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Repetibilidade de variáveis produtivas e qualitativas da forragem e da excreta bovina em pastagem de braquiária
Teixeira, Vicente Imbroisi;Dubeux Jr., José Carlos Batista;Mello, Alexandre Carneiro Le?o de;Lira Jr., Mário de Andrade;Lira, Mario de Andrade;Saraiva, Felipe Martins;
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-204X2011000600012
Abstract: the objective of this work was to determine the repeatability and the number of the required evaluations to obtain determination coefficient greater than 90% in the productive and qualitative variables of forage and cattle excreta on a signal grass (urochloa decumbens) pasture. the utilized variables were: fecal production, feces mineral composition, herbage mineral composition around dung pads, feces biometry, herbage mass and herbage rejection around dung pads, urinary volume, and urine chemical composition. a fixed rotational stocking was used, with three days of occupation and 32 or 67 days of resting period, during the rainy and dry seasons, respectively. repeatability analyzes were obtained with the software genes, using the principal component method based on the covariance. the repeatability coefficients (r) had high estimates, and the r2 were equal to or greater than 90%, except for herbage mass at 20-40 cm, for the difference between pre-and post-grazing herbage height of herbage grown on dung pad, and for nitrogen concentration in the urine for the treatment with 3,2 animal units per hectare (r<0.50). for r2 above 90%, the number of evaluations required would be 11, 9, and 9, for the variables forage, feces, and urine, respectively.
Características morfológicas e produtivas de leguminosas forrageiras tropicais submetidas a duas frequências de corte
Silva, Valdson José da;Dubeux Junior, José Carlos Batista;Teixeira, Vicente Imbroisi;Santos, Mércia Virgínia Ferreira dos;Lira, Mario de Andrade;Mello, Alexandre Carneiro Le?o de;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982010000100013
Abstract: the objective of this research was to evaluate morphological and productive characteristics of forage legumes under two harvest frequencies (28 and 56 days) and 10 cm harvest intensity. the following legume species were evaluated: arachis pintoi (cv. amarillo), clitoria ternatea, calopogonium mucunoides, desmodium ovalifolium (cv. itabela) and stylosanthes guianensis (cvs. bandeirante, cook, mineir?o). a randomized complete design was used in a factorial arrangement (07 legumes × 02 harvest frequencies), with four replications per treatment and the following variables were analyzed: biomass accumulation, number of branches per plant, number of live leaves/plant, root dry matter, nodule number, and nodule matter. shoot and root dry matter accumulation per unit time was similar for the harvests at every 28 or every 56 days, except for arachis, clitoria, and desmodium, which showed greater shoot and root biomass when harvested every 56 days. nodule number and nodule mass differed among legumes, but a greater nodule number was observed when the legumes were harvested every 56 days. live leaf number per plant was greater at 56 days, except for arachis and calopogonium which showed similar values for both frequencies. harvest frequency affected differently the morphologic and productive characteristics of the studied legumes that indicated the need for different management among the varieties tested.
