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Abundance of Conepatus chinga (Carnivora, Mephitidae) and other medium-sized mammals in grasslands of southern Brazil
Kasper, Carlos B.;Bastazini, Vinícius A. G.;Soares, José B. G.;Freitas, Thales R. O. de;
Iheringia. Série Zoologia , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0073-47212012000300009
Abstract: between january 2007 and december 2010, the abundance of medium-sized mammals was studied, with special focus on the molina's hog-nosed skunk, conepatus chinga (molina, 1782), at four locations in southern brazil. in this study, transect line methodology was used to obtain data for distance analyses. transects were traveled by car at night, searching with spotlights along the edges of secondary roads in agricultural landscapes. along 1,811 km, we obtained 620 observations of 20 mammal species. the most common species was the exotic european hare, lepus europaeus (pallas, 1778); the highest abundance estimated for south america was observed in one of the study areas, where its density was estimated as 32 individuals/km2. carnivores were the most commonly recorded mammals, represented by 10 species and comprising 51% of all observations. molina's hog-nosed skunk occurred in all study areas, but occurred in sufficient numbers to obtain density estimates in only two of the areas. we estimated 1.4 to 3.8 individuals/km2, in the first density estimate made by the transect method for a member of conepatus in the neotropics. these values are similar to those estimated for north american species of mephitidae. in brazil, c. chinga is apparently more abundant in the pampa biome than in the grasslands of the atlantic forest. for two other carnivores, lycalopex gymnocercus (fisher, 1814) and cerdocyon thous (linnaeus, 1766), we estimated preliminary densities that were similar to those previously cited for different regions.
Insucessos em empreendimentos nucleares devido a falhas em processos de Comunica??o Pública
Ferreira, Vinícius V. M.;Soares, Wellington A.;
Intercom: Revista Brasileira de Ciências da Comunica??o , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1809-58442012000200016
Abstract: the nuclear energy is a subject widely discussed all over the world. the nuclear accident of chernobyl and the goiania radiological accident contributed decisively to create a negative image of the nuclear area in the brazilian society. the operation of the angra 3 nuclear power plant, which is under construction, is linked to the construction of a radioactive wastes repository, what surely will be explored by the nuclear energy opponents. a big challenge for the professionals of the area in such constructions is not the engineering itself, but the public acceptance of the project, due to the great fear of the society in relation to this subject. the goal is to research and to show some international and national experiences about the public acceptance of nuclear enterprises are presented, giving focus on nuclear waste repositories where unsuccessful processes of public communication happened. it is important also to know such failures in order to not repeat them.
Dinamica do potencial matricial em substratos de pinus e coco sob a??o da capilaridade
Barreto, Carlos Vinícius G;Testezlaf, Roberto;Salvador, Conan A;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362012000100005
Abstract: the average particle size and porosity of substrates affects the matrix properties of root growth media, interfering in water holding and water conductivity capacity through substrates. the knowledge of these attributes is essential in capillary irrigation processes to allow the wetting front reaches upper layers under easily available water tension. the present work had the objective to study the water rise by capillary processes to determine the most favorable position of the saturation level for contained plants for two substrates: coconut fiber and pine bark, with two grain particle sizes: fine and coarse textures. water rise trails were carried out in segmented columns filled with substrates. the water content in each column segment was estimated in weight basis and related to the values of water tension estimated by the water tension curve for each evaluated substrate. the results showed that fine substrates presented higher water rise with adequate levels of easily available water. the fine coconut substrate presented easily available water in the entire substrate column, unlike pine bark substrate that showed the upper layer with moisture below the wilting point. the fine coconut substrate showed the best results for capillary application, allowing to recommend irrigation schedule using the saturation level at 5 cm during 15 minutes.
Virtual Screening and Molecular Docking for Arylalkylamine-N-Acetyltransferase (aaNAT) Inhibitors, a Key Enzyme of Aedes (Stegomyia) aegypti (L.) Metabolism  [PDF]
Bruno Luis Alves Louren?o, Maicon Vinícius Araújo Santos Silva, Elisson Barros de Oliveira, Wagner Rodrigues de Assis Soares, Aristóteles Góes-Neto, Gesivaldo Santos, Bruno Silva Andrade
Computational Molecular Bioscience (CMB) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/cmb.2015.53005
Abstract: Background: Dengue is a Neglected tropical disease (NTDs) with high incidence in Brazil. This disease is caused by Dengue virus and is transmitted by Aedes aegypti mosquito. The search for new approaches for controlling of this disease is the subject of numerous studies. The aaNAT is a key enzyme in the metabolism of A. aegypti and is crucial in the sclerotization process, as well as regulation of circadian rhythm and inactivation of neurotransmitters. Computational techniques applied to studies of biological systems become an effective weapon in the mapping and management of 3D data structures, giving direction and guidance of potential ligands that can form stable complexes with targets of interest, using a Molecular Docking approach. The present study was conducted by a virtual screening, followed by docking calculations, in order to find molecules that could inhibit aaNAT. In this study, we used available compounds in SAM database (Bioinformatics and Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory—Southwest Bahia State University, Jequié-Bahia, Brazil), PubChem and ZINC. Results: The result of dockings with selected ligands showed good energy affinities, presenting potential inhibitory interactions with the enzyme active site. Conclusions: The Coa-S-acetyl-tryptamine and 3-indoleacriloil-coenzyme-A showed the same binding energies -8.9 Kcal/Mol and were described as possible inhibitors of aaNAT.
