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Normal erythrocyte calpain I activity on membrane proteins under near-physiological conditions in patients with essential hypertension
Medeiros, Tereza Maria Dantas de;Ortega, Katia Coelho;Mion Júnior, Décio;Nonoyama, Kimiyo;Barretto, Orlando Cesar de Oliveira;
Sao Paulo Medical Journal , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-31802002000100002
Abstract: context: it has been reported that the equilibrium between the erythrocyte protease calpain i and its physiological inhibitor calpastatin is disrupted in patients with essential hypertension. objective: to investigate the activity of non-purified calpain i in hemolysates against the erythrocytic membrane proteins, rather than against other substrates. design: evaluation of calpain i red cell activity upon its own physiological substrates in hypertensive patients, in a near-physiological environment. setting: lim-23 and lim-40 of hospital das clinicas of the faculty of medicine of usp. sample: patients with moderate primary hypertension over 21 years of age who were given amlodipine (n:10) and captopril (n:10) for 8 weeks, plus normal controls (n:10). main measurements: red cell membrane proteins were incubated with and without protease inhibitors and with and without calcium chloride and underwent polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. results: digestion of bands 2.1 and 4.1 was observed, indicating calpain i acitivity. no statistical differences regarding bands 2.1 and 4.1 were observed before treatment, between the controls and the hypertensive patients, either in ghosts prepared without calcium or with increasing concentrations of calcium. nor were statistical differences observed after treatment, between the controls and the patients treated with amlodipine and captopril, or between the patients before and after treatment with both drugs. conclusion: the final activity of non-purified calpain i upon its own physiological substrate, which was the approach utilized in this study, may more adequately reflect what happens in red cells. under such conditions no imbalance favoring calpain i activity increase was observed. the protective factor provided by calpastatin against calpain i activity may diminish under hypertension.
Prevention of cardiovascular disease in patients recovering from use of psychoactive substances
Adelaide Amorim Cavalcante Abreu,Rita Neuma Dantas Cavalcante de Abreu,Maria Tereza Viana Lima,Thereza Maria Magalh?es Moreira
Revista Brasileira em Promo??o da Saúde , 2012,
Abstract: Objective: Assess the knowledge of people recovering from substance abuse, after performance of educational activities, about the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases. Methods: This was a quantitative study involving 36 patients receiving treatment in the detoxification unit of a public psychiatry hospital in the State of Ceará, Brazil. All subjects were consenting adults over the age of 18 years. A questionnaire was used before and after an educational activity that measured the level of knowledge and understanding of cardiovascular disease and related risk factors. Results: The results demonstrated that initially, 19 (52.8%) people confirmed that they were not aware of any cardiovascular disease but after the activity, this number dropped to 4 (11%). In addition, the reference to the risk factors for diseases of the circulatory system was evaluated, when it became evident that, before the educational activity, 22 (61%) did not know these factors, another 14 (39%) cited one or two, especially a diet rich in fat and the use of illegal drugs. After the activity only 3(8%) did not know and the other 33 (92%) were able to cite the use of legal drugs, obesity, and a sedentary lifestyle. Conclusion: Educational intervention resulted in a significant change in participants′ knowledge of cardiovascular risk factors, which may help result in improvement in the lifestyle of patients, as well as their families.
Prevalência de hemoglobinas anormais em recém-nascidos da cidade de Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil
Araújo, Maria Cristina Pignataro Emerenciano de;Serafim, édvis Santos Soares;Castro Jr., Wivel Antonio Pereira de;Medeiros, Tereza Maria Dantas de;
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-311X2004000100027
Abstract: hemoglobinopathies are among the most prevalent hereditary diseases in humans. studies in different areas of brazil have identified the prevalence of s and c abnormal hemoglobins. the study analyzed 1,940 cord blood samples of newborns from maternity hospitals in natal, rio grande do norte state, to investigate the prevalence of abnormal hemoglobins. all samples were submitted to cellulose acetate electrophoresis using a tris-edta-borate buffer at ph 8.5. electrophoresis in agar gel ph 6.2 was performed on samples presenting abnormal hemoglobin. some 37 (1.91%) of the newborns presented hemoglobinopathies, as follows: 29 (1.50%) sickle cell trait (hb fas), 6 (0.31%) heterozygous hb c (hb fac), one (0.05%) homozygous hb s (hb fs), and one (0.05%) hb barts suggestive of alpha thalassemia. the results show the need to implement screening for hemoglobinopathies in the neonatal population.
