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Placenta previa percreta left in situ - management by delayed hysterectomy: a case report
Minna Tikkanen, Vedran Stefanovic, Jorma Paavonen
Journal of Medical Case Reports , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1752-1947-5-418
Abstract: We present the case of a 30-year-old African woman, gravida 7, para 5, with placenta percreta managed by an alternative approach: the placenta was left in situ, methotrexate was administered, and a delayed hysterectomy was successfully performed.Further studies are needed to develop the most appropriate management option for the most severe cases of abnormal placentation. Delayed hysterectomy may be a reasonable strategy in the most severe cases.Placenta accreta (PA) is characterized by abnormal invasion of the placenta into the myometrium. PA is defined as superficial invasion, placenta increta as middle layer invasion and placenta percreta as deep invasion, which is the most severe form of PA with an incidence of one in 7000. All three types are collectively known as placenta accreta. The incidence of PA has dramatically increased due to increasing Caesarean section rates [1,2]. Although rare, PA is one of the most severe pregnancy complications. Maternal morbidity and mortality associated with PA is mainly caused by massive obstetric hemorrhage or emergency hysterectomy, and PA is often diagnosed during delivery or immediately post-partum leading to an obstetric emergency [1,3,4]. Studies suggest that antenatal diagnosis may reduce obstetric hemorrhage-related morbidity [5,6]. Furthermore, in some cases a morbidly adherent PA can be left in situ [7,8]. Such conservative management may allow delayed removal of the placenta to avoid massive hemorrhage during an attempted forced removal of the adherent placenta. We describe a case in which placenta percreta was left in situ. Subsequent post-partum hemorrhage was successfully managed by delayed hysterectomy.Our patient was a 30-year-old African woman, gravida 7, para 5. Her second screening ultrasound at 21 weeks of gestation showed normal fetal anatomy and placenta previa. She was referred in her 28th gestational week from her antenatal clinic to the University Hospital Outpatients Maternity Clinic because of anemia
Determination operation Time Risk of Box Spinning Components-oe Spinning Machine
Slobodan Stefanovic
American Journal of Engineering Research , 2013,
Abstract: Based on the constructed dependency diagram reliability of the exploitation operation time of each constituent components of the analyzed frame in the case of selected statistical distributions, areas of the operation exploitation and repair intervals are determined. This is done by determining the first inflection points. Based on these points analysis to determine the time of safety operation of frame components with allowable risk to the segmental linear function of the intensity of failure from empirical data components. Mathematical dependence dependability is determined on the basis of universal quadratic equation based on will determine the allowable risk time in operating the components of the analyzed frame.
Slobodan Stefanovic
American Journal of Engineering Research , 2013,
Abstract: Electro hydraulic servosystem for the AGC has better characteristics than electromechanic (fivetimesgreater speed of rolling, greater speed of positioning ,smaller dead–zone, smaller time of roll gap adjusting start, smaller time of maximum speed reaching,greater unloading speed).
New Insights into Regulation of Type I Collagen Gene Expression
Branko Stefanovic
Journal of Biological Sciences , 2005,
Abstract: Elucidation of the regulation of type I collagen synthesis is critical for the understanding of pathophysiology of fibroproliferative disorders, wound healing, tissue remodeling and embryonic development. Transcriptional studies have shown that changes in collagen expression could not be explained solely by changes in the transcription rate of the collagen genes. Recently, it was discovered that stability of collagen α1(I) mRNA changes dramatically by culturing fibroblasts in matrix and by treatment with TGFβ, the most potent profibrotic cytokine. Evidence was provided that the signal transduction pathways leading to activation of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K) and ERK1/2 kinases are involved in this regulation. In hepatic stellate cells (HSCs), which are responsible for excessive collagen synthesis in liver fibrosis, stabilization of collagen α1(I) is primarily responsible for 50-70 fold increase in its steady state level. Two cis-acting sequences in collagen α1(I) mRNA have been identified which are responsible for this effect, 5` stem-loop and C-rich region in the 3` untranslated region (UTR). 5` stem-loop is involved in stabilization and translation of α1(I) mRNA in activated collagen producing, HSCs. This RNA element binds cytosolic and nuclear proteins in sequence specific manner. Sequestration of these proteins by a molecular decoy inhibited synthesis of type I a collagen by more than 50%. No binding to the 5` stem-loop was detected in collagen nonproducing quiescent HSCs, where collagen α1(I) mRNA has a short half-life. The 3` C-rich region binds α-CP, a known RNA binding protein involved in stabilization of several long-lived mRNAs. Binding of α-CP can be demonstrated only in extracts of activated HSCs. Differential binding of α-CP probably depends on phosphorylation status of the protein. Cloning of the 5` stem-loop binding proteins and elucidation of the posttranslational modifications of α-CP are critical for complete understanding of regulation of type I collagen synthesis.