Suplementa??o associada com lasalocida para novilhos em termina??o em pastagem cultivada de inverno
Restle, Jo?o;Soares, André Brugnara;Ferreira, Marcus Vinícius Back;Brondani, Ivan Luiz;Cal?a, Katia Gobatti;
Ciência Rural , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84781999000300030
Abstract: the experiment evaluated the weight gain during the finishing period of 24 months old beef steers, with an average initial weight of 365kg, supplemented on oats plus ryegrass pasture, with a residue of 2356kg dm/ha, 14.84% cp and a ivomd of 56.31%. two levels of supplementation, corresponding to 0.5 or 1% of the live weight, associated or not with lasalocid, were used. the concentrate used for supplementation was ground corn. the treatments that included lasalocid, it was mixed to the corn in a proportion that allowed a consumption of 225mg per animal per day. the experimental design used was the completely randomized, in a 2x2 factorial scheme. no significant interaction, for average daily weight gain, was observed between the supplementation level and the use of lasalocid. average daily weight gain was 1.501 and 1.532kg/day for the .5 and 1% supplementation level, respectively, and 1.456 and 1.577kg/day for the inclusion or not of lasalocid. the results showed that in terms of daily weight gain, there is no advantage of increasing the supplementation level from .5 to 1%, indicating also that in this range of supplementation only a substitutive effect occurs.
Interven o ambiental na cobertura e ventila o artificial sobre índices de conforto para aves de corte Environmental intervention in roof covering and artificial ventilation on the comfort indices for broilers
Roberta Passini,Maria A. G. de Araújo,Vinícius M. Yasuda,Eduardo A. Almeida
Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental , 2013,
Abstract: Este trabalho objetivou avaliar manejos de cobertura e ventila o artificial sobre índices de conforto de frangos de corte. Aplicou-se, para avalia o dos índices térmicos, delineamento inteiramente casualizado, em parcela subdividida, com arranjo fatorial de tratamentos 2 x 2, sendo: dois manejos de cobertura (com e sem pintura reflexiva) e dois manejos internos (com e sem ventila o artificial) totalizando 4 tratamentos, avaliados durante 40 dias, tidos como repeti o. Os estudos foram conduzidos no IFG - Campus Urutaí, de dezembro/2009 a janeiro/2010. Como variáveis ambientais foram coletadas as temperaturas de bulbo seco, bulbo úmido, globo negro, umidade relativa e velocidade do vento, sendo posteriormente calculados os índices térmicos: ITU, ITGU, ITE, TMR e CTR. Os dados foram analisados pelo programa computacional SISVAR por meio da análise de variancia e teste de compara o de médias. Utilizou-se o Teste de Scott Knott considerando-se 5% de significancia. A combina o de pintura branca na cobertura e ventila o artificial mostrou-se eficiente na melhoria do conforto térmico do ambiente estudado. A utiliza o de pintura ou ventila o artificial de forma isolada n o foi eficiente. This study aimed to evaluate roof covering strategies and artificial ventilation on comfort indices of broilers. For the assessment of thermal indices, randomized design in split plots was used in a 2 x 2 factorial arrangement of treatments. Two management treatments of roof covering (with and without reflective paint) and two internal management (with and without artificial ventilation), totalizing 4 treatments were evaluated for 40 days, taking the days as replications. The studies were conducted in IFG - Urutaí Campus from December/2009 to January/2010. As environmental variables the dry bulb temperature, wet bulb, black globe, relative humidity and wind speed were considered and then the thermal indices THI, BGHI, ETI, RMT and RTR were calculated. Data were analysed by the SISVAR program, through the variance analysis and means were compared by Scott Knott test at 0.05 probability. The combination of white paint covering and artificial ventilation proved to be effective in improving the studied environmental thermal comfort. The use of paint or artificial ventilation in an isolated way was not efficient.
