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A racionaliza??o da vida como processo histórico: crítica à racionalidade econ?mica e ao industrialismo
Fernandes, Valdir;
Cadernos EBAPE.BR , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1679-39512008000300002
Abstract: this article analyzes theoretical studies about the concept of rationality and criticizes economic rationality. it discusses the rationalization of life as a historic process, guided by the principal of rationality based on the aristotelian notion of reason and extending through analyses by max weber, karl mannheim, the frankfurt school, ivan illich, andré gorz, karl polanyi and guerreiro ramos. based on this theoretical framework, it constructs a criticism of economic rationality upon which is based the current process of development and its difficulties, and the very notion of progress.
Simonsen: pioneiro da vis?o inercial de infla??o
Ramalho, Valdir;
Revista Brasileira de Economia , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-71402003000100009
Abstract: in the late 60s, mário henrique simonsen arrived at a view of inflation which he called 'model of inflationary feedback'. this view included, under different names, certain notions that became popular in the 80s, such as inflationary shock, self-perpetuating inflation, and inflation institutionalized through indexation. among eminent brazilian economists, simonsen was the first to defend the thesis that indexation hampers the effectiveness of the fight against inflation. from the early 70s on, he preached this thesis in his classes, his books, articles and speeches as a finance minister, stressing that, due to indexation, price rises in the past determined inflation in the present.
Rese a de "Pensar o mundo novo: rumo à democracia do século XXI" de Giuseppe Vacca
Valdir Ferreira
Eccos Revista Científica , 1999,
Simonsen: pioneiro da vis o inercial de infla o
Ramalho Valdir
Revista Brasileira de Economia , 2003,
Abstract: No final dos anos 60, Mário Henrique Simonsen chegou a uma vis o de infla o que chamou 'Modelo de Realimenta o Inflacionária'. Essa vis o incluía, com outros nomes, certas no es que ficaram populares nos anos 80, tais como choque inflacionário, autoperpetua o de infla o e infla o institucionalizada pela indexa o. Dentre os economistas brasileiros e eminentes, Simonsen foi o primeiro a defender a tese de que o dispositivo da corre o monetária prejudica a eficácia do combate à infla o. Desde o início dos anos 70, ele pregou incansavelmente essa tese em aulas, livros, artigos e discursos ministeriais, repetindo que a corre o monetária faz com que as altas de pre os no passado determinem a infla o presente.
A comunica??o midiática e o Sistema único de Saúde
Oliveira, Valdir de Castro;
Interface - Comunica??o, Saúde, Educa??o , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-32832000000200006
Abstract: this article discusses the relation between media communication networks and the symbolic constitution of government health policies, as illustrated by the single healthcare system (sus - sistema único de saúde). given this angle, we focus our analysis on how the media interprets and reconfigures this healthcare field, from the point of view of power relations. we develop the idea that media communication does not take place outside a context of conflict, transformation and political struggle within society, which indicates, produces and reproduces a given form of interpretation of reality.
Ionically Bound Peroxidase from Peach Fruit
Neves, Valdir Augusto;
Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-89132002000100002
Abstract: soluble, ionically bound peroxidase (pod) and polyphenoloxidase (ppo) were extracted from the pulp of peach fruit during ripening at 20°c. ionically bound form was purified 6.1-fold by deae-cellulose and sephadex g-100 chromatography. the purified enzyme showed only one peak of activity on sephadex g-100 and page revealed that the enzyme was purified by the procedures adopted. the purified enzyme showed a molecular weight of 29000 da, maximum activity at ph 5.0 and at 40oc. the calculated apparent activation energy (ea) for the reaction was10.04 kcal/mol. the enzyme was heat-labile in the temperature range of 60 to 75oc with a fast inactivation at 75oc. measurement of residual activity showed a stabilizing effect of sucrose at various temperature/sugar concentrations (0, 10, 20 %, w/w), with an activation energy (ea) for inactivation increasing with sucrose concentration from 0 to 20% (w/w). the km and vmax values were 9.35 and 15.38 mm for 0-dianisidine and h2o2, respectively. the bound enzyme was inhibited competitively by ferulic, caffeic and protocatechuic acids with different values of ki,. l-cysteine, p-coumaric and indolacetic acid and fe++ also inhibited the enzyme but at a lower grade. n-ethylmaleimide and p-cmb were not effective to inhibit the enzyme demonstrating the non-essentiality of sh groups.
