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Phenocopies: Mimics of Inborn Errors of Immunity  [PDF]
Cesar Daniel Alonso-Bello, Sara Elva Espinosa-Padilla, Mariano Daniel Temix-Delfin, Fernando Lozano-Patino, Victoria Isabel Castaneda-Avila, Maria Eugenia Vargas-Camano, María Isabel Castrejón-Vázquez
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2020, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1106041
A phenocopy is defined as a clinical non-inherited phenotype in an indi-vidual, with environmental induction, which is identical to the genetically determined phenotype of another. Until February 2017, the IUIS (Interna-tional Union of Immunological Societies) reported in its classification 354 innate immunity errors and a final group (classification table IX) with con-ditions that are not part of the innate alterations and are called phenocopies. These are classified into two types, the associated with somatic mutations and those associated with auto-antibodies. The phenotypes that occur by any of the mechanisms mentioned are complex and varied. It is necessary to know the clinical manifestations of the pathologies classified in this group to enrich the possible differential diagnoses in individuals with suspected immunodeficiency.
Die politische Verpflichtung: Gründe um unabh ngig vom Willen zu handeln
Isabel Victoria Lucena Cid
Nómadas , 2011,
Abstract: This article analyzes Searle's thesis according to which all political power represents a deontic power related to rights, duties, obligations, authorizations, permissions, authority, etc. This conception leads to understand to us the power and the constituent functions of status irremediably tie to the collective acceptance and constitutive rules. Notions like linguistic constitution of deontic powers, the reasons to act independently of desire, the normative rationality and the collective acceptance of the political systems, constitute some of angular stones of a conceptual frame whose social, institutional and politic realistic vision have important implications in the scope of the legal, political and moral philosophy.
El compromiso político: Razones para actuar independientemente del deseo
Isabel Victoria Lucena Cid
Nómadas , 2011,
Abstract: Este artículo analiza la tesis searliana según la cual todo poder político representa un poder deóntico relacionado con los derechos, los deberes, las obligaciones, las autorizaciones, los permisos, la autoridad, etc. Esta concepción nos conduce a entender el poder y las funciones de estatus como un fenómeno irremediablemente vinculado a la aceptación colectiva y las reglas constitutivas. Nociones como la constitución lingüística de los poderes deónticos, las razones para actuar independientemente del deseo, la racionalidad normativa y la aceptación colectiva de los sistemas políticos, constituyen algunas de las piedras angulares que se desarrollan en este trabajo dentro de un marco conceptual cuya visión realista de lo social, institucional y político tiene importantes implicaciones en el ámbito de la filosofía jurídica, política y moral.
Los principios cosmopolitas y la justicia global
Lucena Cid, Isabel Victoria
Isegoría , 2011,
Abstract: This paper develops the principles of a viable cosmopolitan model of global justice that takes seriously the equal moral worth of persons. The cosmopolitan model shows how we can move from theory to public policy that makes progress toward global justice. The article is divided into two central parts. In the first, we exam the ethics and philosophical antecedents of the cosmopolitan ideals: the principles for a cosmopolitan order, and its justifications with the metaprinciples of autonomy and imparcialist reasoning. In the second, we address several pressing problems, discussing both theoretical and practice issues involved with theses principles for global justice. Este trabajo desarrolla los principios del modelo cosmopolita de justicia global basados en el igual valor moral de todas las personas. El modelo cosmopolita nos muestra como podemos pasar de la teoría a las políticas públicas que promuevan la justicia global. Este artículo está dividido en dos partes. En la primera, examinamos los antecedentes éticos y filosóficos de los ideales cosmopolitas y los principios del orden cosmopolita. Seguidamente, analizamos los metaprincipios de autonomía y razonamiento imparcial. En la segunda parte, discutimos los aspectos teóricos y prácticos más problemáticos y controvertidos que presentan los principios cosmopolitas para alcanzar la justicia global.