Hrvatski pravni sustav, Hrvatska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti, Zagreb, 2012., str. 199
Vedran Zlati?
Zbornik Radova Pravnog Fakulteta u Splitu , 2013,
Vedran Staneti?
Zbornik Radova Ekonomskog Fakulteta u Isto?nom Sarajevu , 2011,
Abstract: A new approach to solvingeconomic problems in the Republic of Srpska, inrelation to current practice, should includesignificant changes in the way of doing business byenterprises and entrepreneurs. International marketorientation should be the basis of that change, andeconomic problems of the Republic of Srpska canbe solved only with adequate involvement in theinternational flows of goods, services andinformation. For a long time small, medium andlarge companies from all over the world have beentrying to find a chance for their development andsurvival on the international market. Companiesthat stand outside the world or regional tradeflows, at best, remain languishing on the domesticmarket without any great opportunities for progressand development. There are many reasons for noninvolvement in the regional and world trade flows.The most important reason of that is laziness of theenterprises, and fear of failure. The first can beignored because it is not within the domain of thispaper. Attention is paid to another problem, or howto overcome the perception of the internationalmarket as something unknown.
Vedran Staneti?
Zbornik Radova Ekonomskog Fakulteta u Isto?nom Sarajevu , 2012,
Abstract: This paper aims to highlight thebasic characteristics of international marketingresearches and their importance to the economiesin transition. The idea, which the author has alwayshad in mind when he wrote the following lines, ishow to describe and explain in concise andaffordable way the basic principles governingresearch in an international environment, as wellas the possibility of their fastest and easiestimplementation, always emphasizing the differencesbetween international and national, local, market.Unlike the more developed countries where theconcept of marketing and marketing research isimplied, in less developed countries and countriesin transition, it is not the case. The latest GlobalCompetitiveness Report by World Economic Forumfor 2011-2012 indicates a forementionedconclusion. Companies that adopt marketing as aconcept of their development, the internationalmarket as the focus of their interest and which usemarketing research in implementation of theirbusiness objectives, have a greater chance ofprosperity in economically uncertain times ahead.The paper is based on the compilation of mostsignificant marketing and research guidelines fromthe literature that deal with the aforementionedtopics, as well as the analysis of the role andimportance of international marketing research intransition economies, especially in view of BiH,which is based on the findings of the abovementioned report of the World Economic Forum.
Bounds on the growth of high Sobolev norms of solutions to Nonlinear Schrodinger Equations on $\mathbb{R}$
Vedran Sohinger
Mathematics , 2010, DOI: 10.1512/iumj.2011.60.4399
Abstract: In this paper, we consider the cubic nonlinear Schrodinger equation, and the Hartree equation, with sufficiently regular convolution potential, both on the real line. We are interested in bounding the growth of high Sobolev norms of solutions to these equations. Since the cubic NLS is completely integrable, it makes sense to bound only the fractional Sobolev norms of solutions, whose initial data is of restricted smoothness. For the Hartree equation, we consider all Sobolev norms. For both equations, we derive our results by using an appropriate frequency decomposition. In the case of the cubic NLS, this method allows us to recover uniform bounds on the integral Sobolev norms, up to a factor of $t^{0+}$. For the Hartree equation, we use the same method as in our previous work on $S^1$, and the improved Strichartz estimate to obtain a better bound than we previously obtained in the periodic setting.
Bounds on the growth of high Sobolev norms of solutions to 2D Hartree Equations
Vedran Sohinger
Mathematics , 2010, DOI: 10.3934/dcds.2012.32.3733
Abstract: In this paper, we consider Hartree-type equations on the two-dimensional torus and on the plane. We prove polynomial bounds on the growth of high Sobolev norms of solutions to these equations. The proofs of our results are based on the adaptation to two dimensions of the techniques we previously used to study analogous problems on $S^1$, and on $\mathbb{R}$.
Bounds on the growth of high Sobolev norms of solutions to Nonlinear Schrodinger Equations on $S^1$
Vedran Sohinger
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: We consider Nonlinear Schrodinger type equations on $S^1$. In this paper, we obtain polynomial bounds on the growth in time of high Sobolev norms of their solutions. The key is to derive an iteration bound based on a frequency decomposition of the solution. This iteration bound is different than the one used earlier in the work of Bourgain, and is less dependent on the structure of the nonlinearity. We first look at the defocusing NLS equation with nonlinearity of degree $\geq 5$. For the quintic NLS, Bourgain derives stronger bounds using different techniques. However, our approach works for higher nonlinearities, where the techniques of Bourgain don't seem to apply. Furthermore, we study variants of the defocusing cubic NLS in which the complete integrability is broken. Among this class of equations, we consider in particular the Hartree Equation, with sufficiently regular convolution potential. For most of the equations that come from modifying the defocusing cubic NLS, we obtain better bounds than for the other equations due to the fact that we can use higher modified energies as in the work of the I-Team.
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