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Efeitos da administra??o diária da associa??o estavudina/nelfinavir sobre os fetos e placentas da rata albina
Carvalho, Gisela Maria Vieira Rodrigues de;Nakamura, Mary Uchiyama;Sim?es, Ricardo Santos;Antonio, Eliana Maria Restum;Wagngner, Adriana;Fontes, Tereza Maria Pereira;Kulay Júnior, Luiz;
Revista Brasileira de Ginecologia e Obstetrícia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-72032011000500004
Abstract: purpose: to evaluate the effect of administration of a stavudine/nelfinavir combination on the rat pregnancy by assessing maternal and concepts weights, as well as the number of implantations, fetuses, placentas, resorptions and maternal and fetal mortality. methods: forty adult pregnant wistar rats of the epm-1 strain were randomly divided into four groups: control (gctrl - drug vehicle control, n=10), and three experimental groups, which were treated with an oral solution of stavudine/nelfinavir (expi - 1/40 mg/kg b.w., n=10; expii - 3/120 mg/kg b.w., n=10; expiii - 9/360 mg/kg b.w., n=10) from day 0 to the 20th day of pregnancy. maternal body weights were determined at the start of the experiment and on the 7th, 14th and the 20th day thereafter. at term (20th day) the rats were anesthetized and, upon laparotomy and hysterotomy, the number of implantations, resorptions, living fetuses, placentae and intrauterine deaths were recorded. the collected fetuses and placentae were weighed and the concepts were examined under a stereomicroscope for possible external malformations. statistical analysis was performed by analysis of variance (anova) complemented by the kruskal-wallis test (p<0.05). results: there was a progressive and gradual increase in body weight during the course of pregnancy in all groups, which was more evident in the final period, but with no significant difference between groups. the mean number of fetuses, placentas, implantations, and fetal and placental weights showed no significant differences between groups. also, no resorptions or external malformations were found in the experimental groups. however, between the 8th and 14th days of gestation, there was one case of maternal mortality in each experimental group. conclusions: the administration of a stavudine/nelfinavir combination had no deleterious effects on the concepts.
Análise morfológica e fisiológica dos fígados e rins de ratas prenhes e seus fetos tratados pela associa??o zidovudina, lamivudina e ritonavir durante toda a prenhez
Wagner, Adriana;Carvalho, Adelino Moreira de;Nakamura, Mary Uchiyama;Sim?es, Ricardo Santos;Fontes, Tereza Maria Pereira;Espiridi?o, Silvia;Kulay Júnior, Luiz;
Revista Brasileira de Ginecologia e Obstetrícia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-72032010001100007
Abstract: purpose: to evaluate the effect of administration of three different doses of the zidovudine/lamivudine/ritonavir combination on the liver and kidneys of pregnant rats and their concepts from a morphological and physiological standpoint. methods: 40 pregnant epm-1 wistar rats were randomly divided into 4 groups: 1 control (ctrl: drug vehicle control, n=10) and 3 experimental groups: exp1x, exp3x and exp9x. an oral solution of the zidovudine/lamivudine/ritonavir combination was administered to the experimental groups from the day 0 to day 20 of pregnancy: exp1x=10/5/20 mg/kg; exp3x=30/15/60 mg/kg; exp9x=90/45/180 mg/kg. on the 20th pregnancy day the rats were anesthetized and blood was taken directly from the ventricular chambers for further biochemical determinations: aspartate-(ast) and alanine-(alt) aminotransferases (calorimetric method), urea nitrogen (bun) by an enzymatic-kinetic method, and creatinine by a kinetic-calorimetric method. maternal and fetal liver and kidney samples were taken, fixed in 10% formaldehyde and processed histologically for paraffin embedding. five μm-thick fragments of maternal and fetal livers and kidneys were stained with hematoxilyn-eosin, being analyzed by light microscopy. to interpret the results, the well-known pattern of normality for livers and kidneys was considered on the basis of the following structures: hepatocytes, portal structure, hepatic veins, renal corpuscles, renal tubules and loop of henle. regarding the fetal livers, we also considered the erythrocytes in their different stages of development as well as the megacariocytes. if there was a change in the established staining pattern for liver and kidney structures, changes in nuclear morphology, rupture of some cytoplasmic organelles, and presence of vascular congestion, this was considered to be due to the drug doses. results were submitted to analysis of variance (anova) and to the tukey-kramer multiple comparisons test (p<0.05). results: no morphological changes
