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Sobrecarga e desconforto emocional em cuidadores de idosos
Aline Cristina Martins Gratao,Thaís Ramos Pereira Vendrúscolo,Luana Flávia da Silva Talmelli,Leandro Correa Figueiredo
Texto & Contexto - Enfermagem , 2012,
Abstract: La finalidad del estudio fue describir la sobrecarga y desánimo de los cuidadores de adultos mayores. Estudio epidemiológico y transversal realizado en el 2009 con 124 cuidadores que viven en la ciudad de Ribeir o Preto, SP, por medio de los instrumentos de: Escala de Sobrecarga de Zarit y Self-Reporting Questionaire (SQR-20) para el cuidador. El análisis de los datos fue ejecutado en el sistema SPSS, 15.0, de forma descriptiva, univariada (tablas de frecuencia) y bivariada (las tablas de contingencia para las variables cualitativas). Con respecto a los cuidadores, 85,6% fueron del sexo femenino, con edad promedio de 56,5 a os, utilizaron en promedio 12,4 horas diarias para el cuidado de los adultos mayores y 57,6% de los cuidadores presentaron de una leve a moderada sobrecarga. La dependencia funcional del adulto mayor, sexo del cuidador y el número de horas para el cuidado fueron factores predictivos de sobrecarga (p<0,05). Se encontró que la sobrecarga es el factor de riesgo para el desánimo (p<0,05). Compete a los enfermeros utilizar protocolos de evaluación, con base en los factores de riesgo, para prevenir la sobrecarga en el cuidador.
Sobrecarga e desconforto emocional em cuidadores de idosos
Gratao, Aline Cristina Martins;Vendrúscolo, Thaís Ramos Pereira;Talmelli, Luana Flávia da Silva;Figueiredo, Leandro Correa;Santos, Jair Lício Ferreira;Rodrigues, Rosalina Aparecida Partezani;
Texto & Contexto - Enfermagem , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-07072012000200007
Abstract: this epidemiological and cross-sectional study describes the burdens and emotional distress observed among caregivers of elderly people. it was carried out in 2009 with 124 caregivers living in the city of ribeirao preto, sp, brazil, using the following instruments: the zarit burden scale and the self-reporting questionnaire (srq-20) for caregivers. data analysis was carried out in the spss, version 15.0, using descriptive, univariate (frequency tables) and bivariate (contingency tables for qualitative variables) statistics. among the caregivers, 85.6% were women, with an average age of 56.5 years, spent an average of 12.4 hours daily with care, and 57.6% of them had mild to moderate burdens. multiple linear regressions revealed that older adults' functional dependence and caregivers' gender and time spent weekly providing daily care were predictors of being burdened (p<0.05). burden is also a risk factor for emotional distress (p<0.05). it is important for nurses to use protocols based on risk factors to evaluate caregivers in order to prevent burdens from developing.