Isabel Escudero,Victoria Sánchez
Nuances : Estudos sobre Educa??o , 2010,
Abstract: Os movimentos de reforma do ensino que têm surgido nas duas últimas décadas em diferentes países têm afetado decisivamente, de forma positiva, o ensino/aprendizagem da matemática e o papel do professor. Desde ent o a aten o de mutias investiga es voltou-se para o que ocorre na aula e, em particular, para os processos de transforma o da prática do professor. Este artigo decorre de investiga o sobre diferentes aspectos da prática do professor de matemática (seus conhecimentos, suas cren as, o planejamento, a intera o com seus alunos e avalia o dos resultados) visando compreender sua complexidade. A partir da caracteriza o do contexto em que a prática do professor se desenvolve, bem como do acompanhamento daquilo que ele faz e obtém ao abordar o tema "Teorema de Thales e Semelhan a", discutem-se os diferentes elementos a as múltiplas rela es entre eles.
Creatine supplementation upregulates excitation-contraction coupling in C2C12 myotubes
Aida Calderón-Rivera, Ana Victoria Vega, Guillermo Avila
Journal of Receptor, Ligand and Channel Research , 2010, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2147/JRLCR.S6595
Abstract: eatine supplementation upregulates excitation-contraction coupling in C2C12 myotubes Original Research (3775) Total Article Views Authors: Aida Calderón-Rivera, Ana Victoria Vega, Guillermo Avila Published Date May 2010 Volume 2010:3 Pages 63 - 71 DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2147/JRLCR.S6595 Aida Calderón-Rivera, Ana Victoria Vega, Guillermo Avila Department of Biochemistry, Cinvestav-IPN, Mexico City, Mexico Abstract: The main goal of this work was to investigate whether creatine (Cr) might be able to regulate skeletal muscle excitation-contraction (EC) coupling. Myotubes from a C2C12 cell line were exposed to Cr (25 mM, 2–4 hours). Subsequently, the activity of L-type Ca2+ channels and voltage-gated Ca2+ release (VGCR) were investigated using the whole-cell patch-clamp technique. Cr upregulated VGCR by 2.4-fold, in the absence of major alterations in L-type Ca2+ channel activity, the extent of caffeine-induced sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ release, or the termination kinetics of Ca2+ transients. Thus, stimulation of VGCR cannot be explained by upregulation of the activity of either L-type Ca2+ channels or sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+-ATPase. We also investigated possible long-term regulation of L-type Ca2+ channels by Cr. However, chronic treatment with Cr (2–4 days) affected neither the density of ICaL nor the corresponding voltagedependence of activation. The later result was obtained in the face of a 1.7-fold stimulation of myogenesis. Therefore, it cannot be explained by possible desensitization of Cr metabolism. These data could suggest that the functional expression of L-type Ca2+ channels is not affected by prior acute stimulation of VGCR. Previous work has shown that Cr supplementation enhances muscle strength. Thus, it will be interesting to investigate whether this effect can be at least partially explained by acute stimulation of VGCR.
Candidate Transcriptomic Sources of Inbreeding Depression in Drosophila melanogaster
Carlos Garcia, Victoria Avila, Humberto Quesada, Armando Caballero
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0070067
Abstract: The genomic causes of inbreeding depression are poorly known. Several studies have found widespread transcriptomic alterations in inbred organisms, but it remains unclear which of these alterations are causes of the depression and which are mere responses to the ensuing physiological stress induced by increased homozygosity due to inbreeding. Attempting to differentiate causes from responses, we made a c-DNA microarray analysis of inbreeding depression in Drosophila melanogaster. The rationale of the experiment was that, while depression is a general phenomenon involving reductions in fitness in different inbred lines, its first genetic causes would be different for each inbred line, as they are expected to be caused by the fixation of rare deleterious genes. We took four sets of inbred sublines, each set descending from a different founding pair obtained from a large outbred stock, and compared the expression of the three most depressed sublines and the three least depressed sublines from each set. Many changes in expression were common to all sets, but fourteen genes, grouped in four expression clusters, showed strong set-specific changes, and were therefore possible candidates to be sources of the inbreeding depression observed.
