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Synthesis and Structural Analysis of Novel Norspermidine Derivatives  [PDF]
Bogumi? Brycki, Iwona Kowalczyk, Justyna Werner, Tomasz Pospieszny, Anna Kozirog
International Journal of Organic Chemistry (IJOC) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ijoc.2017.72010
Abstract: A series of new norspermidine derivatives, both nonionic and cationic, have been obtained. Structures of the synthesized compounds have been estab-lished by FTIR, 1H NMR, 13C NMR, 2D NMR, mass spectrometry and elemental analyses. Physicochemical and anti-microbial properties have been discussed.
Thio Analogs of Pyrimidine Bases: Synthesis, Spectroscopic Study, and In Silico Biological Activity Evaluation of New 2-o-(m- and p-)Chlorobenzylthio-6-Methyl-5-Piperidino-(Morpholino-)Methyluracils
Tomasz Pospieszny,Marcin Szymankiewicz,Elżbieta Wyrzykiewicz
ISRN Organic Chemistry , 2011, DOI: 10.5402/2011/610521
Synthesis, Spectroscopic and Semiempirical Studies of New Quaternary Alkylammonium Conjugates of Sterols
Bogumi? Brycki,Hanna Koenig,Iwona Kowalczyk,Tomasz Pospieszny
Molecules , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/molecules181214961
Abstract: New quaternary alkylammonium conjugates of steroids were obtained by two step reaction of sterols (ergosterol, cholesterol, dihydrocholesterol) with bromoacetic acid bromide, followed by bimolecular nucleophilic substitution with a long chain tertiary alkylamine. The structures of products were con?rmed by spectral ( 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, and FT-IR) analysis, mass spectrometry and PM5 semiempirical methods. The pharmacotherapeutic potential of synthesized compounds has been estimated on the basis of Prediction of Activity Spectra for Substances (PASS).
How to Measure in the Near Field and in the Far Field  [PDF]
Tomasz Dlugosz, Hubert Trzaska
Communications and Network (CN) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/cn.2010.21010
Abstract: A background of the electromagnetic field (EMF) measurements is presented in the work. A special attention is given to the specificity of the measurements performed in the Near Field. Factors, that should be taken into consideration as during the measurements as well during their analysis, are discussed. Without their understanding and considering a comparison of the measurements’ results, meters’ calibration and EMF standards comparison between different centers is impossible.
Rehabilitation of an Existing Office Block  [PDF]
Tomasz Blaszczynski, Jacek Wdowicki
Engineering (ENG) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2011.39107
Abstract: A new owner wishes to refurbish the analysed building assembled in 70’s to modern intelligent office block and to develop up to 3000 m2 of a new part. The old office building has been in use until late 80’s. First two floors are made as a monolithic and the rest are prefabricated as RC frame with the shear walls in both directions. All aspects, which came from the coexistence of an old and new part of the office block, will be the scope of an article. The BW for Windows program has been used for computations. In our paper models of shear wall structures in the modernised part as well as the new adjacent part have been shown. The short period of time necessary to obtain the results of the analysis has allowed for a fully interactive structural design. Many analyses have been created to estimate structural space stiffness for existing and new part of the building. Analysis showed, that existing part deflections were 7 times less then permissible one and after concrete grade of a new part has been changed, deflections for both parts were almost the same.
Why Do the Main Sequence Stars Have Similar Chemical Composition?  [PDF]
Stanislaw Halas, Tomasz Durakiewicz
International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics (IJAA) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ijaa.2012.21006
Abstract: In this short note we have reconsidered the Jeans criterion for gravitational contraction of a gas nebula at different temperatures, from the present-day background radiation temperature (2.8 K) to those which existed at the early stage of the Universe. We demonstrate that the initial mass of quasars cannot be of the order of single galaxy masses, but rather 106 solar mass only. If they have larger masses, it must be the result of subsequent accretion process. Nevertheless quasars, formed prior to the stars, were the immediate source of the elements heavier than helium.
