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Do 'terror suicida' ao 'bárbaro': mídia e exclus?o na política externa brasileira - o 11 de setembro segundo O Globo e a Folha de S. Paulo
Jesus, Diego Santos Vieira de;Fernandes, Vernica Daminelli;
Revista Brasileira de História , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-01882011000100013
Abstract: the main purpose of this article is to examine, from a post-structuralist perspective, the coverage of the attacks of september 11, 2001 by o globo and folha de s. paulo, the newspapers with the largest circulation in brazil, on the day after the attacks. the central argument is that the performance of such papers has been fundamental in the definition of exclusionary practices at the international level, because, when they locate brazil as an insider due to its approximation to the us and western values after the end of the cold war, they develop a 'foreign policy' in which societies and groups that are not adapted to this standard are classified as 'dysfunctional' and 'anomalous' in an order of 'civilized' actors. thus, the understanding of difference - in this case, terrorist organizations and their sponsors - as otherness is consolidated and hierarchies between identity and difference are naturalized.
Location of Large-Scale Concentrating Solar Power Plants in Northeast Brazil  [PDF]
Vernica Wilma Bezerra Azevedo, Chigueru Tiba
Journal of Geographic Information System (JGIS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jgis.2013.55043
Abstract: Heliothermic electricity generation is gaining popularity in several countries worldwide. In Brazil, this form of energy generation has not yet been explored for large scale projects. However, the country possesses extensive areas with normal and high-intensity direct irradiation and low seasonality factors, particularly in the semi-arid region of the Brazilian Northeast. The region also presents other important features for setting up such plants: proximity to transmission lines, sufficient flatness, non-endangered vegetation, a suitable land use profile low maximum wind speeds, low population density, and more recently, an increase in the demand for local electric energy due to economic growth above the Brazilian average. A Geographic Information System includes a set of specialised resources that allow us to manipulate spatial data, providing quickness and efficiency in the identification of appropriate places for installing solar power plants while also preparing us for future scenarios, with regards to their impacts, costs and benefits. This article presents a study of the optimal location for thermoelectric power plants in the semi-arid region of the Brazilian Northeast on the scale of 1:10,000,000. All provinces with good potential for the implementation of large-scale concentrating solar power plants are identified. Considering that the installed capacity for parabolic cylindrical concentrators in terrains with a steepness of less than 1% is 43.26 MW/km2 for systems without storage and 30.82 MW/km2 for systems with 6 hours of storage, the potential of the southeast region of Piauí alone is huge. Even with the lack of information about the urban areas, terrain continuity, and other variables,utilising only 10% of the identified potential area, or879.7 km2, would result in an installed capacity of 38.1-27.1 GW. This value corresponds to more than 1/3 of the potency of the current Brazilian electric system. If the same calculation is made for the semi-arid region of the Brazilian Northeast, its capacity will be greater than 1000 GW.
Abnormal Succession of Insect Fauna on Pig Carcasses in Tandil (Argentina, Buenos Aires Province)  [PDF]
A. Verónica Trigo, Néstor Centeno
Advances in Entomology (AE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ae.2014.22017
Abstract: This project was an attempt to reconstruct a death in dubious circumstance which happened in December 2002 in Tandil (Buenos Aires Province). Although the body was in open air, the entomological expertise discovered signs of delayed colonization. In this experiment, pig carcasses used as models to reconstruct the case. One was placed in shadow and another in sunlight (control). The hypothesis was that the climate and the topography affect the necrophagous insect succession in a mountain site. The families of Coleoptera found on the baits were: Silphidae, Dermestidae, Cleridae, Histeridae; of Díptera: Calliphoridae, Sarcophagidae; Asilidae; of Hymenoptera: Formicidae, Encyrtidae and Vespidae.
Landscape Connectivity Approach in Oceanic Islands by Urban Ecological Island Network Systems with the Case Study of Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos (Ecuador)  [PDF]
Verónica Lorena Andrade Sierra, Xuan Feng
Current Urban Studies (CUS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/cus.2018.64031
The oceanic islands are well known for their high biodiversity where the dynamic integration of the ecosystems inside the populated islands is such as a living laboratory of ecological and social relations of interdependence. Oceanic islands are experimenting significant pressure on their ecosystems. Habitat fragmentation produces poor spatial connectivity between protected areas and human settlements. The essence of the research approach is to develop a new framework of Oceanic Island Network System based on urban ecological networks in dealing with island connectivity issues space. This new urban ecological planning tool can help to generate an integrator balance by a physical linkage system in a socio-ecosystem island. Facilitating the territorial ordering based on the spatial and functional relations between ecological functions and urban structure through the island network system has not been analyzed yet as an essential resource for integrating the natural and human systems in oceanic islands. This paper presents a landscape theory connectivity analysis of the built space vs. the natural space of oceanic islands with the case study of Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos into the Pelican Way Watershed boundaries. In this context, spatial network elements are considered under land movement concept. The analysis is intended to determine the spatial elements interrelationships by socio-ecological networks establishing a new landscape system strategy. Additionally, it is valuable and necessary to establish a new concept of land use network for oceanic islands, such as a potential resource to generating a physical structure of environmental balance connectivity, which includes social needs and ecological potentialities for successful urban ecological conservation and development.
