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BORBA, Valdinéia Rodrigues de Souza
Nucleus , 2008,
Abstract: This work identifies and analyses affective aspects present in Children Education. From thispresuppose, the social interaction is an essential factor of superior psychological processes. Vygotsky and Wallonbring important contribution to substantiate this relationship. The ethnographic poll directs this investigation,by the observation included performed by 60 teachers from a municipal network of Children Education. Asprocedures of data assessment, questionnaires were used to identify the teachers’ conception and reflections aboutpedagogical practices discussed, it was possible to ascertain a diversity of focuses about this theme: its positiveresult (amorosity), the limit subject, the conflict situation and the content teaching. These different conceptionscontribute with the discussion about the value the affection represents in scholastic practices. It has been deducedthat this subject is seen as a very important one in this step of children constitution and needs to take part in initialand continual program of teaching experts in a significant way.trabalho identifica e analisa o tema afetividade na Educa o Infantil. Parte do pressupostode que a intera o social é fator fundante dos processos psicológicos superiores e que estes se constituem daindissociabilidade entre afeto e cogni o. Neste sentido, Vygotsky e Wallon trazem contribui es importantes parafundamentar essa rela o. A pesquisa qualitativa norteia esta investiga o, por meio da observa o participanterealizada com 60 docentes de uma rede municipal de Educa o Infantil. Como procedimentos de coleta de dadosforam utilizados questionários para identificar as concep es das docentes sobre o termo afetividade e gruposfocais para suscitar reflex es acerca do tema. Relacionando as concep es e reflex es sobre práticas pedagógicasdiscutidas, foi possível constatar uma diversidade de enfoques sobre o tema: seu significado positivo (amorosidade),a quest o dos limites, das situa es de conflitos e do ensino conteudista. Estas diferentes concep es contribuempara a discuss o sobre o valor que a afetividade representa na práxis docente. Conclui-se que esta quest o é vistacomo de suma importancia nesta etapa da constitui o da crian a e necessita fazer parte de forma significativa nosprogramas de forma o inicial e continuada dos profissionais da Educa o.
BORBA, Valdinéia Rodrigues de Souza,LIMA, Susana Marcele de,REIS, Sueli Ant?nia
Nucleus , 2008,
Abstract: The present study aims to investigate and to analyze how the insertion of computers in schoolis done, and how teachers conceive the use of this technology. As theoretical references, this work searches astheoretical basis Pierre Lévy and Serge Moscovici′s studies. Qualitative research guides this inquiry realizedin three schools of the interior of the state of S o Paulo. As procedures of data collection, half-structuralizedquestionnaires and class comments were used, typing to identify possible factors that may interfere in the useof computer science in classroom, as well as the conceptions of the own teachers about this subject. Relatingobserved conceptions, reflections and pedagogical practices, it was possible to establish the follow categories:1) Use of computer as instrument of practical support to pedagogical one; 2) Use of computer as minimizer ofstudents′ digital exclusion; 3) Teachers versus technological ability and, 4) Computers as pertaining to schooladornments. These different conceptions contribute to the discussion about the determinant factors in the processesof teaching and learning and in the digital inclusion: effective pedagogical intervention, the role of school as ateaching institution and the effective participation of school community and of the own teachers. This investigationintends to contribute, bringing information and questionings that take the teacher to reflect on its praxis and on itsimportance as responsible for the use of computer as a partner in its pedagogical work.presente estudo tem como objetivo investigar e analisar como está se efetivando a inser o doscomputadores nas escolas e como os docentes concebem o uso desta tecnologia. Como referenciais teóricos,esta pesquisa busca fundamentos nos estudos de Pierre Lévy e Serge Moscovici. A pesquisa qualitativa norteiaesta investiga o realizada em três escolas do interior do estado de S o Paulo. Como procedimentos de coleta dedados, foram utilizados questionários semi-estruturados e observa es de aulas, visando a identificar os possíveisfatores que podem interferir na utiliza o da informática em sala de aula, bem como as concep es das própriasdocentes sobre o tema. Relacionando as concep es, reflex es e práticas pedagógicas observadas, foi possívelestabelecer as seguintes categorias: 1) Uso do computador como instrumento de apoio à prática pedagógica;2) Uso do computador como minimizador da exclus o digital dos discentes; 3) Docentes versus competênciatecnológica e 4) Computadores como elementos de decora o nas escolas. Estas diferentes concep es contribuempara a