Patricia Lima Dubeux Abensur
Revista Eletr?nica de Educa??o , 2012,
Abstract: O presente artigo comp e o referencial teórico da disserta o de mestrado (ABENSUR, 2009) que teve como objetivo descrever e analisar o cotidiano de uma unidade escolar focalizando os processos envolvidos na organiza o do currículo escolar. Esta disserta o integra uma pesquisa nacional, sob a responsabilidade da Cátedra Paulo Freire da PUC-SP, coordenada pela Professora Dra. Ana Maria Saul, que busca analisar a contribui o e reinven o do pensamento Freireano nos Sistemas Públicos de Educa o, no Brasil, a partir da década de 1990. Paulo Freire é reconhecido no campo educacional n o por ter concebido um método de ensino, mas por ter concebido uma Pedagogia, comprometida com a humaniza o e liberta o do ser humano, na luta pela constru o de um mundo mais justo e solidário. é nessa perspectiva de repercuss o do pensamento freireano para o trabalho educativo que nasceu a curiosidade de conhecer como a proposta de Paulo Freire pode contribuir para a organiza o do currículo na escola. No texto, destacam-se algumas categorias que comp em o Paradigma Educacional Freireano, no que se refere à organiza o do currículo, e, em seguida, a concretiza o deste novo paradigma educacional na reorienta o curricular durante a gest o do educador Paulo Freire como Secretário de Educa o do Município de S o Paulo, entre os anos 1989-1991. The present article comprises the theoretical framework of a Master's thesis (ABENSUR, 2009) that aimed to describe and analyze the everyday life of a school focusing on the processes related to the organization of the school curriculum. This study is part of a national research that is being carried out under the auspices of Paulo Freire Chair at PUC-SP and supervised by Professor Ana Maria Saul. The objective is to analyze the contribution and the influence of Paulo Freire’s theory on the Brazilian Public Education System from the nineties until now. Paulo Freire is acknowledged in the educational field not for having conceived a teaching method, but for having conceived a Pedagogy that is committed to the humanization and freedom of the human being in the struggle for the construction of a fairer and more solidary world. It is in this perspective of the repercussion of the freirean thought to the educational work that the curiosity of knowing how Paulo Freire’s proposal could contribute to the democratic management in school rose. In the text, some categories that comprise the Freirean Educational Paradigm are highlighted, regarding the organization of the curriculum, and, then, the implementation of this new educational paradigm
Waldyr Imbroisi Rocha,Joyce Scoralick Silvestre
Macabéa : Revista Eletr?nica do Netlli , 2012,
Abstract: Rosa’s word is the subject of considerable criticism and analysis. In our work, we examine how intensely Rosa imputes an originative characteristic on the language of the short story The Jaguar. The situation of the jaguar hunter is similar to the Adamic Language, which models the reality (ECO, 2002). As instrumental theories for our analysis, we rely on the concepts of rhizome (DELEUZE & GATARRI, 1995), deterritorialization (DELEUZE & GUATARRI, 1975 e HAESBAERT, 2004) and becoming (DELEUZE & PARNET, 1997). We try to demonstrate how the solitude of the jaguar hunter acts as a trigger for the agency jaguar-man, and how the delirium of language – with the pulverization of the usual syntax and the insertion of Tupi words – works as an originative language that conjugates itself with the becoming-jaguar.
Environmental impacts and nutrient recycling on pastures grazed by cattle
Vendramini, J.M.B.;Silveira, M.L.A.;Dubeux Jr., J.C.B.;Sollenberger, L.E.;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982007001000015
Abstract: grasslands are being replaced by urbanization and more profitable agricultural activities around the world. producers may be faced with land constraints and need to consider intensification of the remaining grasslands as a means of maintaining overall production on a decreasing land resource. however, intensification of the grazing system is usually associated with greater nutrient inputs, including those from commercial fertilizers and supplement fed to animals. excessive loading of nutrients in intensive grazing systems via fertilizer and animal wastes can cause nutrient buildup in the soil and subsequent water quality problems. surface runoff and leaching of nutrients are the two major process affecting water quality. nitrogen and