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Biomassa e atividade microbiana de solo sob vegeta??o nativa e diferentes sistemas de manejos
Alves, Tatiane dos Santos;Campos, Lizia Lenza;Elias Neto, Nicolau;Matsuoka, Marcia;Loureiro, Maria Fatima;
Acta Scientiarum. Agronomy , 2011, DOI: 10.4025/actasciagron.v33i2.4841
Abstract: the purpose of the present study is to evaluate the influence of different handling systems, the microbial population and its activity. to that end, soil samples were collected in october 2006 and march 2007, at fazenda sereno in the city of jaciara, mato grosso state. the samples were removed at 0-10 cm deep with four replications in five areas with different handling systems: agriculture-livestock integration, corn/soy fields, pastures, native vegetation, and native vegetation under recovery. the method of chloroform fumigation-incubation (cfi) was used to evaluate microbial biomass carbon (mbc) and microbial respiration (mr). the qco2 was obtained through the relationship between mr and mbc. the averages were compared through the scott-knott test at 5%. during the analyses, it was observed that the different agricultural practices substantially affect the soil, causing disturbances in the microbial community, which may influence the biogeochemical processes occurring on the soil. the data obtained also makes it possible to conclude that: in the agriculture-livestock integration and pasture systems, the microbial population is influenced by collection times. in this work, in the field-livestock integration system, the microbial activity is constant at the different collection times and management systems influence the metabolic activity of microorganisms in the soil.
The genus Brucella and clinical manifestations of brucellosis
Xavier, Mariana Noyma;Costa, érica Azevedo;Paix?o, Tatiane Alves;Santos, Renato Lima;
Ciência Rural , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782009005000167
Abstract: infection with bacteria of the genus brucella results in major economic and political impact by causing reproductive diseases in a significant number of domestic animal species. moreover, it has a great social significance, since many species are capable of causing human infection, with severe consequences. dissemination of knowledge on a specific disease is an essential step for its control. considering that brucellosis is still the most prevalent zoonosis in the world, information about taxonomy, clinical signs in domestic animals and humans are crucial for attempting to reduce the prevalence of this disease. the recent isolation and characterization of non-classical species of brucella indicates that a lot remains to be discovered about this genus. nevertheless, due to the social-economic importance of brucellosis, this review aims to clarify points related to taxonomy of the genus and describe the clinical relevance of infection in humans and domestic animals.
Biomassa e atividade microbiana de solo sob vegeta o nativa e diferentes sistemas de manejos = Biomass and soil microbial activity under native vegetation and different soil managements
Tatiane dos Santos Alves,Lizia Lenza Campos,Nicolau Elias Neto,Marcia Matsuoka
Acta Scientiarum : Agronomy , 2011,
Abstract: O presente trabalho tem como objetivo avaliar a influência de diferentes sistemas de manejos, a popula o microbiana e sua atividade. Para tal, foram coletadas, em outubro de 2006 e mar o de 2007, amostras de solo na Fazenda Sereno no Município de Jaciara, Estado do Mato Grosso. Retirou-se amostras de solo na profundidade de 0-10 cm, com quatro repeti es em cinco áreas com diferentes sistemas de manejos: integra o lavoura-pecuária, lavoura de milho/soja, pastagens, vegeta o nativa e vegeta o nativa em recupera o. Para avaliar o carbono da biomassa microbiana (CBM) e a respira o microbiana (RM) foi utilizado o método do Clorofórmio Fumiga o-Incuba o (CFI). Já o qCO2 foi obtido pela rela o entre a RM e oCBM. As médias foram comparadas pelo teste de Scott-Knott a 5%. No decorrer das análises, p de-se observar que as diferentes práticas agrícolas afetam fortemente o solo causando distúrbios na comunidade microbiana que podem, por sua vez, influenciar os processosbiogeoquímicos que nele ocorrem. Os dados obtidos permitem, ainda, concluir que: nos sistemas Integra o lavoura-pecuária e pecuária a popula o microbiana é influenciada pelas épocas de coletas. Nesse trabalho, no sistema Integra o lavoura-pecuária a atividade microbiana é constante nas diferentes épocas de coleta e os diferentes sistemas de manejos influenciam a atividade metabólica dos microrganismos presentes no solo. The purpose of the present study is to evaluate the influence of different handling systems, the microbial population and its activity. To that end, soil samples were collected in October 2006 and March 2007, at Fazenda Sereno in the city of Jaciara, Mato Grosso