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Graduate Courses in Occupational Therapy and International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health  [PDF]
Ana Rita Costa de Souza Lobo Braga, Leonardo Petrus da Silva Paz, Vera Regina Fernandes da Silva Mares
Creative Education (CE) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2015.617197
Abstract: The formation of Occupational Therapists has become the subject of analysis and debate in recent decades after several changes in health policies in Brazil, among them the implementation of the National Curriculum Guidelines (NCGs) directing teaching practices in line with the Health Unic System and International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF). Given these paradigms, the Occupational Therapy courses passed with several adjustments in their course of pedagogical political projects (PPPs) and their teaching practices. The study’s goal was to characterize the Occupational Therapy courses and analyze their PPPs focusing on changes in the health care model and the inclusion of ICF. The research was exploratory and was conducted through documentary analysis. By 2013 there were 63 occupational therapy courses working in the country, 44 in private institutions and 19 in public, demonstrating a lack of supply in public. The Occupational Therapy courses are still guided by the biomedical model, and the applicability of the ICF as well as the insertion of the biopsychosocial model are incipient in teaching practice.
Territorial Features and Distribution of Courses Graduate in Physical Therapy: An Analysis in the Environment Virtual Education Ministry  [PDF]
Vera Regina Fernandes da Silva Mares, Leonardo Petrus da Silva Paz, Bruna da Silva Sousa, Mariana Ange?lica Peixoto de Souza, Rosana Ferreira Sampaio
Creative Education (CE) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2015.617196
Abstract: The goal of this study was to analyze the territorial distribution and describe the characteristics of undergraduate courses in Physical Therapy in Brazil. Data collection was performed using the virtual system of the Ministry of Education (emec.mec.gov.br) where we sought the following information: name of the institution, state, course load, note the National Examination Performance Students (NEPS), course concept (CC) and other relevant information (steps, extinction, among others). They found 601 Physical Therapy courses. The results show that there is a higher concentration of Physical Therapy courses in the Southeast, the workload and payment time cater to Resolution No. 4 of 6 April 2009 the Ministry of Education (MEC) and also that most courses have satisfactory grades in evaluation of MEC. It is noteworthy that most of the courses are still without concept, like, have an insufficient sample in NEPS or do not complete the evaluation cycle of the National Assessment System of Higher Education in Brazil.
Projeto pedagógico do curso de Fisioterapia da Universidade de Brasília
Mares, Vera Regina Fernandes Silva;Martins, Emerson Fachin;Cipriano Junior, Gerson;Acevedo, Ana Carolina;Pinho, Diana Lúcia Moura;
Fisioterapia em Movimento , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-51502010000200014
Abstract: introduction: the visible exhaustion of the traditional teaching model for physiotherapy, along with a new professional profile and a change in the approach to the health-illness process (which has come to include functionality), has stimulated the need for new pedagogical projects for teaching physiotherapy. this should include a perspective of social and economic transformation of the regional population (in this case, the administrative region of ceilandia, in the federal district, brasília, brazil). objective: to present a pedagogical project for the undergraduate course in physiotherapy stressing education focused on human functionality in scenarios of professional practice,e proposed by the brazilian public healthcare system. methods: the curriculum is being constructed in an innovating perspective with proposals regarding the general realm (lifestyle centers, biological systems, physiotherapy skills and scenarios of physiotherapy practices), specific realm (health maintenance, health-illness process, healthcare, human functionality, process of permanent education) and complementary realm (research and extension activities). results: the pedagogical project proposal was carried out in such a way as to complement the expected general and specific goals as well as professional and social profiles. the indissociability of teaching-research-extension presumes a reference in the professor-student relationship for the comprehension of research and extension activities as fundamental elements of the teaching-learning process linked to experience in the actual context, thereby concretizing the relationship between theory and practice, focusing on the public healthcare system. conclusion: the diversification of practices in the context of the public healthcare system includes a perspective of social and economic transformation in the population within the social and political scenario of the federal district. in this context, priority is given to the education/training
Tipos do Herbário Prisco Bezerra - EAC
Silva, Maria Stela Bezerra da;Pompeu, Cláudia Regina Chagas;Cavalcante, Francisca Sim?es;Fernandes, Afranio;
Acta Botanica Brasilica , 1990, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-33061990000300020
Abstract: the present paper repasts the type specimens in the herbário prisco bezerra (university of ceará). the herbário has ten type, of which seven are leguminosae: peltoqyne crenulata, senna dardanoi, moldenhawera acuminata chamaecrista duckeana, aeschynomene monteiroi, cranocarpus gracilis, mimosa niomarlei, two the erythroxylaceae: erythroxylum tianquanum and erythroxylum bezerrae and one euphorbiaceae: dalechampia fernandesii. additional informations for these exsicata is presented.
