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Avalia??o de silagens de ramas de batata-doce
Figueiredo, José Altair;Andrade Júnior, Valter C de;Pereira, Rosana Cristina;Ribeiro, Karina G;Viana, Daniel José S;Neiva, Ir? P;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362012000400024
Abstract: the objective of this study was to select potential clones of sweet potato for animal feeding purposes. the experiment was carried out in a randomized block design with four replications. eleven clones bd-06, bd-25, bd-15, bd-38, cambraia, bd-31-to, bd-67, bd-45, bd-42, bd-54 and the cultivar brazlandia rosada belonging to germplasm bank of the federal university of vales do jequitinhonha and mucuri (ufvjm) were evaluated. we estimated the dry matter content and the productivity of green and dry mass of the vine. the traits ph, dry matter, crude protein phosphorus, calcium and sodium were estimated in the evaluation of silages quality. there was no significant difference in productivity of green mass and dry mass among the clones of sweet potato. the obtained silages had sufficient levels of crude protein (11.59%), neutral detergent fiber (31.98 to 39.68%), acid detergent fiber (29.65 to 35.45%) and total digestible nutrients (62.90 to 66.91%) proving the potential use of the sweet potato vine as silage in animal feeding.
Selection of sweet potato clones for the region Alto Vale do Jequitinhonha
Andrade Júnior, Valter C de;Viana, Daniel JS;Fernandes, José SC;Figueiredo, José A;Nunes, Ubirajara R;Neiva, Ir? P;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362009000300024
Abstract: an experiment was carried out from december 2005 to july 2006, in the universidade federal dos vales do jequitinhonha e mucuri (ufvjm), in diamantina, minas gerais state, brazil, aiming at selecting sweet potato clones for the alto vale do jequitinhonha. we evaluated nine clones from the ufvjm germplasm bank, using cultivars brazlandia branca, brazlandia roxa, and princesa as controls. the experimental design was blocks at random, with four replications. plants were harvested seven months after transplanting. we assessed the fresh mass yield of vines and roots, as well as root shape and resistance to soil insects. genotypes did not differ from each other for the fresh mass yield of vines (ranging from 3.81 to 11.76 t ha-1). the total yield of roots ranged from 22.0 to 45.4 t ha-1 and clones bd-06, bd-113-to, bd-15, bd-38, bd-25, bd-61, and cultivar princesa had statistically the highest figures. however, only clone bd-06 significantly overcame the control cultivars brazlandia branca and brazlandia roxa. clone bd-06 had also the highest commercial yield of roots (38.58 t ha-1), statically similar to most of the other clones and cultivar princesa (25.87 t ha-1), but superior to cultivars brazlandia branca and brazlandia roxa. most of the clones tested, including clone bd-06, produced good shaped roots and were resistant to soil insects. considering our results, clone bd-06 stood out as a good option for growing sweet potato in the upper valley of jequitinhonha.
Características produtivas e qualitativas de ramas e raízes de batata-doce
Andrade Júnior, Valter C de;Viana, Daniel José S;Pinto, Nísia AVD;Ribeiro, Karina G;Pereira, Rosana Cristina;Neiva, Ir? P;Azevedo, Alcinei M;Andrade, Paulo César de R;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362012000400004
Abstract: sweet potato is a versatile vegetable which can be used both as human and animal food. the relatively easy and inexpensive cultivation of this vegetable associated with the crop adaptability to several conditions of soil and climate enable the production of sweet potato by family farmers. the objective of this research was to evaluate production of fresh and dry mass of vines for animal nutrition and productivity and storage quality of roots for human food of sweet potato clones. the experimental design was randomized blocks, containing twelve clones and four replications. sweet potato clones from ufvjm germplasm bank were tested along with the control cultivars brazlandia rosada and brazlandia roxa, harvested six months after planting date. we evaluated the productivity of fresh and dry matter of vines and yield and quality of roots. the best clone was bd-45 with a high yield of fresh mass, dry matter and total and commercial roots, with values of 19.7; 3.3; 32.9 and 29.5 t ha-1, respectively. most genotypes presented roots near the ideal format for the market and good resistance to soil insects, with values near to grade 2.0. significant differences were observed among genotypes for the content of starch, total and reducing sugars. the genotypes showed similar chemical composition, except for the ash content. clones bd-67 and bd-56 showed higher levels of ash than cambraia, and similar to other clones.
