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Structure and ecological groups of an urban, recently disturbed, forest remnant in Uberlandia, MG
Sérgio de Faria Lopes,Vagner Santiago do Vale,Jamir Afonso do Prado Júnior,Ana Paula de Oliveira
Biotemas , 2012,
Abstract: The goal of this work was to evaluate the biological diversity in an urban forest remnant to better understand the structure of the community and ecological processes that are important for the conservation of these fragile ecosystems. The study was carried out in a fragment of seasonal semideciduous forest, with a long history of human disturbance, which is located in an urban area of Uberlandia, Minas Gerais. Samples from 25 (20x20m)plots were assessed, which included all individuals with a circumference at breast height (CBH) > 15cm. The species were classified based on successional group and dispersal syndrome. A total of 958 trees, from 69 species and 35 families, were recorded. The group of early secondary species presented higher values for all of the phytosociological parameters, followed by the late secondary species. The results suggest that the fragment is in an intermediate stage of successional development. Frequent and intense anthropogenic disturbance caused by the periodic removal of litter and tree, shrub and herb seedlings, to maintain an area for recreation, is compromising the regeneration of the species in this forest and thus hindering the slow process of regeneration of the remnant towards more mature stages of succession.
Fitossociologia, caracteriza??o sucessional e síndromes de dispers?o da comunidade arbórea de remanescente urbano de Floresta Estacional Semidecidual em Monte Carmelo, Minas Gerais
Prado Júnior, Jamir Afonso do;Lopes, Sérgio de Faria;Schiavini, Ivan;Vale, Vagner Santiago do;Oliveira, Ana Paula de;Gusson, André Eduardo;Dias Neto, Olavo Custódio;Stein, Manuela;
Rodriguésia , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S2175-78602012000300001
Abstract: urban parks have a strategic importance fot the quality of life in urban centers, contributing to significant environmental and social services. knowledge of forest structure has helped to subsidize the maintenance of these parks. based on the phytosociological analysis of tree species in a semideciduous forest fragment (120 ha), this study assessed the conservation status of this remnant. we sampled all trees with cbh > 15 cm, present in 25 permanent plots (20 × 20 m), and classified the species as to successional groups and dispersal syndromes. we recorded 798 individuals in 98 species belonging to 37 families. early secondary species had the highest values of species richness , density and importance value, followed by late secondary species with the highest dominance, and pioneer species with low representation. regarding the dispersal syndrome, over 77% of the community is represented by species with zoochoric dispersal. these results increase the valuation of the "parque da matinha", reaffirming the importance of this urban park for the conservation of native fauna and flora, and supporting the need for public policies of park use by visitors.
Priscila Moreira Gomes,Celine de Melo,Vagner Santiago do Vale
Revista Sociedade & Natureza , 2005,
Abstract: The present work deals with the evaluation of the ambient impacts in the springs of the city ofUberlandia (MG), in order to analyze the suffered degree of interference. Sixteen springs locatedin the Basin of the River Uberabinha had been studied. Visits in the places for comment of the stateof the springs and evaluation of diverse macrocospic parameters had been carried through. Inthese parameters the springs in its majority, they had been presented degraded, mainly for: gar-bage in entorno, use for animals and human beings, proximity of residences and for not havingadequate or efficient protection. The detected processes of impacts in the springs occur, mainly fornot presenting any type of protection and for the high proximity with residences.
Efeito de queimadas sobre a estrutura e composi??o da comunidade vegetal lenhosa do cerrado sentido restrito em Caldas Novas, GO
Lopes, Sérgio de Faria;Vale, Vagner Santiago do;Schiavini, Ivan;
Revista árvore , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-67622009000400012
Abstract: considering that the regimes of burning modify important factors of the structure and composition of the species of a plant community, the objective of this work was to analyze the effect of burning on the floristic composition and structure of the wood vegetation of the cerrado sensu stricto at the parque estadual da serra de caldas novas (pescan), goiás, submitted to different times of burning. two areas had been used of cerrado sensu stricto: one was submitted to burning in 2002 and 2006 and the other area did not suffer burning in the same period. for each area, 25 parcels of 20x20 m were established and all the wood flora (c30>15 cm) was included in the study. both areas studied presented similar floristic composition, evidenced by the sorensen coefficient, which found 84% of similarity in the floristic composition between the areas. however, the vegetation structure presented relevant differences, evidenced by the similarity′s index of bray curtis, which found a value of 0,67. this value was reflected by changes in the studied communities' structure. the burnt area presented a smaller number of individuals and species, a smaller value for the basal area and, therefore, the shannon diversity index (h') and evenness (j'). therefore, the frequency and intensity of the burnings in the area had not been enough to evidence their effects on the process of alteration in the composition of the wood species. however, the fire exerted a relevant role in the modification of the vegetation structure.
