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Impact of municipal solid waste on groundwater quality in Jhang City Punjab, Pakistan
Taswar Abbas, Muhammad Fahad Ullah, Omar Riaz, Tariq Shehzad
Journal of Biodiversity And Environmental Sciences , DOI: -
Abstract: The current study was carried out to investigate the impact of solid waste dumping sites on ground water quality in Jhang city, Pakistan. In order to investigate the solid waste disposal effects on ground water quality, the study area has been divided into two parts i.e solid waste sites and controlled area. Ground water is the major source of drinking water in study area. Therefore, water samples have been collected near and surrounding the municipal solid waste dumping sites and analyzed for various parameters of water quality. These results showed that TDS found high (75%), CE (90%), Chloride (35%), Hardness (60%), Alkalinity (25%) and calcium (30%) respectively. The water condition in controlled area was much stable and 90% of samples results in limits as per WHO purposed values of parameters. Detailed maps were produced to elaborate ground water quality in different areas of study through Geographic Information System (GIS). Current study concluded that the high concentration of physiochemical parameters of ground water was present in dump sites surrounding samples indicate the poor water quality which is not fit for drinking purpose.
Announcement of the principal findings and value addition in Computer Science research papers
Wasima Shehzad
Ibérica , 2010,
Abstract: This paper presents a rhetorical analysis of the Introductions of Computer Science (CS) research articles from a specialized corpus with reference to “Announcement of Principal Findings” and “Statement of Value” steps within the framework of the “Create A Research Space” (CARS) model (Swales, 2004), conducted through corpus-based techniques. The results show that discoursal practices in CS are result-oriented and in various ways highlight the writers’ contribution. The results are explicitly described with embedded “value” statements in the elaborate explanations of the nature of the present research. The common linguistic indicators used for this purpose are “contribution”, “efficient” and “novel”. The discussion concludes with the suggestion to amend the CARS model for CS writers.
Move two: establishing a niche
Wasima Shehzad
Ibérica , 2008,
Abstract: The significant purpose of the author in the Introduction of a research article is to convince the reader about the importance of the work to be presented. To achieve this end, a convincing “niche” needs to be built by evaluating, rejecting or indicating gaps in previous related work. The purpose of “establishing a niche” is to emphasize the current research project presented by the author. The present paper investigates how Computer scientists use this obligatory step of “Create a Research Space” (CARS) model (Swales & Feak, 1994 & 2004) to highlight their own research work. This paper not only compares the results with other similar studies but also presents an in-depth analysis of various types of gap statements used in Computer Science research article Introductions. The issue of cyclicity of this step and the linguistic indicators used for the establishment of “niche” (the gap statements) are both discussed.
Shehzad Shams
The Professional Medical Journal , 2001,
Abstract: Tuberculous meningitis is a major health problem and in Pakistan is associated commonly withhydrocephalus which is treated by ventriculo-peritoneal shunting. Many factors are associated withoutcome of these patients. DESIGN: Retrospective study. PERIOD: From Jan 1998 to Jan 2000.SETTING: Paediatric department of Allied Hospital Faisalabad. MATERIAL & METHODS:Sixty two patients who were diagnosed as cases of TBM and their CT scans revealed hydrocephalus. Allwere subjected to ventriculo-peritoneal shunting procedure. Different factors related to outcome at 3 monthswere studied. RESULTS: Different variables were studied but the stage of the disease was the mostimportant factor effecting the outcome. Outcome in stage II patients was good 33.3%, Moderate disability41.6%. In stage III, Good 9.7%, Moderate disability 29.2%. In stage IV, Good 0%, Moderate disability11.1%. The results showed that the most important factor effecting the outcome was the stage of the disease.CONCLUSIONS: An early diagnosis of hydrocephalus in early stage of the disease and referral forventriculo-peritoneal shunt is desired to improve the prognosis.