p represent major nutrient concerns as related to water quality. increased nitrate concentrations render groundwater unsuitable for drinking and can cause serious health issues for humans. excessive n and p concentrations may contribute to eutrophication of streams and lakes. maximizing efficiency of nutrient recycling through the soil-forage-animal system minimizes off-site nutrient transport and decreases production costs by reducing the quantity of commercial fertilizer needed. management strategies to reduce soil and water contamination include refining the balance of nutrient inputs from feeds and fertilizers as well as accounting for the nutrients recycled through the decomposition of plant litter and animal wastes. current interest in the development and adoption of efficient and sustainable agriculture systems has led forage researchers to amplify the scope of grasslands research by increasing multidisciplinary efforts. there is an increased interest in quantifying the impacts of forage-animal management strategies on the environment, with the goal of developing economically viable best management practices that result in optimum forage production and profitability, while protecting the environment. furthermore, these best manag
Aspectos agron?micos e bromatológicos de leguminosas forrageiras no Nordeste Brasileiro
Teixeira,V.I.; Dubeux Jr.,J.C.B.; Santos,M.V.F. dos; Lira Jr.,M. de A.; Lira,M. de A.; Silva,H.M.S. da;
Archivos de Zootecnia , 2010, DOI: 10.4321/S0004-05922010000200010
Abstract: the aim of this work was to evaluate the agronomic and bromatologic aspects of nine herbaceous forage legumes. legumes studied included c. ternatea l., d. heterocarpon (l.) dc. subsp. ovalifolium (prain) ohashi cv. itabela, a. pintoi krap and greg. cv. amarillo, pueraria phaseoloides (roxb.) benth, s. guianensis (aubl.) sw. cv. bandeirante, cv. cook and cv. mineir?o and stylosanthes macrocephala ferreira e sousa costa cv. pioneiro. the following response variables were measured: soil cover, plant height, fresh matter production, stand, seed production, fdn, fda, hemicellulose, lignin, pb and mm concentrations of leaves and stems. four cuts were performed during the experimental period. cutting intensities were at the ground level for the first cut and 5 cm for the following cuts. it was used a complete randomized block design with three replications per treatment. c. ternatea showed the greatest fresh matter yield summed along the four cuts (45.6 t/ha/432 d). this same legume showed one of the greatest pb concentrations, both for leaves (27.4%) and for stems (11.5%). at 43 days after transplanting, c. mucunoides showed the greatest soil coverage. during the 432 days of experimental period, the s. guianensis cultivars did not flower, however, c. mucunoides, c. ternatea, and s. macrocephala presented the greatest seed production. a. pintoi, c. ternatea and c. mucunoides showed greater potential for forage production in this region, and with c. ternatea presenting the most promising results in terms of chemical composition.
Ocorrência de cisticercose (Cysticercus cellulosae) encefálica e cardíaca em necropsias
Lino Jr,Ruy S; Reis,Marlene A; Teixeira,Vicente PA;
Revista de Saúde Pública , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-89101999000500009
Abstract: objective: to review the incidence and pathologic findings of cysticercosis diagnosed at autopsies, with emphasis on the most common organs affected. methods: reports of 1.596 autopsies performed between 1974 and 1997 at a school hospital in uberaba, mg, brazil were studied. the following data were obtained: age, sex, ethnic group, body mass index, and the site of the cysticercosis. results: the study found diagnosis of cysticercosis in 53 autopsies (3.3%). the average age of patients with cysticercosis was 50 (range: 15 to 86 years); 62.3% were male, and 64.1% caucasian. the most affected organs were: brain (79.2%), heart (22.6%), skeletal muscle (11.3%), and other organs (5.7%). no statistical differences were found comparing age, gender, ethnic group, and body mass index of the affected and the non-affected patients. in two cases of neurocysticercosis the lesions were located in the ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus. conclusion: both the overall incidence of cysticercosis and the incidence of cardiac cysticercosis were greater in the study than in other autopsy series from the same geographic areas. in two cases there was an association between hypothalamic cysticercosis and obesity.
