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Peripheral Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Smilax canariensis in an Animal Model  [PDF]
Sandra Dévora, Susana Abdala, Domingo Martín-Herrera
Pharmacology & Pharmacy (PP) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/pp.2015.68040
Abstract: Smilax canariensis Brouss. ex Willd. is an endemic plant of the Canary Islands. Its rhizomes, leaves and stems have been traditionally used in Canary folk medicine to treat a wide variety of conditions including pain. Our objective is to investigate the analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities of different extracts of S. canariensis in Swiss mice, using established biological models for pain and inflammation, such as phenylquinone writhing test, formalin test, tail-flick test and mouse paw edema induced by carrageenan. Oral administration of S. canariensis extracts significantly reduce writhing episodes evoked by phenylquinone injection in a dose-dependent manner; and higher doses result in a reduction of pain similar to or higher than that of the reference drug piroxicam (59.56%; p < 0.01). The extracts also cause a marked dose-dependent inhibition of for-malin-induced pain in the second phase but only minimal inhibition of tail-flick behavior, suggesting that S. canariensis is not a centrally acting analgesic. Finally, in the carrageenan-induced hind paw edema model, the extracts show a moderate anti-inflammatory effect, the most active being the ethyl acetate fraction at 200 mg/kg p.o. (33.33%; p < 0.05). Our results suggest that S. canariensis extracts have clear dose-dependent peripheral analgesic effects, which lends support to the traditional use of this medicinal plant to treat pain associated with inflammatory or other processes.
Polydextrose Enhances Calcium Absorption and Bone Retention in Ovariectomized Rats
Adriana R. Weisstaub,Victoria Abdala,Macarena Gonzales Chaves,Patricia Mandalunis,ángela Zuleta,Susana Zeni
International Journal of Food Science , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/450794
Abstract: Purpose. To evaluate the effect of polydextrose (PDX) on Ca bioavailability and prevention of loss of bone mass. Methods. Twenty-four two-month-old ovariectomized rats were fed three isocaloric diets only varied in fiber source and content up to 60 days (FOS group, a commercial mixture of short- and long-chain fructooligosaccharide, OVX group fed AIN 93 diet, and PDX group). A SHAM group was included as control. Apparent Ca absorption percentage (%ABS), changes in total skeleton bone mineral content (tsBMC) and bone mineral density (BMD) and femur BMD, % Bone Volume, Ca and organic femur content, caecal weight, and pH were evaluated. Results. %ABS and caecum weight of PDX and FOS were higher, and caecum pH was lower compared to OVX and SHAM. PDX reached a higher pH and lower caecum weight than FOS possibly because PDX is not completely fermented in the colon. Changes in tsBMC and femur BMD in FOS and PDX were significant lower than SHAM but significantly higher than OVX. % Bone Volume and femur % of Ca in PDX were significantly higher than OVX and FOS but lower than SHAM. Conclusions. PDX increased Ca absorption and prevented bone loss in OVX rats. 1. Introduction Although an optimal calcium intake (CaI) is vital throughout the life cycle, a great percentage of population consumes levels that are far below the recommended amounts. Ca nutrition adequacy is necessary for both bone accretion during growth to achieve an optimum peak bone mass and maintenance in the adult life to suppress bone turnover and, therefore, bone loss [1, 2]. Bone health requires an adequate consumption of Ca to maintain its homeostasis. When Ca levels decrease, parathyroid hormone (PTH) is released to increase bone resorption and to indirectly absorb the available Ca to elevate levels of serum Ca to normal ranges. Although the increment in CaI would be the most effective strategy for avoiding Ca deficit, if the intake remains inadequate, the ability to improve absorption becomes an important tool to optimize bone health. Ca absorption average only 30% in the adult and, regardless of the CaI, losses through endogenous secretions approximate 120?mg/d [3]. Most of the Ca absorption occurs in the small intestine; however, if the mineral remains ionized and in solution, about 5% occurs in the colon. Several dietary factors could enhance Ca absorption. In this regard, the solubilisation of Ca salts by the acids generated through microbial fermentation in the large intestine has been proposed as one of the mechanisms responsible for the increase in Ca absorption observed following
Dolor pélvico crónico e infertilidad como factores diagnósticos de endometriosis
Revista de Obstetricia y Ginecología de Venezuela , 2008,
Abstract: objective: to determine if the symptoms of chronic pelvic pain and infertility, are important in the early diagnostic of endometriosis. method: retrospective analysis of 100 patients with laparoscopic diagnostic of endometriosis, divided into 2 groups: group 1 with 40 patients with chronic pelvic pain and group 2 with 60 patients with pelvic pain and infertility, in the period between january 2002 and january 2005. setting: hospital coromoto, maracaibo, estado zulia, venezuela. results: mean age at first consultation was 26.5 and 34.6 years old for groups 1 and 2 respectively. there was a 74 % of deep dyspareunia in both groups. gastrointestinal symptoms were detected in 28 % of patients from group 1 and 38 % in group 2, in various degrees. the premenstrual syndrome and emotional distress, were present in 80 % of patients and the pattern vas moderate to severe. the stage of the disease assessed by laparoscopy, demonstrated that the chronic pelvic pain level was no related with the stage of the disease, but it was related to the anatomical localization, been more painful the uterosacral ligaments and de cul de sac. in patients from group 1 there was a higher frequency of stage iv (12 %), followed by grade ii (11 %). in patients from group 2 the more frequent degrees were ii (22 %) and i (18 %). in 50 % of patients histopathological study was not performed. conclusions: chronic pelvic pain is more frequent in young women with endometriosis, while infertility is more frequent in middle-aged patients. when age increase, there is a higher probability to find infertility and pelvic pain.