Endotelium in Turner syndrome with capillaroscopy
Coelho, Simone Cristina da Silva;Guimar?es, Marília Martins;Fernandes, Terezinha Jesus;
Jornal Vascular Brasileiro , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1677-54492011000200005
Abstract: objective: the aim of this study was to assess the endothelium function in patients with turner syndrome using videocapillaroscopy and to compare the results with healthy control. methods: subjects and controls were studied in a temperature-controlled room, 20 days after no nailfold manipulations. the capillaries were visualized by a microscope connected to a television and a computer. the test of post-occlusive reactive hyperemia was performed using a sphygmomanometer attached to the fourth left finger, 20mmhg above maximum arterial pressure during 1 minute, and the following patterns were studied: area of transverse segment, maximal post-ischemia area and time to reach maximal post-ischemia area. results: the value of measure of transverse segment projected area , the maximal postischemia area of hand nailfold capillary loops using computerized videophotometry and the time to reach maximal post ischemia area were studied in 40 patients with turner syndrome and 26 healthy women controls of comparable age (20±7.5 versus 18±8.1 years old; p=0.57). there were differences between transverse segment area (706.8±139.1 versus 548.8±117.2; p=0.001). maximal post-ischemia area (891.3±226.1 versus 643.5±134.3; p=0.001) and the time to reach it (10.8±4.3 versus 5.5±2.5; p=0.001) were different between patients and controls. conclusions: changes of capillary response to ischemia could be observed in patients with turner syndrome using videocapillaroscopy when they were compared to a healthy control group.
Post-challenge hematological evaluation with virulent strain of Eimeria tenella in broilers immunized with attenuated strain or sporozoite proteins from homologous strain
Bogado, Alexey Leon Gomel;Garcia, Jo?o Luis;Silva, Patrícia Fernandes Nunes da;Balarin, Mara Regina Stipp;Guimar?es Junior, José da Silva;
Revista Brasileira de Parasitologia Veterinária , 2010, DOI: 10.4322/rbpv.01901001
Abstract: hematological parameters were evaluated in broilers immunized and challenged with eimeria tenella. broiler chickens of hubbard strain, females, coccidian-free, were kept in wire cages and inoculated on the third day. the experiment was designed to include five sorts of treatment with three replicates each. t1 was the negative control group, t2 received 500 attenuated sporulated oocysts by gavage, t3 was the positive control, t4 received 50 μg of sporozoite protein + quil a vaccine, and t5 received quil a without sporozoite protein + pbs, the last two through nasal route on days 0, 7, and 21. on the 31st day, all treatments were challenged with homologous virulent strain of e. tenella in the dose of 8.0 × 104 oocysts, with the exception of t1. one week later, blood sampling, lesion scores, and cecal oocyst count were carried out. the parasitological parameters showed statistical significance (p < 0.05) and there was no damage to the hematological parameters of birds (p > 0.05) by anova test. the correlations suggest that the blood parameters were impaired by effects of the parasite on tissue, showing levels of hemorrhage and/or hydration.
Ficoflora de ambientes lênticos: estudo preliminar da regi?o de Charqueadas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil, com vistas à avalia??o ambiental
Rosa, Zulanira Meyer;Ungaretti, Ieti;Kremer, Lisete Maria;Silva, Sandra Maria Alves da;Callegaro, Vera Lucia Mar?stica;Werner, Vera Regina;
Acta Botanica Brasilica , 1987, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-33061987000200006
Abstract: metaphyton, benthos and phytoplanktonic communities occurring in lentic systems were studied in july and august 1986. the study was based on 46 samples collected in charqueadas and other neighboring areas in the state of rio grande do sul, a region which suffers the effects of coal mining and processing. out of the 213 specific and infraspecific taxa identified, 95 are a first record in the state of rio grande do sul. as far as the number of occurring species is concerned, the best represented groups were chlorophyta (desmids) and bacillariophyta (diatoms). organisms indicative of acid systems were found, mostly in benthos and metaphyton environments subject to the influence of coal wastes. in these acid systems, phytoplankton showed nanoplanktonic organisms of the group chrysophyceae; euglenophyta, bacillariophyta and chlorophyta were all well represented in the metaphyton and benthos. the structure of the phytoplanktonic communites showed low diversity, which suggests an unbalanced composition.
