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Traumatic Perforation of the Small Intestine in General Surgery of the CHU Gabriel Touré  [PDF]
Alhassane Traoré, Bakary Tientigui Dembélé, Ibrahima Diakité, Adégné Togo, Lassana Kanté, Amadou Traoré, Madiassa Konaté, Boubacar Karembé, Abdoulaye Diarra, Amadou Bah, Boubacar Sidibé, Tany Koné, Astan Koné, Nouténé Koné, Djibo Mahamane Diango, Gangaly Diallo
Surgical Science (SS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ss.2017.89045
Abstract: Goal: To determine hospital frequency, to describe the clinical and therapeutic aspects and to determine the prognosis. Patients and Methods: This was a retrospective and prospective study carried out in the General Surgery Department from 1 January 1999 to 31 December 2015. Inclusion criteria: 1) open or closed trauma of the abdomen with perforation of the small bowel; 2) clinical examination (abdominal pain, vomiting, fever, abdominal contracture, evisceration, intraoperative findings); 3) paraclinical examinations: pneumoperitoneum on the abdominal X-ray without preparation (ASP) and CT scan. Exclusion Criteria: Abdominal trauma without perforation of the small bowel. We selected 128 patients operated for traumatic perforation of the small bowel. The data was entered and analyzed using Word, Excel 2007 and Statistical Package and Social Science Windows 16.0. The statistical analysis consisted in the calculation of the different frequencies of the variables studied. We used the Khi2 test with significance level P < 0.05. Results: We recorded 119 men versus 9 women and the sex ratio was 13.22. The mean age was 25 years with extremes varying between 15 and 70 years. The majority of patients 57.7% (74 cases) came from the capital, 46.1% (59 cases) were workers, 26.6% (34 cases) of the students. The average time to admission was 29 hours. The main etiologies were road traffic accidents 36.7% (47 cases), stabbing 21.9% (28 cases), firearm 14.8% (19 cases), and sports accidents 10.1% (13 cases). The main clinical signs were abdominal pain 48.44% (62 cases), abdominal contracture 60% (76 cases), disappearance of pre-liver dullness 66.36% (84 cases), and Douglas painful 74.4% (94 cases). The abdominal X-ray without preparation (A.S.P) allowed to objectify a pneumoperitoneum in 45.31% and the scanner a liquid effusion in 45.31% with the associated lesions in 37.5% (48 cases). The surgical treatment consisted of 60.15% suture excision (77 cases), 25% anastomosis resection (32 cases) and a 15% stoma (19 cases). The average length of hospital stay was 9 days with extremes of 1 to 60 days. The morbidity was 10.15% at the site of surgical site (OS) infection 17.4% (8 cases), postoperative peritonitis 3.1% (4 cases) and evisceration 0.8% (1 case). Mortality was 17.18% due to septic shock and multivisceral failure. Conclusion: Traumatic perforation of the small bowel is an emergency. Young people are more victims. The prognosis depends on the speed of diagnosis and management. Emphasis should be
Treatment of Operative Pain in Visceral Cancer Surgery at CHU Gabriel Toure  [PDF]
Dembélé Bakary Tientigui, Traoré Alhassane, Togo Adégné, Kante Lassana, Diakité Ibrahim, Konate Madiassa, Traore Amadou, Diakité Boubacar, Bah Amadou, Sidibé Yoro, Koné Tany, Diop Thiorno Madani, Django Djibo, Diallo Gangaly
Surgical Science (SS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ss.2017.81006
Abstract: The objectives were to determine the frequency of pain in cancer patients and its intensity in cancer pathologies and to evaluate the evolution of pain intensity after analgesic treatment; the effectiveness of its management study involved 121 cases of operated gastrointestinal cancers, which accounted for 85.82% (141) of operated cancers and 16.78% (721) of all operated patients; the average age of our patients was 49.93 years with extremes 17 and 78 years. Standard deviation: 15.75; with a sex ratio of 1.46. The majority of our patients had WHO III (54/121) or 44.6%; 46.3% (56/121) of patients were in stage IV of the TNM classification. The main digestive cancers were cancer of the esophagus 4 cases (3.3%); of the stomach 61 cases (50.4%); of the pancreas 7 cases (5.8%); of the liver 4 cases (3.3%); gall bladder 2 cases (1.6%); colon 33 cases (27.3%); rectum 6 cases (4.9%) and hail 4 cases (3.3%). The average pain intensities were 3 to 6 hour; 2 to 24 hour; 1.6 to 48 hour; and 1.2 to 72 hour. The majority of our patients had a treatment protocol involving nefopam, and paracetamol was 58%. The pain was exacerbated especially during exercise. Vomiting and vein burning were the main side effects encountered.