Influence of pH on the physicochemical and sensorial characteristics of strawberry frozen yogurt Influência do pH nas características físico-químicas e sensoriais de frozen yogurt de morango
Gustavo das Gra?as Pereira,Leonardo Mesquita Rafael,Adriano Alvarenga Gajo,Thaís de Melo Ramos
Semina : Ciências Agrárias , 2012,
Abstract: Frozen yogurt is a frozen fermented dessert which presents structural characteristics similar to ice cream and nutritional and sensorial properties which resemble to yogurt. The acidification of ice cream mix by means of lactic bacteria can influence the properties of frozen yogurt. For that reason, the present work aimed to evaluate the influence of pH on the physicochemical and sensorial characteristics of strawberry frozen yogurt. The formulation consisted of 6 % of milk fat, 10 % of milk solids-not-fat, 11 % of sucrose, 3 % of corn syrup, 0.3 % of emulsifiers and 0.5 % of stabilizers. The frozen yogurt mixes were made with different fermentation endpoints, pH values of 4.5, 5.0 and 5.5. The strawberry fruit mixture was added to the fermented frozen yogurt mix at a level of 4 % (w/w). According to the results, the pH of the frozen yogurt mix did not influence the concentrations of protein, fat and ash whereas the contents of acidity, reducing, non-reducing and total sugars underwent influence of pH due to fermentation. The acceptability of frozen yogurt in relation to the attributes flavor, texture, overall acceptance and ideal acidity was evaluated. It was found that pH influenced the acceptance of frozen yogurt; the treatments with final pH of 5.0 and 5.5 presented higher acceptability for all the treatments evaluated and acidity close to the ideal. By means of the principal component analysis, it was found that the physicochemical characteristics acidity content and sugar concentration (reducing, non-reducing and total) had effect on the acceptance of the product. In conclusion, the strawberry frozen yogurts with pH 5.0 and 5.5 demonstrated good sensorial acceptance and thus, presented potential of being better explored by the ice cream industries. O frozen yogurt é uma sobremesa fermentada congelada que apresenta características estruturais semelhantes ao sorvete e propriedades nutricionais e sensoriais que se assemelham ao iogurte. A acidifica o da mistura base por meio das bactérias lácticas pode influenciar as propriedades do frozen yogurt. Por esse motivo, o presente trabalho objetivou avaliar a influência do pH nas características físico-químicas e sensoriais de frozen yogurt de morango. A formula o consistiu de 6 % de gordura láctea; 10 % de sólidos desengordurados do leite; 11 % de sacarose; 3 % de xarope de milho; 0,3 % de emulsificantes e 0,5 % de estabilizantes. As misturas base de frozen yogurt foram elaboradas com diferentes pontos finais de fermenta o, valores de pH de 4,5; 5,0 e 5,5. O preparado de frutas de morango foi adicionado
Viabilidade da utiliza??o de queijo tipo ricota na elabora??o de p?o de queijo
Pereira, Patrícia Aparecida Pimenta;Ramos, Thaís de Melo;Gajo, Adriano Alvarenga;Gomes, Ulisses Júnior;
Ciência Rural , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782010001100017
Abstract: the cheese bread is a genuinely brazilian product, which appeared in undefined time in the farms of minas gerais, with the basic raw material, cassava starch or sour cassava starch. today has been highlighted by consumption and domestic production, up to today, even to the international market. despite its acceptance, the cheese bread does not have a standard of quality and production technology defined by the great variety of optional ingredients. several formulations are marketed and labeled as "cheese bread". the aim of this study was to analyze the feasibility of using ricotta cheese in the preparation of cheese. physical analyzes density, crustal thickness, coefficient of expansion, color, texture and sensory. the percentages of cheese used in the formulations was 30% for half the cheese curing and 30%, 40% and 50% for the ricotta cheese, in relation to the percentage of cassava starch. the parameters analyzed it is concluded that increasing the percentage of ricotta cheese in the preparation of cheese bread has resulted in a softer, less gumminess, fracture, and chewiness of the crust with a thickness less, no difference in sensory cheese bread made with cheese half cure. it also follows that it is feasible to produce cheese bread with total replacement of the cheese half cure for ricotta cheese.
Cross-cultural adaptation and validity of the "Edmonton Frail Scale - EFS" in a Brazilian elderly sample
Fabrício-Wehbe, Suzele Cristina Coelho;Schiaveto, Fábio Veiga;Vendrusculo, Thaís Ramos Pereira;Haas, Vanderlei José;Dantas, Rosana Aparecida Spadoti;Rodrigues, Rosalina Aparecida Partezani;
Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-11692009000600018
Abstract: this study aimed to assess the cross-cultural adaptation of the edmonton frail scale (efs) and its validity in a brazilian elderly sample. translation and back-translation were performed, as well as discussion with professionals and elderly for conceptual equivalence, semantic validation and pre-test of the scale. the scale was applied to 137 elderly aged 65 years or older who lived in the community. in the know-groups validation of the frailty diagnosis between gender, age and cognitive deficit, elder elderly, female and with a cognitive deficit scored higher on the frailty diagnosis. a negative convergent correlation was found between the efs and the functional independence measure (fim) (-0.53, p< 0.01) and the total score of the mini-mental state examination (mmse) (-0.60, p< 0.01). the watch test presented high sensitivity and low specificity levels. the portuguese version of the efs was considered valid in the study sample.
