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Regenerative Therapies for Equine Degenerative Joint Disease: A Preliminary Study
Sarah Broeckx, Marieke Zimmerman, Sara Crocetti, Marc Suls, Tom Marin, Stephen J. Ferguson, Koen Chiers, Luc Duchateau, Alfredo Franco-Obregón, Karin Wuertz, Jan H. Spaas
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0085917
Abstract: Degenerative joint disease (DJD) is a major cause of reduced athletic function and retirement in equine performers. For this reason, regenerative therapies for DJD have gained increasing interest. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) were isolated from a 6-year-old donor horse. MSCs were either used in their native state or after chondrogenic induction. In an initial study, 20 horses with naturally occurring DJD in the fetlock joint were divided in 4 groups and injected with the following: 1) PRP; 2) MSCs; 3) MSCs and PRP; or 4) chondrogenic induced MSCs and PRP. The horses were then evaluated by means of a clinical scoring system after 6 weeks (T1), 12 weeks (T2), 6 months (T3) and 12 months (T4) post injection. In a second study, 30 horses with the same medical background were randomly assigned to one of the two combination therapies and evaluated at T1. The protein expression profile of native MSCs was found to be negative for major histocompatibility (MHC) II and p63, low in MHC I and positive for Ki67, collagen type II (Col II) and Vimentin. Chondrogenic induction resulted in increased mRNA expression of aggrecan, Col II and cartilage oligomeric matrix protein (COMP) as well as in increased protein expression of p63 and glycosaminoglycan, but in decreased protein expression of Ki67. The combined use of PRP and MSCs significantly improved the functionality and sustainability of damaged joints from 6 weeks until 12 months after treatment, compared to PRP treatment alone. The highest short-term clinical evolution scores were obtained with chondrogenic induced MSCs and PRP. This study reports successful in vitro chondrogenic induction of equine MSCs. In vivo application of (induced) MSCs together with PRP in horses suffering from DJD in the fetlock joint resulted in a significant clinical improvement until 12 months after treatment.
Recognition in the Communication Processes of Diverse Young the Experience of Living in a Park in the City of Cali  [PDF]
Mónica Marión Cata?o
Advances in Journalism and Communication (AJC) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ajc.2015.31004
Abstract: Artisan Park La Loma de la Cruz, is a park located in a suburb of the city of Cali, a place where different groups converge youth from youth cultures. The park is a place for meeting, socializing, communication practices through which young people interact and build relationships. The park is set up as a stage of “coexistence” in which rockers, punks, emos, skaters and members of the LGBTI community stay together and share the same dwelling place (Figure 1). In the worlds of life of these young people, the words in different languages are a part of his being and his feelings, hence the affectations of joy and sadness, as defined by Spinoza (1980)1, are a way of weaving links and establish relationships communication. It is also possible to identify forms of recognition, Honneth’s way, recognition of love and solidarity2. These forms of recognition collide when young people, relate to the adult world, in the park, are made by artisans, police and neighbors. From the adult world, the form of contempt is evident in the rejection of the young by their expressions, especially those with expressing his affectations manifest. If young people recognize the existence of other people, as well as their own differences in the way they think, if they recognize the action in their own inter-subjective relationships and in the same way they construct a “we”, we would be spectators of new ways of being together; of ethical and political linking which go through new ways of living together and in which the sense and the shared meaning of life are negotiated that show a way of understanding in communication.
The Mitochondrial Complex I Activity Is Reduced in Cells with Impaired Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator (CFTR) Function
Angel G. Valdivieso, Mariángeles Clauzure, María C. Marín, Guillermo L. Taminelli, María M. Massip Copiz, Francisco Sánchez, Gustavo Schulman, María L. Teiber, Tomás A. Santa-Coloma
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0048059
Abstract: Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a frequent and lethal autosomal recessive disease. It results from different possible mutations in the CFTR gene, which encodes the CFTR chloride channel. We have previously studied the differential expression of genes in CF and CF corrected cell lines, and found a reduced expression of MTND4 in CF cells. MTND4 is a mitochondrial gene encoding the MTND4 subunit of the mitochondrial Complex I (mCx-I). Since this subunit is essential for the assembly and activity of mCx-I, we have now studied whether the activity of this complex was also affected in CF cells. By using Blue Native-PAGE, the in-gel activity (IGA) of the mCx-I was found reduced in CFDE and IB3-1 cells (CF cell lines) compared with CFDE/6RepCFTR and S9 cells, respectively (CFDE and IB3-1 cells ectopically expressing wild-type CFTR). Moreover, colon carcinoma T84 and Caco-2 cells, which express wt-CFTR, either treated with CFTR inhibitors (glibenclamide, CFTR(inh)-172 or GlyH101) or transfected with a CFTR-specific shRNAi, showed a significant reduction on the IGA of mCx-I. The reduction of the mCx-I activity caused by CFTR inhibition under physiological or pathological conditions may have a profound impact on mitochondrial functions of CF and non-CF cells.
