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Strategie adaptace na hydrologické dopady změny klimatu
Romana Slámová, Marta Martínková, Valentina Krysanova
Journal of Hydrology and Hydromechanics , 2010, DOI: 10.2478/v10098-010-0022-0
Abstract: In the context of discussed global climate change the emphasis is placed mainly on the adaptability of the water management methodology at present time. Therefore a questionnaire inquiry oriented to the perception of the climate change impact and current state of adaptation strategies implementation was carried out and evaluated. The research was realised among the water management experts in six large transboundary basins: Elbe, Rhine, Guadiana, Amudaria, Orange and Nile. The questionnaire was divided into six parts concerning for example: expected climate change impacts, adaptation measures, drivers for development of adaptation strategy, adaptation barriers etc. Responses were evaluated with rating and the dominant answers and lists of priority were established. Results were evaluated looking for overall conclusions in all or almost all regions, as well as conclusions for each region. The main benefit of the research lies in the evaluation based principally on the opinions of policy makers, stakeholders and water managers in the river basins not on the climate scenarios. The outcomes have proved understanding of the climate change impact issue over all six basins, only the approach to adaptation is partly different. The historical development of water management in the basin influences the perception as well.
Practices and Lessons Learned in Coping with Climatic Hazards at the River-Basin Scale: Floods and Droughts
Valentina Krysanova,Hendrik Buiteveld,Dagmar Haase,Fred F. Hattermann
Ecology and Society , 2008,
Abstract: Climatic hazards such as floods and droughts have always been a primary matter of concern for human populations. Severe floods damage settlements, transport networks, and arable land. Although devastating droughts are harmful primarily for agriculture and terrestrial ecosystems, they can also lead to local water supply shortages. Despite significant achievements in science and technology and success stories in environmental management in the 20th century, people still continue to suffer the consequences of climate hazards worldwide. This paper provides an overview of existing practices for coping with floods and droughts, compares strategies in different river basins, and outlines the areas that need improvement. First, the existing protection measures and response strategies against floods and droughts are briefly described. An overview is given of expected climate change and existing coping strategies for floods and droughts in seven case study basins. Four of the basins, namely the Elbe, Guadiana, Rhine, and Tisza, are located in Europe; the Nile and the Orange are in Africa; and the Amudarya is in Central Asia. Analysis of the coping strategies shows that structural measures exist in all seven river basins, but that nonstructural measures are generally not very extensive and/or advanced. Finally, the success stories in dealing with climatic hazards and lessons learned, taken partly from the seven case study basins and partly from literature, are summarized.
Brothers “in the fifth season of the year, the sixth sense and the fourth dimension”: the space of heaven in the poetical world of M. Tsvetaeva
Krysanova A.
Vestnik Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University , 2013,
Abstract: The space of heaven in the poetic world of M. Tsvetaeva is considered as a hierarchically and semantically complex space structure. The author identifies the specific features of the heaven spacium levels and describes the three main tiers of heaven, namely, the entry to heaven, the mountain space of the “divine youths, and the top of the mountain. The article justifies the reasons behind the rapid movement of the poet towards the space of ‘other’ being. The author addresses the issue of the poet’s godlikeness.
地理学报 , 2011, DOI: 10.11821/xb201103011
Abstract: 利用分布式生态水文模型SWIM,基于泾河上游(泾川测站以上)植被、土壤、气象和水文数据对研究区进行了水文过程的模拟,从而估算了流域的实际蒸散量及其各组分。结果表明SWIM模型能够较好的模拟泾河上游流域的水文过程,模拟的流域多年(1997-2003年)平均实际蒸散量为443mm,其中土壤蒸发量为259mm,植被蒸腾量为157mm,冠层截持量为27mm。石质山区的森林覆盖区和非森林地的年蒸散总量在整个流域分别具有最大值和最小值,为484mm和418mm;黄土区实际蒸散量介于二者之间,平均为447mm。森林覆盖地区土壤蒸发明显小于其它区域,而蒸腾和冠层截留明显大于其它区域。年内蒸散量主要集中在5-8月份,占全年总蒸散量的60%,且冠层蒸散比例较大达63%。整个流域湿润年份较干旱年份蒸散量增加了78mm,其中土壤蒸发增加最多,其次是冠层蒸腾,冠层截留蒸发最小。
Integrated analysis of water quality in a mesoscale lowland basin
A. Habeck, V. Krysanova,F. Hattermann
Advances in Geosciences (ADGEO) , 2005,
Abstract: This article describes a modelling study on nitrogen transport from diffuse sources in the Nuthe catchment, representing a typical lowland region in the north-eastern Germany. Building on a hydrological validation performed in advance using the ecohydrological model SWIM, the nitrogen flows were simulated over a 20-year period (1981-2000). The relatively good quality of the input data, particularly for the years from 1993 to 2000, enabled the nitrogen flows to be reproduced sufficiently well, although modelling nutrient flows is always associated with a great deal of uncertainty. Subsequently, scenario calculations were carried out in order to investigate how nitrogen transport from the catchment could be further reduced. The selected scenario results with the greatest reduction of nitrogen washoff will briefly be presented in the paper.