Ocorrência de cisticercose (Cysticercus cellulosae) encefálica e cardíaca em necropsias
Lino Jr Ruy S,Reis Marlene A,Teixeira Vicente PA
Revista de Saúde Pública , 1999,
Abstract: OBJETIVO: Realizar estudo retrospectivo relativo ao achado de les es de cisticercose e às localiza es mais comumente atingidas em exames usuais de necropsias. MéTODOS: Foram revistos, retrospectivamente, 1.596 protocolos de necropsias em Uberaba, MG, Brasil, no período de 1974 a 1997, registrando-se: a idade, o sexo, a cor, o índice de massa corporal (IMC) e a localiza o do cisticerco. RESULTADOS: Encontraram-se relatos de cisticercose em 53 (3,3%) protocolos. A média das idades foi de 50 ± 15,4 anos (variando de 15 a 86 anos), 62,3% eram homens, 64,1% brancos. As localiza es encontradas foram: encefálica (79,2%), cardíaca (22,6%), muscular esquelética (11,3%) e outras (5,7%). N o houve diferen a estatística das variáveis entre os grupos positivos ou negativos para o diagnóstico de cisticercose. Observaram-se dois casos de neurocisticercose localizados no núcleo ventromedial do hipotálamo. CONCLUS O: A ocorrência de cisticercose, bem como a localiza o cardíaca foram mais freqüentemente encontradas em rela o a outros estudos da regi o. Em dois casos de cisticercose hipotalamica havia associa o com obesidade.
Evaluation of Joint Sleep and Idle Mode in IEEE 802.16e WIMAX
Fuad M. Abinader Jr.,Vicente A. De Sousa Jr.,Anderson B. Fernandes,Adaildo G. Dassuncao
International Journal of Computer Science Issues , 2012,
Abstract: As energy availability limits usage time for mobile devices, modern wireless systems implement Power Saving Mechanisms (PSMs). Determining optimal PSM parameters and switch points when applying all PSM mechanisms jointly in the same scenario is a trade-off between power savings and system performance degradation. This work presents an unpublished performance study of the joint operation of Sleep Mode and Idle Mode on an accurate 802.16e PSM NS-2 simulation implementation, with the MS experiencing two different classes of Internet traffic, namely HTTP Web Browsing and Always-On traffic. We first determine which set of PSM parameters influence the most on power savings and performance degradation (in terms of TCP retransmissions) via a 2k.r factorial analysis. Then, we explore those PSM parameters via full factorial analysis in order to determine optimal transition points between Sleep Mode and Idle Mode, such that we achieve power savings without high performance degradation. Results showed that although we managed to obtain good power saving results for a wide range of PSM parameters, performance degradation can be substantial if the Sleep Mode Inactivity Timer is such that PSM is activated within TCP RTT or the timers for Sleep Mode and Idle Mode are such that there is a € competition€ between which PSM mechanism should be activated. Under established conditions, we observe a significant power saving gains followed by a surprising system performance enhancement.
Avalia??o de métodos para recupera??o de pastagens de braquiária no agreste de Pernambuco: 2. valor nutritivo da forragem
Silva, Maria da Concei??o;Santos, Mércia Virgínia Ferreira dos;Dubeux Jr., José Carlos Batista;Lira, Mário de Andrade;Melo, Wellington Samay de;Oliveira, Tatiana Neres de;Araújo, Gherman Garcia Leal de;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982004000800012
Abstract: the research was carried out to evaluate qualitative aspects of a b. humidicola degraded pasture managed under different recovery methods in bezerros-pe. a confounded split-plot randomized block design was used. the main plot was formed by the factorial arrangement between managements and fertilization levels. the splitplot model consisted of the different deferment periods. the factors were represented by four recovery managements (no-tillage, arrowing, arrowing + corn, no-tillage + corn), two n levels (0 and 100 kg/ha of n), two p levels (0 and 100 kg/ha of p2o5) and four deferment periods (113, 156, 200 and 240 days), with three replications. cp, ndf, adf, p, ashes contents and ivdmd were determined. significant interaction among management systems and p fertilization was observed when ndf, adf and p concentration of braquiária were evaluated. b. humidicola deffered for 113, 156, 200 and 240 days showed the following adf and ivdmd values, respectively: 40.36 and 61.92%; 43.89 and 56.58%; 44.52 and 31.35%; 46.25 and 30.07%.
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