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Microarthridion corbisierae sp. nov. (Harpacticoida, Tachidiidae), um novo copépode da meiofauna do litoral norte do estado de S?o Paulo, Brasil
Kihara, Terue C.;Rocha, Carlos E. F.;
Revista Brasileira de Zoologia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-81752007000400007
Abstract: during studies on the diversity of meiobenthic marine harpacticoid copepods, a new representative of the family tachidiidae was found on the inner continental shelf of s?o paulo state, between s?o sebasti?o channel and ubatumirim bay, ubatuba (23o24's, 44o57,6'w). complementary material was collected near enseada beach, ubatuba (23o30's, 45o05'w). although the new species shares with m. laurenticum (nicholls, 1940) the reduced antennules, it can be easily distinguished from its congeners by leg 4 endopod with only two segments and the reduction of the number of inner setae of legs 1-4 endopod-3 and leg 3 exopod-3. tachidiids, typically inhabiting fine sediments of brackish and marine shallow waters in the northern hemisphere, are good indicators of heavy organic pollution. this is the first record of the family tachidiidae in the southern hemisphere.
Myzomolgus sipunculensis sp. nov. (Cyclopoida, Catiniidae), a new copepod associated with sipunculan worms from Brazil
Kihara, Terue C.;Bj?rnberg, Tagea K. S.;Kawauchi, Gisele Y.;
Revista Brasileira de Zoologia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-81752007000300011
Abstract: catiniid copepods are characterized by the presence of a pedunculate sucker on the antenna. four genera are currently included in the family catiniidae: catinia, cotylemyzon, cotylomolgus and myzomolgus, the most speciose. within the framework of the special research program "conservation and sustainable use of the biodiversity of the state of s?o paulo - biota/fapesp", a new species of myzomolgus was found as an external associate of sipunculus nudus and s. phalloides phalloides. the sipunculan worms were collected during the low tide in ara?á beach, state of s?o paulo, brazil (23o49?02"s, 45o24?19"w). the new species differs from its three congeners, namely m. stupendus from france and m. tenuis and m. orientalis from korea, by the peculiar ornamentation of the third antennal segment, morphology of mandible and leg 6 and presence of denticulate area between maxillipeds. the description of this new species raises to four the number of catiniid species (one of catinia and two of myzomolgus) associated with the widely distributed s. nudus. in brazil, this is the first record of myzomolgus and the second species associated with sipunculan worms (a new species of catinia found on s. phalloides phalloides is under description).
Corrigenda: Kihara TC & Huys R (2009) A new genus of Ectinosomatidae (Copepoda, Harpacticoida) from sublittoral sediments in Ubatuba, S o Paulo State (Brazil), an updated key to genera and notes on Noodtiella Wells, 1965. ZooKeys 17: 57–88
Terue Kihara,Rony Huys
ZooKeys , 2009, DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.18.249
Abstract: No abstract available
A new genus of Ectinosomatidae (Copepoda, Harpacticoida) from sublittoral sediments in Ubatuba, S o Paulo State, Brazil, including an updated key to genera and notes on Noodtiella Wells, 1965
Terue Kihara,Rony Huys
ZooKeys , 2009, DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.17.202
Abstract: Both sexes of a new genus and species of Ectinosomatidae (Copepoda, Harpacticoida) from sublittoral sediments collected on the inner continental shelf in Ubatuba, S o Paulo State (Brazil) are described in detail. Chaulionyx gen. n. (type species: C. paivacarvalhoi sp. n.) differs from all known genera in the presence of a conspicuous bifid spine on the prehensile P1 endopod. It can be differentiated from other genera with a prehensile endopod (Halophytophilus Brian, 1919; Bradyellopsis Brian, 1925; Klieosoma Hicks & Schriever, 1985) by the presence of distinctive subrectangular middorsal pores on the urosomites and the unarmed male sixth legs. The genus Lineosoma Wells, 1965 is recognized as a paraphyletic taxon and relegated to a junior subjective synonym of Noodtiella Wells, 1965. Arenosetella pectinata Chappuis, 1954a is removed from its floating position in Ectinosomoides Nicholls, 1945, transferred to the genus Noodtiella as N. pectinata comb. n. and considered the senior subjective synonym of N. toukae Mitwally & Montagna, 2001. Dichotomous keys are provided for the identification of the 18 valid species of Noodtiella and the 21 valid genera of the family Ectinosomatidae. Halophytophilus aberrans Wells & Rao, 1987 is placed species incertae sedis in the family.
Desenvolvimento de referencial teórico para um sistema de informa??es gerenciais (SIG) para parlamentares e assessores na Camara Legislativa do Distrito Federal: em busca de um modelo conceitual
Rocha, Marisa P. C.;
Ciência da Informa??o , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-19652003000300010
Abstract: we seek to develop a referential theoretical for a conceptual model by a support information system to the decision, social-technique-structured-analysis-based. so that, we have analyzed the internal and external factors to act on representatives' and assessors' performances in the legislative process. as result, we got the relations between organization, environment and data, represented graphically, in a conceptual model.
