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Physiological Quality and Seed Production of Corn and Fabaceae in Monoculture and Intercropping  [PDF]
Anna C. S. de Oliveira, Fábio Cunha Coelho, Henrique Duarte Vieira, Jocarla Ambrosim Crevelari, áurea Izabel Aguiar Fonseca e Souza, Tiago Massi Ferraz, Ant?nia Alice Costa Rodrigues
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2017.811175
Abstract: The aim of this study was to evaluate the physiological quality and seed production of Fabaceae and corn in monoculture and intercropping in areas cropped under different management. The following treatments were evaluated: corn + NPK + weed control; corn + weed control; corn + NPK; corn + crotalaria; corn + jack bean. Intercropping raised the average number of corn ears of corn and the seed IVG Weed control positively influenced the final stand and average number of ears. NPK fertilization on corn sowing positively influenced the seed electrical conductivity. The yield of corn plants intercropped with crotalaria and jack bean was statistically similar. However, their absolute values should be considered for economic purposes. Corn seeds derived from intercropping with crotalaria were more effective compared with intercropping with jack bean. Crotalaria and jack bean seeds when intercropped with corn have high production, germination and vigor (IVG and emergence).
Acompanhar ao outro mundo: a morte nas confrarias de braga no século XVIII. Estudo preliminar
Tiago Ferraz
CEM : Cultura, Espa?o & Memória , 2012,
Abstract: This article wants to study the way how the confraternities of Braga, in the XVIII century made company to their fellow members in the moment of the transport of their corpse to the place of burial. It bases on the archives of the churches of Santa Cruz, S o Vicente, Sé and Senhora a Branca, of the city of Braga. On the article are studied the differences that existed between the more powerful confraternities and the more smaller ones on the mobilization of it’s members to make company of the corpses of their brethrens. In the same time it is also made one analyse of the paid accompaniments made by these institutions to the nonmembers.
The Public Right in Fairy Tales Il diritto d'autore nella fiaba
Elena Massi
Between , 2012,
Abstract: I shall refer to the public right in fairy tales in light of the contribute of the folkloristic studies about authorship in fairy tales with a specific attention for those scholars who worked on an individual concept of authorship, such as Marke Azadovskij, Linda Dégh, Luz R rich, R. Wehse and Key Stone. Taking into account legal implications raised by Helle Porsdam's anthology 'Copyright and other Fairy Tales', I will show how legal and scientific issues influenced that heterogeneous group of novels, short stories and children's books which today are known as fairy tales. Tenendo presente le implicazioni legali delle ricerche sulla tradizione popolare individuate da Helle Porsdam's nell'antologia 'Copyright and other Fairy Tales', con il mio intervento, mi occuperò del problema del diritto d'autore nella fiaba alla luce degli studi sul folklore, con un'attenzione specifica per i ricervatori che hanno lavorato su un concetto individuale di autorità popolare, come Marke Azadovskij, Linda Dégh, Luz R rich, Rainer Wehse e Key Stone. Il mio obiettivo è quello di dare degli stimoli per riflettere su come questioni legali e scientifiche abbiano contribuito a determinare quell'insieme eterogeneo di novelle, racconti brevi e storie per bambini che è confluito nel cosiddetto genere fiabesco.
Evidence for giant interacting coronal streamers in a pre-main-sequence binary system
M. Massi
Physics , 2009,
Abstract: Here we report on the VLBI discovery of solar-like extended streamers anchored on the two weak-line T Tauri stars of the binary system V773 Tau A. Covering the interbinary distance the 20 stellar radii extended streamers enter in collision during each stellar rotation with consequent occurrence of magnetic reconnection. Thermal electrons confined in the streamers become accelerated to relativistic speeds and emit synchrotron emission in the radio band making the magnetic streamers "visible" in the VLBI images. This is different from the solar case where the emission from the streamers is just scattered photospheric light that would never be observable in distant objects. Evidence of extended solar-like streamers in T Tauri stars, thought to be fully convective, or nearly fully convective objects, indicates that the tachoclinal layer, in this case either not existing at all or buried very deeply, is not relevant for the formation of such solar-like magnetic structures.
The Two-Peak Model of LS I +61303: Radio Spectral Index Analysis
Maria Massi
Physics , 2010,
Abstract: The most puzzling aspect of the radio emission from LSI+61303 is that the large periodic radio outburst, with period equal to the orbital one, occurs very displaced from periastron passage, nearly at apoastron. In 1992, Taylor, one of the discoverers of this source, together with his collaborators proposed a model of a compact object in an eccentric orbit accreting from the equatorial wind of the Be star primary. The application of this model by Marti & Paredes (1995) predicts one ejection at periastron and a second more displaced ejection along the orbit. The first ejection should correspond to weak radio emission, because of strong inverse Compton losses of the emitting electrons due to the proximity to the hot Be star, whereas the second ejection, quite displaced from the star, would correspond to a strong radio outburst, that one indeed observed. Corroborated along the years by numerical computations, simulations and gamma-ray observations, until now this two-peak model could not be proved in the radio band, because of the negligible emission around periastron. We show here, that the radio spectral index based on the ratio of flux densities is the unique tool to monitor activity of LSI+61303 in the radio band around periastron. The analysis of the radio spectral index over almost 7 years of Green Bank Interferometer data results in a clear double-peaked spectral index curve along the orbit. This result gives finally observational support at radiowavelengths to the two-peak accretion/ejection model for LSI+61303. Moreover, the here shown comparison of the two-peak curves - the radio spectral index curve and the Fermi-LAT gamma-ray curve - indicates a new interesting hypothesis on the electron population responsible for the gamma-ray emission.
