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Ontogenyc transformations of ovaries in prenatal period of numan development.
Marchuk V.F.
Морфолог?я , 2007,
Abstract: The investigation is dedicated to a study of peculiarities of morphogenesis and the establishment process of ovaries in prenatal period of human ontogenesis. With the help of a complex of morphological methods human embryos, prefetuses and fetuses have been researched. А marked variance of the external structure and the location of the ovaries in prefetuses and in fetuses has been established, the periods of their accelerated and delayed growth have been deter-mined. Asymmetry of the ovaries and their correlation on the basis of the morpho-metric parameters has been estimated. The ovaries are located in the abdominal cavity more cranially to the terminal line of the pelvis prior to the birth of an infant. For the first time the rate of the ovarian growth during the fetal period, the absence of morphofunctional interdependence of the formation of the ovaries and pelvic bones have been evaluated. The prefetal period is distinguished by the process of delimitation of the sexual glands from the mesonephroi and that results in the formation of the mesentery and hilum of the gonads, by the dynamic character of the topographo-anatomical relationships of the sex glands with the adjacent organs and structures, as well as close correla-tions with the development of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, pancreas, adrenal glands and mesonephroi. The ovaries of 4-6 month old fetuses are to be found in the abdominal cavity in a vertical position, as a rule. An oblique position primarily, seldom a horizontal position of the ovaries are observed in 7-9 month old fetuses. A horizontal position of the ovaries prevails in 10 month old fetuses. During the fetal period close topo-grapho-anatomical relationships of both ovaries with the loops of the small intestine, sigmoid colon, ureters, common iliac vessels are defined.
Could Aleijadinho have suffered from scleroderma?
V.F. Azevedo
Reumatismo , 2011, DOI: 10.4081/reumatismo.2008.230
Abstract: Rheumatic conditions have affected, among others, emperors, kings, politicians, religious personages and artists. Knowledge about their articular illnesses has increased with a multiplicity of source documents on these personalities: ancient texts, letters, drawings, paintings, sculptures, songs and pictures. Here the case of the most important Brazilian visual artist is described, namely the sculptor Aleijadinho (1730?-1814), who, besides suffering an extremely disability condition, did not give up performing artistic works throughout his whole life. This study proposes a discussion about the possibility that such an artist has presented a clinical profile of scleroderma.
Beneficial effects of exercise training (treadmill) on insulin resistance and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in high-fat fed C57BL/6 mice
Marques, C.M.M.;Motta, V.F.;Torres, T.S.;Aguila, M.B.;Mandarim-de-Lacerda, C.A.;
Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-879X2010007500030
Abstract: c57bl/6 mice develop signs and symptoms comparable, in part, to the human metabolic syndrome. the objective of the present study was to evaluate the effects of exercise training on carbohydrate metabolism, lipid profile, visceral adiposity, pancreatic islet alterations, and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in c57bl/6 mice. animals were fed one of two diets during an 8-week period: standard (sc, n = 12) or very high-fat (hf, n = 24) chow. an exercise training protocol (treadmill) was then established and mice were divided into sc and hf sedentary (sc-sed, hf-sed), exercised groups (sc-ex, hf-ex), or switched from hf to sc (hf/sc-sed and hf/sc-ex). hf/hf-sed mice had the greatest body mass (65% more than sc/sc-sed; p < 0.0001), and exercise reduced it by 23% (p < 0.0001). hepatic enzymes alp (+80%), alt (+100%) and ast (+70%) were higher in hf/hf mice than in matched sc/sc. plasma insulin was higher in both the hf/hf-sed and hf/sc-sed groups than in the matched exercised groups (+85%; p < 0.001). pancreatic islets, adipocytes and liver structure were greatly affected by hf, ultimately resulting in islet β-cell hypertrophy and severe liver steatosis. the hf group had larger islets than the sc/sc group (+220%; p < 0.0001), and exercise significantly reduced liver steatosis and islet size in hf. exercise attenuated all the changes due to hf, and the effects were more pronounced in exercised mice switched from an hf to an sc diet. exercise improved the lipid profile by reducing body weight gain, visceral adiposity, insulin resistance, islet alterations, and fatty liver, contributing to obesity and steatohepatitis control.