La evaluación de los programas de capacitación laboral para jóvenes en Sudamérica
Ernesto ABDALA
Papeles de población , 2009,
Abstract: El presente artículo tiene como objetivo ofrecer un panorama de los programas en capacitación y empleo dirigidos a las juventudes: cómo se han evaluado y para qué sirvieron las evaluaciones. Se observaron los aspectos técnicos y críticos, que se consideran claves y esenciales para entender la importancia que tiene el proceso de evaluación de impacto de estos programas. El análisis se llevó a cabo sobre una muestra no aleatoria de programas de capacitación y empleo de jóvenes que estuvieron en ejecución dentro del periodo de 1990 a 2004 en Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Perú y Uruguay.
Experiencias de capacitación laboral de jóvenes en América Latina
Ernesto Abdala
Ultima Década , 2001,
Dolor pélvico crónico e infertilidad como factores diagnósticos de endometriosis
Abdala Karame
Revista de Obstetricia y Ginecología de Venezuela , 2008,
Abstract: Objetivo: Determinar si los síntomas de dolor pélvico crónico y/o la infertilidad, son importantes en el diagnóstico precoz de endometriosis. Método: Análisis retrospectivo de 100 pacientes con diagnóstico por laparoscopia de endometriosis, divididas en dos grupos: Grupo 1 constituido por 40 pacientes con dolor pélvico crónico y el Gupo 2 con 60 pacientes con dolor pélvico e infertilidad, en el período enero 2002 a enero 2005. Ambiente: Hospital Coromoto, Maracaibo, Estado Zulia, Venezuela. Resultados: El promedio de edad en la primera consulta fue de 26,5 y 34,6 a os para los grupos 1 y 2 respectivamente. Se encontró un 74 % de dispareunia profunda en ambos grupos. La sintomatología gastrointestinal en las pacientes del Grupo 1 se detectó en 28 % y en las del Grupo 2 en el 38 %, en distintos grados. El síndrome premenstrual y/o alteraciones emocionales, se presentaron en el 80 % de las pacientes y el patrón también fue de moderado a severo. El estadio de la enfermedad valorado por laparoscopia, demostró que el nivel del dolor pélvico crónico no está relacionado con el de la enfermedad, pero sí con su ubicación anatómica, y la más dolorosa fue cuando se ubica en los ligamentos uterosacrales, y en el fondo de saco posterior. En las pacientes del Grupo 1 se presentó con mayor frecuencia el grado IV (12 %), seguido del grado II (11 %). En las pacientes del Grupo 2 los grados más frecuentes fueron el II (22 %) y el I (18 %). En el 50 % de las pacientes no se realizó estudio histopatológico. Conclusiones: El dolor pélvico crónico es más frecuente en mujeres jóvenes que presentan endometriosis, mientras que la infertilidad se presenta con mayor frecuencia en el grupo de pacientes de mediana edad. A medida que se avanza en edad, la probabilidad de encontrar infertilidad y dolor pélvico aumenta. Objective: To determine if the symptoms of chronic pelvic pain and infertility, are important in the early diagnostic of endometriosis. Method: Retrospective analysis of 100 patients with laparoscopic diagnostic of endometriosis, divided into 2 groups: Group 1 with 40 patients with chronic pelvic pain and Group 2 with 60 patients with pelvic pain and infertility, in the period between January 2002 and January 2005. Setting: Hospital Coromoto, Maracaibo, Estado Zulia, Venezuela. Results: Mean age at first consultation was 26.5 and 34.6 years old for Groups 1 and 2 respectively. There was a 74 % of deep dyspareunia in both groups. Gastrointestinal symptoms were detected in 28 % of patients from Group 1 and 38 % in Group 2, in various degrees. The premenstrual syndrome and
La anatomía comparada: su vigencia como programa de investigación
Abdala, Virginia
Cuadernos de Herpetología , 2006,
Abstract: En los círculos científicos actuales predomina la idea de que la anatomía es casi un anacronismo victoriano, salvo en el contexto de proveedora de caracteres para análisis filogenéticos. Esta estimación del rol de la anatomía como una actividad subordinada lleva implícita la idea de que no se trata más de una disciplina científica. Que probablemente lo haya sido, pero que no merece más ese status.