Prevalência de acidente vascular cerebral em idosos no Município de Vassouras, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, através do rastreamento de dados do Programa Saúde da Família
Pereira, Ana Beatriz Calmon Nogueira da Gama;Alvarenga, Hélcio;Pereira Júnior, Rubens Silva;Barbosa, Maria Tereza Serrano;
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-311X2009000900007
Abstract: this study estimated the prevalence of stroke among the elderly in vassouras, rio de janeiro state, brazil, based on data from the family health program (fhp). the elderly population was chosen since it is growing as a proportion of the general population, and since stroke risk increases with age. data were screened for all the elderly registered in the fhp in vassouras, identifying those with a history of stroke and analyzing their socio-demographic profile. the study used data from the information system on primary care, the population census conducted by the brazilian institute of geography and statistics (ibge), and the ministry of health's standardized fhp patient form. quality of stroke diagnoses in the fhp was analyzed. data screening detected 122 elderly with a history of stroke diagnosis (prevalence = 2.9%; 3.2% in men, 2.7% in women) and a progressive increase with age. the prevalence rate was the same in the rural and urban area of the municipality (2.9%). knowledge of stroke prevalence in the elderly population is essential to improve health planning.
Exergaming as a Strategic Tool in the Fight against Childhood Obesity: A Systematic Review
Carminda Maria Goersch Fontenele Lamboglia,Vanina Tereza Barbosa Lopes da Silva,José Eurico de Vasconcelos Filho,M?nica Helena Neves Pereira Pinheiro,Marilene Calderaro da Silva Munguba,Francisco Valmar Isaias Silva Júnior,Fernando Alberto Ramirez de Paula,Carlos Ant?nio Bruno da Silva
Journal of Obesity , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/438364
Abstract: Improper use of electronic media is considered a major contributing factor to childhood obesity. However, exergames, a new generation of active games, have made it possible to combine electronic entertainment with physical exercise. The purpose of this systematic review was to analyze the use of exergaming as a strategic tool in the fight against childhood obesity. Information was retrieved from the databases SciELO, LILACS, Pubmed, Ebsco, and Science Direct, using the search words “egames,” “exergames,” “exergaming,” “new generation of video games,” “active video games,” “energy expenditure,” “body composition,” and “physical activity” in English and Portuguese, covering the period January 2008 to April 2012. Nine articles met the inclusion criteria. Exergaming was found to increase physical activity levels, energy expenditure, maximal oxygen uptake, heart rate, and percentage of physical activity engaged in and to reduce waist circumference and sedentary screen time. Thus, exergaming may be considered a highly relevant strategic tool for the adoption of an active and healthy lifestyle and may be useful in the fight against childhood obesity. 1. Introduction Within the context of the technological advances of the 21st century, improper use of electronic media has become a major contributing factor to the growing problem of childhood obesity [1]. Recent studies have shown a positive relation between time spent in front of TV and increasing adiposity among school children. Thus, according to Baughcum et al. [2], sedentary behaviors associated with electronic entertainment (computers, TV, and video games) contribute to increasing the prevalence of overweight and obesity in children. The number of hours spent in front of??TV may be directly related to the increase in body mass index (BMI), cholesterol levels, smoking prevalence, and loss of fitness [3]. Similar results were reported by Carvalhal et al. [4] who found time spent with video gaming to be directly proportional to the increase in BMI in 7–9-year-old children. In a cross-sectional population-based study involving 4,964 school children aging 4–10 years, Corso et al. [5] observed a significant association between the presence of overweight/obesity and daily time spent in front of the computer. Nevertheless, in view of this problematic, a more health-friendly entertainment technology has been developed with the purpose of associating video gaming with physical fitness [6]. Some authors have proposed the use of interactive digital tools in the form of serious games focused on rehabilitation and