Fenologia de cagaiteira (Eugenia dysenterica DC.) no Estado de Goiás
Souza, Eli Regina Barboza de;Naves, Ronaldo Veloso;Borges, Jácomo Divino;Vera, Rosangela;Fernandes, Eliana Paula;Silva, Luciana Borges e;Trindade, Maria da Glória;
Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-29452008000400028
Abstract: the objective of this research was to accompany and to register the phenological behavior of the cagaiteira (eugenia dysenterica dc.), relating the frequency of the phenophases in four e. dysenterica populations to the climate conditions of the studied period. three of those populations are located at the escola de agronomia e engenharia de alimentos, universidade federal de goiás (ea/ufg), in goiania, goiás state (brazil). a fourth population comprises native e. dysenterica plants, located in the municipality of senador canedo, goiás state. climatological data were obtained from the first class station at ea/ufg. the studied cagaiteira populations presented the same behavior of the appraised phenophases. the cagaiteira leafing in the studied populations behaves in a continuous way, during the whole year and at greater intensity in the period of total leaf renewal, coinciding with the increase of the relative air humidity and temperature in the months of september and october. the cagaiteira flowering is synchronic o and abundant. the fruiting was smaller in younger plants. the development and maturation of the fruit was fast (30 to 40 days) and coinciding with the start of the rainy season. older and more developed cagaiteiras (senador canedo) presented higher production, some reaching over 2,000 fruits per year.
Associa??o de gravidez na adolescência e prematuridade
Martins, Marília da Glória;Santos, Graciete Helena Nascimento dos;Sousa, Márcia da Silva;Costa, Janne Eyre Fernandes Brito da;Sim?es, Vanda Maria Ferreira;
Revista Brasileira de Ginecologia e Obstetrícia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-72032011001100006
Abstract: purpose: to analyze the association of pregnancy in adolescence and prematurity. methods: the study included all the patients who delivered at a teaching hospital in maranh?o state, from july to december 2006. the patients were divided into two groups: adolescents (10 to 19 years old) and adults (20 to 34 years old). the variables studied were: educational level, marital status, number of prenatal visits, gestational age at the onset of prenatal care, duration of gestation, delivery route and birth weight. statistical analysis was performed using the epi-info software, version 3.4.1, and the associations between variables were analyzed by the odds ratio (or), with a 95% confidence interval (ci). models of logistic regression were also used. the level of significance adopted was 0.05. results: the study evaluated 1,978 patients. the frequency of deliveries in adolescents was 25.4%. this group presented low educational level, no mates, low number of prenatal visits, late onset of prenatal care, low birth weight and prematurity. in the analysis of prematurity as the outcome variable, there was a clear association with low number of prenatal visits (or 3.0; 95%ci 2.2-4.0) and late onset of prenatal care (or 1.9; 95%ci 1.3-2.6) and low educational level (or 1.9; 95%ci 1.4-2.5) related to adolescence (or 1.5; 95%ci 1.1-1.9). the incidence of caesarean delivery was significantly lower among adolescents (33.3%) than among adults (49.4%), with a lower association with pre-eclampsia and cephalo-pelvic disproportion. conclusions: pregnancy in adolescence was associated with late onset of prenatal care and low number of visits, as well as low educational level, low birth weight, prematurity and a lower incidence of cephalo-pelvic disproportion and pre-eclampsia.
Generalized Lichen nitidus associated with Down's syndrome: case report
Botelho, Luciane Francisca Fernandes;Magalh?es, Jo?o Paulo Junqueira de;Ogawa, Marília Marufuji;Enokihara, Milvia Maria Silva Sim?es;Cestari, Silmara da Costa Pereira;
Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0365-05962012000300018
Abstract: lichen nitidus is a disease of unknown etiology, characterized by flesh-colored, shiny papules of 1-2 mm and generally asymptomatic or with mild pruritus. the most common sites of occurrence are genitalia, upper limbs, trunk and abdomen. the generalized form is rare. this is the fourth reported case of lichen nitidus associated with down syndrome.
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