BORBA, Valdinéa Rodrigues de Souza,MELO, Lidiane Soares
Nucleus , 2010,
Abstract: The child in the transition from preschool to elementary school goes through meaningfulexperiences and can express feelings of anxiety, stress, emotional disturbance and cognitive difficulties andrelationship with the guys around him. Thus, this study was to investigate the playful as a possible strategy tomitigate these factors that interfere considerably in the process of teaching and learning. Based on this context,we investigated toys, games, and companies of the infants in the act of playing, and the views of teachersregarding the inclusion of playful learning, family and, through structured interviews, application questionnairesand observations. Thus, the study was conducted in 16 children in the afternoons for a primary school in the cityof Buritizal (SP), their families and teacher, showing positive results in relation to the interaction betweenteacher, child and family. Therefore, it appears that there is a clear need for interaction between children, familyand school staff, enabling the integration of educational practices that benefit the process of teaching andlearning through playful.A crian a no período de transi o da pré-escola para o ensino fundamental passa por experiênciassignificativas, podendo manifestar sentimentos de angústia, stress, perturba o emocional e dificuldadescognitivas e de relacionamento com os sujeitos ao seu redor. Desse modo, o presente trabalho objetivoupesquisar o lúdico como possível estratégia para amenizar esses fatores que interferem consideravelmente noprocesso de ensino-aprendizagem. Baseando-se neste contexto, investigaram-se os brinquedos, as brincadeiras, ecompanhias dos infantes no ato de brincar; bem como a vis o do docente a respeito da inser o do lúdico naaprendizagem, e dos familiares, por meio de entrevistas estruturadas, aplica o de questionários e observa es.Assim, o estudo foi realizado com 16 crian as do período vespertino de uma escola de ensino fundamental dacidade de Buritizal (SP), seus familiares e professor, demonstrando resultados positivos em rela o ao convívioentre professor, crian a e família. Portanto, conclui-se que é evidente a necessidade de intera o entre crian as,família e equipe escolar, possibilitando a inser o de práticas pedagógicas que beneficiem o processo de ensinoaprendizagematravés do lúdico.
BORBA , Valdinéa Rodrigues de Souza,DINALLI , A.
Nucleus , 2009,
Abstract: This research identifies and analyzes the social representations of teachers, the students and parents about full-time school and the right to education of quality. Part of the assumptions that thesecurity of subjective public right to education is constitutional; the full-time school allows an education of better quality; the representations of management team, teachers, students and parents about the issue, influencing the practices teaching; the family's participation in the educational process of children, as wellas the involvement of students in their learning process, ensure the quality of teaching in schools. Accordingly, the Education Law, Moscovici and Jodelet bring significant contributions. The guidingmethodology of this study gives a stamp of quality and uses as tools for data collection to free association of words, semi-structured questionnaire, document analysis, interviews, diary of field and literature search. The analysis and interpretation of data point to the assertion that the Constitutional Education Law to the teaching quality is understood by children, teachers and parents investigated as a fact in full-time school, although the stay of students in school is not a sine qua non for the security of this law, nor forsuccess in school. Also shows that for parents the more important is access and permanence of children in school, because then you can have a balanced diet and staying away from the dangers that the street offers. These approaches contribute on the discussion about the role of the whole school community in the search for the quality of education and ensuring educational rights that are inherent to the citizen.Esta pesquisa identifica e analisa as representa es sociais dos docentes, dos discentes edos pais sobre a escola de tempo integral e o direito ao ensino de qualidade. Parte dos pressupostos de quea garantia do direito público subjetivo à educa o é constitucional; a escola de tempo integral possibilitaum ensino de melhor qualidade; as representa es da equipe gestora, dos docentes, discentes e pais sobreo tema, influenciam as práticas pedagógicas; a participa o da família no processo educacional dos filhos,bem como o envolvimento dos discentes em seu processo de aprendizagem, garantem a qualidade doensino. Neste sentido, o Direito Educacional, Moscovici e Jodelet trazem contribui es importantes. Ametodologia, de cunho qualitativo, utiliza como instrumentos a associa o livre de palavras, questionáriosemi-estruturado, análise documental, entrevista, diário de campo e pesquisa bibliográfica. A análise einterpreta