Reductive Evolution of the Mitochondrial Processing Peptidases of the Unicellular Parasites Trichomonas vaginalis and Giardia intestinalis
Ond?ej ?míd,Anna Matu?ková,Simon R. Harris,Tomá? Ku?era,Marián Novotny,Lenka Horváthová,Ivan Hrdy,Eva Kutějová,Robert P. Hirt,T. Martin Embley,Ji?í Janata,Jan Tachezy
PLOS Pathogens , 2008, DOI: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1000243
Abstract: Mitochondrial processing peptidases are heterodimeric enzymes (α/βMPP) that play an essential role in mitochondrial biogenesis by recognizing and cleaving the targeting presequences of nuclear-encoded mitochondrial proteins. The two subunits are paralogues that probably evolved by duplication of a gene for a monomeric metallopeptidase from the endosymbiotic ancestor of mitochondria. Here, we characterize the MPP-like proteins from two important human parasites that contain highly reduced versions of mitochondria, the mitosomes of Giardia intestinalis and the hydrogenosomes of Trichomonas vaginalis. Our biochemical characterization of recombinant proteins showed that, contrary to a recent report, the Trichomonas processing peptidase functions efficiently as an α/β heterodimer. By contrast, and so far uniquely among eukaryotes, the Giardia processing peptidase functions as a monomer comprising a single βMPP-like catalytic subunit. The structure and surface charge distribution of the Giardia processing peptidase predicted from a 3-D protein model appear to have co-evolved with the properties of Giardia mitosomal targeting sequences, which, unlike classic mitochondrial targeting signals, are typically short and impoverished in positively charged residues. The majority of hydrogenosomal presequences resemble those of mitosomes, but longer, positively charged mitochondrial-type presequences were also identified, consistent with the retention of the Trichomonas αMPP-like subunit. Our computational and experimental/functional analyses reveal that the divergent processing peptidases of Giardia mitosomes and Trichomonas hydrogenosomes evolved from the same ancestral heterodimeric α/βMPP metallopeptidase as did the classic mitochondrial enzyme. The unique monomeric structure of the Giardia enzyme, and the co-evolving properties of the Giardia enzyme and substrate, provide a compelling example of the power of reductive evolution to shape parasite biology.
Ko?uth Marián
Acta Montanistica Slovaca , 1997,
Abstract: The main processing interest of examined Zlatá Baňa polymetalic ores was focused on copper-lead-zinc minerals with precious metals and trace elements. Gold occurrin a native form or as an isomorphism in pyrite. The role of inclusions of own Ag-minerals was inflated by geologist, but a prevailing amount of silver is isomorphous in galena and argentotetrahedrite. Almost no possibility to concentrating discrete silver minerals was proved technologically. In galena, an interesting content of Se and Te was registered. Among trace elements, a higher content of cadmium folows exclusively the content of zinc in blende.
Influence of structural backlash and friction in command system on the aircraft flutter
Mari?i? N.
Theoretical and Applied Mechanics , 2004, DOI: 10.2298/tam0404317m
Abstract: Experience has shown that aircraft structures are generally affected by structural nonlinearities. The focus in this paper is concentrated on backlash and friction described in hysteresis loop of the classical aircraft command systems and their influence on flutter of aircraft. Based on AGARD No. 665 in paper is done nonlinear flutter velocity analysis in function of backlash and friction in the classical command system of aircraft. Unsteady aerodynamic forces are calculated based on well known Doublet- Lattice Method (DLM). Structural input data are taken from AGARD No. 665. Flutter eigenvalues are obtained by modified k-method. The flutter model of nonlinear aircraft structure is developed on base of harmonic linearization. The aim of paper is to achieve useful and relatively reliable tool for critical observations on different recommendations given in the various airworthiness regulations for nonlinear characteristics of hysteresis loops in the classical command systems of aircrafts. .
Review of reasearch and technical development focused
Slavkovsky Marián
Acta Montanistica Slovaca , 1998,
Abstract: Treatment of flotation tetrahedrite concentrates produced from the of ore mined in the Rudňany and Ro ňava ore deposits is a very complex technological problem. This problem has not been solved succesfuly so far. The presence and quality of undesired metal components such as antimony and mercury in the product of a wet ore dressing is a limiting factor for subsequent metalurgical process to obtain pure metal copper and/or silver in copper smelter plants. This factor has been the principal reason of a great effort provided in this respects by both, manufacturers and reaserchers mainly in the last 25 years. This article is focused on the summary of mentioned activities.
Steam Turbine Assisted Cogeneration systems
?arisky Marián
Acta Montanistica Slovaca , 2004,
Abstract: Searching for the best way of improving using systems of production electrical energy and heat is part of an intensive development in the field of energetic. Using steam turbines in the cogeneration system is very important step at increasing the effection not only of the whole system, but of the gas turbine as well. The advantages and the characteristic features of the system are shown in the article.
Prospects of utilizing raw material reserves of the Ro ňava ore field
Jan?ura Marián
Acta Montanistica Slovaca , 1998,
Abstract: Differencies in a mineralogical composition of veins at the Ro ňava ore field condition prospects of its utilitation. Monomineral siderite veins in the western part are not perspective from the point of view of next utilisation. Komplex Fe, Cu, Ag ores are conveniently exploited only in a part of the Strieborná vein reserves.
Ad Alta : Journal of Interdisciplinary Research , 2012,
Abstract: In the paper, the author elucidates the fundamental characteristics of theeconomic democracy. Therefore, the concept is also introduced through its historicaldevelopment beginning in the 18th century up to present day. Particular space isdevoted to the development of the concept in both theory and practice of the formerCzechoslovakia. The focus is on the ideological diversity of the authors developing theconcept of economic democracy, as well as the heterogeneity of the interpretations ofits content.
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