The Professional Medical Journal , 2003,
Abstract: Background: Reduced septal uptake of myocardial perfusion agents is frequently observed in patientshaving left bundle branch block (LBBB) without any significant coronary artery disease. Objective: Toevaluate the incremental value of gated SPECT myocardial perfusion scintigraphy (MRS) on apparentregional perfusion and wall thickening, in order to standardize the protocol for reporting myocardialperfusion scintigraphy in LBBB patients with the aim of avoiding false positive reports. Material &Methods: Resting gated SPECT MPS was performed in 8 frames mode with intravenous injection of 740MBq 99mTc-MIBI in 10 normal controls and 19 LBBB patients having low probability of coronary arterydisease (CAD). Visual analyses and quantitative analyses on non gated (NG), end diastolic (ED), endsystolic (ES), peak septal and peak lateral wall count frame images was carried out which include calculationof septal to lateral wall ratio (SLR), end systolic myocardial thickening index (MTI) and peak MTI. Results:Septal hypo perfusion was noted in 15 patients in NG and 19 in ES images, whereas only 1 patient showedabnormalities on ED images. Fourteen patients demonstrated worsening of apparent perfusion on ES imagesthan that of NG. In NG study of LBBB group SLR (0.69 ± 0.08) was lower than that of control (0.89 ± 0.07)group. Further worsening was observed in ES (0.61 ± 0.06), which markedly improved in ED (0.87 ± 0.07)to reach near that of control (0.89 ± 0.08). End systolic MTI for septum was markedly lower in LBBB group(22.821 ± 11.78) than that of control (65.02 ± 21.45). Lateral wall in LBBB group demonstrated values(68.14 ± 15.8) similar to those of control (71.61 ± 22.06). Within the LBBB group septum demonstratedmuch lower values than that of lateral wall. In all control subjects, frames showing peak lateral and peak septal wall counts were the same as their respective ES frame. Similar trend was noted for lateral wall ofLBBB patients. However time bin showing peak septal wall counts were different from ES frame in allLBBB subjects. In controls, same value of SLR (0.86 ± 0.04) was found for ES frame and at peakmyocardial thickening. In LBBB patients, peak SLR ratio (0.73 ± 0.09) is significantly higher than thatobserved in ES frame (0.61 ± 0.06), relatively higher than that in NG study, but still lower than that observedin controls. Comparison of end systolic MTI with peak MTI shows same value for lateral wall (71.61 ±22.06) and IVS (65.02 + 21.45) of control group and lateral wall (68.14 ± 15.8) of LBB group respectively.However significantly higher value of septal
The Secret Dream World of ángela Carballino in Unamuno's San Manuel Bueno, mártir
Ali Shehzad Zaidi
Interlitteraria , 2013, DOI: 10.12697/il.2013.18.1.16
Abstract: Critics have long held that Miguel de Unamuno’s San Manuel Bueno, mártir concerns a village priest, Manuel Bueno, who suppresses his private doubts in order to preserve the happiness and simple faith of his parishioners. Notwithstanding critical tradition, a close look at the novella reveals that Manuel belongs to the secret dream world of its first-person narrator, ángela Carballino. This paper peers into the hidden world of a protagonist who becomes a mother through her dreams.