An improved second generation wave model
Caetano, Ernesto;Innocentini, Valdir;
Brazilian Journal of Oceanography , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S1679-87592003000100002
Abstract: a numerical second-generation sea wave model (sg) is presented and applied to december 1992 events on mediterranean sea. the energy advection is performed using a semi-lagrangian scheme. the wind sea is generated by surface wind data supplied by a global/limited area atmospheric model or global analysis. the source terms (generation, dissipation and nonlinear interactions) are tuned to fit the empirical sanders' duration-limited growth curve. an angular relaxation scheme is used in changing wind direction situations by permitting that the energy migrates slowly toward the new wind direction. this is accomplished by a combination of the actual spectrum and that one built by a rapid directional relaxation. one-month sg run testing for december 1992 was performed for the mediterranean sea and compared with observational buoy data. results show the model was able to hindcast unusual wave activity associated to few cyclones, which have affected the area. comparison with wam (komen et. al., 1994) run for the same period presents similar results, which is very encouraging to apply this low computational cost sea wave model for hindcast studies.
Contribui??es da racionalidade comunicativa, racionalidade substantiva e ambiental para os estudos organizacionais
Fernandes, Valdir;Ponchirolli, Osmar;
Cadernos EBAPE.BR , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1679-39512011000600009
Abstract: the theme of this article falls within organizational and rationality theory. it presents an analysis of essays concerning the substantive rationality of guerreiro ramos, the environmental rationality of enrique leff, the habermasian vision of communicative action and their implications in the organizational universe. the article's methodology is based on a bibliographic review of multiple sources. the data were obtained through bibliographic research, and the data analysis was conducted in a descriptive-interpretive manner. for this purpose, content and document analyses were used. the conclusions based on the proposals of these authors include the possibility of a critical perspective capable of identifying and confronting the pathologies that the current world demands, with an emphasis on the parameter of communicative reason. in the final instance, this should control the systematic processes, placing them at the service of the communicatively established human ends. in the analysis of the proposals of these three authors, the discussion that emerges is that the type of rationality found in social action depends essentially on the motivation of action that must necessarily be incorporated into organizational theory.
Principais avan?os e perspectivas na área de produtos naturais ativos: estudos desenvolvidos no NIQFAR/UNIVALI
Cechinel Filho, Valdir;
Química Nova , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-40422000000500017
Abstract: this work describes the more promising chemical and pharmacological or biological results obtained with some selected brazilian medicinal plants, which has been conducted at núcleo de investiga??es químico-farmacêuticas (niqfar)/univali in the last five years. it was found that several phytoconstituents exhibit different activities, such as antispasmodic, antiallergic, analgesic, antiinflammatory, antimicrobial and antiviral. some of them were more potent than some well-known standard drugs used clinically.
Uma revis?o sobre a economia brasileira e o mercado financeiro após o Plano Real: as mudan?as e a evolu??o do mercado de capitais entre 1995 e 2002
Lameira, Valdir de Jesus;
Revista Contabilidade & Finan?as , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S1519-70772004000200008
Abstract: everybody knows the importance of an efficient financial market with efficient risk management and resource allocation and also with a great confidence level for the economy of any country (rocca, 2001) the brazilian stabilization plan, called piano real, which started in the middle of 1994, made it possible to control inflation in the brazilian economy by mechanisms that allowed for a greater opening to foreign trade and increased the integration between the brazilian financial system and international financial markets. hence, the piano real provoked intense changes in our financial system. this article aims to offer a view on the brazilian economic environment and show the most important events in the brazilian financial and capital market after the advent of the monetary stabilization program, during the period between 1995 and2002. w observe the evolution of the main macroeconomic variables, the new structure of the financial system, the entrance of new international agents, the evolution of the capital market business and the behavior of public finances. finally, we will demonstrate the qualitative improvements that occurred during the period and the need for important adjustments in public account management as well as in the increase of internal savings and, consequently, the level of investments in the brazilian economy.
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