State. The samples were removed at 0-10 cm deep with four replications in five areas with different handling systems: agriculture-livestock integration, corn/soy fields, pastures, native vegetation, and native vegetation under recovery. The method of Chloroform Fumigation-Incubation (CFI) was used to evaluate microbial biomass carbon (MBC) and microbial respiration (MR). The qCO2 was obtained through the relationship between MR and MBC. The averages were compared through the Scott-Knott test at 5%. During the analyses, it was observed that the different agricultural practices substantially affect the soil, causing disturbances in the microbial community, which may influence the biogeochemical processes occurring on the soil. The data obtained also makes it possible to conclude that: in the agriculture-livestock integration and pasture systems, the microbial population is influenced by collection times. In this wor
Assistência à gesta??o e ao parto: resultados de dois estudos transversais em áreas pobres das regi?es Norte e Nordeste do Brasil
Chrestani, Maria Aurora D.;Santos, Iná S.;Cesar, Juraci A.;Winckler, Leonardo S.;Gon?alves, Tatiane S.;Neumann, Nelson A.;
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-311X2008000700016
Abstract: in 2002 and 2005, two surveys were conducted in poor areas of north and northeast brazil to evaluate prenatal care received by mothers of children under five years old. the study covered 1,528 and 1,529 children in 2002 and 2005, respectively. in this three-year period, maternal schooling and monthly family income increased by 1.5 years and us$ 50.00, respectively, availability of safe drinking water increased from 23% to 41%, the proportion of pregnant woman with six or more prenatal visits increased from 42% to 52%, and immunization against neonatal tetanus increased from 54% to 77%. coverage of uterine height evaluation increased from 54% to 77%. testing for hiv and syphilis virtually doubled, from 8% to 16%. meanwhile, gynecological examinations dropped from 41% to 31% and counseling for breastfeeding decreased from 66% to 55%. despite improvements, the study's results show that the target indicators in these areas fall short of those in more developed regions of brazil. efforts should be made to reduce this gap.
Aspergilose em avestruz (Struthio camelus) no Brasil
Paix?o, Tatiane Alves da;Nascimento, Ernane Fagundes do;Parra, Paula Namie Shida;Santos, Renato de Lima;
Ciência Rural , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782004000200037
Abstract: farms raising ostriches are becoming popular in brazil lately, but as an exotic species, there is little information regarding diseases that affect these animals in our environment. a five-month-old ostrich had cough, anorexia, weight loss, mild dispneia, normal body temperature, and died within 8 days from the beginning of the clinical signs. grossly, there were multiple nodules in the lung and air sacs. histopathologically, a multifocal necrotizing and granulomatous pneumonia with intralesional radiating septated and branching hyphae with morphological features of aspergillus sp. was observed. in the air sacs, in addition to the hyphae and adjacent inflammatory reaction, there were multiple mycelia with conidiophores on the inner surface. aspergillus fumigatus was isolated from the affected tissues. based on the histopathological and mycological findings, a severe mycotic pneumonia and air sacculitis caused by aspergillus fumigatus was diagnosed. to the best of our knowledge, this is the first reported case of aspergillosis in an ostrich in brazil.
Caracteriza??o morfofisiológica e análise de PCR-SSCP de isolados de Phytophthora da acácia-negra na regi?o Sul do Brasil
Alves, Tatiane Cristina Albuquerque;Santos, álvaro Figueredo dos;Tessmann, Dauri José;Vida, Jo?o Batista;Harakava, Ricardo;
Summa Phytopathologica , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-54052011000300002
Abstract: the aim of this study was to characterize phytophthora isolates from black wattle (acacia mearnsii) in southern brazil, based on phenotypic traits such as morphology, mycelial growth, cultural features, sexual compatibility and pathogenicity, as well as on single strand conformation polymorphism (pcr-sscp) of rdna its-gene 5.8s region. the isolates presented sporangia with prominent papilla, irregularly sympodial sporangia, heterothalic cultures with amphigynous antheridia, presence of chlamydospore and mycelial growth at temperature above 35°c, allowing the classification of all 12 isolates as p. nicotianae. all isolates were pathogenic to black wattle, causing necrosis on stems without gum formation, with significant differences on aggressiveness (p=0.05). two populations of p. nicotianae from black wattle can be distinguished based on pcr-sscp analysis of rdna; however, this separation has no apparent correlation with phenotypic traits.
