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A estrutura a termo de taxas de juros no Brasil: modelos, estima??o e testes
Franklin Jr., Sergio L.;Duarte, Thiago B.;Neves, César R.;Melo, Eduardo F. L.;
Economia Aplicada , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-80502012000200003
Abstract: in this paper, we propose a methodology for the construction of the risk-free interest rate term structure in brazil, using the svensson model for interpolation and extrapolation of the interest rate curves, and genetic algorithms, in complement to traditional algorithms of nonlinear optimization, for estimation of model parameters. the objective is to contribute to the brazilian insurance market, so that insurance ces can appropriately measure their long-term obligations discounting cash flows in a manner that is consistent and coherent, considering the adoption of international standards of solvency supervision and financial reporting by the superintendência de seguros privados (susep). we present the results found in modeling the term structure of a number of interest rate curves in brazil.
Moving to a consumption-based tax system: a quantitative assessment for Brazil
Santos, Marcelo Rodrigues dos;Pereira, Thiago Neves;
Revista Brasileira de Economia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-71402010000200008
Abstract: for many years, it has been a primary issue in tax policy whether the tax system ought to be built around income tax or consumption tax. much of the interest in tax policy arises from the widespread belief that taxes on income and savings tend to lower long-run income by retarding the creation and expansion of firms and by discouraging workers and investments. following this belief, brazilian government has proposed a tax reform which, basically, replaces tax on investment and labor with tax on consumption. in this paper, we develop a dynamic general equilibrium model with heterogeneous agents to guide our quantitative assessment of the economic and distributional implications of such tax reform. the model is calibrated in such a way that it matches some selected features of the brazilian economy. we also use the calibrated model to calculate the deadweight loss of each type of taxation and thus provide some rationality for that rearrangement in the tax system. the main result of the paper is that, even though the tax reform increases the asset accumulation, labor and output of economy, it also raises the welfare inequality as borrowing constrained individuals cannot take advantage of the drop in tax on savings.
Características de crian as hospitalizadas com asma grave no sul do Brasil =Characteristics of children hospitalized with severe asthma in southern Brazil
Veras, Tiago Neves,Sakae, Thiago Mam?ru
Scientia Medica , 2010,
Abstract: OBJETIVOS: descrever a casuística de interna es pediátricas por asma, discutindo fatores clínicos e epidemiológicos. MéTODOS: foi realizado um estudo transversal, retrospectivo, sobre as interna es por asma aguda em pacientes menores de 18 anos, de janeiro a dezembro de 2009, no Hospital Infantil Jeser Amarante Faria, de Joinville, Santa Catarina. Foram revisadas as características dos pacientes, dados da interna o, medica es utilizadas e desfechos nesse período. RESULTADOS: durante o período estudado foram internadas 74 crian as com asma grave, cuja idade média foi de 3,2 anos (desvio padr o 2,8), sendo 59,5% do sexo masculino. Verificou-se que 12% das crian as utilizavam profilaxia com corticóide inalado regularmente e 21% faziam acompanhamento com pneumologista infantil. A dura o média das interna es foi de seis dias (desvio padr o 7,8), com período máximo de 50 dias. A maior parte das interna es aconteceu no mês de agosto (28,4%). No inverno foram constatadas 32 interna es (43,2%). Houve um óbito no período. CONCLUS ES: a principal faixa etária dos pacientes internados por exacerba o de asma foi abaixo de três anos, com predomínio do sexo masculino e frequência aumentada no inverno. Constatou-se baixo índice de acompanhamento ambulatorial e uso de medica o preventiva. O seguimento preventivo, educa o em asma e uso de profilaxia com corticóides inalados deve ser incentivado para diminuir as taxas de hospitaliza o por asma no Brasil.