Estilos de implementa??o e resultados de políticas públicas: fiscais do trabalho e o cumprimento da lei trabalhista no Brasil
Pires, Roberto Rocha C.;
Dados , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0011-52582009000300006
Abstract: the article argues that variations in the outcomes of the same public policy can be explained by different practices and enforcement styles adopted by front-line bureaucrats. based on extensive field research on the enforcement of labor legislation in brazil, the author develops a typology of the outcomes of labor inspection in terms of levels of compliance with labor regulations in different economic activities. findings from comparative analysis (across and within cases) indicate consistent associations between the enforcement style adopted by labor inspectors that combines sanctions with technical and/or legal assistance, and the reconciliation of labor rights with increased company performance and competitiveness.
Home range of the Tropidurid lizard Liolaemus lutzae: sexual and body size differences
ROCHA, C. F. D.;
Revista Brasileira de Biologia , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-71081999000100016
Abstract: the home range of the tropidurid lizard liolaemus lutzae, an endemic species of the costal sand dune habitats of rio de janeiro state, was studied in the beach habitat of barra de maricá restinga, maricá county. home ranges were studied using a mark-recapture technique in a delimited area at the beach habitat. i considered for estimates and analysis the home ranges of those lizards with a minimum of four positions. the size of l. lutzae home ranges varied according to the segment of the population. the mean home range size of adult males (x = 59.8 ± 33.7 m2) was significantly larger than that of adult females (x = 22.3 ± 16.1 m2). juvenile mean home range size was significantly smaller than that of adult males, but did not differ from that of adult females (t = 1.058; p = 0.149). the overlap between male home ranges was usually low (3.6%), being in general only peripheral. conversely, there was a considerable overlap between home ranges of adult females with those of adult males, the home range areas of two or three females being enclosed in the home range of one adult male. the small overlap between home ranges of adult males suggested mutual exclusion. the observed between-sex differences in the size of l. lutzae home range may be explained by the sexual dimorphism in body size in this species, and by the need of adult males to establish larger areas so as to include many females in their areas, during the reproductive season. the differences in home range along ontogeny probably result from differences in body size of the different segments of the population, due to trophic differences (carnivory and herbivory levels), and the dispersal of young after birth. because l. lutzae is omnivorous, but primarily herbivorous when adult, and due to its sit-and-wait foraging behavior (mainly on arthropods), it does not need to move around over large areas to find food, which in turn reduces the area necessary for it to live.
Resenha: FERREIRA, Valdinei Aparecido. Protestantismo e Modernidade no Brasil- da utopia à nostalgia.
César Rocha Lima
Horizonte : Revista de Estudos de Teologia e Ciências da Religi?o , 2012, DOI: 10.5752/3943
Abstract: A resenha exp e o trabalho do autor - Valdinei Aparecido Ferreira, o qual faz a conceitua o de Protestantismo e Modernidades nos principais expoentes da sociologia clássica e contemporanea. Aplicando estes conceitos para o século XX na América Latina e, principalmente no Brasil, trabalhando com a implanta o do protestantismo no Brasil e sua influência.
Implica es éticas e políticas da utiliza o das Tecnologias da Informa o e da Comunica o no monitoramento de espa os públicos Ethical and political implications of Information and Communication Technology use in monitoring public spaces
César Rocha Muniz
Urbe : Revista Brasileira de Gest?o Urbana , 2010,
Abstract: O objetivo deste artigo é fornecer elementos que fundamentem a crítica da incorpora o de artefatosdas Tecnologias da Informa o e da Comunica o (TICs) nos espa os públicos. A partir do pensamento de estudiosos do tema, como Rosalyn Deutsche, Michel Foucault, Tomas Horan, Milton Santos e Steven Connor, retoma e sistematiza elementos da evolu o histórica das estratégias de disciplina, controle e participa o.A partir deles, discute as no es de espa o da produ o e da participa o política no contexto dahibridiza o do ambiente público. O artigo conclui com contribui es para a avalia o crítica da utiliza odas TICs no controle e na vigilancia, apontando que: o espa o é uma manifesta o concreta do arranjosocial e político próprio do sistema produtivo capitalista; que os mecanismos de controle e vigilancia est ohistoricamente determinados pela lógica deste sistema; que as práticas políticas têm no espa o público umlugar privilegiado; que a vincula o da no o de qualidade de vida urbana à seguran a individual e patrimonialprecisa de mais reflex o; e que o processo de hibridiza o do espa o, mesmo propiciando novos territóriospara o debate, também pode atuar na dissolu o do continuum formado pelas esferas pública e privada.
Defense, Armed Forces and Spanish Public Opinión
Inmaculada C. Marrero Rocha
Revista Electrónica de Estudios Internacionales , 2009,
Abstract: Despite all the efforts made for adapting and modernizing our Armed Forces and thenew kind of missions they face, the Spaniards do not show much interest neither inquestions related to security and defense nor in supporting an increase in the defensebudget. This paper examines the reasons for the reported low level of culture of defenseexisting among the Spanish citizenry and the possibilities to act on this sort of causes inorder to offset its effects. Likewise, this report analyzes the measures adopted by theSpanish authorities in order to promote the culture of defense and highlights which aretheir main deficiencies and weaknesses
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