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EVALUATION OF CELL CYCLE OF Aspergillus nidulans EXPOSED TO THE EXTRACT OF Copaifera officinalis L PLANT
Simone Jurema Ruggeri Chiuchetta, Uériton Dias de Oliveira e Josy Fraccaro de Marins
SaBios : Revista de Saúde e Biologia , 2006,
Abstract: The oil extracted from the Copaifera officinalis L plant has been used in popular medicine to the treatment of several diseases, like cancer. In eukaryotic cells, the process of cellular proliferation follows a standard cycle, named cellular cycle. The transformation of a normal cell in a malignant one requires several steps, in which genes that control normal cellular division or cellular death are modified. Aspergillus nidulans fungus is an excellent system for the study of the cellular differentiation. Its asexual cycle results in the formation of conidia, which are disposed like chains, constituting a structure named conidiophore. This structure consists in an aerial hifae, multinucleate vesicle and uninucleate cells. Current research evaluated the capacity of the C. officinalis L plant extract in promoting alterations in the cellular cycle of A. nidulans diploid strains, by observing macroscopic and microscopic alterations in cellular growth of this fungus. Results shown that no macroscopic alterations were observed in cellular growth of strains exposed to the extract, however, microscopic alterations of conidiophore have been observed in the different extract concentrations analyzed. In this way, the study of the action of C. officinalis L plant extract becomes important considering the fact that this substance is capable to promote alterations in cellular cycle of eukaryotic cells.
Evaluation of body growth and myoenteric neurons of Wistar rats after neonatal treatment with monosodium glutamate = Avalia o do crescimento corporal e dos neur nios mioentéricos de ratos Wistar após tratamento neonatal com glutamato monossódico
Maria Montserrat Diaz Pedrosa Furlan,Rosana Torrezan,Josy Fraccaro de Marins,Melina Rizzato Vismara
Acta Scientiarum : Biological Sciences , 2007,
Abstract: This work aimed at evaluating how the neonatal treatment withmonosodium glutamate reflects on body parameters and on myoenteric neurons of Wistar rats. Male rats were injected with monosodium glutamate during the first five postnatal days. Body growth was recorded until the age of 90 days, when the animals were killed.Fasting plasma glucose, caloric density and weight of organs were assayed. Gastric and duodenal whole-mounts stained with NADH diaphorase were observed for neuronal numbers and sizes. Growth, relative weight of organs and testicular caloric density of theinjected rats were smaller than those of the controls, while their Lee index and relative fat content were greater. The number of duodenal neurons and the mean size of gastric neurons were smaller in the injected animals. These results are discussed in light of theendocrine, autonomic and behavioral changes stemming from the lesion of the hypothalamic arcuate nucleus by monosodium glutamate. Este trabalho objetivou avaliar como o tratamento neonatal com glutamato monossódico se reflete em parametros corporais e nos neur nios mioentéricos de ratos Wistar. Ratos machos foram injetados com glutamato monossódico durante os primeiros 5 dias após o nascimento. O crescimento corporal foi registrado até os 90 dias, quando os animais foram sacrificados. Glicose plasmática de jejum, densidade calórica e peso dos órg os foram avaliados. Preparados de membrana gástricos e duodenais corados com NADH-diaforase foramobservados quanto a número e tamanho dos neur nios. Crescimento, peso relativo dos órg os e densidade calórica testicular dos ratos injetados foram menores que nos controles, enquanto o índice de Lee e o conteúdo relativo de gordura foram maiores. O número de neur nios duodenais e o tamanho médio dos neur nios gástricos foram menores nosanimais injetados. Esses resultados s o discutidos à luz das altera es endócrinas, auton micas e comportamentais resultantes da les o do núcleo arqueado hipotalamico pelo glutamato monossódico.