Muena,Victoria; González,Isabel; Neaman,Alexander;
Revista de la ciencia del suelo y nutrición vegetal , 2010, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-27912010000200002
Abstract: the puchuncaví valley (central chile) has been exposed to aerial emissions from the ventanas copper smelter. nowadays, soils in the surroundings are sparsely-vegetated, acidic, nitrogen-deficient, and metal-contaminated. their remediation is needed to reduce environmental risks. phytostabilization considers the use of plants which are able to store metals in underground tissues, thus reducing their movement from contaminated soils to the air and water. the success of the treatment depends on application of suitable amendments in order to both limit metal solubility in soils and improve soil conditions for the plant development. we evaluated the effects of liming and nitrogen fertilization on cotyledon emergence, plant survival, biomass production and copper accumulation of oenothera affinis grown in a soil from the puchuncaví valley, under controlled conditions. oenothera affinis is a native chilean perennial herb, it is drought resistant, it is easy to propagate from seeds, and it produces a large biomass. the soil exhibited ph in salt extract of 4.6 and total copper concentration of 800 mg kg-1. liming decreased cu concentrations and cu2+ activity in the soil solution, but did not affect cotyledon emergence. none of the plants survived in non-limed soils, while plant survival was 100% in the soils with near neutral ph. on the other hand, in limed soils, nitrogen fertilization did not affect biomass production and increased copper concentrations in both roots and shoots. it was concluded that liming is sufficient to improve soil conditions for development of o. affinis in acidic and metal-contaminated soils, allowing by this mean potential utilization of this species for phytostabilization.
EFECTOS DEL ENCALADO Y LA FERTILIZACIóN NITROGENADA SOBRE EL DESARROLLO DE Oenothera affinis EN UN SUELO AFECTADO POR LA MINERíA DEL COBRE Effects of liming and nitrogen fertilization on the development of Oenothera affinis in a soil affected by copper mining
Victoria Muena,Isabel González,Alexander Neaman
Revista de la Ciencia del Suelo y Nutrición Vegetal , 2010,
Abstract: El valle de Puchuncaví (Chile central) ha sido expuesto a las emisiones aéreas provenientes de la fundición de cobre Ventanas. Actualmente, los suelos en las cercanías de la fundición presentan una escasa vegetación, son ácidos, deficientes en nitrógeno y contaminados con metales. Para reducir el riesgo ambiental, es necesario remediar estos suelos. La fitoestabilización considera el uso de plantas capaces de almacenar los metales en sus estructuras subterráneas, reduciendo así su movimiento desde el suelo contaminado al aire y al agua. El éxito del tratamiento depende de la aplicación de enmiendas adecuadas que reducen la solubilidad de los metales en los suelos y, a la vez, mejoran sus condiciones para el desarrollo de la planta. Se evaluó el efecto del encalado y la fertilización nitrogenada sobre la emergencia de cotiledones, supervivencia, producción de biomasa y acumulación de cobre en Oenothera affinis cultivada en un suelo del valle de Puchuncaví bajo condiciones controladas. Oenothera affinis es una hierba perenne nativa, resistente a la sequía, fácil de propagar a partir de semillas y que produce una gran cantidad de biomasa. Los suelos presentaron un pH en sal de 4,6 y una concentración de cobre total de 800 mg kg-1. El encalado disminuyó las concentraciones de Cu y la actividad del Cu+2 en la solución del suelo, pero no afectó la emergencia de cotiledones. Las plantas no sobrevivieron en los suelos no-encalados, mientras que la supervivencia fue del 100% en los suelos con un pH cercano al neutro. Por otro lado, en los suelos encalados, la fertilización nitrogenada no afectó la producción de biomasa y aumentó las concentraciones de cobre tanto en las raíces como en los tejidos aéreos. Se concluyó que el encalado es suficiente para mejorar las condiciones del suelo para el desarrollo de O. affinis en suelos ácidos y contaminados por metales, permitiendo así la potencial utilización de esta especie para la fitoestabilización. The Puchuncaví valley (central Chile) has been exposed to aerial emissions from the Ventanas copper smelter. Nowadays, soils in the surroundings are sparsely-vegetated, acidic, nitrogen-deficient, and metal-contaminated. Their remediation is needed to reduce environmental risks. Phytostabilization considers the use of plants which are able to store metals in underground tissues, thus reducing their movement from contaminated soils to the air and water. The success of the treatment depends on application of suitable amendments in order to both limit metal solubility in soils and improve soil conditions for the plant developm
People and their Pasts edited by Paul Ashton and Hilda Kean
Christopher Castaneda
Public History Review , 2009,
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