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Influence of Enriched Environment on Viral Encephalitis Outcomes: Behavioral and Neuropathological Changes in Albino Swiss Mice
Aline Andrade de Sousa,Renata Reis,Jo?o Bento-Torres,Nonata Trévia,Nara Alves de Almeida Lins,Aline Passos,Zaire Santos,José Antonio Pican?o Diniz,Pedro Fernando da Costa Vasconcelos,Colm Cunningham,Victor Hugh Perry,Cristovam Wanderley Pican?o Diniz
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0015597
Abstract: An enriched environment has previously been described as enhancing natural killer cell activity of recognizing and killing virally infected cells. However, the effects of environmental enrichment on behavioral changes in relation to virus clearance and the neuropathology of encephalitis have not been studied in detail. We tested the hypothesis that environmental enrichment leads to less CNS neuroinvasion and/or more rapid viral clearance in association with T cells without neuronal damage. Stereology-based estimates of activated microglia perineuronal nets and neurons in CA3 were correlated with behavioral changes in the Piry rhabdovirus model of encephalitis in the albino Swiss mouse. Two-month-old female mice maintained in impoverished (IE) or enriched environments (EE) for 3 months were behaviorally tested. After the tests, an equal volume of Piry virus (IEPy, EEPy)-infected or normal brain homogenates were nasally instilled. Eight days post-instillation (dpi), when behavioral changes became apparent, brains were fixed and processed to detect viral antigens, activated microglia, perineuronal nets, and T lymphocytes by immuno- or histochemical reactions. At 20 or 40 dpi, the remaining animals were behaviorally tested and processed for the same markers. In IEPy mice, burrowing activity decreased and recovered earlier (8–10 dpi) than open field (20–40 dpi) but remained unaltered in the EEPy group. EEPy mice presented higher T-cell infiltration, less CNS cell infection by the virus and/or faster virus clearance, less microgliosis, and less damage to the extracellular matrix than IEPy. In both EEPy and IEPy animals, CA3 neuronal number remained unaltered. The results suggest that an enriched environment promotes a more effective immune response to clear CNS virus and not at the cost of CNS damage.
Environmental influences on antibody-enhanced dengue disease outcomes
Diniz, Daniel Guerreiro;F?ro, César Augusto Raiol;Turiel, Maíra C Pereira;Sosthenes, Marcia CK;Demachki, Samia;Gomes, Giovanni Freitas;Rego, Carla M Damasceno;Magalh?es, Marina Cutrim;Pinho, Brunno Gomes;Ramos, Juliana Pastana;Casseb, Samir M Moraes;Brito, Maysa de Vasconcelos;Silva, Eliana Vieira Pinto da;Nunes, Marcio Roberto Teixeira;Diniz, José Antonio Pican?o;Cunningham, Colm;Perry, Victor Hugh;Vasconcelos, Pedro F Costa;Diniz, Cristovam W Pican?o;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02762012000800010
Abstract: because an enriched environment (ee) enhances t-cell activity and t-lymphocytes contribute to immunopathogenesis during heterologous dengue virus (denv) infections, we hypothesised that an ee increases dengue severity. to compare single serotype (ss) and antibody-enhanced disease (aed) infections regimens, serial intraperitoneal were performed with denv3 (genotype iii) infected brain homogenate or anti-denv2 hyperimmune serum followed 24 h later by denv3 (genotype iii) infected brain homogenate. compared aed for which significant differences were detected between the ee and impoverished environmental (ie) groups (kaplan-meyer log-rank test, p = 0.0025), no significant differences were detected between the ss experimental groups (kaplan-meyer log-rank test, p = 0.089). survival curves from ee and ie animals infected with the aed regimen were extended after corticoid injection and this effect was greater in the ee than in the ie group (kaplan-meyer log-rank test, p = 0.0162). under the aed regimen the ee group showed more intense clinical signs than the ie group. dyspnoea, tremor, hunched posture, ruffled fur, immobility, pre-terminal paralysis, shock and death were associated with dominant t-lymphocytic hyperplasia and presence of viral antigens in the liver and lungs. we propose that the increased expansion of these memory t-cells and serotype cross-reactive antibodies facilitates the infection of these cells by denv and that these events correlate with disease severity in an ee.