Estimating the Recurrence Periods of Earthquake Data in Turkey  [PDF]
Hande Kon?uk, Serpil Akta?
Open Journal of Earthquake Research (OJER) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojer.2013.21002
Abstract: In this paper, the 231 earthquake data of magnitude 5 and higher, between north (39.00o-42.00o) and east (26.00o-45.00o) coordinates in Turkey from July 12, 1900 to October 23, 2011 are statistically analyzed. The probability density function and cumulative function of the magnitude are derived. It is shown that magnitude random variable is distrib-uted as the exponential distribution. The recurrence periods is also calculated. Recurrence period is estimatedapproxi-matelytwo times a year for an earthquake having magnitude 5.2. Using the Gutenberg-Richter function, the relation between magnitude and frequency is represented.
Mudan?as recentes no perfil da distribui??o ocupacional da popula??o brasileira
Kon, Anita;
Revista Brasileira de Estudos de Popula??o , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-30982006000200004
Abstract: this article analyzes recent changes in the profile of the brazilian labor structure, according to sector segmentation and specific occupational groups, especially during the 1990s. theoretical aspects on the causes of the segmentation of the labor market are first examined. empirical information related to structural changes in labor markets in the worldwide economy are then discussed, in order to locate brazil in this context. specifically, indexes of occupational structure and regional difference quotients for brazil were drawn up. the results show that, besides significant occupational transformations, structural changes occurred in the regions, but not among them.
Las políticas de empleo en Brasil: obstáculos estructurales
Revista Venezolana de Economía y Ciencias Sociales , 2005,
Abstract: the aim of this article is to analyze the way in which, in brazil, the current policies of generating employment are being implemented and what are the conjunctural and structural obstacles they confront. the author begins by presenting a general vision of the state of the labor market during the nineties. she than indicates the institutional initiatives designed to create employment opportunities and describes the main programs implemented. finally, she examines the most important structural obstacles to a more effective result.
Sobre a economia política do desenvolvimento e a contribui??o dos servi?os
Kon, Anita;
Revista de Economia Política , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-31572007000100007
Abstract: on the political economy of development and the contribution of services. this paper aims to ponder on recent approaches to political economy of development, that bring about new concepts about the role of services activities in the economic development process. the analysis begins by checking the new attributions of services entailed by the productive paradigm changes that have occurred since the 1970's. then, it examines the debate about the new kind of society, called "post-industrial", which is centered in the services dynamics. finally, it discusses the relevance of social capital disponibility, as a prime factor to attain economic development
A internacionaliza??o dos servi?os
Kon, Anita;
Revista de Administra??o de Empresas , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-75901999000100006
Abstract: this paper aims to analyse the changes in the role of services in the external trade context. first, it focuses the development of the technological and productive restructuring bases, preceding the process of internationalization of services, that resulted in this transformation. following, it examines the economic conditioning of service internationalization, which led to the revision of the non-tradable nature of these activities, and it analyses the diversified dynamics of this process in countries of several levels of development. finally, it discusses the regional effects caused by this process of international diffusion of service commercialization.