Criteria of the APM Stator Winding and Lifespan Evaluation Using Accelerated Tests
V.F. Tomachevitch,A. Abdessemed
Asian Journal of Information Technology , 2012,
Abstract: This research is devoted to the study of the two layer winding permeances with round conductors placed in the stator by Asymmetrical Placement Method (APM) without double flexion. An application criterion of these winding types is proposed. Theoretical and experimental analyses are centred on the performances of the proposed new method of two layer winding placement-Symmetrical Placement Method (SPM) starting from the polynomial model based on the multifactorial experiment in order to replace the generally utilised methods: "lifted" and asymmetrical methods. The obtained results made it possible to highlight a lifespan variation law according to the temperature in an interval of humidity values.
Use of Retinalamin at an Early Stage of Treatment of Non-proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy in Children with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
N.А. Malysheva,V.F. Rossokhin
Sovremennye Tehnologii v Medicine , 2011,
Abstract: The aim of the work is to study the effect of retinalamin on circulatory dynamics and functional state of the retina when treating non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy in children with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. Materials and methods. There were included into the study 100 children with signs of diabetic retinopathy: microhemorrhages, capillary network distention. All the patients received standard treatment of type 1 diabetes mellitus: insulin therapy, lipoic acid medications, antioxidants. Conclusion. Retinalamin administration at an early stage of non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy reduces the risk of progression of the complication. According to Doppler sonography of ophthalmic artery, retinalamin has a favourable effect on capillary wall of ophthalmic artery and improves flow properties of blood on the local level. The course of injections of the medication in young children can be halved that is less traumatic and more cost effective.
Cast in place temperature 5 influence on fresh concrete made with limestone filler and blended cement
Soria, E. A.,Rahhal, V.F.
Materiales de Construccion , 2003,
Abstract: Properties of fresh concrete play a relevant role on placing and consolidation; and its design strength and durability depends on them. It is well known too that the concrete temperature during placing affects all its properties in different ways and extent. This paper presents the influence of placing temperature of concretes made with portland cement, limestone filer cement and blended cement, commercially available, on slump, slump loss, setting time and bleeding. The results show that generally when concrete temperature rises, the bleeding and slump fall down and the slump loss and setting time are accelerated. However, regardless of the strength class the type of cement affects the value of these variations Las propiedades de los hormigones en estado fresco desempe an un papel fundamental durante las operaciones de colocación y compactación de los mismos y de ellas depende, en gran medida, que se alcance en el estado endurecido la resistencia y la durabilidad de dise o. Es sabido, además, que la temperatura que alcanza un hormigón durante dichas operaciones, afecta en mayor o menor grado a todas sus propiedades, de manera diferente. En el presente trabajo se analizó la influencia de la temperatura de colocación sobre el asentamiento, la pérdida del asentamiento en el tiempo, los tiempos de fraguado y la exudación, en hormigones elaborados con cemento portland normal, fillerizado y compuesto, de procedencia comercial. Los resultados han mostrado, en general, que con el aumento de la temperatura de colocación disminuyen la exudación y el asentamiento; mientras que la pérdida de asentamiento y los tiempos de fraguado se aceleran. Sin embargo, las magnitudes de dichas variaciones resultan a su vez muy influenciadas por el tipo de cemento utilizado, aun siendo de la misma clase resistente.
Influence of chronic stress and terahertz radiation at nitric oxide frequency on functional activity of thyroid gland
Tsymbal А.А.,Kirichuk V.F.,Kurtukova М.О.
