cuales tuvieron normales los andrógenos evaluados (Hirsutismo Idiopático) De las 26 pacientes restantes, en 2 tenían T aumentada, en 4 la DHEAS. Se obtuvieron 2 parámetros aumentados en los siguientes casos; en 2 la DHEAs y el A2G, en 1 la T y la DHEAs y en1 la T y el A2G. En 4 pacientes se obtuvieron incremento de los 3 parámetros. Estas pacientes corresponden a Hiperandrogénicas ovulatorias. Las 12 restantes de estas 26 hirsutas tenían solamente el A2G aumentados. Dado que éste constituye la expresión periférica de la 5alfa reductasa, las mismas podrían incluirse en el grupo de hiperandrogénicas ovulatorias por aumento local de DHT. En 14 de las 65 pacientes los niveles de P4 fueron compatibles con ciclos anovulatorios correspondiendo a pacientes con Síndrome de Ovario Poliquístico (SOP). En 6 de ellas se constató aumento de 1, 2 o los 3 parámetros evaluados (SOP hiperandrogénicos), en las restantes 6 pacientes los niveles androgénicos fueron normales (SOP con hirsutismo clínico). El A2G aumentó significativamente en FL en las mujeres con ciclos ovulatorios (4.89±2.19 vs 3.36±2.38 ng/ml en FL y FF, respectivamente). En las anovulatorias las diferencias no fueron significativas (4.32±3.16 vs 4.69±4.54 ng/ml en FL y FF, respectivamente. Estos resultados indican que la P4 podría inducir un incremento del A2G. Dado que la T no se modificó en la FL respecto a FF (0.28±0.22 vs 0.30±0.25ng/ml en hirsutas ovulatorias y 0.47±0.32 vs 0.42±0.23 en hirsutas anovulatorias) es posible que la P4 aumente el A2G por un camino distinto a la de la T y DHT Conclusiones: En base a estos resultados podemos concluir que la determinación de A2G podría ser empleada como parámetro complementario en el estudio del hipera
Two-Channel Kondo Lattice: An Incoherent Metal
Mark Jarrell,Hanbin Pang,D. L. Cox,K. H. Luk
Physics , 1996, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.77.1612
Abstract: The two-channel Kondo lattice model is examined with a Quantum Monte Carlo simulation in the limit of infinite dimensions. We find non-fermi-liquid behavior at low temperatures including a finite low-temperature single-particle scattering rate, the lack of a fermi edge and Drude weight. However, the low-energy density of electronic states is finite. Thus, we identify this system as an incoherent metal. We discuss the relevance of our results for concentrated heavy fermion metals with non-Fermi-Liquid behavior.
Phenomenological study of hadron interaction models
H. R. Pang,J. L. Ping,Fan Wang,T. Goldman
Physics , 2001, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.65.014003
Abstract: We present a phenomenological study of three models with different effective degrees of freedom: a Goldstone Boson Exchange (GBE) model which is based on quark-meson couplings, the quark delocalization, color screening model (QDCSM) which is based on quark-gluon couplings with delocalized quark wavefunctions, and the Fujiwara-Nijmegen (FN) mixed model which includes both quark-meson and quark-gluon couplings. We find that for roughly two-thirds of 64 states consisting of pairs of octet and decuplet baryons, the three models predict similar effective baryon-baryon interactions. This suggests that the three very different models, based on different effective degrees of freedom, are nonetheless all compatible with respect to baryon spectra and baryon-baryon interactions. We also discuss the differences between the three models and their separate characteristics.
Promoción de exportaciones en el ámbito público: su impacto en el desempe o exportador a nivel de la firma
Valeska Viola Geldres Weiss,María Soledad Etchebarne López,Luis H. Bustos Medina
Academia : Revista Latinoamericana de Administración , 2011,
Abstract: El estudio evalúa el impacto de uno de los instrumentos de política pública de promoción de exportaciones, la asistencia de marketing de exportación (AME), sobre el desempe o exportador de la firma. Los instrumentos de la AME son utilizados a nivel internacional tanto en países desarrollados como en desarrollo, y en Chile están presentes desde 1974. Se realiza una revisión metaanalítica de la literatura de investigaciones empíricas en AME en el ámbito del marketing internacional. La investigación se desarrolla en una región específica de Chile, La Araucanía, con una muestra de 73 empresas exportadoras, la mayoría Pyme de los sectores agrícola y forestal. Los datos del estudio abarcan el período 2002-2005. La metodología utilizada corresponde al Differences and Differences with Matching (DID Matching). Los resultados muestran que la utilización de los instrumentos de AME ha tenido en general un impacto positivo en el monto de las exportaciones de las empresas regionales; sin embargo, los resultados en su mayoría no son estadísticamente significativos. Los resultados sí se alan que existe una relación positiva y estadísticamente significativa entre la etapa de internacionalización y el desempe o exportador.
Stochastic Resonance and Nonlinear Response by NMR Spectroscopy
L. Viola,E. M. Fortunato,S. Lloyd,C. -H. Tseng,D. G. Cory
Physics , 2000, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.84.5466
Abstract: We revisit the phenomenon of quantum stochastic resonance in the regime of validity of the Bloch equations. We find that a stochastic resonance behavior in the steady-state response of the system is present whenever the noise-induced relaxation dynamics can be characterized via a single relaxation time scale. The picture is validated by a simple nuclear magnetic resonance experiment in water.
Self-organization in a simple model of adaptive agents playing 2X2 games with arbitrary payoff matrices
H. Fort,S. Viola
Physics , 2003, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.69.036110
Abstract: We analyze, both analytically and numerically, the self-organization of a system of "selfish" adaptive agents playing an arbitrary iterated pairwise game (defined by a 2X2 payoff matrix). Examples of possible games to play are: the Prisoner's Dilemma (PD) game, the Chicken game, the Hero game, etc. The agents have no memory, use strategies not based on direct reciprocity nor 'tags' and are chosen at random, i.e. geographical vicinity is neglected. They can play two possible strategies: cooperate (C) or defect (D). The players measure their success by comparing their utilities with an estimate for the expected benefits and update their strategy following a simple rule. Two versions of the model are studied: 1) the deterministic version (the agents are either in definite states C or D) and 2) the stochastic version (the agents have a probability c of playing C). Using a general Master Equation we compute the equilibrium states into which the system self-organizes, characterized by their average probability of cooperation c_{eq}. Depending on the payoff matrix, we show that c_{eq} can take five different values. We also consider the mixing of agents using two different payoff matrices an show that any value of c_{eq} can be reached by tunning the proportions of agents using each payoff matrix. In particular, this can be used as a way to simulate the effect a fraction d of "antisocial" individuals -incapable of realizing any value to cooperation- on the cooperative regime hold by a population of neutral or "normal" agents.
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