Resenha: O exercício profissional dos assistentes sociais nas políticas públicas: um debate necessário
Josy Ramos de Oliveira Amador
Em Pauta : Teoria Social e Realidade Contemporanea , 2013,
Abstract: O exercício profissionaldos assistentes sociais nas políticaspúblicas: um debate necessário
Lithogeochemistry of Granitoids in the S o Sebasti o Flower Structure, S o Paulo
Coriolano de Marins e Dias Neto,Ciro Teixeira Correia,José Manuel Urbano Munhá,Colombo Celso Gaeta Tassinari
Geologia USP : Série Científica , 2008,
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to present lithochemical data from the granitoids found between Guarujá and S o Sebasti o in a segment of the Costeiro Complex in S o Paulo, State, Brazil. This part of the Ribeira Folded Belt is composed of para-derived rocks on the eastern side, and ortho-derived rocks on the western side of the belt, organized in a ductile shear zone forming a positive flower structure, whose axis runs ENE-WSW. Large boudins of amphibolite occur within predominant kinzigitic gneisses along this axis. The intrusive basic protoliths of the amphibolites have a 580 Ma (U-Pb SHRIMP) crystallization age. SiO2 contents of the granitoids vary between 68 and 74%, corresponding to monzogranites and granodiorites. Some outcrops display mafic enclaves of quartz-monzodiorites. The granitoids show calc-alkaline affinity while their mafic enclaves tend towards an alkaline affinity. The lower content in SiO2 coupled with coherent differences on some trace element concentrations (e.g. Zr-Hf) contribute to clearly distinguish the enclaves from their country rocks and to suggest intense chemical interaction among the materials during crystallization. The REE pattern, the depletion in Sr, P-Ti, Ta-Nb, and the distribution of the samples on the R1-R2 diagram suggest a syn-collision island arc environment for generation of these rocks.
The Amphibolites of the Costeiro Complex in the S o Sebasti o Region, SP
Coriolano de Marins e Dias Neto,Ciro Teixeira Correia,Colombo Celso Gaeta Tassinari,Jose Manuel Urbano Munhá
Geologia USP : Série Científica , 2009,
Abstract: Geochronological, petrographic and lithochemical data have been used to characterize the crustal evolution and thethermochronology of the Costeiro Complex, S o Paulo State, Brazil. This part of the Ribeira Fold Belt is composed ofparaderived rocks to the East, and orthoderived rocks to the West, which are organized along a ductile shear zone forminga positive fl ower structure whose axis runs ENE-WSW. The main amphibolite occurrences are found within predominantgarnet-paragneisses along this axis. The age of crystallization of the intrusive basic magmas which originated the amphiboliteswas 580 Ma (U-Pb SHRIMP). They formed tabular intrusions or secondary magma chambers, that locally still preservecontinental tholeiitic geochemical characteristics. The close proximity of the basic magmatism and the metamorphic peakis evident from the 570 Ma, U-Pb age determination of the overgrowths on detritic zircon crystals in the paragneisses.This suggests a tectonic environment where the basic magmas intruded a back-arc sedimentary basin established overcontinental crust. The source areas were probably rocks differentiated from the mantle between the Paleoproterozoic andNeoproterozoic.
Análise regional da competitividade da indústria mineira utilizando os microdados da PIA, 1996-2006
Silva, Antonio Braz de Oliveira e;Alves, Juliana Dias;
Nova Economia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-63512010000200001
Abstract: this article analyses manufacturing and mining industry performance in minas gerais state regions. performance is measured using selected variables including employment numbers, remuneration, industrial product and productivity, complemented by an indicator of relative competitiveness. this indicator is the relation betweenthe series of real wages and labor productivity in a given region compared to a reference area. brazil and minas gerais industrial performances are contrasted to identify the state's economic position. then the same analysis is conducted for all regions of the state compared to the state as a whole. the information comes from the annual survey of industry microdata files managed by the brazilian statistics institute, ibge, 1996 to 2006.