Phenotypic plasticity in adult worms of Schistosoma mansoni (Trematoda:Schistosomatidae) evidenced by brightfield and confocal laser scanning microscopies
Neves, Renata Heisler;Costa-Silva, Michele;Martinez, Elaine Machado;Branquinho, Thiago B;Oliveira, Regina Maria Figueiredo de;Lenzi, Henrique Leonel;Gomes, Delir Corrêa;Machado- Silva, José Roberto;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02762004000200003
Abstract: a comparative morphometric study was performed to identify host-induced morphological alterations in schistosoma mansoni adult worms. a wild parasite population was obtained from a naturally infected rodent (nectomys squamipes)and then recovered from laboratory infected c3h/he mice. furthermore, allopatric worm populations maintained for long-term under laboratory conditions in swiss webster mice were passed on to n. squamipes. suckers and genital system (testicular lobes, uterine egg, and egg spine) were analyzed by a digital system for image analysis. confocal laser scanning microscopy (clsm) showed details of the genital system (testicular lobes, vitelline glands, and ovary) and the tegument just below the ventral sucker. significant morphological changes (p < 0.05) were detected in male worms in all experimental conditions, with no significant variability as assessed by clsm. significant changes (p < 0.05) were evident in females from the wild population related to their ovaries and vitelline glands, whereas allopatric females presented differences only in this last character. we conclude that s. mansoni worms present the phenotypic plasticity induced by modifications in the parasite's microenvironment, mainly during the first passage under laboratory conditions.
Gest?o de compra de produtos hortícolas por varejistas: análise de estratégias empresariais
Peli??o, Thiago Zanon;Neves, Marcos Fava;Martinelli, Dante Pinheiro;
Gest?o & Produ??o , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-530X1999000300008
Abstract: this research analyses three case studies of transactions between horticultural producers and retailers in their supply management process of horticultural products. the first transaction studied is what can be called an strategic alliance where both retailers and producers depend highly on each other, with several advantages for both, mainly related to transaction cost reducing and chain coordination. the second is a case where the retailer is the coordinator of the transaction, using mostly the price mechanism to buy horticultural products, and the third is a case where a company of producers coordinate the transaction. these three cases are discussed under the model of gattorna & walters (1996) for strategic alliances.
Evaluation of Eucalyptus clones in different places seeking to the production of vegetal charcoal Avalia o de clones de Eucalyptus em diferentes locais visando à produ o de carv o vegetal
Thiago Andrade Neves,Thiago de Paula Protásio,Allan Motta Couto,Paulo Fernando Trugilho
Pesquisa Florestal Brasileira , 2011, DOI: 10.4336/2012.pfb.68.319
Abstract: This research aim to evaluate the wood and charcoal quality of three Eucalyptus clones planted at different places and to verify the existent functional relations between the basic density and the depth of penetration of the Pilodyn pin. Three Eucalyptus clones were evaluated and four trees were sample for each clone and place. It was determined the depth of penetration of a Pilodyn pin at 1.30 m of height of the soil (DBH), average basic density (DBm), the basic density at DBH, the calorific value, lignin, total extractive, ashes and holocellulose contents and elemental chemical analysis (C, H, N and O). The wood was carbonized and the charcoal produced was evaluated quantitatively and qualitatively. In the evaluation of the wood characteristics a completely randomized design disposed in a factorial scheme 3 x 2 was used. A linear model was adjusted between DBm and the depth of penetration of the Pilodyn pin. It was possible to conclude that the clones present potential to be used for energy. The charcoal produced may be used in siderurgy. The linear model adjusted between DBm and the penetration of the Pilodyn pin was satisfactory. doi: 10.4336/2011.pfb.31.68.319 Os objetivos desse trabalho foram avaliar a qualidade da madeira e do carv o vegetal de três clones de Eucalyptus plantados em diferentes locais e verificar a rela o funcional existente entre a densidade básica e a profundidade de penetra o do pino do Pilodyn. Foram avaliados três clones de Eucalyptus e amostradas quatro árvores por clone em cada local. Determinou-se a profundidade de penetra o de um pino de a o do Pilodyn a 1,30 m de altura do solo (DAP), a densidade básica média (DBm), a densidade básica no DAP, o poder calorífico superior e os teores de lignina, extrativos totais, cinzas, holocelulose e a análise química elementar (C, H, N e O). A madeira foi carbonizada e o carv o produzido foi avaliado quantitativamente e qualitativamente. Na avalia o das características da madeira, utilizou-se um DIC em um esquema fatorial 3 x 2. Foi ajustado um modelo linear entre a DBm e a profundidade de penetra o do pino do Pilodyn. Foi possível concluir que os clones apresentaram potencial para o uso energético. O carv o vegetal produzido pode ser utilizado na siderurgia. O modelo linear ajustado entre a DBm e a penetra o do pino do Pilodyn mostrou-se satisfatório. doi: 10.4336/2011.pfb.31.68.319