An Ecological Comparison of Floristic Composition in Seasonal Semideciduous Forest in Southeast Brazil: Implications for Conservation
Sérgio de Faria Lopes,Ivan Schiavini,Ana Paula Oliveira,Vagner Santiago Vale
International Journal of Forestry Research , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/537269
Abstract: We examined floristic patterns of ten seasonal semideciduous forest sites in southeastern Brazil and conducted a central sampling of one hectare for each site, where we took samples and identified all individual living trees with DBH (diameter at breast height, 1.30?m) ≥4.8?cm. Arboreal flora totaled 242 species, 163 genera, and 58 families. Fabaceae (38 species) and Myrtaceae (20 species) were families with the largest number of species. Only Copaifera langsdorffii and Hymenaea courbaril occurred at all sites. Multivariate analysis (detrended correspondence analysis and cluster analysis) using two-way indicator species analysis (TWINSPAN) indicated the formation of a group containing seven fragments in which Siparuna guianensis was the indicator species. This analysis revealed that similarities between studied fragments were due mainly to the successional stage of the community. 1. Introduction The extent of seasonal semideciduous forests (SSFs) in Brazil is underestimated because of its naturally fragmented distribution [1, 2]. Semideciduous seasonal forests occur along the contact zone between Atlantic forest and the diagonal of opened formations [3–5], comprising three different scenarios: (1) in northeastern Brazil, the SSFs form a marked belt (<50?km) in transition between the coastal rainforest and semiarid formations (Caatinga), but also occur in enclaves of montane forests, the altitude marsh [6, 7]; (2) the transition between the Cerrado and the coastal Atlantic forest in southeastern Brazil involves an extensive occurrence of SSFs to the south, up to the east of Paraguay and northeast of Argentina, forming a complex mosaic with the Cerrado vegetation in the west; (3) in southeastern Brazil, a large Araucaria forest confronts subtropical coastal Atlantic forest, and the SSF appear to the west and south as a transition to the Chaco forests, and to the southeast with fields or the southern pampas [8, 9], and beyond disjunct areas located in Mato Grosso and Tocantins states [10]. In southeast Brazil, SSFs are distributed widely in sites with a seasonal rainfall regime, characteristic of the Atlantic forest and Cerrado domains. In the Atlantic forest domain, SSF is the predominant typology, and in the Cerrado domain, SSF occurs in enclaves, associated with permanent or intermittent watercourses [12] and should be regarded as lato sensu Atlantic forest, since it presents a floristic-structural identity similar to forests of the Atlantic forest domain [12]. Semideciduous seasonal forests suffered the same degradation process as other Brazilian
Effects of television programs about Family Health
Vagner Ferreira do Nascimento
Revista Gest?o & Saúde , 2012,
Abstract: This is an observational study, which sought to reflect on the impact of television programs on family health. Thus, from February to July 2011, a Family Health Unit of Barra do Gar as - Mato Grosso, the researcher observed the behavior of customers, through spontaneous expressions which referred to the materials or articles about health programs. At the end of the study, it wasfound that such programs stimulated and generated new behaviors, especially in women. But to do so, health professionals must engage with this media education and participate in the conduct of learned information in accordance with the need of the viewer.
Premenstrual Syndrome in Chinese Medicine
Vagner Ferreira do Nascimento
Revista Gest?o & Saúde , 2012,
Abstract: The premenstrual syndrome has become a challenge for science from the time that went into social media with the advent of women in the labor market. So complex and difficult to control due to instability, variety and intensity of symptoms, the syndrome can compromise the quality of life of women. Therefore, the study aimed to describe the main concepts, forms and treatment of premenstrual syndrome in the view of traditional Chinese medicine through a literature survey. Constituted research sources, books, articles, dissertations and theses indexed in the LILACS database. Thus, using the keywords: menstrual tension and Chinese medicine, found 17 documents, among them, 05 articles, 01 dissertation and 02 theses. In Chinese medicine, the practicality and effectiveness in the treatment of premenstrual syndrome by acupuncture and herbal medicine occurs when, developed by skilled and qualified, offering no risk or adversity.