Prevalência de hemoglobinas anormais em recém-nascidos da cidade de Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil
Araújo Maria Cristina Pignataro Emerenciano de,Serafim édvis Santos Soares,Castro Jr. Wivel Antonio Pereira de,Medeiros Tereza Maria Dantas de
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2004,
Abstract: As hemoglobinopatias est o incluídas dentre as doen as hereditárias mais freqüentes nas popula es humanas. Estudos realizados em diferentes regi es do Brasil têm demonstrado que as hemoglobinas anormais S e C s o as mais prevalentes. Com o objetivo de investigar a prevalência de hemoglobinas anormais no período neonatal, foram analisadas 1.940 amostras de sangue de cord o umbilical provenientes de recém-nascidos de três maternidades da cidade de Natal, Rio Grande do Norte. Todas as amostras foram submetidas à eletroforese de hemoglobina em acetato de celulose utilizando tamp o Tris-EDTA-Borato pH 8,5. As amostras que apresentaram hemoglobinas anormais foram submetidas à eletroforese em gel de ágar pH 6,2 para confirma o. Foram identificadas 37 (1,91%) amostras com hemoglobinas anormais, das quais 29 (1,50%) com tra o falciforme (Hb FAS), 06 (0,31 %) com Hb C, uma (0,05 %) com anemia falciforme (Hb FS) e uma (0,05 %) apresentou Hb Bart's, sugerindo alfa talassemia. Os resultados encontrados evidenciam a necessidade de implanta o da triagem de hemoglobinopatias em recém-nascidos na nossa popula o.
Os Bacharéis em Direito na reforma do Judiciário: técnicos ou curiosos?
S?o Paulo em Perspectiva , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-88392000000200013
Abstract: o artigo aponta a continuidade de uma tendência que teve início no século passado: a predominancia de bacharéis em direito na camara dos deputados. praticamente todos os partidos com representa??o no legislativo ? independentemente de sua posi??o no espectro ideológico ? possuem em suas fileiras um grande número de advogados. este tra?o também n?o distingue nenhuma regi?o do país. além disso, o predomínio de bacharéis em direito foi critério adotado pelos partidos para a constitui??o da comiss?o encarregada da reforma do poder judiciário.
Prevalence of α-thalassemia 3.7 kb deletion in the adult population of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
Alcoforado, Gustavo Henrique de Medeiros;Bezerra, Christiane Medeiros;Lemos, Telma Maria Araújo Moura;Oliveira, Denise Madureira de;Kimura, Elza Miyuki;Costa, Fernando Ferreira;Sonati, Maria de Fátima;Medeiros, Tereza Maria Dantas de;
Genetics and Molecular Biology , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-47572012005000049
Abstract: α-thalassemia, arising from a defect in a-globin chain synthesis, is often caused by deletions involving one or both of the a-genes on the same allele. with the aim of investigating the prevalence of α-thalassemia 3.7 kb deletion in the adult population of rio grande do norte, 713 unrelated individuals, between 18 and 59 years-of-age, were analyzed. red blood cell indices were electronically determined, and a2 and f hemoglobins evaluated by hplc. pcr was applied to the molecular investigation of α-thalassemia 3.7 kb deletion. eighty (11.2%) of the 713 individuals investigated presented α-thalassemia, of which 79 (11.1%) were heterozygous (-α3.7/αα) deletions and 1 (0.1%) homozy- gous (-α3.7/-α3.7). ethnically, heterozygous deletions were higher (24.8%) in afro-brazilians. comparison of hemato- logical parameters between individuals with normal genotype and those with heterozygous α+-thalassemia showed a statistically significant difference in the number of erythrocytes (p < 0.001), mcv (p < 0.001), mch (p < 0.001) and hb a2 (p = 0.007). this study is one of the first dedicated to investigating α-thalassemia 3.7 kb deletion in the population of the state rio grande do norte state. results obtained demonstrate the importance of investigating this condition in order to elucidate the causes of microcytosis and hypochromia.