Conhecimento e prática do autoexame das mamas por acadêmicas de enfermagem Conocimiento y la práctica del autoexamen de mamas por académicos de enfermería Knowledge and practice of breast self-examination by academic nursing
Ludmila Mour?o Xavier Gomes,Marta Concei??o Alves,Tatiane Barbosa Santos,Thiago Luis de Andrade-Barbosa
Revista Cubana de Enfermer?-a , 2012,
Abstract: Introdu o: o autoexame possibilita a avalia o e detec o precoce de altera es das mamas. No entanto, n o substitui o exame físico realizado por profissional de saúde qualificado para essa atividade. A frequência de realiza o influencia diretamente a acurácia do método e estimula o autocuidado. Objetivo: verificar se acadêmicas de enfermagem realizam o autoexame das mamas. Método: trata-se de um estudo descritivo e exploratório de caráter transversal, realizado em um Curso de Gradua o em Enfermagem localizado no município de Montes Claros, Minas Gerais, Brasil. Os sujeitos do estudo foram 202 acadêmicas de uma institui o privada de ensino superior O instrumento de coleta de dados se constituiu de questionário estruturado elaborado pelas próprias pesquisadoras e validado pelo estudo piloto. O projeto foi submetido à aprecia o e aprovado pelo Comitê de ética. Resultados: evidenciou-se que as acadêmicas n o realizam o autoexame das mamas. A principal barreira para n o realiza o do exame foi o esquecimento e n o saber a técnica correta. Conclus o: recomenda-se repensar as formas de ensinar-aprender a temática nas universidades, na perspectiva da aprendizagem significativa e para que a mulher; futura enfermeira, possa responsabilizar pela sua saúde e compreender o seu papel de cuidadora a partir da preven o do cancer de mama e assumindo o autocuidado. Introducción: el auto-examen permite la evaluación y detección temprana de cambios en los senos. Sin embargo, no sustituyen al examen físico realizado por el profesional de salud calificado para esta actividad. La frecuencia de influye directamente en la precisión del método y fomenta el autocuidado. Objetivo: determinar si las estudiantes de enfermería realizan el autoexamen de los senos. Método: se trata de un estudio descriptivo y exploratorio, transversal, que se celebró en una Licenciatura de Enfermería ubicada en Montes Claros, Minas Gerais, Brasil. Los sujetos del estudio fueron 202 estudiantes de una institución privada de educación superior El instrumento de recolección de datos consistió en un cuestionario estructurado, desarrollado por sus propios investigadores y validado por un estudio piloto. El proyecto fue presentado y aprobado por el Comité de ética. Resultados: se evidenció que las estudiantes no realizan el autoexamen de mamas. La principal barrera para la prueba no fue el olvido y sin saber la técnica correcta. Conclusión: se recomienda a repensar las formas de ense anza-aprendizaje de la disciplina en las universidades, en búsqueda de un aprendizaje significativo y para las mujeres;
Diet composition and food overlap of Acestrorhynchus britskii and A. lacustris (Characiformes: Acestrorhynchidae) from Sobradinho reservoir, S o Francisco river, Bahia State = Composi o da dieta e sobreposi o alimentar de Acestrorhynchus britskii e A. lacustris (Characiformes: Acestrorhynchidae) do reservatório de Sobradinho, rio S o Francisco, Estado da Bahia
Aline Alves Ferreira da Rocha,Natália Carneiro Lacerda dos Santos,Gabriela de Araújo Pinto,Tatiane do Nascimento Medeiros