Caracteriza??o morfológica de acessos de batata-doce do banco de germoplasma da UFVJM, Diamantina
Neiva, Ir? P;Andrade Júnior, Valter C de;Viana, Daniel José S;Figueiredo, José A;Mendon?a Filho, Carlos V;Parrella, Rafael A da Costa;Santos, Jo?o B;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362011000400016
Abstract: sweet potato accesses from the germplasm bank of the universidade federal dos vales do jequitinhonha e mucuri, diamantina, minas gerais state, brazil were characterized. the experiment was carried out between february and november 2006, using a randomized blocks design, with 65 treatments and three replications, totaling 195 plots. the evaluation of the vegetative part was carried out three months after planting and the roots were harvested nine months after planting. based on the dendrogram of morphologic differences we observed a great morphologic variability on the accesses. the characteristics of the vegetative part showed significant differences among the clones, by scott knot test at 5% probability, differently from those of the roots.
Impact of diabetes mellitus life in job: influence in social previdência loco-regional (management of Victoria da Conquista-BA) the period of 2003 to august 2007
Isaias Viana de Andrade Júnior,Ana Carolina Dias Viana de Andrade,Ana Paula Dias Viana de Andrade,Rita de Cássia Dias Viana de Andrade
Revista Saúde.Com , 2009,
Abstract: Diabetes Mellitus is a universal disease with involvement in the growing world population, and cause of many complications that entail loss in quality of life and ability laborativa of people. The objective of this work was to raise social welfare data (management of Vitória da Conquista-BA), on the impact of customers and their diabetic complications in the generation of benefits and assistance in the period from 2003 to August 2007. Survey was conducted in the database management of the INSS Vitória da Conquista, Bahia. Data were collected from the Single Information System program of Benefits (SUIBE), available from internal computer network (Intranet). Aiming to restrict the cases to only those that would have been consedido benefit as a result of diabetes and its complications or, the search was given, as the International Classification of Diseases, tenth version (ICD-10), the Pan American Health Organization and World Organization Health (WHO). The results showed that the universe of searchable 50798 concerning the management of Vitoria da Conquista, only 334 were found benefits related to diabetes and its complications. In all the benefits studied a marked impact, regardless of sex, with varying degrees of disability generators of various types of benefits with age 40,07-56,00 years. It can be concluded with the attainment of this that the low incidence (0,65%) of benefits arising from diabetes and its complications, it is probably due to underreporting
Extrato etanólico de Senna alata no controle de Fusarium oxysporum, causador da murcha-de-fusarium do meloeiro Ethanolic extract of Senna alata in control of Fusarium oxysporum responsible for fusarium wilt in melon
Erika V. de Medeiros,Viana Marcelino G.,Cynthia C. de Albuquerque,Francisco A. Viana
Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/s1415-43662012001100004
Abstract: A murcha-de-fusarium, causada pelo fungo Fusarium oxysporum, vem-se tornando uma doen a importante no meloeiro devido às grandes perdas em áreas de produ o no Brasil e no mundo, raz o pela qual o objetivo do presente trabalho foi avaliar a eficácia de extratos etanólicos de partes de Senna alata no controle do crescimento micelial de F. oxysporum isolado de plantas de meloeiro. O delineamento experimental foi inteiramente casualizado, distribuído em esquema fatorial 4 x 6 + 1, sendo o primeiro fator partes da planta (caule, folha, raiz e vagem) e, como segundo, seis concentra es (0,25; 0,50; 50; 75; 250; 500 μg mL-1) mais a testemunha, com quatro repeti es por tratamento. As variáveis avaliadas foram: taxa de crescimento micelial inibi o do crescimento micelial e área abaixo da curva do crescimento micelial. Extratos etanólicos de todas as partes de Senna alata foram eficazes no controle de F. oxysporum. Extratos de raiz e vagem foram os mais eficientes em inibir o crescimento micelial de F. oxysporum, na concentra o 500 μg mL-1. Fusarium wilt, caused by Fusarium oxysporum fungi has become an important melon disease, due to great losses in the production areas in Brazil and in the world. Therefore, the objective of the present work was to evaluate efficacy of ethanolic extracts of Senna alata parts in the control of F. oxysporum micelial growth, isolated of melon plants. The experimental design was entirely randomized distributed in factorial scheme 4 x 6 + 1, being the first factor parts of the plant (stalk, leaf, root, and green bean), and as second, six concentrations (0.25; 0.50, 50, 75, 250, 500 μg mL-1), plus the control, with four repetitions per treatment. The variables evaluated were: rate of mycelial growth, inhibition of the mycelial growth (IGM) and area under the curve of the mycelia growth. Ethanolic extracts of all Senna alata parts were efficient in control of F. oxysporum. Extracts of root and string bean were most efficient in inhibiting the mycelial growth of F. oxysporum, in 500 μg mL-1 concentration.