Caracteriza??o morfológica do poliestireno de alto impacto (HIPS)
Rovere, Juliana;Correa, Carlos A.;Grassi, Vinícius G.;Dal Pizzol, Marcus F.;
Polímeros , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-14282008000100007
Abstract: high impact polystyrene (hips) is a classical reactor polymer blend produced by in-situ polymerization of styrene in solution with polybutadiene rubber. it is well established in the literature the importance of particle size and rubber crosslink density on the particle cavitation capability and on the controlling of toughening mechanisms in the styrene matrix. in the present work transmission electron microscopy (tem) and low-angle laser light scattering (lalls) were employed for investigating particle size distribution, with digital imaging being applied in the quantitative analysis of the micrographs. measurements of apparent volume fraction and average particle size were carried out for different slice thicknesses in tem and compared with the statistical parameter d[4,3] obtained by lalls.
Requerimento hídrico e coeficiente de cultura da cana-de-a?úcar irrigada no semiárido brasileiro
Silva, Thieres G. F. da;Moura, Magna S. B. de;Zolnier, Sérgio;Soares, José M.;Vieira, Vinícius J. de S.;G. F. Júnior, Walter;
Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-43662012000100009
Abstract: the objective of this study was to determine the water requirement and crop coefficient of the irrigated sugarcane, variety rb 92-579, in the semi-arid region of the lower middle of s?o francisco valley. the experiment was carried out in a commercial area of sugarcane located in the municipality of juazeiro in the state of bahia. the crop water requirement was estimated with the bowen ratio energy balance method. the accumulated biomass and the photosynthetic active radiation intercepted (fpar) by the crop were monitored. the sugarcane evapotranspiration reached a mean value of 4.7 mm d-1 in response to fpar and accumulated biomass; however presented influence of the crop lodging during the maximum growth phase. the total water requirement of the sugarcane ratoon was 1710 mm. crop coefficient reached a mean value of 1.10 in the phase of maximum growth. the equations adjusted for monthly crop coefficient, using the growing degree days and days after the harvest as independent variables presented good performance (r2 ~ 0.95 and 0.98) and, consider the reduction in the kc values because of crop lodging.
Demanda hídrica e eficiência do uso de água da cana-de-a?úcar irrigada no semiárido brasileiro
Silva, Thieres G. F. da;Moura, Magna S. B. de;Zolnier, Sérgio;Soares, José M.;Vieira, Vinícius J. de S.;Gomes Júnior, Walter F.;
Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-43662011001200007
Abstract: the objective of this work was to accomplish an analysis of the water use efficiency in a production system of irrigated sugarcane located in the lower-middle s?o francisco river basin, brazil. indicators based on the crop yield and the water application performance in the production system were used. these indicators were calculated through accumulated dry biomass, industrial yield data and through the values of reference evapotranspiration, crop evapotranspiration and the water volume that entered in the system by rain and irrigation (p+i). it was verified that, the highest water use efficiency of crop occured between 7th and 8th month, due to increase in the stalk biomass partition and radiation supply, and due to reduction of etc in response tumbling of the plants. the used indicators demonstrated that the water demand of crop was adequately in relation to maximum evapotranspiration of crop. the irrigated sugarcane presented a production efficiency of 9.49 kg of stalks, 1.22 kg of sugar and 875.23 ml of alcohol per m3 of etc and of 5.36 kg of stalks, 0.69 kg of sugar and 494.14 ml of alcohol per m3 of p+i.
Weight-adjusted neonatal 17OH-progesterone cutoff levels improve the efficiency of newborn screening for congenital adrenal hyperplasia
Hayashi, Giselle;Faure, Cláudia;Brondi, Maria Fernanda;Vallejos, Carla;Soares, Daiana;Oliveira, érica;Brito, Vinícius N.;Mendonca, Berenice B.;Bachega, Tania A. S. S.;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Endocrinologia & Metabologia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27302011000800019
Abstract: objective: to evaluate weight-adjusted strategy for levels of neonatal-17ohp in order to improve newborn screening (nbs) efficiency. subjects and methods: blood samples collected between 2-7 days of age from 67,640 newborns were evaluated. when n17ohp levels were > 20 ng/ml, and a second sample was requested. we retrospectively analyzed neonatal-17ohp levels measured by auto delfia- b024-112 assay, grouped according to birth-weight: g1: < 1,500 g, g2: 1,501-2,000 g, g3: 2,000-2,500 g and g4: > 2,500 g. 17ohp cutoff values were determined for each group using the 97.5th, 99th, 99.5th and 99.8th percentiles. results: 0.5% of newborns presented false-positive results using the cutoff level > 20 ng/ml for all groups. neonates of low birthweight made up 69% of this group. seven full-term newborns presented congenital adrenal hyperplasia (cah) and, except for one of them, 17ohp levels were > 120 ng/ml. only the 99.8th percentile presented higher predictive positive value (2%), and lower rate of false-positives in all groups. conclusions: we suggest the use of 99.8th percentile obtained by weight-adjusted n17ohp values of healthy newborns to reduce the rate of false-positive results in nbs.
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