Acta Scientiarum : Biological Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: Fish diet studies contribute to understanding resource partitioning and community trophic structure. The present paper characterizes the diet of gpeixe-cachorro h species Acestrorhynchus britskii and A. lacustris in Sobradinho reservoir, Bahia State, Brazil. Bimonthly samples (November 2006 to July 2008) were taken in the lotic, transition and lentic stretches of the reservoir, using gillnets overnight. A total of 899 A. britskii and 476 A. lacustris stomachs were analyzed, 70% of which were empty. Their content indicated the species are predominantly piscivorous, with 18 prey fish species identified. However, each prey occurred in a single month, except for Anchoviella vaillanti, recorded in 80% of months for A. bristski, andTetragonopterus chalceus in 25% for A. lacustris. The species presented high food overlap (C é = 0.992), owing to the occurrence of Actinopterygii (bits) and Actinopterygii in all months. Regarding prey fish alone, a differentiated intake and lower food overlap was detected, in the flood (C é = 0.427) and drought (C é = 0.172) seasons, in the lotic (C é = 0.434), transition (C é = 0.089) and lentic (C é = 0) stretches, and in overall overlap (C é = 0.236). The spatial and seasonal differences in the intake of different prey fish by both species suggest an opportunistic feeding habit and a competition reduction mechanism for food resources. Estudos sobre a dieta de peixes contribuem para o entendimento dapartilha de recursos e da estrutura trofica da comunidade. O presente trabalho caracteriza a dieta dos peixes-cachorro Acestrorhynchus britskii e A. lacustris no reservatorio de Sobradinho, Estado da Bahia. Coletas bimestrais noturnas (Novembro/2006 a Julho/2008) foram efetuadas nos trechos lotico, transicao e lentico do reservatorio, empregando redes de espera. Foram analisados 899 estomagos de A. britskii e 476 de A. lacustris, aproximadamente 70% dos quais se encontravam vazios. Seu conteudo evidenciou tratar-se de especies predominantemente piscivoras, com 18 peixes-presa identificados. Entretanto, cada presa ocorreu num unico mes, exceto Anchoviella vaillanti, registrada em 80% dos meses para A. bristski e Tetragonopterus chalceus em 25% deles para A. lacustris. As especies apresentaram elevada sobreposicao alimentar (C é = 0,992), pela ocorrencia de Actinopterygii (partes) e Actinopterygii nao-identificado em todos os meses. Entretanto, considerando apenas os peixespresa, foi observado consumo diferenciado e menor sobreposicao alimentar, nos periodos de cheia (C é = 0,427) e seca (C é = 0,172), nos trechos lotico (C é = 0,434
Aspergilose em avestruz (Struthio camelus) no Brasil
Paix?o Tatiane Alves da,Nascimento Ernane Fagundes do,Parra Paula Namie Shida,Santos Renato de Lima
Ciência Rural , 2004,
Abstract: Criatórios de avestruz têm se tornado comuns no Brasil, mas por se tratar de espécie exótica, as informa es sobre as doen as desses animais no nosso ambiente s o escassas. Um avestruz de cinco meses de idade apresentou tosse, anorexia, perda de peso, dispnéia discreta, temperatura corporal normal e morreu oito dias após o início dos sinais clínicos. Macroscopicamente foram observados nódulos múltiplos no pulm o e nos sacos aéreos. Histolopatogicamente, observou-se pneumonia granulomatosa e necrosante multifocal com hifas ramificadas e septadas intralesionais com características morfológicas de Aspergillus sp. Nos sacos aéreos, além das hifas e processo inflamatório adjacente haviam vários micélios com conidióforos na superfície interna. Foi isolado Aspergillus fumigatus dos tecidos afetados. De acordo com os achados histopatológicos e micológicos firmou-se o diagnóstico de pneumonia e aerossaculite micótica severa causada por Aspergillus fumigatus. Com base nas informa es disponíveis na literatura, esse é o primeiro caso de aspergilose em avestruz documentado no Brasil.
Aliena o e Ideologia do Consumo
Tatiane Alves Baptista
Em Pauta : Teoria Social e Realidade Contemporanea , 2009,
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