A 29-year-old pregnant woman with a history of anthracycline-induced clinical heart failure  [PDF]
Valentina Scheggi, Fabio Mori
Health (Health) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/health.2011.31007
Abstract: The number of women with heart disease who reach childbearing age in a good functional state increases continuously as advances in diagnosis and treatment improve overall health and prognosis. The cardiologist’s role is to give the woman an estimate of both maternal and fetal risk to allow her to make an informed decision about embarking on a pregnancy, and to provide appropriate antenatal care. There are only a few data about the natural history of anthracycline-induced cardiomyopathy during preg- nancy; we report our experience of a 29-year- old pregnant woman with a history of anthracycline-induced clinical heart failure.
ICT and Inclusion in Higher Education: A Comparative Approach  [PDF]
Valentina Della Volpe
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2015.39007

The following research describes an attempt to combine ICT and Special Education through an inclusive pedagogical perspective. It examines how an innovative use of Information and Communication Technology can help create inclusive environments on the web. Specifically, the study focuses on the way the University responds to diversity and to e-inclusion through some development phases of an experimental research project, which is most far-reaching called “Network@ccessible: teaching/learning together and for everyone in a life project” carried out by six Italian universities and research institutions, from 2009 to 2014, and involved 1174 students (1.6% disabled students). This study is split into two main parts: 1) description and analysis of the data collected following the administration of an inquiry tool, developed to detect the climate experienced by the students involved in the online working groups; 2) investigation and detection of the elements of change that can encourage the process of inclusion in online learning environments to acquire credits allocated to the university courses. This study proposes further research to take place in the area of inclusive online university courses.

Recent Trends in Occupational Injuries and Diseases in Argentina: A Panel Data Approach  [PDF]
Valentina Viego, Nicolas Sagui
Occupational Diseases and Environmental Medicine (ODEM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/odem.2015.34007
Abstract: Occupational injuries pose major public health and development related problems. However, efforts towards identification of determinants of labor incidents among salaried workers are still scarce in developing countries. This study aimed to identify sector and time effects on occupational accidents and diseases among Argentinean workers during 2004-2013. A negative binomial panel data model is estimated based on official data on injuries and fatalities in workplaces collected by the Board of Occupational Risks. Business cycle and profitability indicators are used as explanatory variables. Estimations also are adjusted by sector and time effects. Argentina business cycle tends to be negatively related with occupational injuries rates. In contrast, accidents at work reported tend to exhibit longer losses in working days. We also find a positive relationship between profitability and fatal injuries. These results may suggest incentives for under reporting and lower investments in safety by more profitable activities, which can imply some level of endogeneity between profit rate and occupational injuries.
Food Packaging Permeability Behaviour: A Report
Valentina Siracusa
International Journal of Polymer Science , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/302029
Abstract: The use of polymer materials in food packaging field is one of the largest growing market area. Actually the optimization behaviour of packaging permeability is of crucial importance, in order to extend the food shelf-life and to reach the best engineering solution. Studying the permeability characterization of the different polymer material (homogeneous and heterogeneous polymer system) to the different packaging gases, in different environmental condition, is crucial to understand if the selected material is adapted to the chosen food contact field. Temperature and humidity parameters are of crucial importance for food quality preservation, especially in real life situations, like food market, and house long-life use. The aim of this report was to collect information about the state of the art on the permeability characteristics of the polymer packages used on food field. 1. Introduction In contrast to glass or metal packaging materials, packages made with plastic are permeable at different degrees to small molecules like gases, water vapour, and organic vapour and to other low molecular weight compounds like aromas, flavour, and additives present into food. As a consequence of the barrier properties of the material, the transfer of this molecules ranges from high to low. The knowledge of the solution/diffusion/permeation behaviours of these molecules through the polymer film has become more and more important in recent years, especially for polymers used in the food packaging field where contamination from external environment has to be avoided and the shelf life of the food controlled by the use of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) techniques. Many factors that can influence the polymer packages performance must be taken into consideration to design the correct package market solution. The use of different polymers in food packaging industry depends on the properties of the food product. Also, manufacturing, handling, and packaging engineering procedures can influence the final properties of packaging material, especially in terms of barrier properties which are, further, strictly correlated to the intrinsic structure of the polymer such as degree of crystallinity, crystalline/amorphous phase ratio, nature of polymer, thermal and mechanical treatment before and after food contact, chemical groups present into the polymer (polar or not), degree of cross-linking, and glass transition temperature ( ) [1, 2]. The selection of the best packaging material is a crucial point for food market, because it needs to be versatile enough to withstand handling
Regularization method for parabolic equation with variable operator
Valentina Burmistrova
Journal of Applied Mathematics , 2005, DOI: 10.1155/jam.2005.383
Abstract: Consider the initial boundary value problem for the equation ut=−L(t)u, u(1)=w on an interval [0,1] for t>0, where w(x) is a given function in L2(Ω) and Ω is a bounded domain in ℝn with a smooth boundary ∂Ω. L is the unbounded, nonnegative operator in L2(Ω) corresponding to a selfadjoint, elliptic boundary value problem in Ω with zero Dirichlet data on ∂Ω. The coefficients of L are assumed to be smooth and dependent of time. It is well known that this problem is ill-posed in the sense that the solution does not depend continuously on the data. We impose a bound on the solution at t=0 and at the same time allow for some imprecision in the data. Thus we are led to the constrained problem. There is built an approximation solution, found error estimate for the applied method, given preliminary error estimates for the approximate method.
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