Characterization of beta-thalassemia mutations in patients from the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
Silveira, Zama Messala Luna da;Barbosa, Maria das Vitórias;Fernandes, Thales Allyrio Araújo de Medeiros;Kimura, Elza Miyuki;Costa, Fernando Ferreira;Sonati, Maria de Fátima;Rebecchi, Ivanise Marina Moretti;Medeiros, Tereza Maria Dantas de;
Genetics and Molecular Biology , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-47572011005000032
Abstract: 35 unrelated individuals were studied for characterization as either heterozygous or homozygous for beta-thalassemia. molecular analysis was done by pcr/rflp to detect the mutations most commonly associated with beta-thalassemia (β0ivs-i-1, β+ivs-i-6, and β039). in the patients who showed none of these mutations, the beta-globin genes were sequenced. of the 31 heterozygous patients, 13 (41.9%) had the β+ivs-i-6 mutation, 15 (48.4%) the β0ivs-i-1 mutation, 2 (6.5%) the β+ivs-i-110 mutation and 1 (3.2%) the β+ivs-i-5 mutation. ivs-i-6 was detected in the four homozygotes. the mutation in codon 39, often found in previous studies in brazil, was not detected in the present case. this is the first study aiming at identifying mutations that determine beta-thalassemia in the state of rio grande do norte.
Determination of βS haplotypes in patients with sickle-cell anemia in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
Cabral, Cynthia Hatsue Kitayama;Serafim, édvis Santos Soares;Medeiros, Waleska Rayane Dantas Bezerra de;Fernandes, Thales Allyrio Araújo de Medeiros;Kimura, Elza Miyuki;Costa, Fernando Ferreira;Sonati, Maria de Fátima;Rebecchi, Ivanise Marina Moretti;Medeiros, Tereza Maria Dantas de;
Genetics and Molecular Biology , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-47572011005000027
Abstract: βs haplotypes were studied in 47 non-related patients with sickle-cell anemia from the state of rio grande do norte, brazil. molecular analysis was conducted by pcr/rflp using restriction endonucleases xmni, hindiii, hincii and hinfi to analyze six polymorphic sites from the beta cluster. twenty-seven patients (57.5%) were identified with genotype car/car, 9 (19.1%) car/ben, 6 (12.8%) car/cam, 1 (2.1%) ben/ben, 2 (4.3%) car/atp, 1 (2.1%) ben/atp and 1 (2.1%) with genotype atp/atp. the greater frequency of cameroon haplotypes compared to other brazilian states suggests the existence of a peculiarity of african origin in the state of rio grande do norte.
Composi??o química do óleo fixo de Croton cajucara e determina??o das suas propriedades fungicidas
Souza, Marco André A.;Souza, Sonia R.;Veiga Jr, Valdir F.;Cortez, Janaína K.P.C.;Leal, Rosélia de Sousa;Dantas, Tereza N. Castro;Maciel, Maria Aparecida M.;
Revista Brasileira de Farmacognosia , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-695X2006000500004
Abstract: this paper focused on the separation of the fixed oil (fo) from the stem bark of croton cajucara obtained from the conventional approach extraction with organic solvents [followed by chromatography column (cc)] and supercritical fluid extraction (sfe, carried out with co2) and also, on the antifungical properties of the fo obtained by cc procedure (fo-cc). the fo contents were 3.14% for fo-cc versus 1.20% in the fo-sfe process. the esterified fraction f1 and non-esterified fractions f2, f3 and f4 obtained from fo-cc after a new cc procedure were analyzed by hrgc-ms. the identification of the chemical composition of fo-cc was made by comparison with ms literature data, computer matching with the wiley library and by comparison of their kovats indices with the literature. fraction f1 showed 70% of sesquiterpene components, among them a-copaene (20.1%) and ciperene (21.8%) as major compounds. fraction f2 was rich in minor oxygenated sesquiterpenes, among them linalool. meanwhile fraction f3 showed fat acids, steroids and the bioactive clerodane type-diterpene trans-crotonin, cis-cajucarin b (c-cjc-b) and trans-cajucarin b (t-cjc-b). fractions f3 and f4 showed as major constituents c-cjc-b and t-cjc-b with 40% of the total contents. the biological effect of the fo-cc was evaluated in the in vitro development of the phytopatogen fungi such as fusarium oxysporum, rhizoctonia solani and sclerotium rolfsii. significant inhibitory effect of the tested fungi (at 0.2 mg.ml-1 dosage) were proved.
A modernidade republicana
Mello, Maria Tereza Chaves de;
Tempo , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-77042009000100002
Abstract: the spread of a democratic and scientific culture during the last years of the brazilian monarchy created a mental and emotional disposition towards the idea republic ideal in brazil. the very word "republic" allowed contemporary people to experiment with the historic process, as it were brought together both an opposition to the past and a social expectancy towards the future.
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