Avalia??o de progênies obtidas de cruzamentos de descendentes do Híbrido de Timor com as cultivares Catuaí Vermelho e Catuaí Amarelo
Bonomo, Paulo;Cruz, Cosme Dami?o;Viana, José Marcelo Soriano;Pereira, Antonio Alves;Oliveira, Valter Rodrigues de;Carneiro, Pedro Crescêncio Souza;
Bragantia , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0006-87052004000200006
Abstract: this research aimed to evaluate the behavior of twenty eight f3 progenies of arabica coffee obtained from crosses between catuaí cultivar and the híbrido de timor descents, done by epamig in association with ufv. genetic parameters and correlation coefficients among agronomic traits were estimated in order to know the genetic structure and the potential of the population for breeding programs. the experiment was set up in patrocínio (mg), using randomized block design. yields of first initial harvests (from 1997 to 2000) and some vegetative traits were analyzed. the progenies presented average yield of coffee beans higher than the control and a high genetic variability, suggesting the possibility of obtaining superior inbred lines. the progenies evaluated were resistant to the races of leaf rust present in the field. the progeny 505-9-2 is productive, vigorous and tall, while the progenies 514-7-10 and 514-7-6 are productive, vigorous and dwarf, similar to the catuaí cultivar. bean yield showed high positive genotypic correlations with plant vigor, plant size, plant height, stem diameter and plant diameter. annual yields showed to be correlated with total yield of four years only after the second productive year.
O emprego das solu??es de HCl 0,1 N de EDTA (NH4)2 CO3 e da ditizona - acetato de am?nio na extra??o de zinco em solos de Piracicaba
Benevides Filho, Valter de Alencar;Neder, Nelly Rahme;Campos, Humberto de;Braga Jr., Rubens L. C.;
Anais da Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz , 1987, DOI: 10.1590/S0071-12761987000100009
Abstract: this paper relates results obtained in the determination of total and soluble zinc. the hcl 0,1 n edta-(nh4)2co3 and dithizone-acetato de am?nio methods were applied to soil samples from profiles representing 8 soil series of piracicaba municipality, state of s?o paulo - brazil. the determination of both total and soluble zinc content was carried out by the trierweiler & sindsay (1968) method, except the dithizone soluble zinc that was determined by the shaw & dean (1952) method. the statistical analysis of the data showed a significant correlation between hcl soluble zinc and to tal zinc content. the hcl 0,1 n solution's showed a larger capacity than the edta and ditizone method's to dissolve the available zinc. the luiz de quairoz, bairrinho and guamium soils were the highest in available zinc. the luiz de queiroz, bairrinho e guamium soils were the largest in total zinc.
Comparación del efecto fitotóxico de aleloquímicos de Baccharis boliviensis (Asteraceae) en la germinación de Trichocereus pasacana (Cactaceae)
Cazón,Ada; de Viana,Marta L; Gianello,José C;
Ecolog?-a austral , 2002,
Abstract: the genus baccharis has a wide distribution in the arid regions of northwestern argentina. one species of this genus, baccharis boliviensis, growths in association with other plant species at los cardones national park, salta province. studies carried out on the spatial distribution of the cacti trichocereus pasacana in relation to available space show that although cacti seeds are abundant beneath baccharis boliviensis canopy, no adult plants are found growing in association with this species, in spite of the requirement of a nurse plant for a successful cacti establishment. aqueous extracts from baccharis boliviensis foliage extracted with hexane, chloroform and ethyl acetate inhibited trichocereus pasacana germination. chloroform was the most effective solvent for extracting the phytotoxic compounds. from this extract we isolated three flavonoids whose structures were determined by spectroscopic methods and tlc in silica gel. the germination bioassay showed that trichocereus pasacana had a differential response to the compounds from the tested extracts. the inhibitory effect was only detected in the chloroformic extract, which suggests a synergistic effect.
Adapta??o portuguesa da vers?o reduzida do Perfil de Estados de Humor: POMS
Viana,Miguel Faro; Almeida,Pedro Lopes de; Santos,Rita C.;
Análise Psicológica , 2001,
Abstract: this work presents the results of the portuguese adaptation of the short version of the profile of mood states (poms; mcnair, loor & droppleman, 1971). the portuguese version of the poms was administered to 373 athletes and non-athletes. this study presents the results of an exploratory factor analysis, internal consistency and the differences between gender and athletes and non-athletes. the factor structure is valid and consistent with the original one. the internal coefficients are adequate and the inter group differences are also align with the results published in the literature. this version of the poms provide valid and reliable measures of mood states in athletes and non athletes. the adaptation of the instrument to portugal should continue with larger samples, and specially with psychiatric subjects.
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