Environment and environmental impacts
Rejane de Fátima Victor Vasconcelos
Engenharia Ambiental : Pesquisa e Tecnologia , 2009,
Abstract: The article shows what can be environmental impacts and how those happen, both by the actions made by human kind and by natural disasters. Another concern of the research is the unstoppable incident of the natural resources destruction, result f the globalization actions and the economy, and that the environment impacts have happen in every direction, independently of the geographic scale, harming the life in earth, without giving importance who is the target. The article made reference to incidents because of the disorder of the environment, the consequences of rural exodus, the improper tourism, and which actions to solve this problem have not been enough. With reference to sustainable development, it is waited that everyone can live under environmental, social and economical equilibrium, and also has reasonable habit, being sensible to the conservation of the environmental practice. The article emphasizes the values as a need in the equilibrium of sustainability, and even made reference to the lost of the country in the sustainable development and that Brazil could have more interest by the cause, mainly in the managing in the use of pesticides e fungicides in agriculture. The concern with the globalized economy is a radical change which the developing countries are facing. The cause affects of pollutions resulting in health problems. The danger that humanity faces with its own action, as predatory fishing, causing aquatic disorder and the invasion of commerce in the area of permanent conservation.
Rejane de Fátima Victor Vasconcelos
Engenharia Ambiental : Pesquisa e Tecnologia , 2011,
Abstract: The main objective of that work was to discover and to analyze the residents' of the neighborhood of the Collective effort behavior, in the city of Campina Grande-PB, touching them through the scenic art, with emphasis in the water as primordial factor for the life quality and in the improper use of the sanitary sewers, identifying the community's problems caused by the bad use of those. The research was of quantitative stamp, accomplished of March to December of 2007, and the central focus was the obtaining of data allowing weaving possible social representations of the study group as for the perception of those the importance of the theatrical representation remains, pointing out the preservation of the water and the cares with the natural resources. The originated data of that process were obtained through semi-structured interviews. It was verified that the scenic art woke up him being critical of the involved people, motivating them identify the local problems and their respective solutions and, with that, they exercise the citizenship, the beginning of the co-responsibility and the environmental education through the art, especially the scenic art, that it favored the sensitization process and it motivated them to a new one to look on the environment.
Climate Policies and Anti-Climate Policies  [PDF]
Hugh Compston, Ian Bailey
Open Journal of Political Science (OJPS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojps.2013.34021

Although there is a clear trend towards stronger climate policies across a wide range of countries, another much less recognized but no less significant trend is the continued introduction of policies that increase net greenhouse gas emissions. This article introduces the concept of anti-climate policy as a means of focusing attention on these, and investigates their frequency in China, the US and EU, the three largest emitters of greenhouse gases. The investigation reveals that anti-climate policies take many forms and that most types are being extensively used by governments in China, the US and EU. This significantly impedes progress towards bringing emissions under control. We argue that anti-climate policies need to be recognized as an important feature of climate politics and that they need to be addressed if dangerous climate change is to be avoided. We conclude that anti-climate policies can best be tackled by targeting approvals of new fossil fuel power stations, efforts to extend trade liberalization, proposals to introduce new fossil fuel subsidies, and approvals of new airports.

Perfil sociodemográfico e clínico de idosos atendidos em Unidade Básica de Saúde da Família
Victor, Janaina Fonseca;Ximenes, Lorena Barbosa;Almeida, Paulo Cesar de;Vasconcelos, Francisca de Fátima;
Acta Paulista de Enfermagem , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-21002009000100008
Abstract: objective: to characterize the sociodemographic and clinical profile of elders who receive care in a family health unit. methods: a cross-sectional, exploratory study was conducted in fortaleza, ce. the sample consisted of 214 elders. the data were collected from september through december 2006 using a specific demographic questionnaire during the interviews results: the findings were similar to those reported by other studies; the majority of elders were female and were living alone or in families with three generations. ostheoarthrosis was the most common self-reported disease. in addition, according to the body mass index (bmi), most elders were obese. conclusion: this study provides indicators that can be used for planning of actions to prevent diseases and to promote elders' health.
Hérnia de Amyand
Cunha, Hércio Azevedo de Vasconcelos;Sugahara, Ricardo Dutra;Castilho, Michel Victor;
Revista do Colégio Brasileiro de Cirurgi?es , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-69912009000300019
Abstract: we present vermiform appendix finding within an inguinal hernia sac, rare pathology, well-known as amyand's hernia. we relate the incidence in the literature and the recommended conducts.