Perspectivas para a leucemia mielóide aguda na infancia após a observa??o de um grupo de pacientes tratados convencionalmente
Zanichelli, Maria Aparecida;Cristófani, Lilian Maria;Almeida, Maria Tereza A.;Maluf Júnior, Paulo T.;Odone Filho, Vicente;
Revista Brasileira de Hematologia e Hemoterapia , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-84842006000400006
Abstract: modern treatment of acute myeloid leukemias follows well defined guidelines: precise clinical and biological characterization, adequate aggressive chemotherapy, intensive supportive care and eventual early indication of bone marrow transplantation. in this report we present the best results obtained with conventional chemotherapy delivered to a group of pediatric patients between 1986 and 1996 and discuss the strategies for contemporary and more efficient regimens. forty-three patients with "de novo" acute myeloid leukemias with ages between 6 months and 14.5 years, were treated with a 4-drug induction and consolidation program: auno, ara-c, vcr and dexa, followed by 60 weeks of maintenance with sequential cycles of arac & asp, ciclo & eto, dauno (6-tg) & ara-c & vcr & dexa and 6-tg & ara-c & vcr & dexa. cns prophylaxis with intrathecal ara-c was undertaken. no child underwent bone marrow transplantation in first remission. a total of 38/43 (84%) children achieved complete remission and event-free survival at 3 years was estimated at 24 ± 7%. the importance of discriminating aml in risk groups with particular attention paid to cytogenetic criteria and new modalities of treatment are discussed. the current relevance of bone marrow transplantations is emphasized.
A militariza??o da seguran?a pública: um entrave para a democracia brasileira
Nóbrega Júnior, José Maria Pereira da;
Revista de Sociologia e Política , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-44782010000100008
Abstract: maintaining members of the military and increasing their prerogatives within the ambit of the public security issues are criteria that limit civil autonomy in areas of management, planning and strategic actions in security. this authoritarian legacy in the federal constitution and within some institutions of coercive power, particularly the ministry of defense and the brazilian intelligence agency (agência brasileira de inteligência - abin), has led to the non-consolidation of democracy in brazil, since civilian control therein remains quite fragile. in this regard, the goal of this paper is to demonstrate that the process of militarization of public security has limited brazilian democracy. even after the country's re-democratization through sub-minimal patterns, public security continues, in a very accentuated way, to remain in the hands of members of the military. this creates a lack of civil controls, an attribute that would be necessary for the consolidation of democracy, as well as serious limitations in the defense of citizens' rights. observing such details, i observe that the current framework of brazilian public security offers no more than a semi-democracy.
A queda da desigualdade de renda no Brasil e os homicídios na Regi o Nordeste
José Maria Pereira da Nóbrega Júnior
Revista Espa?o Acadêmico , 2009,
Abstract: o presente artigo tem como proposta avaliar o impacto da desigualdade e da pobreza na violência homicida juvenil no nordeste brasileiro. Para isso testa algumas variáveis socioecon micas que servem como proxy para desigualdade e pobreza em rela o às taxas de homicídios de jovens entre 15 e 29 anos de idade do sexo masculino. O modelo de correla o mostra que há pouca significancia entre os indicadores de GINI e renda domiciliar per capita em rela o às taxas de homicídio juvenil para a regi o, sugerindo que desigualdade e pobreza n o tem rela o com a violência homicida.