The Biomechanical Aetiology of the So-Called Idiopathic Scoliosis. The Role of Gait and Standing at “Ease” on the Right Leg in the Development of the Deformity  [PDF]
Tomasz Karski, Jacek Karski
Surgical Science (SS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ss.2014.52008

The article presents the biomechanical etiology of the so-called idiopathic scoliosis. The research was conducted in the years 1985-2013, but the importance of the observations connected with the so-called idiopathic scoliosis were completed in 2007 (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9). All types of spine deformity are proved to have a connection with gait and with standing at ease on the right leg. Every type of scoliosis begins to develop at the age of 2 - 3. The article provides short information about new screening tests and new exercises in the course of causal prophylaxis and treatment.

Tridimensional model structure and patterns of molecular evolution of Pepino mosaic virus TGBp3 protein
Beata Hasiów-Jaroszewska, Anna Czerwoniec, Henryk Pospieszny, Santiago F Elena
Virology Journal , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1743-422x-8-318
Abstract: The nucleotide sequences of the triple gene block 3 (TGB3) from PepMV isolates varying in symptomatology and geographic origin have been analyzed. The modes and patterns of molecular evolution of the TGBp3 protein were investigated by evaluating the selective constraints to which particular amino acid residues have been subjected during the course of diversification. The tridimensional structure of TGBp3 protein has been modeled de novo using the Rosetta algorithm. The correlation between symptoms development and location of specific amino acids residues was analyzed.The results have shown that TGBp3 has been evolving mainly under the action of purifying selection operating on several amino acid sites, thus highlighting its functional role during PepMV infection. Interestingly, amino acid 67, which has been previously shown to be a necrosis determinant, was found to be under positive selection.Identification of diverse selection events in TGB3p3 will help unraveling its biological functions and is essential to an understanding of the evolutionary constraints exerted on the Potexvirus genome. The estimated tridimensional structure of TGBp3 will serve as a platform for further sequence, structural and function analysis and will stimulate new experimental advances.Pepino mosaic virus (PepMV) belongs to Potexvirus genus within the Flexiviridae family and it is a well-known pathogen infecting tomato plants worldwide. PepMV possesses a single-stranded, positive-sense RNA genome of approximately 6.4 kb, flanked by 5' and 3' untranslated regions (UTRs) with a 5' cap and a 3'poly(A) tail. PepMV contains five conserved open reading frames (ORFs). ORF1 encodes a 164 kDa replication-related protein with three functional domains: an N-terminal mRNA capping enzyme, a central RNA helicase, and a C-terminal RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp). ORF2 through ORF4 encode movement proteins (TGBp1, TGBp2 and TGBp3) of 26, 14, and 9 kDa, respectively. These three ORFs overlap in the geno
What More is Folk Psychology?
Tomasz Grzegorek , Tomasz Grzegorek
Studia Psychologiczne , 2011, DOI: 10.2478/v10167-011-0004-9
Abstract: Oridinary describing and explaining of everyday behavior became an object of systematic psychological study in the late-40s. The results create a picture of folk psychology as a primitive version of scientific psychology, kind of "naive" theory which is rather false. The picture represents folk psychology only as a speculative artefact, but there is also another notion of folk psychology as a basic conceptual schema which organizes experience. The specific scientific approach to folk psychology is described, some arguments against the view of folk psychology as a theory are pointed and the alternative notion of folk psychology is demonstrated in this article.
Steinhaus' lattice-point problem for Banach spaces
Tomasz Kania,Tomasz Kochanek
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: Steinhaus proved that given a~positive integer $n$, one may find a circle surrounding exactly $n$ points of the integer lattice. This statement has been recently extended to Hilbert spaces by Zwole\'{n}ski, who replaced the integer lattice by any infinite set that intersects every ball in at most finitely many points. We investigate Banach spaces satisfying this property, which we call (S), and characterise them by means of a~new geometric property of the unit sphere which allows us to show, e.g., that all strictly convex norms have (S), nonetheless, there are plenty of non-strictly convex norms satisfying (S). We also study the corresponding renorming problem.
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