Genetic parameters for mature weight and growth traits in Nelore cattle Parametros genéticos do peso adulto e características de desenvolvimento ponderal na ra a Nelore
Victor Breno Pedrosa,Joanir Pereira Eler,José Bento Sterman Ferraz,Josineudson Augusto II de Vasconcelos Silva
Revista Brasileira de Saúde e Produ??o Animal , 2010,
Abstract: The animal breeding programs of beef cattle in Brazil have focused on selection for weight traits due to the fact that they are measures easily obtained. Within this context, it was analyzed data of 74,547 animals to evaluate the mature weight (MW) and the mature weight with repeated measurements (MWr) in Nellore animals. Heritability coefficients were estimated for mature weight and for other growth traits as post-weaning weight (PW), conformation (CONF), precocity (PREC), musculature (MUSC) and hip height (HH). The genetic correlation between those traits was also estimated. The (co)variances components were estimated by the Restricted Maximum Likelihood Multiple Trait Derivative Free method (MTDFREML), using the complete animal model. The estimates of heritability coefficients were 0.43 for MW and 0.41 for MWr; 0.38 for PW, 0.23 for CONF, 0.19 for PREC, 0.22 for MUSC and 0.35 for HH. The genetic correlation coefficients ranged from 0.37 to 0.70. The heritability coefficients suggest that mature weight may respond to selection and be used to monitor the size of females from the Nellore breed. The genetic correlation coefficients between mature weight and other growth traits were high and positive, indicating that selection for mature weight influences the performance of the other studied traits. Os programas de melhoramento genético de gado de corte, no Brasil, têm priorizado a sele o para características de peso, por serem medidas de fácil obten o. Dentro desse contexto, foram analisados dados de 74.547 animais com o objetivo de avaliar o peso adulto (PAV) e o peso adulto como medida repetida (PAVr) em animais Nelore. Foram estimados coeficientes de herdabilidade para peso adulto e para outras características de desenvolvimento ponderal, como peso ao sobreano (PS), conforma o (CONF), precocidade (PREC), musculosidade (MUSC) e altura na garupa (AG). Estimou-se também a correla o genética entre essas características. Os componentes de (co)variancias foram estimados pelo método de máxima verossimilhan a restrita (MTDFREML) por meio do modelo animal completo. As estimativas dos coeficientes de herdabilidade foram de 0,43 para PAV e 0,41 para PAVr; 0,38 para PS; 0,23 para CONF; 0,19 para PREC; 0,22 para MUSC e 0,35 para AG. Os coeficientes de correla o genética obtidos variaram de 0,37 a 0,70. Os coeficientes de herdabilidade obtidos sugerem que o peso adulto pode responder à sele o e ser utilizado para o monitoramento do tamanho das fêmeas na ra a Nelore. Os coeficientes de correla o genética entre peso adulto e as demais características de desenv
Modelagem da vida de fadiga e do acúmulo de deforma es permanentes em pavimentos asfálticos por meio de um modelo de dano contínuo
Victor Ferreira Teixeira,Flávio Vasconcelos de Sousa,Jorge Barbosa Soares
Transportes , 2009,
Abstract: é sabido que as condi es das rodovias brasileiras têm grande impacto sobre a economia nacional. Diante disso, nasce a necessidade de uma busca por métodos de análise de pavimentos que possam prever com maior precis o as falhas as quais o pavimento está submetido. Dentre os principais métodos utilizados atualmente, pode-se citar os métodos puramente empíricos e aqueles mecanístico-empíricos que fazem uso da resposta estrutural do pavimento. A aprimora o de técnicas numéricas como o Método dos Elementos Finitos (MEF) ou o Método dos Elementos de Contorno (MEC) tem feito com que os métodos mecanístico-empíricos ganhem cada vez mais espa o e sejam mais usados no dimensionamento de pavimentos. O presente trabalho apresenta um modelo mecanístico que considera a evolu o do dano causado pelos carregamentos e, conseqüentemente, possibilita uma melhor simula o da vida de fadiga da camada asfáltica. O modelo também possibilita uma melhor modelagem do acúmulo de deforma o permanente nos pavimentos através do uso da Teoria da Viscoelasticidade, permitindo assim avaliar as duas principais falhas dos pavimentos flexíveis.
As sementes e o conhecimento que elas incorporam
S?o Paulo em Perspectiva , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-88392000000300010
Abstract: freqüentemente recorre-se à ciência para legitimar a prioridade atribuída ao desenvolvimento de sementes transgênicas na pesquisa agron?mica, e a prote??o privilegiada concedida aos direitos de propriedade intelectual sobre tais sementes. alega-se que as sementes transgênicas incorporam conhecimento científico, mas n?o as sementes selecionadas na agricultura tradicional; e que o conhecimento científico sustenta n?o haver, além da agricultura que faz uso substancial de sementes transgênicas, maneira alternativa nenhuma de alimentar a humanidade. ambas as alega??es s?o questionadas por meio de um argumento que reconhece na agroecologia uma séria alternativa (pelo menos parcialmente) à predominancia da biotecnologia na agricultura, uma alternativa que n?o apenas encontra forte apoio na evidência empírica, mas também responde aos valores da sustentabilidade ecológica e da justi?a social.
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