Household arrangements of the elder elderly
Pedrazzi, Elizandra Cristina;Motta, Talita Tavares Della;Vendrúscolo, Thaís Ramos Pereira;Fabrício-Wehbe, Suzele Cristina Coelho;Cruz, Idiane Rosset;Rodrigues, Rosalina Aparecida Partezani;
Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-11692010000100004
Abstract: the aging context of the elder elderly needs to be taken into account, due to the redefinition of family as a social institution. this is an epidemiological, cross-sectional study that characterized the household arrangements of 147 elder elderly living in ribeir?o preto, sp, through home interviews. the age range between 80 and 84 years predominated. the majority receives a retirement benefit ranging from one to three minimum wages, and owns their house. on the average, they have 4.08 children and live with 2.8 people. most men live with their partners, while women live by themselves. the elderly head a large part of households. the most frequent arrangements are families with two and three generations. regarding the household arrangement, there was equivalence in the results between the ones that moved into the house of the elderly and cases when the elderly moved into the family’s house, reinforcing the family as a protector and caregiver of the elderly.
Behavioral finance in Brazil: a bibliometric study (2001-2007) Finanzas del comportamiento en Brasil: una investigación bibliométrica (2001-2007) Finan as comportamentais no Brasil: um estudo bibliométrico (2001-2007)
Thaís Roberta Correia Vieira,Ant?nio Nunes Pereira
Rege : Revista de Gest?o , 2009,
Abstract: This study contributes to a preliminary survey of Brazilian production in Behavioral Finance (BF) as defined by events and periodicals of the Sociedade Brasileira de Finan as (SBFIN), Encontro da Associa o Nacional de Pós-Gradua o e Pesquisa em Administra o (ENANPAD), Revista de Administra o de Empresas, Revista de Administra o de Empresas eletr nica, Revista de Administra o e Revista de Administra o da Universidade de S o Paulo selected from Qualis rankings A and B between 2001 and 2007. Study methodology is exploratory, bibliographical and documental emphasizing the subject phenomena documented. As a common denominator for research, we used the synthesis procedure from the coverage of the hypothesis of efficient markets, the choice rational theory and behavioral finance. Results indicated that 70% of the publication on scientific production about BF is concentrated in SBFIN and ENANPAD. Therefore growth of Behavioral Finance activity was not accompanied by the periodicals associated with greater methodological rigor, suggesting a need to improve publication quality in this domain. Este estudio contribuye con la cartografía preliminar de la producción brasile a en las Finanzas del Comportamiento (FC) publicada en los encuentros académicos y revistas Sociedad Brasile a de Finanzas (SBFIN), Encuentro de la Asociación Nacional de Posgrado e Investigación en Administración (ENANPAD), Revista de Administración de Empresas (RAE), RAE Electrónica, Revista de Administración (READ) y Revista de Administración de la Universidad de S o Paulo (RAUSP), con posiciones A y B en el ranking Qualis (según la antigua clasificación) entre 2001 y 2007. La metodología del estudio es exploratoria, bibliográfica y documental, con énfasis en los fenómenos documentados sobre FC. La investigación se utilizó del procedimiento de síntesis a partir de la cobertura de la hipótesis de mercados eficientes (HME), de la teoría racional de la elección racional y de las finanzas del comportamiento. Después de los procedimientos de la investigación, fue posible identificar que la producción científica sobre FC está concentrada en el SBFIN y en el ENANPAD, con 70% de las publicaciones. Este hecho muestra que el crecimiento de la publicación en los encuentros académicos no fue seguido por el de los periódicos, en general asociados a un mayor rigor metodológico, lo que sugiere la necesidad de mejorar la calidad de las publicaciones en el área. O presente estudo contribui com o mapeamento preliminar da produ o brasileira em Finan as Comportamentais (FC) publicada nos eventos e periódico