Transient sources at the highest angular resolution
Maria Massi
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: By definition transients are sudden events, some, like supernovae, are catastrophic, while others might be due to recurrent phenomena. The aim of studying transients is to reveal the physical conditions causing them, in this sense ideal targets for monitoring are transients in binary systems. In these systems the physical process responsible for the transient depends directly or indirectly on the interaction of the two components of the system. Here I report on transients in stellar binary systems at two extremes of stellar evolution: a T~Tauri system formed by two young low mass stellar objects, and X-ray binary systems formed by a star and a neutron star or a black hole, i.e., end points in the life of massive stars. VLBI observations of the young binary system V773 Tau A resolve the binary separation and can be overlapped with the optical frame. Consecutive VLBI observations showing the evolution of the radio emission with respect to the two stellar objects are an unvaluable tool for a better understanding of the magnetic field topology of T Tauri stars. The characteristics of radio jets in X-ray binaries are summarised and compared with those of the radio emission of the gamma-ray binary LS I +61303. Timing analysis of radio and Fermi-LAT observations provide constraints for theoretical models that can be tested by VLBI observations.
Steady jets and transient jets: observational characteristics and models
M. Massi
Physics , 2010,
Abstract: Two types of radio emission are observed from X-ray binaries with jets. They have completely different characteristics and are associated with different kinds of ejections. One kind of emission has a flat or inverted spectrum indicating optically thick self-absorbed synchrotron emission; the second kind of emission corresponds to an optically thin "transient" outburst. The flat or inverted spectrum covers the whole radio band and has been established also at millimeter and infrared wavelengths. When this kind of radio emission is spatially resolved it appears as a continuous jet, the so-called "steady jet". In contrast, transient jets associated with optically thin events are resolved as "plasmoids" moving at relativistic speeds away from the center of the system. The most important point is that the two kinds of radio emission and their corresponding types of ejections seem to be related to each other; the optically thin outburst that characterizes the transient jet occurs after an interval of emission with flat/inverted spectrum. Two different models successfully describe the two jets: a conical flow and shocks. The conical outflow describes the continuous jet and internal shocks in a continuous pre-existing outflow describe the "plasmoids" of the transient jet. The internal shocks in the outflow are thought to originate from a new population of very fast particles. Three open issues are discussed: is magnetic reconnection the physical process generating the new population of very fast particles? Is that part of the continuous jet called "core" destroyed by the transient jet and its associated shocks? Can we extrapolate these results from steady and transient jets in X-ray binaries to radio loud AGNs?
The reaction of 1-tetralones with thallium trinitrate supported on clay: ring contraction vs alpha-oxidation
Ferraz, Helena M. C.;Silva Jr., Luiz F.;Aguilar, Andrea M.;Vieira, Tiago O.;
Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-50532001000500012
Abstract: the reaction of a series of 1-tetralones with thallium trinitrate supported on montmorillonite k-10 clay led to products of ring contraction (methyl indan-1-carboxylates) and/or a-oxidation (2-methoxy-1-tetralones), in variable yields.
Crustáceos decápodos estuarinos de Ilhéus, Bahia, Brasil
Almeida, Alexandre Oliveira de;Coelho, Petr?nio Alves;Santos, José Tiago Almeida dos;Ferraz, Neyva Ribeiro;
Biota Neotropica , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1676-06032006000200024
Abstract: the carcinofauna from marine and coastal environments from the southeast and southern bahia, brazil, is so far poorly known. the objective of this study was to survey decapod crustaceans occurring along the estuarine environments of ilhéus, located on the southeast coast of bahia (14o47'55"s, 39o02'01"w). samplings were carried out from february 2001 to february 2005, covering supratidal, intertidal and subtidal habitats. voucher specimens were fixed in ethanol 70% and deposited in the collection of crustacea of the universidade estadual de santa cruz, ilhéus (mzuesc). we report a total of 51 species, belonging to 14 families. the most representative family concerning the number of species was ocypodidae, represented in our samples by 8 species. geographic range known for the species alpheus heterochaelis (caridea: alpheidae), merguia rhizophorae (caridea: hippolytidae) and sesarma curacaoense (brachyura: sesarmidae) was enlarged. the indo-pacific portunid crab charybdis hellerii was recorded for the cachoeira river estuary. the results indicate a high species richness of decapod crustaceans in the estuarine environments of ilhéus.
Rea??es de oxida??o de derivados de cis-octalinas promovidas por trinitrato de tálio (TTN)
Ferraz, Helena M. C.;Carneiro, Vania M. T.;Vieira, Tiago O.;Silva Jr., Luiz F.;
Química Nova , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-40422008000400014
Abstract: the reaction of ten cis-octalins and cis-octalones with thallium trinitrate (ttn) leads to different products, depending mainly on the substitution pattern of the substrate. functionalized cis-hydrindanes were obtained from the reaction of 1,2,3,4,4a,5,8,8a-octahydro-4a-methylnaphthalene and of 1,2,3,4,4a,5,8,8a-octahydro-4a,7-dimethylnaphthalene with ttn in acetonitrile, whereas a cyclic ether was formed treating 1,2,3,4,4a,5,8,8a-octahydro-6,8a-dimethylnaphthalen-1-ol with ttn in trimethylorthoformate (tmof).
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