Saratov Journal of Medical Scientific Research , 2010,
Abstract: In the chronic stress conditions oppression of functional activity of thyroid gland is revealed. Influence of terahertz radiation at the nitric oxide frequency of 150,176-150,664 GHz on functional activity of thyroid gland in the conditions of chronic experimental stress was studied. It was shown that during 15 minutes of influence of terahertz waves at nitric oxide frequency partial restoration of studied indicators of activity of thyroid gland was observed in stressed animals. At 30 minute mode of influence of specified waves a complete recovery of broken indicators of functional condition of thyroid gland was determined
V.F. Kirichuk,T.V. Simonyan
Saratov Journal of Medical Scientific Research , 2008,
Abstract: The present research is focused on defining the role of protein С system in the process of blood coagulation and fibrinolysis in patients suffering from different forms ofperiodontitis. The beginning of specific course of treatment in patients with chronic periodontitis there have been diagnosed disturbances in protein С system, the latter being the reason for blood coagulation disorders, such as: the decrease of protein С activity, the decrease of active factor Va resistance, the increase ofplasminogen reserve, the decrease of total antithrombin blood activity, antithrombin III activity including. The degree of changes in protein С system depends on the severity degree of chronic periodontitis: the more severe disease is the more severe disorders itcauses in protein С system. The most evident symptoms of depression of indices in protein С system were observed in patients with quick-progressive periodontitis. The decrease of protein С activity is caused by its consumption in the process of intravascular blood coagulation is characteristic periodontitis.
V.F. Kirichuk,T.V. Simonyan
Saratov Journal of Medical Scientific Research , 2008,
Abstract: The research purpose is focused on studying the role of protein С system in coagulation component disturbance of hemostasis and fibrinolysis system in patients with different forms of gingivitis. The decrease of protein С and antithrombin inactivity, the decrease ofplasminogen reserve in blood, thrombin time shortening and the resistance of factor Va Via to protein Care watched in patients with different forms of gingivitis. The most marked changes in protein С system may be observed in exacerbation phase of acute and chronic ulcerative generalized gingivitis and chronic catarrhal generalized gingivitis. The reduction of indices of protein С system doesn’t occur in remission phase except in patients with chronic catarrhal ulcera five generalized gingivitis
2-Bromo-1,4-naphthoquinone: a potentially improved substitute of menadione in Apatone? therapy
Graciani, F.S.;Ximenes, V.F.;
Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-879X2012007500078
Abstract: apatone?, a combination of menadione (2-methyl-1,4-naphthoquinone, vk3) and ascorbic acid (vitamin c, vc) is a new strategy for cancer treatment. part of its effect on tumor cells is related to the cellular pro-oxidative imbalance provoked by the generation of hydrogen peroxide (h2o2) through naphthoquinone redox cycling. in this study, we attempted to find new naphthoquinone derivatives that would increase the efficiency of h2o2 production, thereby potentially increasing its efficacy for cancer treatment. the presence of an electron-withdrawing group in the naphthoquinone moiety had a direct effect on the efficiency of h2o2 production. the compound 2-bromo-1,4-naphthoquinone (brq), in which the bromine atom substituted the methyl group in vk3, was approximately 10- and 19-fold more efficient than vk3 in terms of oxygen consumption and h2o2 production, respectively. the ratio [h2o2]produced / [naphthoquinone]consumed was 68 ± 11 and 5.8 ± 0.2 (μm/μm) for brq and vk3, respectively, indicating a higher efficacy of brq as a catalyst for the autoxidation of ascorbic acid. both vk3 and brq reacted with glutathione (gsh), but brq was the more effective substrate. part of gsh was incorporated into the naphthoquinone, producing a nucleophilic substitution product (q-sg). the depletion of brq by gsh did not prevent its redox capacity since q-sg was also able to catalyze the production of reactive oxygen species. vk3/vc has already been submitted to clinical trials for the treatment of prostate cancer and has demonstrated promising results. however, replacement of vk3 with brq will open new lines of investigation regarding this approach to cancer treatment.
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