Obstetric and perinatal effects of active and/or passive smoking during pregnancy
Nakamura, Mary Uchiyama;Alexandre, Sandra Maria;Santos, Jorge Francisco Kuhn dos;Souza, Eduardo de;Sass, Nelson;Beck, Anna Paula Auritscher;Trayna, Evelyn;Andrade, Carla Maria de Araújo;Barroso, Teresa;Kulay Júnior, Luiz;
Sao Paulo Medical Journal , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-31802004000300004
Abstract: context: cigarette smoke, whether inhaled voluntarily or not, causes damage to the mother-infant pair. the antenatal period may present the best opportunity for performing effective anti-smoking campaigns. objective: to study the obstetric and perinatal effects of smoking on pregnancy and the infant. type of study: prospective study, interviewing pregnant women who were randomly selected at the maternity hospital as they were being discharged after giving birth. setting: hospital municipal vereador josé storópolli, s?o paulo, brazil. methods: 758 patients were interviewed regarding smoke inhalation before being discharged from the maternity hospital. the groups were formed by 42 active smokers, 272 passive smokers, 108 who inhaled smoke both actively and passively, and 336 non-smokers. the groups were compared regarding age, parity, school education, incidence of spontaneous abortion, rate of caesarian births, average gestational age at birth, rate of low birth weight and adequacy of weight in relation to the gestational age of newborn infants. for all variables we considered p < 0.05 as statistically significant. results: there was a high rate (55.7%) of pregnant smokers, including 5.5% active, 35.9% passive and 14.3% active-passive smokers. active and active-passive smokers were older and had higher parity. active smokers had lower education levels and higher rates of previous spontaneous abortion. the weights of newborn babies were lower for smoking mothers. discussion: the study was performed among patients that were mostly of low economic, social and cultural levels, thus possibly explaining the high incidence of smokers. worse still was that 35.9% of the non-smokers were actually passive smokers. these rates we report were similar to those from the literature. the typical receptiveness of teenage girls to unrestricted advertising in the media contributes towards an early start to acquiring the habit of smoking, including during pregnancy in our country. we emp
Teor de ácido cianídrico em variedades de mandioca cultivadas em quintais do estado de S?o Paulo
Lorenzi, José Osmar;Ramos, Maria Tereza Baraldi;Monteiro, Domingos Antonio;Valle, Teresa Losada;Godoy Júnior, Gentil;
Bragantia , 1993, DOI: 10.1590/S0006-87051993000100001
Abstract: cassava (manihot esculenta crantz) is widely cultivated in the state of sao paulo, brazil, mostly as raw material for industrial purposes (production of cassava flour, starch, etc.). a small proportion of cassava production is destinated to "in natura" consumption, obtained essentially from backyard plantations. in this case, many varieties are used, with unknown cyanide contents, which can cause severe human intoxication. the main aim of this research was to evaluate the cyanide content range of these varieties. roots of 206 varieties, collected at 126 sites in the state of s?o paulo, brazil, were analyzed as to their cyanide contents, using the liebig method, with maceration for a 24-hour period. results showed a cyanide content variation from 16 to 482 mg.kg-1 of hcn in the tuber root fresh pulps. on the other hand, most of the varieties (67%) under testing presented root cyanide contents below 100 mg.kg-1. so, this cyanide content may be considered as the uppermost level to be used with security on the selection of new genetic materials with lower hcn contents.
Normal erythrocyte calpain I activity on membrane proteins under near-physiological conditions in patients with essential hypertension
Medeiros, Tereza Maria Dantas de;Ortega, Katia Coelho;Mion Júnior, Décio;Nonoyama, Kimiyo;Barretto, Orlando Cesar de Oliveira;
Sao Paulo Medical Journal , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-31802002000100002
Abstract: context: it has been reported that the equilibrium between the erythrocyte protease calpain i and its physiological inhibitor calpastatin is disrupted in patients with essential hypertension. objective: to investigate the activity of non-purified calpain i in hemolysates against the erythrocytic membrane proteins, rather than against other substrates. design: evaluation of calpain i red cell activity upon its own physiological substrates in hypertensive patients, in a near-physiological environment. setting: lim-23 and lim-40 of hospital das clinicas of the faculty of medicine of usp. sample: patients with moderate primary hypertension over 21 years of age who were given amlodipine (n:10) and captopril (n:10) for 8 weeks, plus normal controls (n:10). main measurements: red cell membrane proteins were incubated with and without protease inhibitors and with and without calcium chloride and underwent polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. results: digestion of bands 2.1 and 4.1 was observed, indicating calpain i acitivity. no statistical differences regarding bands 2.1 and 4.1 were observed before treatment, between the controls and the hypertensive patients, either in ghosts prepared without calcium or with increasing concentrations of calcium. nor were statistical differences observed after treatment, between the controls and the patients treated with amlodipine and captopril, or between the patients before and after treatment with both drugs. conclusion: the final activity of non-purified calpain i upon its own physiological substrate, which was the approach utilized in this study, may more adequately reflect what happens in red cells. under such conditions no imbalance favoring calpain i activity increase was observed. the protective factor provided by calpastatin against calpain i activity may diminish under hypertension.
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