KHALID Shehzad, NAFTEL Andrew
自动化学报 , 2010, DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1004.2010.00655
Abstract: ?TechniquesforunderstandingvideoobjectmotionactivityarebecomingincreasinglyimportantwiththewidespreadadoptionofCCTVsurveillancesystems.Motiontrajectoriesproviderichspatiotemporalinformationaboutanobject'sactivity.Thispaperpresentsanoveltechniqueforclusteringofobjecttrajectory-basedvideomotionclipsusingbasisfunctionapproximations.Motioncuescanbeextractedusingatrackingalgorithmonvideostreamsfromvideocameras.Intheproposedsystem,trajectoriesaretreatedastimeseriesandmodelledusingorthogonalbasisfunctionrepresentation.Variousfunctionapproximationshavebeencomparedincludingleastsquarespolynomial,Chebyshevpolynomials,piecewiseaggregateapproximation,discreteFouriertransform(DFT),andmodifiedDFT(DFT-MOD).Anovelframework,namelyiterativehierarchicalsemi-agglomerativeclusteringusinglearningvectorquantization(IterativeHSACT-LVQ),isproposedforlearningofpatternsinthepresenceofsignificantnumberofanomaliesintrainingdata.Inthiscontext,anomaliesaredefinedasatypicalbehaviorpatternsthatarenotrepresentedbysufficientsamplesintrainingdataandareinfrequentlyoccurringorunusual.Theproposedalgorithmdoesnotrequireanypriorknowledgeaboutthenumberofpatternshiddeninunclassifieddataset.Experimentsusingcomplexreal-lifetrajectorydatasetsdemonstratethesuperiorityofourproposedIterativeHSACT-LVQ-basedmotionlearningtechniquecomparedtootherrecentapproaches.
Beyond “Methodological Islamism”? A Thematic Discussion of Muslim Minorities in Europe  [PDF]
Nasar Meer, Tariq Modood
Advances in Applied Sociology (AASoci) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/aasoci.2013.37039
Abstract: In this discussion we offer an overview of the place of Muslim actors in European scholarship. We especially focus on the second and subsequent generations of European Muslims, and how future research agendas could conceptualise the relationship between contemporary Muslim identity and citizenship regimes in Europe. We explore the way in which our understanding is formed by a concern with socio- economic processes, cultural adaptations and civic status. We include questions of citizenship and “difference”, and the extent to which there has been a re-imagining and re-forming of national collectivities in the face of Muslim claims-making. By claims-making we invoke a further register which centres on the creation of a Muslim infrastructure, perhaps through modes of religious pluralism (or opposition to it), and how this interacts with prevailing ideas that to greater and lesser extents inform public policies e.g., multiculturalism, interculturalism, cohesion, secularism, or Leitkulture, amongst others. While the latter register focuses more on nation-state politics, there is a further transnational dimension in the Muslim experience in Europe, and this assumes an important trajectory in the ways discussed. It is argued that Muslim identities in Europe contain many social layers that are often independent of scriptural texts; such that the appellation of “Muslim” can be appropriated without any unanimity on Islamic matters. We conclude by observing how this point is understudied, and as a consequence the dynamic features of Muslims’ leadership in Europe remain unexplored.a
No-Wait Flowshops to Minimize Total Tardiness with Setup Times  [PDF]
Tariq Aldowaisan, Ali Allahverdi
Intelligent Control and Automation (ICA) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ica.2015.61005
Abstract: The m-machine no-wait flowshop scheduling problem is addressed where setup times are treated as separate from processing times. The objective is to minimize total tardiness. Different dispatching rules have been investigated and three were found to be superior. Two heuristics, a simulated annealing (SA) and a genetic algorithm (GA), have been proposed by using the best performing dispatching rule as the initial solution for SA, and the three superior dispatching rules as part of the initial population for GA. Moreover, improved versions of SA and GA are proposed using an insertion algorithm. Extensive computational experiments reveal that the improved versions of SA and GA perform about 95% better than SA and GA. The improved version of GA outperforms the improved version of SA by about 3.5%.
Impact of the Fermeuse Wind Farm on Newfoundland Grid  [PDF]
Seyedali Meghdadi, Tariq Iqbal
Energy and Power Engineering (EPE) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/epe.2015.76025
Abstract: This paper aims to study the impact of the Fermeuse wind farm (46°58'42\"N 52°57'18\"W) through simulation of wind turbines driven by doubly fed induction generator which feed AC power to the isolated utility grid of Newfoundland. The focus is on the determination of both voltage and system stability constraints. The complete system is modeled and simulated in Matlab Simulink environment.
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