Allelopathy of the Leaf Extract of Eucalyptus Genetic Material on the Physiological Performance of Millet Seeds  [PDF]
Marcos Vinicius de Sousa, Séfora Gil Gomes de Farias, Déborah Praciano de Castro, Romário Bezerra e Silva, Dandara Yasmim Bonfim de Oliveira Silva, Bruna Anair Souto Dias, Alexandre Faria da Silva, Graziele Nunes Lopes dos Santos, Daniele Cristina Pereira de Matos, Caio Varonill de Almada Oliveira
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2018.91004
Abstract: This study aims to evaluate the possible allelopathic effects of young and mature leaf extract from of two eucalyptus genetic materials on the physiological performance of millet seeds. The experiment was carried out in a completely randomized design, in a 5 × 2 × 2 factorial arrangement [five concentrations of the extract (0, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%) × two genetic materials (1 - Eucalyptus grandis × Eucalyptus urophylla and 2 - Eucalyptus grandis × Eucalyptus camaldulensis) × two maturation stages of leaves (young and mature leaves)] with four replicates, each one with 25 seeds. Seeding was performed on the germitest paper substrate distributed in Petri dishes, moistened with the extract according to the treatments, being allocated in biochemical oxygen demand (B.O.D) adjusted at 25°C and 12 h photoperiod. Percentage, speed index, mean germination time, aerial part and primary root length, and dry matter weight of aerial part and root system of seedlings were evaluated. The leaf extracts of the two eucalyptus clones had all the analyzed variables changed with effect more evident on young leaf extract of the genetic material 1. It can be concluded that the tested genetic materials have a detrimental effect on the physiological performance of millet seeds.
Uso de la Intubación Submentoniana en Cirugía Buco-Maxilofacial Use of Submental Intubation in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Patricio Neto,Marvis Allais,Paul E Maurette,Emanuel Dias de Oliveira e Silva
Acta Odontológica Venezolana , 2008,
Abstract: Diferentes métodos de intubación endotraqueal están disponibles para manutención de las vías aéreas durante el tratamiento quirúrgico de pacientes portadores de fracturas maxilofaciales severas. Cuando los métodos de intubación nasotraqueal y orotraqueal estén contraindicados, la intubación endotraqueal por vía submentoniana es una alternativa útil para esos pacientes severamente traumatizados en los cuales el bloqueo maxilo-mandibular intra-operatorio es necesario. Esta técnica permite el establecimiento de una vía aérea segura y posibilita la realización de fijación intermaxilar durante la cirugía, que es esencial para conseguir un óptimo resultado en la reducción y fijación de las fracturas en los huesos faciales, evitando de esa forma la realización de una traqueotomía y las complicaciones inherentes a ese procedimiento. El presente trabajo tiene como objetivo describir la técnica de intubación submentoniana, sus indicaciones así como relatar un caso clínico. Diferentes métodos de intuba o endotraqueal est o disponíveis para manuten o das vias aéreas durante o tratamento cirúrgico de pacientes portadores de fraturas maxilofaciais severas. Quando os métodos de intuba o nasotraqueal e orotraqueal estiverem contra-indicados, a intuba o endotraqueal pela via submentoniana é uma alternativa útil para esses pacientes severamente traumatizados de face nos quais o bloqueio maxilomandibular intraoperatório é necessário. Essa técnica permite o estabelecimento de uma via aérea segura e possibilita a realiza o da fixa o intermaxilar durante a cirurgia, que é essencial para se conseguir um ótimo resultado na redu o e fixa o das fraturas nos ossos da face, evitando dessa maneira a realiza o de uma traqueostomia e as complica es inerentes a esse procedimento. O presente trabalho tem o objetivo descrever a técnica de intuba o submentoniana, suas indica es, assim como relatar um caso clinico. Different endotracheal intubation methods are available for airway maintenance during surgical treatment of patients who have severe maxillofacial fracture. When the nasotracheal as well as the orotracheal intubation methods are not indicated, the endotracheal intubation through the submental route is a useful alternative for such patients who have had a severe trauma in their face in which the maxilomandibular intraoperatory is required. Such technique allows the accomplishment of the intermaxilary fixation during the surgery, which is essential in order to get an excellent result concerning the reduction and fixation of face bone fractures, avoiding this way, the
A semiquantitative approach to the impurity-band-related transport properties of GaMnAs nanolayers
E. J. R. de Oliveira,E. Dias Cabral,M. A. Boselli,I. C. da Cunha Lima
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1063/1.3537746
Abstract: We investigate the spin-polarized transport of GaMnAs nanolayers in which a ferromagnetic order exists below a certain transition temperature. Our calculation for the self-averaged resistivity takes into account the existence of an impurity band determining the extended ("metallic" transport) or localized (hopping by thermal excitation) nature of the states at and near the Fermi level. Magnetic order and resistivity are inter-related due to the influence of the spin polarization of the impurity band and the effect of the Zeeman splitting on the mobility edge. We obtain, for a given range of Mn concentration and carrier density, a "metallic" behavior in which the transport by extended carriers dominates at low temperature, and is dominated by the thermally excited localized carriers near and above the transition temperature. This gives rise to a conspicuous hump of the resistivity which has been experimentally observed and brings light onto the relationship between transport and magnetic properties of this material.