A distribui o do trabalho informal no Brasil em uma perspectiva de gênero
Anita Kon
Revista Venezolana de Análisis de Coyuntura , 2012,
Abstract: El artículo analiza la distribución del trabajo en el sector informal, de acuerdo con las disparidades de género. Primeramente examina los supuestos teóricos sobre el tema del trabajo informal y su relación con la exclusión social. El análisis empírico se lleva a cabo partiendo de la distribución entre los sexos, en el período más reciente, según la segunda categoría del empleo, la distribución por edad, educación y sector, la duración de la permanencia en el empleo y el tipo trabajo, el ingreso promedio, las razones para la entrada en el sector informal y las horas de trabajo. Los resultados del estudio dejan claro que el trabajo de las mujeres no sólo depende de las condiciones del mercado de trabajo, sino también de otros factores como el cultural que a menudo conducen a la asignación de los trabajadores en actividades de informales, de carácter inestable y menor remuneración.
L’agriculture à Saint-Georges de l’Oyapock : Bilan et perspectives Agricultura em Saint-Georges de l’Oyapock : Resultados e Perspectivas Agriculture in Saint-Georges de l’Oyapock: Results and Prospects
Koné Tchansia
Confins , 2012, DOI: 10.4000/confins.8045
Abstract: à Saint-Georges de l’Oyapock, l’ouverture du pont binational est source de questionnements quant aux répercussions que ce nouvel axe de circulation aura sur l’économie locale. La question foncière faisant partie de ces interrogations, il a été réalisé un état des lieux du fait agricole à Saint-Georges. Au-delà de la photographie quelque peu figée de l’occupation agricole actuelle du sol, nous avons tenté de suivre l’itinéraire qui va du choix de la parcelle à mettre en valeur à la destination de ses produits, en nous attachant particulièrement à la description de l’accès à la terre. Pensé dès son origine comme un outil d’aide à la décision, ce travail a mis en évidence les incohérences et les zones d’ombre de l’accès à la terre, éléments qui pourront être intégrés dans la définition d’un programme de gestion de l’espace agricole. Em Saint-Georges de Oyapock, a abertura da ponte binacional é fonte de interroga es quanto às repercuss es que este novo eixo de circula o terá sobre a economia local. Para a quest o fundiária, como ela faz parte destas interroga es, foi realizado o estado da arte da situa o agrícola em Saint-Georges. Por trás da imagem estática da ocupa o agrícola atual do solo, procuramos ir além da valoriza o da parcela e do destino de seus produtos, focalizando-nos particularmente na descri o do acesso à terra. Pensado a partir da sua origem como um instrumento de ajuda à decis o, este trabalho p s em evidência as incoerências e as zonas de sombra do acesso à terra, elementos que poder o ser integrados na defini o de um programa de gest o do espa o agrícola. In Saint-Georges de l’Oyapock, the opening of the binational bridge is source of questionnings as for the repercussions that this new axis of circulation will have on the local economy. The land question being part of these interrogations, it was carried out an inventory of the agricultural fact in Saint-Georges. Behind the somewhat fixed photography of the current agricultural occupation of the ground, we tried particularly to follow the route which goes from the choice of the piece of land and its development, at the destination of its products, by attaching us to the description of the access to the ground. Thought as of its origin like a tool of decision-making aid, this work highlighted the inconsistencies and the traps of the access to the ground, elements which could be integrated in the definition of a program of management to this agricultural area.
Polarization Effects in Scalar Lepton Production at High Energy $γγ$ Colliders
Tadashi Kon
Physics , 1993, DOI: 10.1016/0370-2693(93)90677-A
Abstract: We investigate the charged scalar lepton production processes $\gamma\gamma\to{\widetilde{\ell}}^{+}{\widetilde{\ell}}^{-}$ at high energy $\gamma\gamma$ colliders in the framework of the minimal supersymmetric standard model (MSSM). Here the high energy $\gamma$ beams are obtained by the backward Compton scattering of the laser flush by the electron in the basic linear TeV $ee$ colliders. We consider the polarization of the laser photons as well as the electron beams. Appropriate beam polarization could be effective to enhance the cross section and to extract the signal from the dominant background $\gamma\gamma\to W^{+}W^{-}$.
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