BORBA, Valdinéa Rodrigues de Souza,MACHADO, Andreza da Silva,CALIMAN, Renata Aparecida
Nucleus , 2008,
Abstract: The present work identifies and analyzes the affectivity in the initial series teachers’ vision. Itparts from the estimated that the interaction in social way, the feelings and affections influence the development ofthat individuals cognition. Vygotsky and Wallon, among other authors, bring important contributions to base thisquestion. The research was done through a questionnaire of seven questions to identify the teacher’s conceptionsabout affectivity. Eight initial series teachers had been interviewed, and, based in their answers and the theoreticalreferences, it was possible to detach the influence and relevance that the term has for learning. Conclusion: this question has much importance to good teacher/pupil relationship and for a good learning.O presente trabalho identifica e analisa a afetividade na vis o das docentes de séries iniciais. Parte dopressuposto de que a intera o no meio social, os sentimentos e afetos influenciam no desenvolvimento da cogni odo indivíduo. Vygotsky e Wallon, dentre outros autores, trazem importantes contribui es para fundamentar essaquest o. A pesquisa foi realizada através de um questionário de sete perguntas para identificar as concep es dasdocentes sobre o termo afetividade. Foram entrevistadas oito docentes de séries iniciais, e, com base em suasrespostas e nos referenciais teóricos, foi possível destacar a influência e relevancia que o termo possui em rela oà aprendizagem. Concluiu-se que esta quest o é de suma importancia para as docentes, e que é essencial um bom DOCENTESrelacionamento entre educador e educando para uma aprendizagem satisfatória.
Prevalência e custos indiretos das cefaléias em uma empresa brasileira
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 1998,
Abstract: Funcionários de uma empresa (n=993) foram entrevistados quanto à ocorrência de cefaléias durante um período retrospectivo de 30 dias. A prevalência foi 49,8%, com frequência de 4,3±7,0 episódios e dura o de 12,2±21,4 horas. Os diagnósticos baseados na classifica o da Sociedade Internacional de Cefaléias, foram enxaqueca (5,5%), cefaléia do tipo tens o (CTT) episódica (26,4%), CTT cr nica (1,7%) e outras cefaléias (16,2%). As mulheres foram mais acometidas e tiveram proporcionalmente mais enxaquecas que os homens. Cerca de 10% dos pacientes relataram dor suficientemente intensa a ponto de prejudicar seu desempenho no trabalho, o que representou 538,75 horas n o trabalhadas. O custo indireto proporcionado pela interferência no trabalho foi estimado para cada cefaléia. O potencial prejuízo projetado à empresa devido às cefaléias é R$145,64 por funcionário, ou R$144 682,39 por ano. Como a enxaqueca é a cefaléia de maior custo, seu controle é particularmente importante no ambiente de trabalho. Há meios eficazes para reduzir sua frequência, com reflexos positivos no bem-estar e na produtividade do indivíduo. A rela o custo-benefício favorece claramente a institui o de programas de preven o e tratamento contra cefaléias cr nicas
Phytochemical study of Mikania pseudohoffmanianna G. M. Barroso ex W. C. Holmes
Souza, Janaina Moreira de;Taleb-Contini, Silvia Helena;Oliveira, Dionéia Camilo Rodrigues de;
Revista Brasileira de Ciências Farmacêuticas , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-93322006000200012
Abstract: this work describes the fractionation of methanol and dichloromethane extracts of aerial parts from the mikania pseudohoffmanniana g. m. barroso ex w. c. holmes. the phytochemical study of extracts led to isolation and the identification of 16 known compounds, including: steroids: campesterol, stigmasterol and b-sitosterol, diterpenes: ent-15b-e-cinnamoyloxy-kaur-16-en-19-oic acid, ent-15b-z-cinnamoyloxy-kaur-16-en-19-oic acid and ent-kaur-16-en-19-oic acid, triterpenes: a-amyrin, b-amyrin, a-amyrin acetate, b-amyrin acetate, lupeol, lupeol acetate and friedelin, coumarin: scopoletin, flavonoid: quercetin and caffeoyl quinic acid derivative: 4,5-di-o-[e]-caffeoyl quinic acid.