Artur Emilio Freitas e Silva,Miguel Joaquim Dias,Darci Silva de Oliveira Dias,Jo?o Batista Duarte
Ciência Animal Brasileira , 2008,
Abstract: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of timing of artificial insemination on the fertility and calf sex ratio in Nelore heifers (n = 200) submitted a protocol of timed artificial insemination (TAI). The heifers, distributed into five groups (GC, GT6, GT12, GT18 and GT24), presented a mean of 2.5 years old and 342 Kg of body weight. The inseminations were performed in the moments 0 (GC), 6 (GT6), 12 (GT12), 18 (GT18) and 24 (GT24) hours after the injection of GnRH. The conception rates were 87.5% (GC), 82.5% (GT6), 77.5% (GT12), 85.0% (GT18) and 77.5% (GT24). There was no statistical difference (p>0.05) in the conception rates between the five treatments. The percentage of calved males was 38.2% (GC), 48.5% (GT6), 45.2% (GT12), 55.9% (GT18) and 58.6% (GT24). The male/female ratio was 0.62 (GC), 0.94 (GT6), 0.82 (GT12), 1.27 (GT18) and 1.42 (GT24). Statistical difference was found (p<0.05) in the male/female ratio between the five treatments. The timing of artificial insemination has influence on the sex ratio, showing an increase in the proportion of calved males when the insemination is progressively delayed. Within of the measured interval of time (0-24h after GnRH), the fertility of Nelore heifers is not influenced by the moment of the artificial insemination. KEY WORDS: Beef cattle, management, pregnancy test, ultrasound, sexing. Objetivou-se avaliar o efeito do momento da insemina o artificial (IA) sobre a fertilidade e a propor o do sexo da cria de novilhas da ra a Nelore (n = 200) submetidas a protocolo de IATF. As novilhas, distribuídas em cinco tratamentos (GC, GT6, GT12, GT18 e GT24), apresentavam idade média de 2,5 anos e peso médio de 342 kg. Realizaram-se as insemina es nos momentos 0 (GC), 6 (GT6), 12 (GT12), 18 (GT18) e 24 (GT24) horas após a aplica o do GnRH. As taxas de concep o foram de 87,5% (GC), 82,5% (GT6), 77,5% (GT12), 85,0% (GT18) e de 77,5% (GT24). N o houve diferen a estatística (p>0,05) entre as taxas de concep o dos cinco tratamentos. A propor o de machos foi 38,2% (GC), 48,5% (GT6), 45,2% (GT12), 55,9% (GT18) e de 58,6% (GT24). A rela o macho/fêmea foi de 0,62 (GC), 0,94 (GT6), 0,82 (GT12), 1,27 (GT18) e de 1,42 (GT24). Houve diferen a significativa (p<0,05) na rela o macho/fêmea entre os cinco tratamentos. O momento da insemina o artificial exerce influência sobre a rela o macho/fêmea, aumentando a propor o de machos na medida em que as insemina es s o realizadas mais tardiamente. Dentro do intervalo de tempo avaliado (0 a 24h após GnRH), a fertilidade das novilhas da ra a Nelore n o é influenciada
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