Nuevo Liolaemus (Iguania: Liolaemidae) perteneciente al grupo boulengeri de la provincia de Neuquén, Argentina
Abdala, Cristian
Cuadernos de Herpetología , 2002,
Abstract: Se describe una nueva especie del género Liolaemus, grupo boulengeri colectada en tres localidades del centro norte de la provincia de Neuquén, entre 500 y 650 msnm. Tanto machos como hembras se caracterizan por presentar 4 - 6 escamas en contacto con la mental y una fila de escamas loreolabiales, esta combinación de caracteres la comparte únicamente con L. cuyanus. La especie que aquí se describe presenta un patrón de coloración dorsal único, caracterizado por la presencia de manchas pre- y postescapulares bien marcadas, un arco antehumeral negro bien marcado y 2 - 4 series longitudinales de tenues manchas oscuras sobre un color de fondo llamativo, en donde se destacan el verde y celeste. Ventralmente se acentúa el color melánico en la región gular. Este patrón de coloración y caracteres de lepidosis lo diferencia principalmente de L. cuyanus y del resto de las especies del grupo boulengeri. A new species of the genus Liolaemus belonging to the boulengeri group is described. The new species is known from three localities in north central Province of Neuquén, between 500-650 m elev. Both males and females are characterized by having 4 - 6 scales in contact with the mental and a row of lorilabial scales, a combination of characters only shared with L. cuyanus among members of the boulengeri group. The species here described also has a unique pattern of dorsal coloration, characterized by conspicuous pre - postscapulars spots, a prehumeral arch, and 2 - 4 longitudinal rows of lighter spots over a background of predominantly green and light blue. Ventrally, melanism is accentuated in the throat region. This pattern of coloration and characters of lepidosis differ from L. cuyanus and the other members of the boulengeri group.
Profilaxis de enfermedad tromboembólica venosa en pacientes adultos sometidos a cirugía: Estudio multicéntrico en instituciones públicas y privadas de Argentina
Sch?nfeld,Daniel; Ortiz,Cristina; Vanoni,Susana; López,Ana; Precerutti,Juan; Penizzotto,Miguel; Barinboim,Enrique; Abdala,Javier; Gaitán,Cristina; Morales,Rosana; Carlés,Daniel;
Revista americana de medicina respiratoria , 2012,
Abstract: introduction: the actual incidence of venous thromboembolism (vte) is difficult to quantify. more cases are asymptomatic and generally are not diagnosed, but it is known that pulmonary thromboembolism (pte) is the third cause of death at hospitals. the lack of diagnosis of this pathology impairs the reliability of its incidence estimates and there are few studies which have assessed the effectiveness of preventive measures. objectives: the main objective was to determine the proportion of high and medium risk surgical patients in which preventive measures against vte are prescribed in several medical institutions of the country. secondary objectives were to assess the quality of the prescribed preventive measures and to correlate the type of preventive measure with the professional background of the medical doctor who made the prescription, the level of complexity of the institution as indicated by the number of beds and the kind of institution, whether public or private. material and methods: the study included the review of 258 clinical records of surgical patients with medium and high risk for vte in 9 hospitals of the country from 25 to 30 july 2011. results: the prescribed preventive measures were adequate in 46.51% of patients who met the requirements for their prescription. there were significant differences between public and private institutions. private institutions prescribed these measures more often in patients with medium risk. cardiologists were less likely and institutions with a larger number of beds were more likely to prescribe the preventive measures. conclusions: the low compliance with guidelines on prevention of vte in this study shows that there is a need to implement strategies to promote the use of simple and cost-effective preventive measure.
Abdala,Martín E;
Revista de Derecho , 2009,
Abstract: the liabilities of the managers of corporations is a subject of high importance. the imputation of liability is based on the nonobservance of a generic obligation of conduct: to behave with the care and the diligence of a good businessman. that formula stayed from its institution, but it changed the sense that is granted to him, extending the amount of duties that must observe who lead the destinies of a corporation, until the point that could think that the german law consecrates an aggravated regime of responsibility for managers. nevertheless exist diverse morigeration to that presumed severity, as the denominated business judgment rule, the agreements of limitation or reduction of responsibility and the insurances d & o, which are analyzed in this article.
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