Trends in Neuropediatric Physical Therapy
Eduardo B. Neves
Frontiers in Public Health , 2013, DOI: 10.3389/fpubh.2013.00005
An Overview of the Components of AW-IPM Campaigns against the New World Screwworm
Thiago Mastrangelo,John B. Welch
Insects , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/insects3040930
Abstract: The New World Screwworm, Cochliomyia hominivorax (Coquerel), is one of the most damaging parasites of livestock, causing millions of dollars in annual losses to producers. The fly is an obligate parasite of warm-blooded animals, including humans. After a successful 50-year eradication campaign, C. hominivorax has been eradicated from the USA, Mexico and Central America by an area-wide integrated pest management approach. Recently, Caribbean and South American countries have expressed an interest in this approach. Aiming to support forthcoming projects in these countries, this review describes the main technical components of past and ongoing AW-IPM campaigns against C. hominivorax.
Modeling of basic density of wood from Eucalyptus grandis and Eucalyptus urophylla using nondestructive methods
Couto, Allan Motta;Trugilho, Paulo Fernando;Neves, Thiago Andrade;Protásio, Thiago de Paula;Sá, Vania Aparecida de;
CERNE , 2013, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-77602013000100004
Abstract: the objective of this study was to evaluate the accuracy of nondestructive variables in inferring basic density of wood from eucalyptus grandis and eucalyptus urophylla. a total of 27 clones of eucalyptus urophylla and 22 clones of eucalyptus grandis were used, sourced from a clonal trial set up in martinho campos, minas gerais. after evaluation using nondestructive techniques of resistography and pin penetration at a constant pressure (pilodyn?), individuals were felled and disks were removed from the 2%, 10%, 30%, 50% and 70% portions of the merchantable height section, and also from the portion 1.30 m above ground level. basic density was determined by the water immersion method. values of basic density ranged from 0.412 to 0.609 g.cm-3 for clones at age 42 months and from 0.408 to 0.664 g.cm-3 for clones at age 54 months. the clones of eucalyptus urophylla provided higher values of average basic density in relation to eucalyptus grandis. the variable 'amplitude' had better correlation with basic density in comparison with pin penetration at a constant pressure. nondestructive evaluation can be used in mass preselection of genetic materials, prior to subjecting them to a more accurate, reliable evaluation.
Cephalotes clypeatus Fabricius (Hymenoptera: Formicidae): hábitos de nidifica??o e ocorrência em carca?a animal
Moretti, Thiago de C.;Ribeiro, Odair B.;
Neotropical Entomology , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1519-566X2006000300019
Abstract: the ecological position of the family formicidae in animal carcasses varies from predator, when feeding on eggs, larvae and pupae of some insects to necrophagous, when the ants feed on exudates or decomposing tissues. ants are present in human corpses subject to forensic analyses and can also be used in estimation of the post-mortem interval (pmi). cephalotes clypeatus fabricius is exclusively arboricolous and occurs only in the american continent. during a field study conducted in the campus of the universidade estadual de campinas, in december 2003, a laboratory mouse carcass weighing 35,9 g was placed in an iron-mesh cage, which was adequate to collect adult ants. the carcass decomposed in four days. the total of 82 specimens of c. clypeatus was collected, in the first two days of exposure. they were observed feeding on exudates, tissues of the carcass, and on diptera larvae occurring in the carcass. this species was observed nesting in hollow branches of senna multijuga (rich.) h.s. irwin & barneby (caesalpinaceae), which was found one-meter far from the cage. further investigation on the biology of this cephalotini must be performed, in order to understand the role of this species in the utilization of animal carcasses, and in the entomological succession process as well. this is the first report of c. clypeatus in animal carcasses.
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