Crescimento inicial de plantas de licuri (Syagrus coronata (Mart.) Becc.) em diferentes níveis de luminosidade
Carvalho, Noeli Oliveira Santana;Pelacani, Claudinéia Regina;Rodrigues, Manuela Oliveira de Souza;Crepaldi, Iara Candido;
Revista árvore , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-67622006000300005
Abstract: changes in light intensity, to which a species is adapted, may condition different physiological responses in its biochemical, anatomical and growing features. this paper aims at assessing the initial growth of licuri plants (syagrus coronata (mart.) becc.) subjected to different light conditions. five-month-old licuri plants, grown in substrates of soil + organic fertilizer, were used. plants were kept in 30% and 100% light intensity. measurements of height, stem diameter, and number of leaves were taken monthly over a 12-month period. at the end of the experiment, dry mass, foliar area and chlorophyll contents were evaluated. those plants submitted to 30% light intensity showed improvement in height, stem diameter, number of produced leaves, and total dry mass. proportion of dry mass directed towards the roots was higher as light intensity increased, however, aerial part, differently from the radicular system, decreased. under 100% light intensity, the plants showed a larger total leaf area, as well as a higher chlorophyll a/b ratio. specific leaf area was inversely proportional to the light intensity. with the obtained results, it can be inferred that shade favored initial growth of licuri plants.
Fraturas com arrancamento do anel apofisário ("limbus") póstero-superior da vértebra L5, associado com hérnia discal pré-marginal em atletas
Puertas, Eduardo Barros;Wajchenberg, Marcelo;Cohen, Moisés;Isoldi, Mario Néia;Rodrigues, Luciano Miller Reis;Souza, Paulo Satiro de;
Acta Ortopédica Brasileira , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-78522002000100004
Abstract: the number of sport related injuries has raised as the increasing number of adolescents practicing competitive sports. lumbar pain is a frequent complaint among young athletes. it is usually related to the contracture of paravertebral muscles and fractures (spondylolysis) caused by excessive practicing and incorrect techniques. however, other etiologies can cause lumbar pain, such as infectious processes, tumor and fractures. avulsion fractures of the apophysial ring are uncommon lesions which rarely happen in the posterior superior area of the l5 vertebra. the literature shows that the most susceptible place to injuries is the posterior inferior area of the l4 vertebra. this paper presents two cases of young athletes with this unusual lesion. the objective of this work is to discuss the possible etiology and the best diagnostic and treatment procedures for this pathology.
Treinamento de for?a no meio aquático em mulheres jovens
Souza, Andréia Silveira de;Rodrigues, Bruno Mastrascusa;Hirshammann, Bianca;Graef, Fabiane Inês;Tiggemann, Carlos Leandro;Kruel, Luiz Fernando Martins;
Motriz: Revista de Educa??o Física , 2010, DOI: 10.5016/1980-6574.2010v16n3p649
Abstract: the aim of this study was to analyze the effects of an aquatic strength training (ast) upon muscle strength in young and healthy women. the aquatic training group (atg, n=13) trained during eleven weeks and the control group (cg, n=7) did not practice any exercise throughout this period. the ast was performed twice a week for 50 minutes and the main part was performed in circuit form. the maximum dynamic strength (ms) was evaluated by the one repetition maximum test in seven strength exercises. the paired t test was used to compare the situations pre and post training (p<0.05). the ast showed a significant increase (p<0.001) in ms in all exercises and the increases ranged between 12.53 ± 9.28% to 25.90 ± 17.84%. no significant changes were observed in the cg. in general ways, we may recommend aquatic strength training of eleven weeks as an alternative and effective method to increase muscle strength in health and young women.
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