Síndrome de Cowden: A propósito de una familia afectada
Blanco,Verónica; Keochgerián,Verónica;
Medicina Oral, Patología Oral y Cirugía Bucal (Internet) , 2006,
Abstract: cowden?s syndrome is a rare genodermatosis characterized by multiple hamartomas in several tissues and organs derived from all three embryonic layers. clinical features of cowden?s disease are explained by the mutation of the pten tumour suppressor gene, whose modification leads to an uncoordinated growth of tissues. the importance of this disease lies in the increased susceptibility to malignization of some lesions, specially breast, thyroid and genito-urinary tract lesions. as a result, the disease has been considered a preneoplasic condition. despite its varied phenotypic expression, this disease is generally unknown. consequently, many cases are undiagnosed or diagnosis comes at a late stage, what points out the importance of an early diagnosis of the disease so the patient can have periodic check-ups to prevent malignant diseases. a family case is presented here, whose diagnosis was based upon oral clinical findings and which most distinct systemic alteration is the presence of hamartomatous polyps in the digestive tract in several family members.
Las determinaciones agrícolas de la competitividad industrial: El caso de Arcor
Mundo agrario , 2009,
Abstract: arcor is one of the few argentine companies globally successful. in this paper, we report the progress of our research, showing that the accrual basis of the company is far from new. it sits on the competitiveness of agriculture pampas.
Discusiones Filosóficas , 2007,
Abstract: quine criticizes two characteristic theses of logical positivism: the analytic-synthetic distinction and reductionism. on the other hand, he rejects the intensional notions that these theses suppose, such as analyticity, synonymy and proposition. as a change, he proposes a semantic theory about the natural language that intends to account for scientific language without those notions. this paper intends to analyze two aspects of this theory, one that relates quine with logical positivism and the other one that sharply separates him from it. the first aspect hast to do with the use of a logical-formal strategy as a philosophical tool. the second one takes us to the pragmatic and interpretationist turn -from the theoretical frame of logical positivism-, made evident by the determinant role that this theory gives to the action of the linguistic subject in the constitution of meaning.
El final del relato. Arte, historia y narración en la filosofía de Arthur C. Danto
Parselis, Verónica;
Diánoia , 2009,
Abstract: the article focus on the way in wich arthur c. danto transformed his first consideration of art into a historical account. the history of art has ended, danto claims, and we live in a posthistorical era. since in his first book on historiography danto is unsympathetic to hegel's philosophy, his new adaptation of the hegelian framework is unexpected. in this process, he opened up a discussion of the original hegel's claim that the history of art has ended. these considerations seem to open a new road for the interpretation of the art of today.
Casadetodos: El Arrayán, Chile
ARQ (Santiago) , 2010, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-69962010000200010
Abstract: this project explores unconventional structures to create complex inhabitable spaces that open to the mountainous views. the structural strategy consists of positioning four successive steel frames that repeat and vary according to the programmatic, spatial requirements and structural forces. moving any point in the structure transforms the whole morphology due to its associative and interdependent design. the use of wood at different angles as cladding allows for a direct dialogue with the landscape while the interior, spatial configuration allows for views toward the andes mountains from all the rooms.
Construcción de un instrumento para la medición de la conducta sexual en adolescentes femeninas: El CCS
Vega,Verónica Corina;
Interdisciplinaria , 2006,
Abstract: cultural access makes adolescence a phase immersed in a psychosocial process that varies with time. from generation to generation, adolescents change their manifestations and thus, to understand the adolescent phenomena, it is necessary to look into the social context where it develops. if sexuality is considered a cultural product, which has been modified in the last decades, and adolescence is a developmental phase in which culture has a profound impact and in addition there is little systematized information about sexual activity in argentine adolescents, then, an instrument that assesses sexual behaviors of female adolescents is needed. the purpose of this research was to construct an inventory for the assessment of sexuality in female adolescents. thus, we made a list of 50 theoretical items based on freud (1905) and kernberg's (1995) theories as well as on dio bleichmar's (1997) theory about female sexuality. the ccs or sbq (cuestionario de conducta sexual or sexual behavior questionnaire) consists of three clearly identified sections: section 1: general information, section 2: specific information, and section 3: the questionnaire itself. the first section is for obtaining general information such as age, religion, school level, sexual orientation, who she lives with, kind of sexual activity that she has, etc. the second section is destined only for those who have already begun their genital development, and if the adolescent has not yet startedthis phase, then she must go over to the third part of the questionnaire. the third section named the questionnaire, is a list of 33 items divided into five answer categories within a likert scale framework (1: never, and 5: always). these 33 items are classified into three factors with 11 items each: (1) integrated female sexuality, (2) fantasy and disintegrated sexual activities and (3) sexual pathological aspects. the sample used to test the list of the first 50 theoretical items was made up of 149 girls of ages 13
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