Efeito do consumo de alimento sobre os valores energéticos do gr?o de trigo e seus subprodutos para frangos de corte, obtidos pela motodologia da alimenta??o for?ada
Borges, Flávia Maria de Oliveira;Rostagno, Horácio Santiago;Saad, Carlos Eduardo do Prado;
Ciência e Agrotecnologia , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-70542004000600023
Abstract: this paper were carried out with caecectomised broilers for evaluation of the effects of the feed intake levels on the methodology of forced feeding, for evaluation of the metabolizable energy (apparent metabolizable energy - ame, true metabolizable energy - tme, apparent corrected by the nitrogen metabolizable energy - amen and true corrected - tmen), using as feeds tests the wheat and some of its by-products randomly distributed in fatorial outline of 2 x 8, (levels x feeds) with four repetitions. the method used for the evaluation of me was the forced feeding. all the broilers were submitted to a fast of 30 hours and forced to ingest 25 and 50 grams of the pure feeds of an only time. in the two levels a treatment was left in fast, for the determination of the metabolic losses and endogenous. in the feeds and excrete, dry matter, crude protein and gross energy they were analyzed. the averages were compared by the test of student newman keuls. evaluated the effects of the consumption levels on the metabolizable energy obtained by the methodology of sibbald, it was observed that the values of ame for over all treatments were affected for the amount of ingested feed, and in the lowest consumption level the values of ame were significantly lower. wheat bran and the by-products values obtained for tme were higher in the level of lower consumption. with regard to the relationship ame/tme, would be logical to wait larger relationships at low consumption levels, as well as it was found, once the effects of the metabolic and endogenous losses present larger influences in the calculation of tme in low ingestions. amen was affected strongly by the ingestion levels, presenting significant differences in all the treatments. these results are due to the excretion of metabolic fecal energy (fem) more the energy endogenous urinary (eue) that depresses the values of ema in low consumptions. with relationship tmen, only the clear wheat flour shown difference among the feeds tested,
Associa??o entre violência doméstica na gesta??o e peso ao nascer ou prematuridade
Audi, Celene Aparecida Ferrari;Corrêa, Ana M. Segall;Latorre, Maria do Rosário Dias de Oliveira;Santiago, Silvia M.;
Jornal de Pediatria , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0021-75572008000100011
Abstract: objective: to investigate whether domestic violence during pregnancy is associated with unfavorable infant health outcomes, measured by low birth weight or prematurity. methods: this was a prospective cohort study enrolling pregnant women whose prenatal care was provided by 10 basic health units in the city of campinas, sp, brazil, between 2004 and 2006. a structured questionnaire was employed that had previously been validated for use in brazil. each mother attended a minimum of two and a maximum of three interviews during the prenatal and postnatal periods. data were analyzed using descriptive statistics. student's t test was used to compare means for birth weight and gestational age between mothers who had suffered domestic violence during the current pregnancy and those who had not. logistic regression analysis was employed to identify factors associated with low birth weight or prematurity. results: during the prenatal and postnatal periods, 89.1% (n = 1,229) of the pregnant women were followed up, 10.9% being lost to follow-up, basically due to changes of address. mean birth weight was 3,233 g; mean gestational age was 38.56 weeks. a total of 13.8% of the infants had low birth weight or were premature. conditions associated with risk of low birth weight or prematurity were: mothers who had previously given birth prematurely (p < 0.005), who smoked (p < 0.001), who delivered by caesarian (p < 0.001) and whose partners had a low educational level (p < 0.008). conclusions: in this study, no statistically significant association was observed between domestic violence perpetrated by partners and low birth weight or prematurity.
Níveis de energia metabolizável para frangos de corte no período de 22 a 42 dias de idade mantidos em ambiente termoneutro
Oliveira Neto, Adhemar Rodrigues de;Oliveira, Rita Flávia Miranda de;Donzele, Juarez Lopes;Rostagno, Horacio Santiago;Ferreira, Rony Antonio;Carmo, Humberto Maximiano do;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982000000400026
Abstract: this experiment was conducted to evaluate the effects of metabolizable energy (me) levels on performance, carcass quality and physiological traits of broilers from 22 to 42 days of age maintained under thermoneutral environment (23.2±0.74oc). two hundred and forty hubbard male broilers with average weight of 753±3.03 g were used in a completely randomized design with five treatments (3000, 3075, 3150, 3225 and 3300 kcal metabolizable energy/kg diet), six replicates and eight birds per experimental unit. the experimental isoproteic diets were fed to birds in a controlled way, corresponding to 95% of the voluntary intake, in order to maintain the same protein intake in all treatments. weight gain, me intake, feed:gain and fat and protein depositions linearly improved as dietary em increased, with the carcass yield linearly reduced according to the me levels. there was no effect of dietary me level on absolute and relative weights of thigh, drumstick, legs, breast with bone, heart, liver, gizzard, proventriculus, lungs, intestine, abdominal fat and feathers. it was not observed the effect of the dietary me level of the diet on the serum concentration of free triiodotironine. the level of 3232 kcal me, corresponding to the calculated energy:protein ratio of 16.49, showed the best performance and protein deposition in the carcass of broilers maintained under thermoneutral environment.
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