Association of a locus on rat chromosome 4 with anxiety-related behaviors in two selectively bred rat lines
Hameister, Thas M.;Izídio, Geison S.;Valiati, Victor H.;Ramos, André;
Genetics and Molecular Biology , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-47572008000500008
Abstract: the floripa h and l rat lines, selected for high and low locomotion in the central aversive area of an open field, a widely used emotionality test, were proposed as a model for studying the genetic basis of anxiety. the present study aimed to verify if the qtl ofil1, mapped to rat chromosome 4 and previously identified as being related to emotionality in another population of rats, contributes to the behavioral variability observed in the floripa rat lines. to this purpose, rats of five generations of selective breeding were genotyped for two polymorphic markers, d4rat59 and d4mgh27, flanking ofil1. changes in genotype and allele frequencies throughout generations were evaluated in both h and l lines, in order to assess if the bidirectional selection based on behavioral scores induced divergent changes in the genotype of this genome region. there were significant changes in genotype frequencies for both molecular markers, however, only the genotype variations of the d4rat59 marker were significantly correlated with the variations in the selected phenotype. this result suggests that the region of the genome near d4rat59 contains one or more genes contributing to the interindividual variation in central locomotion in the open field test.
José Fabiano da Serra Costa,Aline Ramos Borges,Thaís dos Santos Machado
Relatórios de Pesquisa em Engenharia de Produ??o , 2013,
Abstract: The textile sector is one of the most important among all industrial branches, having a highlight both in developed countries and in emergent countries’ economy, which owe significantly to this sector the importance role they play in world commerce. The purpose of this work is to help a textile Brazilian company, specialized in jeans production, with a study on the conditions to installing a plant considering three possible regions, where the most important textile companies of the country are located. In the study, the Hierarchy Analysis Process – a multicriteria methodology to decision support - is used, andresults show a slight tendency to Rio de Janeiro state when compared to Santa Catarina state, both presenting significant advantage over Rio Grande do Norte state.
Low Genetic Polymorphism at the Cytochrome C Oxidase I in Silkworm Strains of the Brazilian Germplasm Bank  [PDF]
Ver?nica Aureliana Fassina, Thaís Souto Bignotto, Roxelle Ethienne Ferreira Munhoz, Bruno Fulan, Juliana Pereira Bravo, Laura B. Garay, Rafaela Bespalhuk, Claudia Regina das Neves Saez, Naiara Climas Pereira, Graziele Milani Pessini, Maria Aparecida Fernandez
Open Journal of Genetics (OJGen) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojgen.2014.43021

Nucleotide sequences have been used to distinguish species and specimens for many years. More recently, the use of a partial sequence of 650 bp of the cytochrome c oxidase I, COI mitochondrial gene, has been proposed for species identification, known as DNA barcodes. In this work, a short sequence of the DNA barcode is described—approximately 250 bp, named as “DNA mini-barcode”—to molecularly identify different silkworm strains maintained at the unique public Germplasm Bank of Bombyx mori, at the Universidade Estadual de Maringá, UEM, Brazil. Analysis revealed no significant differences among the silkworm strains. The phylogenetic tree obtained by the neighbor-joining method and K2P distance, in which specimens of B. mandarina were used as outgroup, clustered all the specimens of B. mori in a unique clade. Genetic variability detect within B. mori was low or nonexistent. In conclusion, the partial region of 250 bp of the mitochondrial gene COI herein analyzed may not be efficient to discriminate silkworm strains from the UEM Germplasm Bank of Bombyx mori.


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